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Dear prospective
home buyer:

Welcome to Baldwin County! Baldwin County residents enjoy a unique lifestyle that includes the benefits of a small town atmosphere, but with easy access to several metropolitan areas. Our beautiful coastline, sugar-white beaches, farms, hunting lodges and forests make Baldwin County a place for all seasons. We are fortunate to have some of the finest public, private and parochial schools in the country. For those interested in outdoor sports, our county has it all ­ golfing, deepsea fishing, sailing, hunting, tennis, biking and more.
Year-round cultural activities include live theater, fine art exhibitions and a delightful concert series. From fine dining to fast food, there's a menu to please every palate. Sample fresh seafood, Creole and Southern favorites, innovative café cuisine and ethnic delicacies served by the area's diverse restaurants.

Although our quality of life ranking is extremely high, our cost of living is anything but. Monsterjobs.com recently rated several cities in Baldwin County as having a cost of living well below the national average and continues to be one of the top places to retire. High quality of life, low cost of living; now that's a formula for a great place to call home.
Baldwin County, Alabama truly is paradise with three major locations along the Gulf of Mexico, including Mobile Bay, Gulf Shores Beaches and Orange Beach Beaches, it's hard to NOT enjoy yourself.
We, as your home builders association, are proud to showcase some of the finest subdivisions and builders in this wonderful place we call home. We hope you find your home here with us, too.
Your Community Advocate,

Baldwin County is one of the fastest growing counties in Alabama. Its rich history and diverse cultures have created a place welcome to all. The county's strength is not only found among the plethora of abundant natural resources, healthy economy or beautiful beaches, but with the people who have carved out a place to live, prosper and grow, while preserving its heritage and breathtaking beauty.

MARSHA JORDAN Executive Vice President
BALDWIN COUNTY HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION 916 Plantation Boulevard Fairhope, Alabama 36532 Phone: 251-928-9927 Fax: 251-928-9929 www.BCHBA.com

It's no surprise that people love living in Baldwin County. Thanks to miles of beautiful coast, classic Southern charm, an abundance of natural beauty and more, Baldwin County consistently ranks well above the national average for quality of life: with an incredible EASI Index of 178, compared to the U.S. average of just 100.

From the hospitality lifestyle of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, to the eclectic shops in Fairhope, to the hard working farming communities and small towns in central and north Baldwin, life is good in Baldwin County.
So why aren't you here yet? · Abundant recreational opportunities · 32 miles of gulf beaches · 26 miles of bay waterfront · Fresh water and inshore and offshore
fishing · 24 golf courses located in Baldwin County · College football and baseball in the metro
Excellent school system · Stanford Achievement Test scores (measure
of academic performance) have been above the national average for the past eight years · ACT scores have met or exceeded state and national average for the past eight years · 88% of individuals in Baldwin County have a high school diploma or higher. 1 in 10 hold a graduate degree. · 90% high school graduation rate · 9 universities within 50+ miles · 7 community colleges within 50+ miles
Health care options · 3 hospitals with 287 beds · 9 hospices · 313 physicians, and 98 dentists · 3 wellness centers and 13 health clubs
...and if that wasn't enough · Median household income of $58,55400 · Unemployment rate of 5% · More than 1,100 restaurants · Regional shopping centers and thriving
downtowns · EASI Cultural Index for Baldwin County ­
178, U.S. average ­ 100 · Amateur theater companies, symphony
concerts and opera, as well as numerous festivals · Low crime rate · Modest housing costs and broad diversity of housing · Red Snapper Capital of the World · Mardi Gras




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Table of




On the Cover
The 2019 Showcase Home was built by Eric Craig Homes, Inc. in The Verandas subdivision in Fairhope

The 2021 Official Baldwin County Subdivision & Builders Guide is published by the Baldwin County Home Builders Association, Inc. (BCHBA) based on information submitted by individual developers. The BCHBA makes no representation concerning the information contained herein relative to any subdivision listed or the developer. Further, the BCHBA makes no representation that all subdivisions which might be located in Baldwin County are listed herein. The BCHBA specifically disclaims any liability that may result from the performance of any of the developers listed herein. Copyright ©2020. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, photocopy, mechanical, recording or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the BCHBA.



