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Installer: Leave Installation Instructions
with the appliance.
Save Installation Instructions for local
electrical inspector's use,
Before you start...
_roper ir_ ciia ois is your uspor sibllity
Yak@ sure yo_J hcv_ @v@pithlr/g
_@c@ss,'J_V p()r COri@Cl ,l/5ia;iahor" li is
trie t@S!DO_%IE)II 1¥ or _ihe CL, srom@r tO
contaci e _bQlifled i¢'staher lo assure
fhct the _lum_biqg QnG elechiCQI
ir'staliatlons ,3re o_eqL, Qte, at_d meet
_lallonoi aqd IOCOi COCJ@s and
IM PORTAN_[: Observe all governing
codes and ordinances.
ElecirlCol ground
s reau -ea See
-eau_reqqerhls ¸
Wall receplacle
within 36 max
DO P.Ot insla from right or
.'3ishwasher over wlfhinr8 max
C srpet _8 floonn_ ham letlat
• opening
8 max i
_o floor i
.,e--=.i.._.24_, _,
I side view
PrOber elecl, CO_ csroh ant woler
s_oo y lines must be available or rqusl
De tr%lolled aS specifiec _,within
shaded area See EieQtrlool
requ torrents/ Water requirements/
ORal Drain reaulreqherlls sectIonS
Pl JFnDq IQ o_'d Wlrlri.% ShoL_ld no CROSS ff
trorff of iq_: mr Or th (: shwGs[ er
IrJke cae lsoi o COS d_e
_Z}ower cold durit1{# nstallahor_
or rerqoval Ot d shwosher
24 opemng
width t-Jgure I
elec_dca_ ware1
lunctlor" bo_ _mel valv_
Figure 2
_heCK aGariC r_ wr_@r_ dehwosner will Oe _ns aiie_
The ;ocalon S_OL;!O _r©v_@
• Easy access io waler eieciricity and drainage iines
• _or'v_nlent Ioadlrg
!he b÷sl posltlO '_ is i@tt or nghi of kitchen sink
SQuare open_n(_ Ior FoF)_r G_shwasher opera!ion
arid appearance
Cab nei front that is oerpendiculor to lOaF
• Proloc:hoi so lhat waler llJet vOv(_
a[(l ar_] FI carnot fleezfz
• :" rThr/_rnum clearance'_e wean
rqolor and floorir'g Io prevent motor over _egrln
Electrical Shock Hazard
• Electrical wiring and
components must Nor contact
any plumbing material or drain
• Cabinet opening must
completely enclose sides, fop
and back at dishwasher to
prevent personal injury from
exposeg wiring. Failure to do so
could result in fire, electrical
shock, or other personal injury
from exposed wiring
Personal InjurylProduct Damage
Avoid opening dishwasher door
belore dishwasher is inslalled
Dishwasher may tip over when
door is opened, resulting in
personal inlury or product
Tools needed for
pipe wrench socket wrench
keyhole suw measuring tape
ele¢Iri_ _rill level
Phillips screwdriver pliers
2 a_jusfoble wrenche_ tupJng _utiel
flrJf - bla¢_ es¢ rewd river (not Shown}
wlte-stnDpet or knife pipe-ioinl ¢OmpOUhd
Electrical Shock Hazard
Electrical ground is recruited on
this appliance
• Check with a qualified
electrician if you are in doubt
as Io whelher the appliance is
properly grounded
• improper eonneclion of lhe
conductor can result in tire,
electrical shock, or other
personal _njury
Disconnect the power Supply
al the junction box.
Do Not connecl appliance
lo electrical supply unlil
appliance is permanently
DO NOl use an exlension cold
with this appliance
This appliance must be
connected to a grounded,
metallic, permanent wiring
syslem Or a grounding
conductor should be
connected to the grounding
terminal or wire lead on the
Do Not use a fuse in the neutral
Failure 1o follow these instructions
could resuII in a fire, electrical
shock or olher personal iniury.
