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Dr Nick Hill

Sure Petcare: The Story So Far............................... 4 -7
Connected Product Ecosystem.................................. 8
The Sure Petcare App ......................................... 10
App-controlled Pet Doors................................... 12
App-controlled Feeding and Monitoring........... 14
Activity and Behaviour Monitor.......................... 16
Antelliq: Intelligence connecting
animals and people............................................. 18
Temperature Monitoring in Pets........................ 20

Sure Petcare’s Founder and Managing Director


Our mission is to
develop products
which educate
and empower
owners to provide
a higher level of
care for their pets.


It is ten years since Dr Nick Hill developed the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door to solve
the problem of intruder cats entering his home and terrorising his cat, Flipper. Using
Flipper’s unique identification microchip number as a personalised door key, the
SureFlap Microchip Cat Door was the first in a line of multi award-winning pet products
developed at our Cambridge head office over the past decade.
Since 2008, the company has grown into a global
brand. However, we have stayed true to our problem-solving
beginnings, putting pet owners, and more importantly
their pets, at the centre of every product we develop.
As we embark on an exciting new chapter of the
Sure Petcare story, we will be using innovations in IoT
to build a stronger connection between owners and pets.




Launched the DualScan Microchip Cat
Door for multi-pet households, giving
owners the flexibility to set indoor and
outdoor permissions for each pet.



Flipper inspired the first
SureFlap Microchip Cat Door,
designed to keep unwanted
pets out of the home.


Introduced the SureFlap Microchip Pet
Door, with automated curfew mode, for
larger cats and small dogs.




Joined the Antelliq group of
companies, the market-leader in
animal monitoring and intelligence,
supporting our mission
to further connect animals with
humans through technology.

Unveiled the first SureFeed
product, the Microchip Pet Feeder.
It enables portion control for cats on
prescription and weight management
diets and stops pets from stealing
each other’s food!


Developed the pocket-sized
SureSense Microchip Reader,
supporting the veterinary market
with a lightweight product which
also reads temperature-sensing

The world’s first app-connected
pet door was launched. Combined
with the Hub and Sure Petcare app
it gives control of the door from
anywhere and lets owners monitor
behaviour over time.



The Sealed Pet Bowl, with its motionactivated lid was added to the
SureFeed range, helping to keep food
insect-free and fresher for longer.


Company name changed to
Sure Petcare to support the
ever growing range of products,
focusing on the health and
wellbeing of both cats and dogs.


Sure Petcare
products are
sold in 35

Winner of 15 pet industry awards,
including two International Cat Care
Cat-Friendly Awards

Sure Petcare in

90+ Customer Service
Net Promoter Score
maintained for 8 years

Around 50,000 pet interactions with
Sure Petcare connected products
monitored via the cloud daily
Over 100 million meals protected
in the last year, using the SureFeed
Microchip Pet Feeder


Over 1 million homes are secured with award-winning
SureFlap microchip cat doors and pet doors









With the increasing humanisation
of cats and dogs, owners are more
concerned for their pets’ wellbeing than
ever before. Therefore, it is essential
that pet technology products empower
owners to make more informed
decisions about how to care for
their pets.



Connected Product Ecosystem




In recent years, pet technology products
which monitor individual elements,
such as activity and location, have
introduced owners to the possibilities
offered by connected pet care. Our
vision is to take the next step to link
individual monitoring devices into an
ecosystem of connected pet products
in and around the home. When used
together, the data collected from
individual devices in the ecosystem will
build a comprehensive picture of an
individual pet’s health and wellbeing.

to provide care that meets the
changing needs of their pet throughout
its lifetime.
We launched the first product in our
connected ecosystem, the SureFlap
Microchip Pet Door Connect, in July
2017 and in 2018, our anniversary
year, we will be launching three
further connected products, including
a connected cat door and feeder for
cats and a behaviour and activity
monitor for dogs.