Grand Style
Step inside the 2020 Showhouse built by Stuart Construction, and you'll quickly discover why it was selected for this distinction by the Baldwin County Home Builders. Its very location in The Colony at The Grand sets it apart thanks to its connection to nature where you can relax and restore on the home's two inviting porches with a coveted oak tree in view! Inside the home, you'll discover
thoughtful and luxurious one-level living with four bedrooms and three and half bathrooms. The Showhouse located at 862 Apricot Drive will be open during the Parade of Homes Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26-27, and Oct. 3-4, from 10 am to 5 pm.*

*We will adhere to all recommended safety and health precautions including social distancing, temperature checks, sanitizing, and requiring face masks.



The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of
Buying a New Home

Home buyers have the choice of two types of houses on the market: resale or new.
Home buyers planning to buy a brandnew house or condominium often cite energy efficiency, open layout, a warranty, and being able to select appliances, flooring, paint colors and other design elements as factors driving their choice.
But builders say that buyers can be drawn to a new house for reasons that aren't so obvious. Here are a few more benefits of a brand-new home that you may not see in the sales brochure.
 Building a Community Together A brand-new community is one of the built-in benefits of many new homes. When families move in to a subdivision at the same time, they often form lasting bonds of friendship and neighborliness right away. Nobody is the "new kid on the block," and many home builders host community parties in new developments to help owners meet and connect.
Popular amenities like pools, walking trails and tennis and basketball courts offer additional opportunities for interaction among neighbors of all ages. Often new communities

are comprised of home owners in the same stage of life, such as young families or active retirees, so neighbors can get to know each other through carpools, PTA meetings, tennis matches or golf games.
 Entertaining Throwing a party in an older home can be a challenge because smaller, distinct rooms make it difficult to entertain guests in one large space. Today, new home layouts feature more open spaces and rooms that flow into each other more easily. While you are preparing dinner, you can still interact with guests enjoying conversation without feeling closed off. The feeling of spaciousness in today's new-home layouts often is enhanced with higher ceilings and additional windows that bring in more light than you would find in an older home.
 A Clean Slate For some buyers, parking the car in a sparkling-clean garage or being the first to cook a dinner in a brand-new kitchen is part of the appeal of new construction. In addition, you won't have to spend time stripping dated wallpaper or repainting to suit your own sense of style -- creating your own home décor from the get-go!

The advantages of being the first owner extend to the outdoors. Instead of inheriting inconveniently or precariously placed trees, or having to tear up overgrown shrubs, you can design and plant the lawn and garden you want.
 Outlets, Outlets Everywhere Homes built in the 1960's and earlier were wired much differently than houses today. Builders had no way of anticipating the invention of high-definition televisions, DVRs and computers that we enjoy today -- and the very different electrical requirements they would introduce. New homes can accommodate advanced technologies like structured wiring, security systems and sophisticated lighting plans, and can be tailored to meet the individual home owner's needs.
Anyone who has ever lived in an older home can also attest to the fact that there are never enough outlets, inside or out! Today, home builders plan for the increased number and type of electronics and appliances used by today's families, so you can safely operate a wine cooler, Christmas lights and your laptop -- and more.





How to Choose a
Home Builder

If you're in the market for a new home, you should shop for your builder as carefully as you shop for your home. Whether you are buying a condo, a townhouse, a house in a subdivision, or a custom built house, you want to know that you are buying a good quality home from a reputable builder. Here are a couple of tips to help you choose a builder.
Make A List of Possible Builders
Once you have thought about the type of house you want, you will need to find a builder.
 Contact your local home builders' association to obtain a list of builders who construct homes in your area. You can find your local HBA at nahb. org/findanhba. You can also look on Move.com, NAHB's official new homes listing website.
 Look in the real estate section of your local newspaper for builders and projects. Looking through the ads and reading the articles can help you to learn which builders are active in your area, the types of homes they are building, and the prices you can expect to pay. Make a list of builders who build the type of home you're looking for in your price range.
 Local real estate agents may also be

