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15_CyberTablet W9 UserMan

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Web 5N6 WWW cm
Mad W ‘ WWW (on
mass name: us WM! any queslmns
an gm my XP=FI\ Tsm'm‘ngy m m cm cm a‘ Aupmn‘ed m cm
Graphic Pen Tablet
Windows 10‘8‘7and szta Mac 10.7 orabcve
CyberTablek W9
www xprpen com
FCC No Ice:
NOTE: This equipment has been tested and round to comply wrth the hnuts rpra
class a digital device, pursuantto Part 15 ortne FCC Rules. These limits are
designed to provide reasonaple prelecllan againsl harquI lnterlerence in a
resldentlal Installation Thrs equipment generates uses and can radiate radlu
trequency energyand‘ It not Installed and used in accordance wrth the
lnstmcllons, may cause harqul lnlerlerence la rattle communications Hewever,
there Is no guarantee that lnterlerence will nul occur In a parllcular lns|allatlun ll
ttus equipment does cause harmrul Inlerl‘erence in radio ortelevlslcn recepllonl
which can be determined pytummg the equipment attend on‘ the user is
encouraged Ip try tp correct the Interference by me pr more at the lollowlng
Rearrent or relacate the recerlng antenna.
increase the separation between the equipment and receiver
moonnectthe equipment rnta an outlel an a cll’cull dIllerenl Irmn thattp whlch the
recelverls connected
aaaConsult the dealernr an experienced radialTVtechmctan lar help
WARNING: Changes Dr modmcatrons not expresslyappmved by the party
responsmle lor compliance could vent the user‘s autnprrty to operate the
The dewce has been evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirement, The
device can be used In portable condition wl|nout restriction
I. Product Overview ,
aOverview ,, ,
b Workmgarea ,, 2
ll. Stylus Pen 2
a.0vervlew 2
t: Replacing the pentlp 3
II. Driver Installation , , , , , , 3
a Windows , , 3
t: Mac-- 4
lV.Connecting the Star 05 4
a,ereIess USE A
b Corded USE - 5
c sleep mode 5
V. Driver Settings Ul 6
anndows , , 6
bMac , ~ , , , t4
V|.DriverUninstallation~~ 20
a Windows 20
h Macu . 20
VII FAQ , 21
aJ can'tuse the slyluslc contrul the cursor
ane SlarDS‘s respansetlme Isslowdunng Wireless usa use,
c How do I know lhat lhe $|ar 05 driver Installed successlully"
d,Hdw do | determlne Ila problem Is sollware arnardware related?
e,When I open lhe tableldrtver UI, l see “Tablet 1" and "Tablet? "
(|.Product Overview}
(1) USE pmgm
(2) smusmmcamhgm
a) Ehnkmg ugm smus \s .n range 0!, but ncttcucmng (he workmg area
b) 5mm ngnr smus \slauchmg (he workmg area
c) No hgm. smus )5 out ofdetecnun range.
(a) Wrexessmmeamrngm
d) On Tab)“ )5 cannemed wa wwe‘ess USB
2) on Tame! )s not connected wawnexess usa
(4) Eanerymdicamnigm
1) on blue Tal'Met )5 cunnecled and anargmg ma corded USB
9) on red: Tame! bauery is \ow
n) on green Tablet )5 summenlly charged
(5) mm keys
(6) Working area
(7) use recewer
(8) Reset buuon
(a) Power nn/aflhuflon
(w) Sky‘us
(11) Fan stand
((2) Pen Up rewacemems (smred )nsme the pen stand)
b. Working area
2m 2flnm W
\mage172 Workmgarea
(ILStylus pen)
\mage 24 Stylus and accesscnes
) Barrel [Milan 2
) Barrelbuuon1
) Penn):
(4) Pen stand mp
) Repwacernencpennps
) Pen chp
) Pen stand bouorn
Barrel button lun ' us can be customized.
Stylus does not use a battery.
b.Replacing the pen tip
lrnage 272 Replacing the pen tip
(1) Hold tne upper nalloltne pen stand and lwlstccunterclackwlse to remove it
(2) Remove tne pen clip located in tne centeroltne lower pen stand
(3) Use tne pen Clip to oriptne pen tip and pull it out oltne stylus
(4) Pusn tne new pen tip into the stylus
{lll. Driver Installation}
(1) Disable any antivirus orrirewall soltware oetore beginning the
(2) Uninstall any existing tablet software helore attempting to install the Star
05 driver. other tablet drivers will conflict wilh the StarDS driver or
pravent installation lntiraly.
