SEOWON INTECH SWC-5100W WIMAX CPE With 802.11b/g WLAN User Manual V7MSWC 5100W



*OUSPEVDUJPOUPUIF1SPEVDUThis product receives external WiMAX signals to construct in-building infrastructure on a WiMAX network, and is covered by Ethernet network internally. The product serves as a relay as well as an internet router. However, the purpose of the product is mostly to supply signals to users, with the emphasis being its relay rather than its modem functions.It is also a wired and wireless internet router that enables several systems to share a single internet address supplied by a high-speed internet service provider. Function FeaturesIEEE802.16e WiMAX Support Wave1 = DL : 10Mbps / UL : 4MbpsWave2 = DL : 30Mbps / UL : 6MbpsIEEE802.3u Ethernet Support 10/100Mbps wired LAN connectableRJ-11 VoIP Support 1 x RJ-11 for Analog Telephone ServiceLAN Port 1 Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch built-inCable Auto Sense Straight (Direct) or Cross Cable auto sensingNAT function Supports up to 253 wired and wireless connections and internet router* Firewall function Manages basic firewall and IP/Port/based access02LED Indicator FunctionPWR  Power Supply status (On at Power ON) LAN ON when connected to PC, Flashing at communicationPHONE ON when connected to Telephone, Flashing at communication RSSI Representation WiMAX received signal strength indication(RSSI), on when the mode was selected router.Functional FeaturesLED Information
*OUSPEVDUJPOUPUIF1SPEVDU03Rear Side InformationIf you lost LOGIN password for router or IP address after change, use the Reset switch to restore its original Factory Default settings. NoteAntenna1WiMAX  Diversity  Antenna3 WiFiHardware ResetPower Switch PC Power  AdapterItem DetailsExternal AntennaAntenna1 : WiMAX DiversityAntenna2 : WiMAX MainSeparable external antennaUser external type antenna attachable* Antenna Classification  - 2.3G : M23  - 2.5G : M25  - 3.5G : M35  - WiFi : WiFi(Optional)LAN PC or Hub connectionPHONE Telephone connectionDC 12V Power Adapter connection (DC 12V        2.0A)POWER Power On/Off Switch (Switch between On/Off by pressing right or left) RESET Restore the VoIP CPE Factory Default Antenna1WiMAX  Diversity  TelePhone
To verify the normal operation of the router, check the following LEDs after connecting the router, modem, and PC with a LAN cable, as follows:LED Normal Operation Actions to take if not illuminatedPWR  ON when connecting adapter Check for adapter power failureLAN ON when cable is connected normally Check cable connection and PC power supplyPHONE On when Phone cable is connected normally  Check cable connection and TelephoneWiMAX RSSI Represents WiMAX received signal strength indication (RSSI), ON when in router mode Check that router mode is selected$POGJHVSBUJPOIf one or more LED lights is not in “normal operation”, take the actions specified in the table.Install a router after connecting to the network.If normal connection between router and PC is checked, you have to set up the PC and router.PC setup is to control network configuration for Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows XP to use the Internet while the PC is connected to a router. Router setup is to connect a router to the Internet. Please refer to the CPE Setup chapter. 04Network ConfigurationLocal Network External NetworkGateway PC WiMAXInternetTelephone
$POGJHVSBUJPO05Package ContentsMain Unit User Manual CDAntenna X 3XXXTFPXPOJOUFDIDPLS5&-&/+0:6#*26*5064%3&".Adapter Telephone CableUTP Cable
06$POGJHVSBUJPOPC Configuration (Windows XP)   Click the Windows Start button, and select Settings >> Control Panel from the menu.   Double-click the “Network Connection” icon in the Control Panel. This procedure is used to restore Windows XP’s TCP/IP setup to the default values. If Windows has just been installed for the first time on the PC, no changes should be required, but you should check to confirm that all values are normal according to the following. After completing the TCP/IP setup of the PC, connect PC and CPE with a LAN cable and turn CPE on before Windows starts up to determine whether an IP address is obtained from CPE automatically.Double-click the Network and Internet ConnectionsDouble-click the Network Connection
$POGJHVSBUJPO07   Double-click the Local Area Connection from the Network Connection list to select it.   Click “Properties” in the Local Area Connection Status window.Double-click the Local Area ConnectionClick Properties
