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Tanium Core: Core is the central component of the Tanium platform, and it allows administrators to perform the following key functions:.

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Summary of Tanium Products/Services/Training
The Tanium platform is comprised of a Core Platform with optional modules that can be leveraged on top of the core platform to provide specific functionality relevant to security and endpoint management. Below is a functional description of each component of the Tanium platform:
Tanium Core: Core is the central component of the Tanium platform, and it allows administrators to perform the following key functions:
 Ask any question in plain English and retrieve accurate and complete data across millions of endpoints in seconds.
 Remediate incidents or execute corrective actions / changes of any kind across every endpoint as desired/
 Inventory, control, and monitor the utilization of hardware and software assets.  Enrich 3rd party systems, such as SIEMs, log analytic tools, help desk ticketing systems,
CMDBs, and big data analytic engines with Tanium connect (included with Core).
Tanium Threat Response  Threat Detection is automated on the endpoint and provides continuous, proactive, and real-time alerting  Quickly piece together the story about what happened on an endpoint and when with inconsole data enrichment from user supplied or third-party intelligence  Search for suspect files, explore registry settings, collect information, or hunt for anomalies across the enterprise and eliminate threats in seconds  Integrate detection, investigation, and remediation workflows into a single console
Tanium Comply  Perform endpoint assessments based on security configuration benchmarks, either customer or industry standards, such as CIS.  Perform endpoint assessments against vulnerability definitions.  Report on assessment findings for security hygiene and audit preparation.  Perform assessments at scale, in real time, anytime.
Tanium Discover:  Detect hidden and unmanaged assets across large, distributed, global networks.  Take control and remedial action of any / all unmanaged assets within seconds.  Integrate with Palo Alto Networks to block unmanaged assets from your network.  Categorize, group, and tag assets across the environment.
Tanium Deploy:  Reduce application installation and update time.  Deploy to thousands of endpoints with minimal infrastructure.  Know what software is on every endpoint at all times.

Tanium Patch  Support patch management and software distribution across millions of endpoints without requiring ongoing infrastructure additions to scale.  Distribute and deploy patches up to 10,000 times faster than traditional tools.  Accurately view the current state of any patch in seconds.  Customize workflow based on dynamic lists, rules and exceptions.
Tanium Protect  Define and manage proactive policies and actions to help block attacks using OS and common 3rd party security controls.  Reduce the amount of endpoint security agents, infrastructure, and siloed technologies by leveraging native controls.  Apply security protections to protect against known threats in seconds.
Tanium Integrity Monitor  File integrity monitoring for critical OS, application, and log files enterprise wide.  Satisfy requirements for standards such as PCI-DSS, CIS, HIPAA, SOX, NERC-CIP, etc...  Expand file monitoring to endpoint at any scale.
Tanium Asset  Get a complete inventory of software and hardware assets from online and offline endpoints.  Run built-in or custom reports for inventory and audit preparation.  Enrich third party Configuration Management Databases with fresh data.
Tanium Map  Near-instant visibility into applications and interrelationships between endpoints, as well as the ability to view change over time.  Investigate application outages and evaluate the impact of potential changes.  Optimize application infrastructure for cost efficiency, single points of failure, redundancy, and capacity.  Micro-segment and audit applications.  Evaluate application utilization by end-users over time.
Tanium Trace  Investigate key forensic and security events across the network.  Provides a live and historical view of critical events including process execution, logon history, network connections, and file and registry changes.
Tanium Reveal  Monitor or search for sensitive data across any number of endpoints.  Improve data-handling practices by eliminating data movement into server-side caches.  Unify teams and workflows across an organization's sensitive data management practice.  Consolidate software and reduce IT infrastructure by reducing need for point solutions.

Tanium Performance  Real time visibility into end-user performance issues related to hardware resource consumption, application health, and system health.  Quickly drill down into endpoints and assess root cause of performance-related issues.  Remediate problems quickly and at scale across an environment.
Tanium Enforce  Assess, report on and enforce configuration and compliance policies across endpoints with one console  Verify that policies are set without having to connect to each endpoint.  Automate policy management to improve IT operational efficiency.
Tanium Premium Support  Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) team copied on each support request submitted by Customer.  TAMs will prioritize support requests submitted by Customer.  TAMs will be available to assist with the deployment and configuration of the licensed software and provide ongoing advice to Customer.  24 hour support via telephone, support portal or email for Severity 1 Error and Severity 2 Error support requests (each as defined in Tanium's EULA and subject to the support process set forth therein).  Up to six technical support contacts may be designated by Customer to contact Tanium for support (versus two with standard support).

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