By understanding their pet’s “normal”
profile of behaviour, activity and health,
owners will be better equipped to
identify changes which may indicate
that veterinary advice or intervention
is required. Our connected product
ecosystem will enable owners



Sure Petcare App
the connection with your pet
just got better
Our connected doors and feeders
provide owners with insight into their
pet’s behaviour and activity via the
Sure Petcare app. Depending on
the product(s) used, the app shows
personalised insights through graphs
and dashboards. This includes
up-to-date information of a pet’s time
spent in and out of the house, as well
as their feeding behaviour. The app
allows owners to connect with their
pets from anywhere.
Owners can set curfews, unlock or lock
the door or restrict outdoor access for
a particular pet – ideal for indoor pets
or those with injury or illness or if there
is a change in weather conditions.

Receive notifications when pets
enter or leave the house

The Sure Petcare app keeps owners
up-to-date with their pet’s comings
and goings, sending notifications when
a pet has entered or left the home.
Owners can also see when pets have
eaten and the quantity consumed, all
personalised to the specific pet profile.
The app interacts with the connected
products via the Hub which can connect
up to ten Sure Petcare products in a
household. The hub’s pet design with
its light up ears is the perfect accessory
for any pet-loving home, at the same
time as the key link between the cloud
and pet product.

Lock and Unlock Pet Doors
Create a schedule for when pets are allowed
outside, or manually control the doors
Intruder Alerts
See when neighbourhood animals fail to
enter the home through the pet doors
Monitor pet’s activity and notice changes in
behaviour and feeding patterns
Share Access
Invite friends, family and pet sitters to use
the app and manage their permissions
Personalised Meal Plans
Set the food type, quantity and
frequency of a pet’s meals

Sure Petcare Connect Products


link with Hub
(sold separately)

connects to
home router

Sure Petcare app
gives you control

Feeding Updates
Check when a pet was last fed


App-controlled Pet Doors

Microchip Cat Door Connect

The range of connected pet doors, when used
with the Sure Petcare app, help owners to
establish the unique routine of their pet at the
same time as giving complete control from
anywhere. By understanding a pet’s routine,
owners can easily notice changes in behaviour
which may be indicative of illness or distress,
long before it would otherwise be possible.
Available in two sizes, the Microchip Cat Door
Connect is a drop-in replacement for most
standard sized cat doors, while the Microchip
Pet Door Connect is suitable for larger cats and
small dogs.
Owners get peace of mind as to who is at home
and who isn’t and their pets can enjoy the
freedom of the outdoors.

Control which pets enter
Control which pets exit
Curfew timer control
For small to medium-sized cats
For large cats and small dogs
Door/wall - hole size W x H (mm)
Drop in replacement for


Microchip Pet Door Connect

166 x 172

207 x 234

Microchip Cat Door and DualScan

Microchip Pet Door


App-controlled Feeding and Monitoring
The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder
Connect accurately records how much
a pet eats every day. The integrated
scales enable owners to precisely
measure out a pet’s meals for up to two
different types of food.
Once connected to the Sure Petcare
app via the Hub (sold separately),
owners can select the amount of food
and how often they feed their pet. This
activates the LED lights on the front of
the feeder, allowing you to see when
the correct amount of food has been
added to the bowl.
With the app, owners can view the
frequency, duration and times of
feeding, as well as the amount that a pet
has eaten, to provide a greater insight
into their pet’s feeding behaviour.

The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect
recognises a pet’s unique identification
microchip number or Sure Petcare RFID
Collar Tag, preventing other pets in the
household from stealing food.

Set the food type, quantity and
frequency of a pet’s meals

Check when a pet was last fed

Monitor how much a pet
eats and notice changes in their
feeding behaviour

Microchip Pet Feeder Connect


Activity and Behaviour Monitor
Animo allows owners to track their
dog’s activity and behaviour, building a
comprehensive picture of their health and
wellbeing. It is more than the standard
‘Activity Monitor’.
It’s not possible for dog owners to be with
their dogs 24/7, therefore Animo provides
a window into their pet’s day: his activity,
behaviour and wellbeing. By learning a
pet’s daily behaviour traits, Animo alerts
owners to possible changes outside
normal parameters, including barking,
scratching and shaking.
At the heart of Animo is the suite of
algorithms that interpret activity data
into accurate and intelligent insights.
Our collective expertise in this area has
already been proven in the millions of
devices monitoring dairy cows developed
by our sister companies within the Antelliq
group. Now, Animo is the culmination of
extensive research and collaboration
between Antelliq group companies to


apply this world-class animal monitoring
system to canine activity and behaviour.
The breadth of activity and behaviour
monitoring delivered, as well as the
accuracy of its algorithms will make it a
game-changing product.