A 120-volt, 60-Hz, AC only, 15- or 20-
ampere, fused, electrical supply s
required. Time-delay fuse or circuit
breaker is recommended It is
recommended lhat a separale cilouit
sen,qng any this appliance be
It is the personal responsibli Wand
ODIJgotion of the customer to contact
a qualified electr clan to assure the
electrical nstallation is adequate and
in conformance with the Notional
Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA 70dafest
ed lion, and local codes and
The dishwasher must be connected
with copper w eony
Wiring methods
Pick one method to follow depending
upon your d shwasher and local codes
A, Directwiremethod
[cableconne_ling dishwasher
toa junctionbox}
Recommended grounding
1, Disconnecl the power supply,
2. Run flexible, armored or non-
metai/e sheathed, copper cable
[with grounding wire] from the fused
disconnect, e rcuif breaker or junction
box through the _/4"or larger egbinel
hole to the dishwasher location. The
ca ble must extend 24" from the back
The hole cut through a wood cabinet
shouid he sanded until smooth
The hole cut through a metal cabinet
must be covered with a grommet
[Poff No. 302797)
A U,L.qsfed strain re/el must be
instaled at each end of the power
supply cable [at the dishwasher and
at the junction box}, Wire sizes
[COPPER WIRE ONLY) must conform
with the rating of the dishwasher.
dl_wg_r /_
c_be _ /::_[' nobOx€over I
Figure 3
3. Remove the dishwasher terminal box
cover. Connect the white and black
wires or the power supply cable to the
white an_ black leads in the terminal
box with lwist-on wire connectors. (See
Figure 3,)
4 Conneci the green, grounding w_re
of the power supply cable 1o the
grounaing connection sc,ew Ioccteo
inside the terminal box [See Figure 3.]
5, Replace terminal box cover.
Alternate grounding melhod
fthe recommended grounding
method s impossible COnnect a
separete, green, grcund ng wire [No 16
m nimum) from grounding connection
screw located inside the terminal box
to o grounded, copper, cold water
pioe; (See Figure 5]
Do Not connect to eectr co supply
until dishwasher is permanently
DO Not ground to a gas supply plpe
or hot water pipe.
"GrourlUeU, cola woJer _i_e rqusl have melG
cOnllmUlly to eleclr ¢ol ground anc hal be
interrupted by plastic ;uP, bet at o_her msula_ing
cat'nectars such O_ hoses¸ fJtlin0s w_sr_ors or
ga_koU/ir_old_dlr_ G woi@r meter or DL, mD) Any
;nsulalir_g olec_rical conneclo_ sh_k, ld _e
jumped w=th Q length of NO 4 Copper wire
securely clamped Io Dare meloi of _OF_ ends
(See Figure 5 i
B, Power supply cord method
(connecting dishwasher to
Local codes may permit the use of a
U E -listed, flexible, three-conauctos
power supply coro terminated with a
three-prong, graunoing-_ype p!ug,
It is recommended that cord kt, Part
No. 675456, availaole from your
Whirlpoo! aealer or parts supplier, be
used. If the cord kt is not available
locally, the flexible cord used must be
a U L disted, three-conductor, 16 gauge
cord that meets the National Electrical
Code ANSI/NFPA 70 latest edition, and
all rocal codes and o_dinanoes The
length of the cord must not exceed six
feet it must be routed so that it does not
touch the dishwc_sher motor or the
Iowe_ per*ion of the dishwashe_ tub. A
grommet [Part No 302797) must cover
the hole cut in a metal cabinet tar the
flexible cord. The flexible cord must be
plugged into a mating, three-prong,
grounding-type wall recebtac e,
grounded in accordance with the
National Electrical Code ANSI/NFFA
70- atest edilion, and all local codes
and ordnances Foow instructions
packaged with the flexible cord
Recommended grounding
Electrical Shock Hazard
Electrical ground is required on
this appliance
• Improper connection Of the
equipment-grounding conductor
can result in a risk of electrical
• Check with a qualified electrician
if you are in doubt as to whether
the appliance is properly
gtoumded, DO NOt modify or
remove the power supply cord
plug. If plug does not fil the outlet,
have aproper gullet installed by
a qualified electrician.
• Do Not use an extension cord
with Ibis appliance.
Do Not have aruse in the neutral,
Failure to follow these instructions
could result in a fire, eleclrical
shock or other personal injury.
