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10x25 Binoculars




Limited One Year Warranty
Vivitar warrants this quality product to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a
period of one year from the date of purchase. During the period, Vivitar will repair or replace the
product at no charge for parts or labor.
The time period of this warranty starts from the date of the original purchase and expires on the
first anniversary date of purchase.
No express or implied warranty is made for any defects in this product which result from
accident, abuse, misuse, failure to operate the product in accordance with relevant instructions,
neglect, immersion in or exposure to chemicals or liquids, extremes of climate, fungus, excessive
wear and tear/cosmetic damage and defects resulting from other extraneous causes such as
unauthorised disassembly, repair or modification.
This warranty shall not extend to any incidental or consequential damages arising from the
purchase, use or inability to use this product even if Vivitar has been advised of such damages.
The laws of some countries and some States thereof do not allow the limitation of incidental or
consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may apply to you.

STEP 1. Package the product and relevant accessories carefully, using ample padding materials and a sturdy
mailing container to prevent damage in transit.
STEP 2. Include in package:
a) Evidence of date and place of original purchase (for example, a copy of your sales receipt).
b) Detailed description of your problem.
c) When possible, a sample evidencing the problem.
STEP 3. Return item (insured) to: (in the U.S.):
(in the U.K.)
Sakar UK
Attn: Technical Support
2D Siskin Parkway East
195 Carter Drive
Edison NJ 08817
When service is complete, the product will be returned to you shipping prepaid. In the event the product is
deemed to be not faulty or the defect is a result in wear and tear, Vivitar may levy a handling charge for the
return ofthe product. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary
from country and State to State thereof. For more information visit our website
For technical support issues please visit our website at You can find manuals, software and FAQ’s
at the website. Can’t find what you are looking for? E-mail us at and one of our technical
support team members will answer your questions. For phone support in the US please call 1-800-592-9541, in the
UK call 0800 917 4831. If you would like to call from anywhere else, please visit for your local toll
free number.

Thank you for purchasing the VIV-AV-1025 Aqua Series Binoculars. Your binoculars are
designed to exacting standards and are constructed with high quality materials which guarantee
sharper images.

-10x Magnification
-Reliable Center Wheel Focus Design
-Diopter Adjustment for Precise Focusing
-Multi Coated Optics for Clear, Sharp Views
-Nitrogen Filled
-Fog Proof
-Weather Proof


The Vivitar Aqua Series
Breathe in that brisk sea air. Explore
the many treasures of the aquatic world. Find
the inner sailor within you. With the Vivitar
Aqua Series of binoculars you can rediscover
the nautical adventurer once thought lost at sea. Each pair of binoculars is encased in a moisture
blocking rubber shell, giving you a firm grip even in the most troubled waters. The nitogen filled
lenses give you a fog-proof, water resistant binocular essential for every master and commander
of the high seas. Sail away!


Optical Design

BAK 4 Roof Prism


25 mm (1.64 in)

Angular Field of View


Linear Field of View (@ 1000 YDS)

330 ft (100.58 m)

Exit Pupil Distance

21mm (0.81 in)

Eye Pupil Diameter

5.25mm (0.40 in)


130x130x50 mm

Optical Coatings



Cleaning and Maintenance
A. Only wipe with cleaning papers or cloth specifically made for optics such as the one included.
B Accumulated dust should be blown off with a syringe or blower brush specifically designed
for this purpose. To remove fingerprints or smears, shred the end of a lens tissue and roll it to
make a swab: dampen it with a lens cleaner especially made for optics and gently wipe the
surface without applying too much pressure. If necessary, repeat using a new swab. To clean,
start at the center of each lens using a circular motion and working to the edge of each lens
for best results.
C. When your binoculars are not in use, they should be stored in a cool dry place.




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