To cope with the demands of every day
dog life, Animo is a secure collar mounted
device which is compact, lightweight, and
waterproof. Boasting six months battery
life from an easily replaceable coin cell
means no repeated recharging – it truly is
a lifelong device for dog and owner.
Monitors activity and play. Set goals and
check these against recommendations
Records sleep quality during the night
Reports behaviour-based insights to help
indicate changes in health or wellbeing


Sure Petcare is part of the Antelliq group of companies, who all share
the same mission: ‘To be the world’s leading animal intelligence group,
dedicated to connecting animals and people for a smarter future.’
With 1900 staff working in over 100 countries, Antelliq focuses on three
core areas of livestock, fish & aquaculture and, of course, pet care.
Being part of this larger group of companies, Sure Petcare benefits
from a greater understanding of global pet owner needs and access to
the expertise of many industry experts. Antelliq has been tracking and
monitoring animals for over 60 years and has:
-	In the last year, sold over 500 million tags used for identifying,
tracking and monitoring animals.
-	Installed over 1,100 sea and river monitoring stations worldwide
that track millions of migratory fish patterns annually.
- 	Developed products that monitor the health and wellbeing of
5.5 million cows daily.
- 	Conservation efforts that run far, deep and wide, helping many
protected and endangered species including the identification
tagging of 20,000 sea turtles.


- 	Provided permanent identification to pets and peace of mind to
millions of pet owners every year.


38.2 °C

2019 and beyond:

in Pets

As well as monitoring pet behaviour and routines,
measuring physiological factors, such as
temperature, can help to build a comprehensive
picture of an animal’s health and wellbeing.
As a first step towards our goal of providing this
complete picture, we plan to incorporate the
ability to monitor a pet’s temperature into our
microchip-operated pet products from the end of
2019. This will be made possible by the Sure Petcare
Thermochip™, a new generation of identification
microchip with an integrated temperature
biosensor, which enables a pet’s temperature and
identification number to be read simultaneously.
As in humans, temperature measurement in pets
is an important health parameter that can signal
changes in their wellbeing. Rectal temperature is


most commonly used in dogs and cats, but this
can be challenging and stressful for pets, their
owners, and veterinary professionals. Microchip
Temperature measures an animal’s temperature
under its skin and, although not a replacement for
rectal temperature, is an easy and stress-free way to
take multiple temperature readings. Taking readings
over time and in a pet’s normal home environment
makes it easier to recognise trends, as well as
atypical variations.

In the future, temperature readings collected via
connected temperature-monitoring products,
together with data relating to a pet’s day-to-day
activity and behaviour, will be accessible via the
Sure Petcare app. Combining this information
will give owners and veterinary professionals
a more complete picture of a pet’s “normal”
health and wellbeing, allowing owners to care
for their pet in a proactive way throughout
its lifetime.

These Microchip Temperature readings will allow
veterinary professionals to see a pet’s temperature
profile prior to, during and after a visit to the vet.
This is especially useful as it provides a practical
way to monitor temperature during recovery
from veterinary procedures and assisting in the
management of existing medical conditions.

The temperature-sensing microchip is already
available in several markets within Europe and
North America, with more markets planned to
launch in the coming months. The first Sure Petcare
temperature monitoring products are planned for
launch in 2019.



SureFlap Ltd. trading as Sure Petcare c/o Allflex Australia Pty Ltd,
33 Neumann Road, Capalaba QLD 4157


1800 824 142



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