Disnwashers equipped with a power
supply cord have a 3 prong,
grounding plug The power suppy cord
must De pluggea into a mating, 3
prong, g_ounding type receptacle,
grounded in accordance with the
National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA
7O-iatesl edition, and all local codes
and ordinances. Ira mating wall
receptacle is not available, it is the
personal responsibility and obligation
of the customer to have a properly
grounded, 3-prong, wall receptacle
instaliea by a qualified electrician,
(See Figure 4.]
wall r_peplo¢le li
,-ooog.°r o°log -j l
power _upplycord Figure 4
t. Have a 3-prong, grounding-type, wail
receptac e available or installed by a
qualified electrician on the rear wall of
one cabinet next to dlshwasner
opening [See Figure 1, Panel A,]
cold watel pipe
Figure 5
2. For added personal
safety, use clamp and
green-colored, copper
grounding wire, Connect
the grounding wire (#16 minimum) from
the external grounding connector
screw inside the terminal box to a
grounded, cold water pipe t [See
Rgure 5,]
Do Not connect to eleetrical supply until
appliance is permanently grounded,
Do Not ground to a gas supply plpe
or hot water plpe.
*Grounde_rl,cod wa er pipe retesthave metal
Oonlir_uJl'y10eJecircal ground and not be
interrupted _ D!OS!i¢ rubr2_r or other electficai
ir_ulaiing conP,ectors such as hoses¸titiinos.
washer or ga_kels [includir_ w_lor m_ler ol
I:_JmD/Any eJecifioQI insulating conne_or
shOulCbe jumped, as shown_with a ler_th or NO.
4wire securelY/clamped !o D_re me!ol at both
Temporary grounding method
GroUnding aMembly attached
._1o gto_Jndod metal €14€I
Ce_e_-oIo ta
untied _
__to 2-prong
-"Grounding prong recilpiocleplug
Powersupply cord Flgure 6
It changing and properly grounding
the eleetrJcet supply is impo_ible, and
where local codes permit [consult your
electrical inspector}, a temporary
adapter may De plugged into the 2-
prong, wall receptacle to mate with
the 3 prong, power supply cord. (See
Figure 6.]
it this is done, you must connect a
separate copper grounding wire from
the external grounding connector
screw inside the terminal box to the
grounded, cold water pipe" (See
Figure 5.)
Do Not connect to eleclrical supply
until appliance is permanently
Do Not ground to a gas supply plpe
or hot water plpe.
If power cord cannot be used...
When local codes do not permit use
of a bower cord with an undercounter
dishwasher, the power cord must be
removed and dishwasher wired
power luoply
Figure 7
t, Dl_,connectthe power supply.
2. Remove terminal box cove_:
3. Remove wire connectors from the
power cord wires and grounding
wire screw (See Figure 7.]
4. Disconnect the strain relief [behind
the terminal box] from the
dishwasher leg,
5, Remove power cord and strain relief
from terminal box hole,
6. See 'A Direct wire method:'
Panel A, for further instructions,
cabinet wall
_K_nd _hJeld
¥." plpe thread
rale_ Inlelv_fv_
Flguro 8
The hot water line 1o the dishwasher
must provide between t5-120 PSi
water pressure. The hat water heater
should be set to ciellver 140°F water
temperature to lhe dishwasher for
best results.
Use YW' O,D, copper tubing or Y_"plastic
tubing minimum inlet line. Dishwasher
Inlet valve has ¥_" internal pipe thread
t. Rough in water line before installing
dishwasher using one of the routing
methods shown in Figure 8. Cut a _Ye"or
larger hole inCa Diner, rear waft or floor
for pipe.
2. Install a shutoff valve in the water line
where it can be easy to access,
3. Flush water line into a bucket to get
rid of any particles that may clog
inlet valve.
Drain requirements
Some models are not equipped with
a drain hose, A drain hose that meets
AHAM DW-I test standards must
be securely clamped to the pump's
drain outlet, Drain hoses are avaNable
through your Whirlpool dealer Drain
hose, when suppNed, meets AHAM
DW-I test standards
Drain line connection to house
plumblng must be minimum 20"
above floor to prevent siphoning.