able to help you in your search. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Ask about builders they have dealt with directly, or ask them for names of acquaintances who have recently had a good experience with a builder.
Do Your Homework
Once you have a list of builders, how can you find out about their reputations and the quality of their work? The best way to learn about builders is to visit homes they have built and talk with the owners.
 Ask builders on your list for the addresses of their recently built homes and subdivisions. Builders may even be able to provide names of some home owners who would be willing to talk with you.
 Drive by on a Saturday morning when home owners may be outside doing chores or errands. Introduce yourself and say you are considering buying a home from the builder who built their home. Talk to several owners, and try to get a random sample of opinions. The more people you talk with, the more accurate an impression of a builder you are likely to get. At the very least, drive by and see if the homes are visually appealing.
 When you talk to builders and home owners, take along a notebook to record the information you find and

your personal impressions about specific builders and homes. Doing so will help you to make comparisons later. Some questions you can ask people include: Are you happy with your home? If you had any problems, were they fixed promptly and properly? Would you buy another home from this builder?
 Usually, people tell you if they are pleased with their homes. And if they are not, they'll probably want to tell you why.
Shop For Quality and Value
Look at new homes whenever you can. Home shows and open houses sponsored by builders are good opportunities to look at homes. Model homes and houses displayed in home shows are often furnished to give you ideas for using the space. You may also ask a builder to see unfurnished homes.
When examining a home, look at the quality of the construction features. Inspect the quality of the cabinetry, carpeting, trimwork, and paint. Ask the builder or the builder's representative a lot of questions. Get as many specifics as possible. If you receive the answers verbally rather than in writing, take notes. Never hesitate to ask a question. What seems like an insignificant question might yield an important answer.





Find the Right
Real Estate Agent
to Sell Your Starter Home

Are you ready to transition from your starter home to a new-construction forever home? The first step is selling your current home. A real estate agent can help you find buyers, get top dollar for your current home and negotiate the deal.

buyer and home? An agent who focuses on attracting buyers to high-end homes may not be the best choice when you're selling your starter home and vice versa. You'll want an agent who is motivated to put energy into moving your property.

The right agent will work with you throughout the process, from putting your house on the market to closing, and provide you with the expertise and support you'll need to make the most of the sale. Here are several tips to ensure you make the right decision when you find, evaluate and hire a real estate agent.
 RESEARCH AND ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS - It is best to speak with at least three agents before choosing one. Neighbors and friends -- especially ones who've recently sold a home like yours -- are great sources for recommendations. Also consider reaching out to agents who advertise in your neighborhood association newsletter or website.
 LOOK FOR SOMEONE WHO KNOWS YOUR AREA - You'll want an agent with an in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood who knows what type of buyer is most likely to purchase a home in your area. Ask what the agent knows about your neighborhood. Does the agent have other listings nearby? Who does the agent see as the likely buyer? Based on your experience it should be easy to tell how well what they say matches what you know.
 CHECK FOR RECENT SALES TO SIMILAR TARGET BUYERS Ask whether the agent has sold a home recently to people looking at your type of neighborhood and at your home's price point. How much of the agent's business involves this type of

 EVALUATE YOUR COMMUNICATION COMPATIBILITY - Your communication style and preferences should ideally be in sync with the agent you select. Does the agent seem to hear what you are saying and respond in ways that are helpful? Does the agent show interest in meeting your expectations? How will you and the agent keep in touch? How often can you expect the agent to reach out to you?
 SCAN SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE SOURCES - Online marketing is a huge part of connecting prospective buyers with properties. Check out the agent's online listings. How well do the photographs and descriptions sell the property? Ask how the agent uses social media, and find out the agent's plan to get your home in front of the right potential buyers online.
 ASK ABOUT COST - You'll want to be sure you know what commission an agent charges and what other fees, if any, will be part of the deal. It is important to know if the costs are reasonable. Your agent should be willing to be transparent about fees.
A real estate agent you feel confident in and comfortable with, who knows your market and how to market to likely buyers, and who can lead you through the process and negotiate a great deal can make all the difference on your way to that next-level dream home.