[3) Van ma slallthe SIarGSdriverwilh (h eluded CD ordownload lhe
latest drivorv-rsion fmm tliexP-Pen website (www.xp-pen.l:om). lfyoll
choose to download the drivertrom the web ,oe sure to exlracl tne
.ziptile content: before running “install-x. ll
(l) Conneettne Star 05 to yourcomputer using the included use cord.
(2) lnserttne included driverCD into yourconiputer's CD/DVD drive and lollow
the onscreen instructions ltsetup does not begin automatically, open tne
' c contents manuallyand run 'setup exe" or'install exe “
(a) Attera suocesstul installation, tne drlver‘s ioon ( (a) will sppearon your
taskbav lttne icon is not present. uninstall tne driven reboot, and repeat step 2
b. Mac
.Connecttne Star 05 to your computer using tne included USB cord.
insert the included drlver CD into yourccmputer's CD/DVD dr ve
. Open tne cu‘s tile list. Open tn Mac Driver" lolder, tnen run “PerlTablet.pkg "
Fulluwlhe onscreen instructions, tnen reooot your oomputer
{|V.Connecting the Star 05}
a.Wireless USB
(1) lnserttne included USB Wireless receiver into yatlrcamputer's use port
(2) Use a tDDtthck, needle orotner small object to press tne reset button on tne
hack afme Star us (image A4)
(3) wnile continuing to press tne reset button. slide tne on/otlswilcn to tne rigntto
turn on tne teolet (lmageArl)
(4) llsuccessluh tne Star 05‘: green Wireless indieatorlight will lignt up and
remain on lltne wireless indicator lignt does not liont up, repeat steps 2 and a
lmageA-l : Wireless USB
b.Corded USB
(I). Connem me 5m 05 m your compulsrwwlh we included usa came.
(2) sman me mum on
\magemz: Wired USB
c.3‘eep mode
When connected wire‘ess‘y‘ me 5(ar05 wm aulomancaHy emers‘eep mode afler
being we vorao nnnmes The (ametcan be woken up two ways
(1) Hold the ‘Hand"louch key for 3 m 5 seconds
Image“) S‘eep mode
Image4-4: Sleep mode
(V.Driver Settings Ul}
The Star 05‘: drwerseuings can be opened two ways
(1) DoublerchckmetaskbarIcon(E)
(2) Open me Comm Pan6\, (hen double-chck “Tablel Semngs "
; th
The “mm” (so msp‘ayslhe swam downloaded dnverversmn The drwer‘s system
tray (Iaskbar) man can E‘Su be lugg‘ed an and 0" here
. Uh.
lmages-z Tablel
(1)The“Table(”tab displays baslc inlormalien aeoul lhe Slams
(2) Tablel PC suppovl can be lugglea on and 0" here Enaelmg (hlswlll allow
suppmflorwmflows Ink
(3) The "Rolancn" lunelion allows you |o use you! lablel el dlflerem Drlemallons
90 ' and 27D ' mlatlan allow use at purlraltnrlenlatlcns ‘80 ' mlallan allows
camforlable lefl-handed use.
3.Monilor Map
The Monlmr Mapping lab allows you In configure yaurlablel lor use Wlm smgle ar
dual murmurs.
Imag2573 Example era slngleVmunllur selup
The Sta! 05 drlverwill aulomalleally deleel dual monilors. Vaurlablel can be used
hanzonlally across both mammrs
Images-4: Example ole dual-monilor selup
llonly one manllcr l5 seleclee, yourlaelel lnpul le be IImHEd m only mal monlmr
lmages-s Thelablekdriversel up lor use on one manilol
4.P-n Buuons
\mages- The Pen aunon lab
In me Pen Bulwn rabr you may cuslmmze |nemncrrons onne pen‘s oarrer bullans
oy seleclmg rne bulmn name vrom me mp menu and assrgnrng your desrred
command under“Muuse Command “
(1).Tapping yourrsblerwmr rhe stylus pen runerions as a Mr click.
You may also adrusr rne qmckness reqmred between pen raps «o regrsteras a
wan the sryrds or range onne «aorers warkmg area clrckmg the mar oarrer
bulmn willr by default roggre between pen and eraser modes Tne odrrem
seleered modewm onenyappear or me eeuom mrddre ulyuur drspray
Userdeflned actions
The srylus pen's parrer bumms can be programmed to open a speoined
program urducumem
ImagefiJ. Run
Tne skyms pen‘s barrer hunons can be programmed m open a speemed web
\mageSVS Internet
[3).Hot Key
Tne sryrds pen‘s barrer puuons can be programmed «o exeeure a speemed
Nu! m
\magesrs' Hal Key
The srylus pen's barre‘ humans can be seuo "Select Nexr Functiun"
Prevrode Funcnan“ or “FapupAMenu To Sereer‘.
