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Advance Exchange with OnSite Service
Advance Exchange is the fast, efficient “spare in the air” program for your Posiflex point-of-sale
equipment. Available in the US and Canada, it offers a low cost way to minimize the risk of possible
downtime and helps keep your service operation running smoothly. You will enjoy receiving fast, reliable
next day replacement service. Posiflex provides a replacement unit via overnight shipping directly to
you. A Posiflex technician is dispatched to your site to install the equipment and make sure it is fully
operational. The Posiflex technician will unbox new equipment, replace the failed unit, connect all
peripherals, configure basic network settings, load any supplied backup data and box up the failed unit
ready for shipping back to Posiflex.
Xenios sells and facilitates the service. We will ensure your service contract is entered. When coverage
is needed, we will initiate the service request. Reinstallation or reconfiguration of 2TouchPOS and
related software is not included.
_____ I acknowledge this is a service provided by Posiflex.
_____ I have read and accept Posiflex’ terms and conditions for the Advanced Exchange with OnSite
_____ I understand the actual scheduling and details of the replacement and repairs are between
Posiflex and me.
_____ I acknowledge services may need to be purchased from Xenios once the terminal is replaced to
return 2TouchPOS to an operational status.
Name ______________________________________________________________________
Establishment ______________________________________________________________________
Street ______________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip ______________________________________________________________________
Date ___________________________ Signature: _________________________________________

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