08$POGJHVSBUJPO   Double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to open its Properties window, and then select    “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain a DNS Server address automatically”.   After completing setup, click OK and close all of the Local Area Connection Properties    windows.   When TCP/IP setup is completed, an IP address is automatically assigned by CPE.    For automatic assignment, the PC and the CPE should be connected with a LAN cable.    If they are not connected with a cable, connect them with a LAN cable and restart the PC.   You can check the automatic IP address assignment by using the ipconfig command from the    Command Prompt.Double-click TCP/IP Select the ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’ ,‘Obtain a DNS Server address automatically’ and click OK
$POGJHVSBUJPO09   To run the Command Prompt, click the Start button at the lower left corner of the Windows    screen. Click Run, then enter “cmd” in the Open box, and click OK.   When the Command Prompt window opens, enter the “ipconfig” command to verify the IP    address, Subnet mask, and Gateway, which are automatically assigned to PC.All PCs connected to CPE will receive their own assigned IP address.NoteRun cmdVerify IP addressIf an IP address is not assigned, check the following, and then restart the PC and check whether an IP address is assigned.   LAN cable connection between PC and CPE  Check TCP/IP setup detailsNoteHow to check your IP address
10$1&#VJMUJO8FC4FSWFS"DDFTT   The WEB GUI is used to manage a CPE and view its current status.   You can access the web server that is built into the CPE, even when not connected to the    Internet.   To access the web server, open Internet Explorer or your Browser and type “”,    which is the IP address of CPE, in the address bar, as shown below:If the PC is connected to the CPE but is not connected to the Internet, entering the IP address of in the address box will connect the PC to the CPE webserver. This function may not operate in some environments.Note   Upon accessing the CPE, the following Login screen will be displayed.    The default user ID and password are admin, which you can change on the web server.If you have no input activity for 1 hour, your web connection is terminated. In this Case, please login again through the login page.NoteID / Password = admin / admin
$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHF11LAN (LAN Configuration)   Select “LAN” → “LAN Configuration” menu.   Configure LAN IP address      LAN IP address is used in the LAN that the CPE manages.      Configure LAN IP address in “IP Address/Subnet Mask” text boxes.      Initial Value is “” and only the last byte in “Subnet Mask” box can       be modified.   Configure DHCP server      Enable DHCP server to lease IP address to the computer connecting to CPE with wired LAN.      Set Maximum lease time (in seconds), IP Starting address, Number of users and WINS       server address.   Finish setup by clicking the “Save” button. A pop-up window asking you to reboot the system    will then appear.
12$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHF   If you have finished CPE setup and want to reboot the CPE, click “Yes” to reboot the CPE.LAN (Status)   Select “LAN” → "Status" from the menu.   You can see the details of the LAN configuration.Switch (Status)   Select “Switch” → “Status” from the menu.   You can see the various configurations related to Switch configuration, such as Switch mode    and several filters.
$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHFVoIP (Status)   Select “VoIP” → “Status” from the menu.   You can see the various configuration related VoIP configuration.13
$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHF14Application (Firewall)Firewall enables you to set the CPE so that it is not affected by external hacking attempts, including Ping Flooding or DoS. Internal LAN PCs are usually isolated/protected from external Internet attacks even when a firewall is not used, but it is still preferable to set the firewall to ON as much as possible. By default, the firewall is set to ON.   Select “Application” → “Firewall” from the menu.   If you want to use the Firewall function, check the “Enable” checkbox.   Finish setup by clicking the “Apply” button. A pop-up window informing you of the result will    appear.   Changed configuration is applied immediately.
15$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHFApplication (DMZ & Port Forwarding)The DMZ feature allows you to specify one computer on your network to be placed outside of the NAT firewall. This may be necessary if the NAT feature is causing problems with an application, such as a game or video conferencing application. Use this feature on a temporary basis, as the computer in the DMZ is not protected from attacks by hackers. The Port Forwarding function is used to forward incoming packets of specific TCP/IP port from outside to the assigned PC. This function is useful if you have to use VoIP or P2P applications, or have to operate HTTP or FTP servers from a PC in the internal LAN.
