Xiaoyi Technology YCS1A17 YI Smart Dash Camera User Manual

Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd. YI Smart Dash Camera

User manual

USB Car charger
[Input:12-24V, Output:5V]
1. Insert the USB car charger into your car's cigarette lighter socket.
2. Insert the USB end of the USB power cord into the USB car charger.
3. Insert the Micro USB into the dash cam USB port.
[Charger Specifications: Input:12-24V, Out:5V]
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Format SD
Power On/Off Sounds
Driving Report
REC Long Audio
Button Sound
Set Date/Time
Factory Reset
After powering on, press the Setting/Power button to enter the Settings menu:
Resolution: Default is 1920×1080P/30fps,Press "Confirm" to select among
1920×1080 30fps and 1280×720P 30fps.
AudioPress "Confirm" to enable or disable microphone.
Gsensor:Default is medium sensitivity. Press "Confirm" to select low, medium, or high
sensitivity. When the vehicle collides or brakes the camera automatically locks on the
current scene and records for 10 seconds after the collision.
Wi-Fi:Press "Confirm" to turn on/off Wi-Fi.
Format SD:Press "Confirm" to format the memory card.
(caution: this will erase all data.)
Factory Reset: This will restore the device to its original system settings.
Driving Report:Press "Confirm" to enable or disable driving report. After driving for
more than 10 minutes the camera will show a driving report, such as acceleration, brakes,
driving time, etc.
Loop recording and charging will automatically begin after you start your
car,and the "Stautus lndicator Light"will stay on. You can change the video
recording status (start and stop) by pressing "Loop Recofding".
Press "Album" to review recordings. Use the arrows to review the
previous or next video. Select "Comfirm" to start photo playback.
During playback, use "Confirm" to pause the ablum.
Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080
Video resolution: 720P 30fps/1080P 30fps
FOV(D) 130°
Sound: Built-in microphone / speaker
Video compression: H.264 encoding
Enhanced WDR
Storage: 8-64GB Class 10 or above with FAT32 format
Weight: 2.5 ounces
2.7" Graphic 960 x 240 dot-matrix delta type TFT LCD
Wi-Fi supports single band 2.4GHz and 802.11n standard
Smartphone platform support: Android / iOS
WPA2 wireless encryption
Power cord: 11.5ft length
Power Source: USB Car Charger, Input: 12V-24V;Output: 5V
Before using the mount bracket on your windshield, check the state and local laws and ordinances where you drive.
Some state laws prohibit drivers from using mounts on their windshields while operating motor vehicles. Other state
laws allow the mount bracket to be located only in specific locations on the windshield. Many other states have
enacted restrictions against placing objects on the windshield in locations that obstruct the driver’s vision. IT IS THE
ORDIANCES. Always mount your device in a location that does not obstruct the driver’s view of the road. YI does not
assume any responsibility for any fines, penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of any state or local
law or ordinance relating to the use of your device.
8)、YI Statement
Shanghai YI Technology Co., Ltd. hereby makes a statement that: In order to improve
customer experience, products provided by the company is classified into China mainland
version and international version. Products of China mainland version are only limited to be
used in China mainland, while overseas use needs to purchase products of international
version of our company from overseas dealers specified by our company or overseas sales
network self-operated by our company. For problems caused by use of incorrect version,
our company shall not take any responsibility. Products, applications, functions and
interfaces etc. mentioned in this manual may be improved or updated after sales, when
actually used product and related applications are different from this manual, please focus
instructions in official website of our company: Chinese official website: www.xiaoyi.com
International official website: www.yitechnology.com, no further notification about update of
this manual will be sent to individuals.
Manufacturer: Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Co.,Ltd
Website: www.yitechnology.com
Service Telephone: +86-21-6765 6722
E-mail: support@yitechnology.com
Address: 6F,Building E, No.2889 Jinke Road,Pudong District,Shanghai,China
Thank you for choosing the YI UItra Dash Camera, please read the instructions carefully before
using the product and keep it in good condition.
C1A US V1.0

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