Advice on
Financing Your First Home

Buying your first house is very exciting. But financing your home purchase can be a daunting experience. In both cases, do your research and shop carefully to ensure you find exactly what you want and need.
Deciding how much to spend on your home and which type of mortgage will work best for you -- as well as understanding the settlement process -- can be confusing. However, there are many sources that can help you get prepared well before you step foot into a sales office, model home or open house.
 GET FAMILIAR WITH THE LINGO. NAHB's Home Buyer's Dictionary can help you.
 FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD TO PAY ON A MONTHLY BASIS. Remember that, in addition to the monthly principal and interest, you will also pay into escrows for property taxes, hazard insurance and possibly a home owners' or condominium association assessment. You have more knowl-

edge about your living expenses than a lender. Hold firm with that number and don't be tempted to agree to an amount higher than what you are comfortable spending. Mortgage calculators are a great way to figure out what your monthly payments would be based on interest rates and down payment amounts. Calculators can be found on most real-estate-focused websites.
 PAY DOWN YOUR DEBTS. Credit card debt limits what you qualify for from a lender. Lenders want to see a total debt service ratio that is less than 40% of your monthly income.
 ATTEND A FIRST-TIME HOME BUYING SEMINAR or talk to a credit counselor who does not work for a lender. You can research your options without being influenced by someone who has a financial interest in the home or loan you choose. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers free housing counseling and seminars.

 CHECK OUT GOVERNMENT RESOURCES. HUD also has a helpful web page, Common Questions from First-time Homebuyers, which provides additional resources for firsttime buyers, including special financing options and HUD programs.
 SELECT YOUR LENDER AND GET PRE-APPROVED. When you have done your research and are ready to move on to the next step, visit a lender, understand the loan choices that would be available to you, and, once you've determined the most suitable loan, get pre-approved for that loan. Since you will already know how much money you can borrow, you will know what price range you should look at and can move quickly if you are bidding on a house that has several interested buyers. A lender's pre-approval would still be subject to a final verification of your credit and a satisfactory appraisal, but it's a big step toward becoming a home owner.



Your Building Contract:
What it will cover

Contracts vary in form, length, content, and print size. Expect standard elements such as the

fore your mortgage. If the actual cost of the item exceeds the allowance, you can pay the difference in cash or ask your

either party intentionally delay the process; the buyers generally want their home and the builder wants to

names of the parties, dates, and signa- lender to approve a higher mortgage.

be paid. However, most contracts de-

tures to show up in every contract. Con-

scribe the liability for extra expenses

tracts often contain clauses that address company experiences and regional items.


due to avoidable delays caused by either the builder or the buyers.

The contract lists the plans, specifica-

The contract for the purchase of a new tions, and buyer selections sheet ­ by  CHANGE ORDERS - Many builders

home includes a collection of documents. name, number of pages, and date ­ that

allow buyers to request changes dur-

These may include the purchase agree- describe the work to be done. The builder

ing construction. Wise buyers and

ment itself, blueprints, specifications, op- commits to doing this work in a "work-

builders make all changes in writing,

tion and color selection sheets, lighting manlike manner" as defined by general

including detailed descriptions of

schedule, site drawing, and limited war- practice in the region.

materials and labor whether added

ranty. Besides drawing this collection to-

or deleted, schedule extension and

gether, the purchase agreement includes  COMMENCE AND COMPLETE


many common clauses such as those

CONSTRUCTION - Understandably,

briefly described here.

you are anxious for the builder to  CONFORMANCE WITH PLANS &

start your home. However, several

SPECIFICATIONS - This clause allows

Price and allowances

preliminary tasks usually need to be completed before the builder begins construction. Many builders wait for

the builder to make changes required by code revisions, site conditions, or other events outside his or her con-

The total cost of your home is stated in the contract. This cost is subject to change based on your change orders and selections. You may be ready to get the building process moving but still need more time to finalize choices for items like carpet, cabinets, tile, appliances and light fixtures. To address these items, you and your builder can agree to an allowance in the contract. An allowance is the estimated cost of each listed item. This amount is included in the contract total and there-

the buyer's loan to be approved before beginning to build the home. Obtaining a permit can take from a few days to a few months. Skilled labor shortages, weather, and change orders can extend the construction schedule. Contracts often specify that the home is considered complete and ready to close when the building department issues a certificate of occupancy. The builder should keep you updated about the target delivery date. Seldom does

trol. If a supplier goes out of business or a manufacturer updates models, the builder has no choice but to alter the intended home accordingly. "The builder has the right to substitute materials or equipment of equal or better value" appears in nearly every new home contract.
Similarly, since a home is handcrafted by human beings, exact reproduction is unlikely. Measurements will vary slightly from any model or plans. The