16$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHF   Select “Application” → “DMZ & Port Forwarding” from the menu.   Configure  DMZ      Select whether or not to enable the DMZ function.      Set the IP address to have all ports opened in “Private LAN IP” content.      Finish setup by clicking the “Apply” button. A pop-up window informing you of the result will       appear.   Configure Port Forwarding      The port forwarding function can be configured when DMZ is disabled.      To add Port Forwarding, click “Add”. You will then see the pop-up window for Port Forwarding.      Enter the information for Port Forwarding.      Click “Apply”.      The pop-up window will close, and added Port Forwarding is shown.      To modify/delete the existing Port Forwarding list, use the “Edit”/”Delete” button.      Changed configuration is applied immediately.
$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHF17Application (VPN pass through)The VPN (Virtual Private Network) function is used to obtain access to a security network installed in a company or an organization via the Internet network.If there is a VPN Server outside, and one has access to the VPN Server via the Internet network by using CPE, this screen shows how to activate the security protocol supported by the appropriate VPN Server.    Select “Application” → “VPN pass through” from the menu.   SWC-5x00 supports 3 types of service: PPTP, L2TP and IPSEC.   Select the type(s) of VPN pass-through to use with the checkboxes.   Finish setup by clicking the “Apply” button. A pop-up window informing you of the result will    appear.   Changed configuration is applied immediately.
$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHF18Admin (Version)   Select “Admin” → “Version” from the menu.   You can see the versions of the SWC-5x00 firmware and the Wimax firmware in use.   Select “Admin” → “Password” from the menu.   Set the Password to be given to the Administrator who manages the CPE.   Enter the new password, and re-type it to confirm.   Finish setup by clicking the “Apply” button. A pop-up window informing you of the result will    appear.Admin (Password)
$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHFAdmin (CPE Upgrade)   Select “Admin” → “CPE Upgrade” from the menu.   Input the CPE firmware path directly, or search for the firmware file by clicking the “Browser”    button.   To start the firmware update, click “Apply”.19
$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHFAdmin (Reboot/Default Setting)   This will take several minutes, and time will vary according to the environment.   In some case, a pop-up window asking to rebuild the system will be opened due to a version    difference. If this occurs, click “Yes” to rebuild the system.   CPE is rebooted automatically after the upgrade process is complete.To avoid failure of the CPE, do not power off the CPE during the upgrading process.Caution   Select “Admin” → “Reboot/Default Setting” from the menu.   Select “Reboot” to reboot the CPE.   Select “Reset to all default settings” to reboot the CPE and initialize CPE configuration.   To reboot the CPE, click “Apply”.   The CPE is rebooted automatically. This takes about 40 seconds.20
$1&4FUVQPOUIFXFCQBHFWizard SettingWizard Setup is an easy tool to setup CPE. Wizard Setup take place in the following sequence: Wizard Start → Switch mode setup → Wimax IP setup → Wimax authentication setup → Wimax CA Certification setup → LAN IP setup → WiFi setup → Password setup → Wizard Finish.21
225SPVCMF4IPPUJOHActions to be taken when internet is disconnected1. Check the status of external type modem.    Check that the Link lamps of cable, modem are illuminated.2. Check the LED status of CPE.       Check that the POWER LED is illuminated.       Check if the LEDs of WiMAX are illuminated.       For LAN port, check that the lamp of the port connected to the PC is illuminated.3. Check the IP address of PC.       For Windows 98/ME       Click [Start] -> [Run] and enter the [winipcfg] command to open the [IP Address] window, and        then check the [IP Address].       For Windows 2000/XP       Run [Command Prompt] and enter the [ipconfig] command to check the [IP address].4. If IP Address is not normal – Set the IP Address of the PC manually.       For Windows 98/ME       1) Execute [Run -> Control Panel -> Network], and then click Properties of [TCP/IP] for LAN            card.       2) Check [Use the assigned IP address], enter [] for [IP Address] and            [] for [Subnet Mask].       3) Select [Gateway] and enter [] for [New Gateway], and then click [Add].         4) Select [DNS Configuration], check [Use DNS], enter any name for [Host], enter [DNS            Server Address to search], and click [Add].       5) Click [OK], click [OK] again in the [Network Properties] window, and then click [OK] from            the [Change System Setup] window to reboot the PC.