Cut t;'2" hole in cabinet wan for drain
hose Addiiionai drain line [a minimum
ot '/2" I D. and no longer than 20 feet}
can be used it needed
Pick one method.
Recommended _) A. gap
method_ t
_"_' rubber conneelo_ ,s _
PartNO 67438_ )_
-- Wosle le_ connector
to fit
cFigure t 0
Enlrymust be
above trap
nstall air gap
[Part No 300096]_ according t( _
kit nstructior,s, in lhe drain line
before line connects lo household
plumbing. If other brands of ar gaps
are used, they should be checked to
make sure they allow for the same
water flow
Connect the air gap to a waste tee
(Pat No. 675_49)' or disposer using
a rubber connector [Part I'o 674381}"
Most disposers have 7/8'rconnectors or
sDeeial connectors are available at
plumbing supply houses Be sure to
remove the disposer plug before
connecting the drain hose.
Art gap
'Pad NO 574381 _ Io fit
20"mln Inletplug.
clearance ,
!0 flO'Of _
labove Irap [ 1 Figure tt
Alternate methods
If Iota!
plumbing codes --
permit, the
dishwasher may 20" min
be connected tO clearanc
I0 flool
the drain through
a waste tee
[Part No 675149) or
directly to a waste
Fbe waste tee connection
CUt hose
to fit.
Enl_ must be
Figurer2 '_
MUST be made ahead or the trap and
a minimum of 20 inches above the
Remove disposer
Irllet plLIg
to fl_or.
Most disposers have _//' conneclors or
spec ol connectors are available at
plumbing supply houses. Be sure lo
remove the disposer plug before
connecting the drain hose.
"Ai partsare avQiable lhlough your Wni Ipool
in Opening
Shul off water Nne valve. Check
that electric supply is off.
It color of door and access
panel are to be changed or
custom panels installed, change the
panels now. See Panel E for detailed
Personal Iniury/Product Damage
Avoid opening dishwasher door
before dishwasher is installed.
Dishwasher may tip over when
the door is opened, resulting
in personal injury or product
,_....... ',,
The dishwasher is shipped to
I be installed in 34" cabinet
opening. Measure height of cabinet
opening from underside of counteriop
to fioon Check chart for that height
opening Put the wheels in the required
position and hJrn front levelers the
The carton and skid should have oeen
removed from the dishwasher as
described in the instructions on the
carton. If you have removed the carton
without removing the skd from the
a. Place two foam shipping pieces
behind dishwasher Firmly grasp the
body of the dishwasher and gently
lay it on its back on the foam
shipping pieces
b Use a Vd' ,socket wrench o
screwdriver to remove the screws
holding the skid to the boltom of
the dishwashe_
c Stand dishwasher upright
number of times indicated.
i34" 1 :_:, 0
34W' 34. '.
/ 34%" 4 10
Floor Damage
Tilt dishwasher backwards on
wheels when moving across |leer.
Failure to do so may cause
damage to floor covering.
Loosen 4 sclews Do Nol remove
Loosen, do not remove, the 4 screws
affaching access panel to dishwasher
using a V4' socket wrench or Phillips
screwdrive_ Remove access panel and
set aside.
Untape drain hose Close and latch
dishwasher door. Push dishwasher into
place, sliding drain hose and power
cord [if available] through holes cut in
cabinet wail Align dishwasher door
with cabinet front, not dears, so that
spacing is the same on both sides
and top to poltom Center dishwasher
in cabinet opening Check thai front
leve ing legs are firmly against the
12. /
Open door approximately 3" and
check for equal spacing between
inner door and lub sides. If necessary,
loosen screws that fasten dishwasher to
countertop and shift tub, Tighten
CUt hos_ COnneclO_" to fll.
To connect drain hose to on air-gap
or waste-tee, cut end of drain hose as
shown Do Not cut drain hose when
connecting to a disposer. Knock out
plug from disposer inlet. Secure drain
nose with hose clamp provided Do
Not cul ribbed section to shorten
drain hose. Coil and tape extra drain
hose under kitchen sink
gll _.. //sound shleld-_
Connect ,water pipe or tubing directly
to water inlet rave Do Not run pipe or
tubing across front o! motor or dish-
washer legs Pierce a "//d ameter hoe
fnrough the sound shield [sound shied
is not ovai;aoie on all models] for
water line. See Figure 8. Panel B. _rn
on water SuoDy and check for eaks
Make electrical connection or plug
_::x_wer supply cord into the grounded
Check electrical requlremenls.