H“ m
Image5-10: Roller
5.Work Are:
In the Work Area (ab‘ you may amuse (he ‘ab‘et's onscreen workmg area to your
prererred srze and \ocalmn.
Width (x) a. Heigm (V):
Inmcates (he current may?“ and wldm the tab‘el‘s ourscrzen wurklng area You
may «we exacr dimensions rrere.
ovrser (x) a. Offset (V):
Inmcates the instance between the onscreen wurk area and the Edges uHhe
msmay. You may rype exacr drmerrsierrs here.
Full are -
Selects the ages! pessrme nnrscreen workmg area
Screen rati :
Adrusrs (he (ablel's on-screen workmg area ro march your monimr's lesohmon.
Rexerve edges:
AHucates buHerspace a‘ong me oursrde borders eryeur onscreen workmg area
em rm”. w."
M were mew mjm
r. we w
\mages-M Work Area
6.Tauch Keys
m (ms may you may emmre mncmns loe srer 05‘s touch keys
flgfiflg E
e. es...
\msge54 2 Touch Keys
6.) Addmnctmn 0 Move down
6:) nelere ® Ed||
G) Maveup ® Restore
Ta ediia luncticm seieenhe «ouch key you weuid hkelo cusiomize and click (+)
Here‘ yuu may choose yuurdesired function
Do NOT alienhe Hmdy Key's settings—this will disable «he function: «mm
“+" and humans.
a“ a.»
images-13: Funchons
Here, you may eon «he Iisierruncuens ma« «he Handy Key wm cycie «hruugh Move
aiunehen «e«he ien© (aehable Ki arm «he righ« + «o disable ii
Use 6) and (9 «o adjusi «he omeroiyaurseieeied rune«iohs
Clicking 0 Wm reverse a functioniior exempie, "znom oui/zeern in" mi become
“mam m/zcam out "
Cllckmg 6 Wm reslure aiunehon ions deiaui« seihngs
When cychng through functions with (he Handy Key, the currenfiy selecied
«unchan will be briefly displayed in the oo««om cemel oiyour screen
Use this «ab «0 «esiyeur «abiere pen pressure and adjusi iis sensmvily. Lighler
sensmvily means «ha« oigmai pressure ievei w." rise Wiih iess apphed physical
\mageSJA The pressure«ah
While «irawmg in «he «esiarea, me numericai vaiue oi your curreh« pressure ievei
wiil be shown aoove«he “dear" hu««on Heavier pressure crea«es a «maker ime
To open «he s«ar 05‘s orwersenings open Finder >Apphoahons > F'eriTabielSeHing.
\ A
T_hler5n1in- UninsIaHTahleIDriv
image 54 5 Taoie«3e««ing
"mu: r. Mm he
\magesrlfl mic
This tab drsprays the current versmn olyour drwerscilware
\n we Mmmartab‘ you may seem “Full Mcrmor‘ Ponion or Manner“ ar“ Drspray“.
mm e. WW, we
\mage 5717 Murmur
an; m.
n 5mm .e
\mage 5-13 Pen
In (he Pen (ab, you may enoose your prererrea runenensrertne styrus pen‘s barrel
buttons from a Irst Veu mayersotesune Star 05‘s pen pressure arm amust ms
sensmwly ngher pressure creates a ‘hlckerllne LI h|er sensmwly means Mal
argnar pressure level wm nse wnn \ess apphed pnysieal pressure.
Click “Deraun amen Semng“ m reven m manulacmrer sellmgs.
PenIEraser Ioggle
wnn [he sxylus Ill range onhe umers working area. clicking the first barrel
hultnn will, by devaun, Ioggle nemeen pen and eraser mades.
4.Express Keys
\mage 5719. Express Keys
In rne Express Keys «an, you may cnoose your prelerred Vunclmnsmrme srar 05‘:
men keys (mm 3 \rs«
Do nor edrnhe K1 key—dorng so will dlslblethe w- and " 'keys.
. firms,
‘mageSVZU Express Kest
(1) Chck “shoe Swnch Semng' to add urremove lunctrcns lrem me K1key's queue
.e. Mr. W mm. on
imam-mm. lflfluhlw In
w‘ : mmm In em
e a. kmuzbmu
\mageSVM sride/Ring Swircn Semng
(2) ScmH down to “Reset Customer Devrned M51" «or advanced semngs
User defined aclmns
(:1.App|ica n
The Slar05's touch keys can be programmed «0 open specified programs or
Hut Key \nkemal Mans:
ems» r
|mage$22 Appncauon
[4).Hut Key
Tne srer 05‘s roucn keys can be programmed to execute common keysrrokes
(mm a preset hst
warm, re. ;
Image5-23: Hor Key
Tne srarus's much keys can be programmed to open specmed web
Mk: Iiann
mm a :1
[ mm (X
imagesezA iniernei
The SlarOS‘s tuuch keys can he prdgrarnrned in runciidn as standard mouse
Mus \me
, Ana-um r Hnlkrv lnu'ml [my
Mum. Minn
« in: aid ,1
i... Mi. nra
nan dkk
meme cm
imag55724 Mouse
in me Scope iae. you may adjusi me iabiei‘s onscreen working area io you!