235SPVCMF4IPPUJOH       For Windows 2000       1) Execute [Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Dial-UP Connections],            double-click [Local Area Connection], and click [Properties].       2) Click Properties of [Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)] among Components.       3) Click [Use the following IP address].       4) Enter [] for [IP Address], [] for [Subnet Mask],            and [] for [Default Gateway].       5) Click [Use the following DNS Server Address].       6) For [Basic Setup DNS Server], enter the communication company server of each country.       7) Click [OK]. Click [OK] again in the [Local Area Connection Properties] window.       For Windows XP       1) [Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Internet Connection],            double-click [Local Area Connection], and click [Properties].            Click Properties of [Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)] among Components.       2) Click [Use the following IP address].       3) Enter [] for [IP Address], [] for [Subnet Mask],            and [] for [Default Gateway].       4) Click [Use the following DNS Server Address].       5) For [Basic Setup DNS Server], enter the communication company server of each  country.       6) Click [OK]. Click [OK] again in the [Local Area Connection Properties] window.       For MAC OS       1) Execute [“apple” icon >> System setup >> Internet & Network >> Network >> Ethernet].       2) Select “manual” for IP Configuration.       3) Enter [] for [IP Address], [] for [Subnet Mask],            and [] for [Router].       4) For [DNS Server], enter the communication company server of each country.       5) Click [Apply].5. Run [MS-DOS] or [Command Prompt] and then perform PING Test with []    A message [Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=64] should appear when     running [ping] command. If the result of the Ping test does not arrive properly,     please contact the Customer Support Center.
251SPEVDU8BSSBOUZBOE$VTUPNFS4VQQPSUProduct Warranty   Product Name: Gateway Modem  Model Name: SWC-5x00WThis product comes with a one-year warranty, which is described in the following:Contents of Warranty Rules1. Equipment for Warranty: SWC-5x00W2. Warranty Period : 1 year3. Free Repair Service or Replacement    If a defect or failure of the product occurs within the warranty period.4. Warranty does not cover the following.       If a defect or failure of the product occurs after the expiration of the warranty period.       If a defect or failure of the product occurs due to a natural disaster, such as fire, flood,        and lightning.       If a defect or failure of the product occurs due to any unauthorized alteration or repair to the        product.       If a defect or failure of the product occurs due to other actions of the consumer.
268BSSBOUZ*OGPSNBUJPO  Safety PrecautionWhen minor injury or product damage canoccur from violation of the following directions.CautionDo not put any object on the product.Avoid heating devices.Never disassemble, repair or redesign the product.Be careful not to let any alien particle get inside the product.Do not leave the Product near a magnet or direct magnetic field.If you use the product at a location where static electricity is severe, it can cause malfunction to the product.Do not put any metallic object (coin, hair pin) or flammable object inside the product or drop the product.WEEE NoticeThe purpose of this Directive is, as a first priority, the prevention of WEEE, and in addition, to promote the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery of such wastes so as to reduce disposal.The WEEE logo on the product or on its box indicates that this product must not be disposed of or dumped with your other household waste. You are liable to dispose of all your electronic or electrical waste equipment by relocating over to the specified collection point for recycling of such hazardous waste.
278BSSBOUZ*OGPSNBUJPO  Quality Warranty This product is manufactured through strict quality control and inspection process.In case of a problem in normal condition, the product will be repaired free of charge during the warranty period.If the service applies to "charged After-sale Service type" during the warranty period,service fee will be charged.When requesting for repair, you must provide the warranty.Keep the warranty in a safe location because it is not reissued. dateQuality warranty periodSellerTelephone numberConsumer1(one) yearNameAddressTelephone numberE-mailIn the following cases, service fee can be charged as charged After-sale Service type.- In case of issue due to inappropriate use.- In case of issue after repair by uncertified service center.- In case of issue after disassembling Product by consumer.- In case of problem by natural disaster such as fire, earthquake etc.

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