Be sure you have correct electrical
supply and recommended
grounding method.
Remove all shipping materials, Open
dishwasher door; remove bottom rack.
Place a newspaper or large sheet of
paper over bottom of dishwasher to
protect the pump area when securing
dishwasher to countertop.
Secure dlshwasher to counfedop with
two, No. tO x V2','Phillips-head screws
from parts bag, You MUST secure
dishwasher to keep it from tilt ng when
door is opened or closed, De Not drop
screws In dishwasher tub. If screws
should tall into the pump, pump and
molar failure may occur. Remove
Doper from botJom of dishwashe_
Check door for proper operation, Door
shouJd close easily without slamming
and open with its own weight. If
necessary, close door and adjust door
spring with pliers
Take a few minutes to read the Use and
Care Guide to fully understand your
new dishwasher,
Check lhat ali bads have been
installed and no steps were skipped
Check that you have oil the tools you
starred with
Turn on electric supply,
Star1 dishwasher and allow it to
complete a cycle, Check that
dishwasher is working properly and
that there are no water leaks.
Replace the access panel
To Change Door
And Access
Panel Color
Remove two screws securing one ol the
side trim pieces Slide trim downward
until upper edge is free of console or
end caD, Lift off trim piece
Side out color panel[s] and
corrugated spaoer Select panel color
you wish to have showing and place
on fop of panels,
Slide the sde trim piece against the
COnSOle or end cap, Align side trim and
mounting holes in door _oame Sec_e
trim to doOr weh _rews,
_Dpet access//'jjF
Loosen the upper access pane!
screws and pull access panel out_va rd
Remove and save three screws
securing the top trim _emove top trim
Wood Door Panels
D shwasher door panel and access
panel can be custom zed lo match
wc42d _a_nefs
i Cut panes using
• spec fled d mensior_s
{23'_,;' x IgV'd' x Yz') Make sure wood
grain motohes d rection of cooinet
wood grain
Rout a!l four sides
of both panels 1"x V_"
deep to prey de roorm tot ifh_to_ation
Dishwashe! Is subJecl to some
hurnldlty.Cover both sldes and edges
af wood panels with molsture resistant
Remove side tr r,n
piece as described
in Step 1, 'qo change access and door
panel color"
Slide color panel[sl and spacer into
the lower door trim and the groove Oh
underside of console Gently push on
panel surface to fit panel under side
trim edge
Pul! out desired color panel and ploce
in front of other panels and corrugated
spacer with desired color facing out
Replace too trim with three screws.
Move access panel back into position
and tighten upper access _ahe!
Personal Injury Hazard
Handle melal edges of panels
carelully Cut metal edges may
cause personal injury or damage
Io other materials
Remove corrugated
i spacel and arl
color panels ord save for future use.
be used as described in Steps 3 and 4,
change access and front Done1
Repeat Stepst and
2 ol this section tar
cutting custom panels for the access
Darnel, Use specified dimensions shown
i Remove top trim
piece from access
panel as described in Step 5, "To
change door and access panel color"
Remove corrugated
spacer and all
color panels and save for future use
be used] as described nSteps 6 and 7.
"TO charge door ar'd access pone
_ 10o
Check these points:
isthe door closed tLghtly and latched
Has the cycle been set correctly to
start the dishwasher?
Isthe water lurned on?
Has a house fuse blown?
Has electrical power been
Note: If the motor has stopped
because of overload, it will
automatically reset itself within a few
minutes. If after checking these points
the dishwasher still does not run or
complete a cycle, call for service.
Par_ No 3367228 Rev B
,_ 1989 Whirlpool Corp<_rahon P eDCJF( d [y ¢_1 ir [_ool (;()rI_)lo?(sf_. Benlon H,Jroor Micr_lgOr 4_022 Prir_iedin USA

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