preierred Size and iocaricn Under“PenArea" is a visuai represemancn onne
current anrscreen werkmg area
PenArea Dimensions:
Indieaies ine cunem neigniand width dune ianiei‘s an-screen working area. Vou
maytype exacl dimensions here
Pen Area Dflset:
Indieaies ine disianee beiween ine an-screen work area and me edges onne
aispiay You mayiype exact dimensions here
Full area:
Seiecis me laigesl pcssmie on-screen wwking area
Scrun ratio:
Adiusis ine iaeiei‘s umscrezn wurking area in maicn yaur muniicr‘s resaiutian
Reserve edges:
Aiiccates auHer space aiang ine autsme borders aiyeur anrscreen working area
Working Area Drienlatio :
AHaws me iabieuo be swncned beiween rigm or ien-nanded use
W a.“ a
Image5-26: Scope
{Vl.Driver Uninstallation}
1 Open[Slanmenu]~>[AHPrograms/Apps]a[XP-Pen].Click“UmnslaHDiwei,“
men ieiiewine anescreen msirucrians
2 From ine Starlmenu,open [Control Panei] a [Add/Remove Prugrams] Find
"Taeiei DriverVE a" and dick “Unins|aH “ Feiiewine ourscreen rnsirucirdns
Open [Finderko [Applicallonko [Touch Tamei], (hen ciic 'uninsiaii Peri Tamer
Driver.“ Followine on-screen insirucnans.
euimin «imam. ”mi w in
Moon“ Minimum mum, wt .,
l; nan-o
i\ new m
o Dir—rpm.
When attempting to reinstall the sums driver, be sure to reboot your
computer .ttortlie uninsullntion is compllto.
a.| sen-t use the stylus to control the cursor.
1.Does the tablet‘s status indicator lightcame on when the stylus is in oonlact
with the working area‘?
(i) Ves Uninstaii lhe Star 05 driver. Reboot, theri oonneotthe topietto your
computer and test your stylus inhe cursor responds to yourpen Input, the
tablet hardware isiunotienai. Reinstall the Stores driver
(2) No Make sure that the tablets power switch is turned ON ilyou are using
wireless usa rndde test the tabletwith 3 Wired uss connection
h.The Star n5's response time is slow during wireless use use.
1.The tablel's battery may be running law Test the tablet in Wired USE mode.
c.Hnw do i knowtliattlie sures driver installed successfully?
tAfter installing the driver‘ the S|ar 05‘s driverlcun should be visible in (he
taskbar/system tray (windows 05). Pen input will oonlroi the cursarand
pressure sensitiwty will be tuncticnal in the driver Ul s Pressure"/“Pen“ tap
d.Hnw do I determine ifa problem is software or hardware related?
I Connect and Install the SKarUS an a ditierem computer lttl’ie tablet “motions
properlyon the new computer you are experiencing a sorlware issueicnntirm
thatALL tablet drivers (including the stems) are unins|alled and removed
irorn yourcornputeri then reinstall the Star 05.
2 The Star 05‘: indicatnr lights Wlll help yuu determine it an Issue is hardwarer
related When iunotioning properly, thewhite status indicator lightwill light up
when the stylus pen is In range at or touching the (ablet's working area the
light does not turn on underthese conditions while lhe Star 05 is powered ON,
you may be experiencing a hardware issue
e.When | open the tablet driver ul. lsee “Tablet 1" and “Tablet 2."
«This means that you have the Star 05 connected Via Wireless and Wired USE
close the driver Ul‘ disconnect one althese‘ then reopen the driver Ul
Mm WM m... r..
not. (an
min 1 mm
«do (9/5

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Viewing Cond Illuminant         : 19.6445 20.3718 16.8089
Viewing Cond Surround           : 3.92889 4.07439 3.36179
Viewing Cond Illuminant Type    : D50
Luminance                       : 76.03647 80 87.12462
Measurement Observer            : CIE 1931
Measurement Backing             : 0 0 0
Measurement Geometry            : Unknown
Measurement Flare               : 0.999%
Measurement Illuminant          : D65
Technology                      : Cathode Ray Tube Display
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