exact placement of switches, outlets, and vents change a bit.
Review each detail of your home's specifications carefully. They define the materials and methods the builder will use to construct your home.
 PLAN OWNERSHIP- Production and semi-custom builders own the plans from which they build, even if they allow some custom changes. A few builders will sell a copy and grant permission to use them with limitations. The cost is usually significant since house plans are intellectual property.
 SITE VISITS - Your builder may restrict site visits due to increased safety regulations and insurance liability. Recognizing buyers' understandable interest, some builders schedule tours of the home at specified stages of construction.
 NONINTERFERENCE - The builder's routine inspections identify items that need attention. Your input should be given to the builder, not the people working on site. They have no authority to change anything, and confusion can easily result.
 INSPECTIONS AND ACCEPTANCE - Shortly before closing, you will review your home to confirm that it includes all the items you ordered and that your builder met the promised standards. Most builders combine this tour with an educational demonstration of your new home and discussion of maintenance and limited warranty coverage.
 SITE CLEAN-UP - Keeping the construction site clean and safe is the builder's and trade contractors' responsibility.
Mandatory clauses
An Insulation Notice is one example of a mandatory clause. Builders must specify the standards of insulation used in your home. This information can appear in the contract or an addendum to the contract.

A notice discussing radon, while not required, has become common.
 WARRANTY - Another document "incorporated herein by reference" is the builder's limited warranty. The limited warranty your builder provides defines responsibilities if something goes wrong in your home after you close on it. The limited warranty is then part of the legal agreement between yourself and your builder.
 HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION The contract will reference applicable homeowners association documents as part of your agreement. These include Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, known affectionately as "CC&Rs." Review them carefully and take them seriously.
 SETTLEMENT - This clause explains how the builder transfers ownership of the home to you. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, RESPA, regulates this event.
 POSSESSION - When the title or escrow company has recorded transfer of title to the property, you can take possession of your new home. In most jurisdictions, you may take possession or move belongings into the home only after the builder obtains a certificate of occupancy from the building department.
 INSURANCE - Adequate insurance coverage for construction work is essential. The contract designates the type and amount of coverage the builder will maintain.
 DEFAULT OR TERMINATION - A termination clause defines the circumstances under which either party can terminate the contract and what obligations and costs exist if either party defaults or fails to fulfill its duties under the contract.
 ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) - No one plans to have disagreements during construction of a new home or the warranty period, but they can occur. Some con-

tracts address this possibility by providing for arbitration or mediation. In arbitration, each side presents its views and the arbitrator makes a decision. In mediation, a mediator facilitates communication and guides the discussion as the two parties try to come to their own solution. Either can forestall court action, at least until the parties have used the ADR method described in the contract. Make sure the contract is clear about whether the result of ADR is binding.
 CO-OP BROKER - If applicable, the name and address of your real estate agent may appear in the contract along with the percentage or amount of commission due at closing.
 MISCELLANEOUS - Most contracts contain clauses covering standard legalities. The "entire agreement" clause is one of the most significant. It says that only what is in writing counts. The contract documents should contain all points of agreement. In fairness to yourself and the builder, do not rely on human memory regarding undocumented promises. Other miscellaneous clauses might include information such as the following:
1. Where notices about the contract must be mailed;
2. That pronouns and gender words do not limit the application of the clauses;
3. That if one clause is found unenforceable by a court or is waived by either party, the rest of the contract still applies;
4. That the terms of the contract survive or continue in force after the closing or settlement on the home.
The contract is in force only when all named parties have signed it. The meeting to go over all the paperwork and sign everything can take up to several hours. Prepare for it by asking to review and note any questions. Read everything before you sign it. This paperwork is the official beginning of building your new home.



Things to Know
About Your New
Home Warranty

Buying a new home is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make, but it's also one of the most exciting. One great benefit of buying a newly built home is that it will often come with a home warranty.
You probably have a lot of questions about what to expect from a new home warranty, especially if you're a first-time buyer. Here are answers to three common to help get you started.
What is a new home warranty?
A new home warranty gives you limited coverage on home repairs for a set amount of time, but the scope and length of coverage will vary. Some warranties will only cover deposit insurance and protect against major structural defects, while others are more extensive, covering defects in your home's heating and air conditioning, plumbing, windows, roofing, lighting, or even fix-es to overly creaky floors.
You can often choose to upgrade from a basic package to a more comprehensive one, so if the warranty your builder is offering doesn't put your mind at ease, inquire about increasing the coverage.
What does a warranty cover
and for how long?
Coverage depends on the provider and type of warranty, but typically your new home warranty will be divided into different terms.
For example, labor and materials might be covered for one year, while plumbing, electric, heat-

ing, and air will be covered for a little longer, maybe two to three years. Structural defects will usually have the longest coverage period, extending for 10 or even 20 years.
The home warranty likely won't cover things like appliances and swimming pools, so if you want long-term coverage for those things, you'll want to buy a supplemental warranty from a thirdparty seller.
How can I make sure I'm getting
a good deal?
It's a good idea to ask your builder about the warranty before building even starts. Make sure to read through your entire warranty carefully. Mark any passages that you don't fully understand, and go over them with your builder before signing off on anything.
Hopefully, you're working with a builder you trust. Good builders will want to give you a solid warranty to maintain their reputation.
If you feel like you might be getting a raw deal, start by verifying your builder is registered with a warranty provider by checking out the provider's website or calling their hotline. If you're still feeling uneasy, take the warranty to a lawyer and get their opinion.
It's also crucial that you fully understand the process for making a claim and resolving dis-putes. Put all of your correspondence with your builder and warranty provider in writing when-ever possible. That way you'll have a comprehensive record if a dispute ever arises.



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NMLS# 656203


Construction Loans | Mortgages | Home Equity Lines of Credit
We invite you, our neighbor, to experience banking solutions that fit your needs. We take sincere pride in serving our customers with friendly and speedy service. At Century Bank, it's our heritage. Visit CenturyBank.net to learn more.

What You Need To Know About
Home Inspections

The home buying process is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Even with the help of professionals, your checklist is likely long. And one of the most important items that should be at the top of your list is scheduling a home inspection.
Although not required by law, many lenders do require a home inspection, which helps protect the large investment you are about to make. It's important to learn as much as you can about the physical condition of the home before you buy it, to ensure it's a sound investment. And while an inspection cannot guarantee the condition of a home, the inspector can alert you to items that need repair or any safety concerns.
Here are a few things to keep in mind about the home inspection process.
Schedule Your Inspection As Soon as Possible
It is the buyer's responsibility to schedule and pay for the inspection. You should schedule the home inspection as soon as you can after your offer has been accepted. This ensures you'll have enough time to request repairs or to get out of the contract if the inspector discovers a deal-breaker for you. When choosing an inspector, your realtor may have a recommendation or you can find one

through the American Society of Home Inspectors.
Inspections Describe the Basic Physical
Condition of a Home
An inspector's job is examine the current condition of a house. This includes pointing out what components and systems may need major repair or replacement. The inspector will examine the home's exterior, including steps, porches, decks, chimneys, roof, windows and doors.
Inspectors also look inside the home to examine the attic, electrical components, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, basement/crawlspaces and garages. A home inspection will not include cosmetic issues that do not affect the working condition of the home.
Be There on Inspection Day
As the buyer, it's important for you to be at the home for the inspection. Ask the inspector if you can follow him or her around to better understand what they are examining and to ask questions if needed. This is a great way for you to get to know your new home and become familiar with areas that may need attention.
After the inspection, the inspector will provide you with a report. You can then

determine if you will ask the seller to make any repairs or give you a credit to make the repairs on your own. It's important to keep in mind that no home is perfect. But the inspection report should help you determine if it's the perfect home for you.
Inspections for New Construction Homes
If you're buying a newly constructed home, the process is slightly different than the inspection for existing homes. Before you go to settlement, you and your builder will do a walk-through to conduct a final inspection. This walkthrough provides an opportunity to spot items which may need to be corrected or adjusted, learn about the way your new home works and ask questions about anything you don't understand.
Create a checklist when inspecting the house. The list should include everything that needs attention, and you and your builder should agree to a timetable for repairs. It is important that you be thorough and observant during the walk-through. Examine the surfaces of counters, fixtures, floors and walls carefully for possible damage. Sometimes disputes arise because a buyer may discover a gouge in a counter top after move-in, and there is no way to prove whether it was caused by the builder's workers or the buyer's movers.



To see the services we provide, the subdivisions we serve and our service territory map, visit www.baldwincountysewer.com/coverage-area.



Your New Home Is Nearly Complete.
You are preparing for the closing and getting ready to move. At this point your builder will contact you to schedule an appointment for
your new home's walk-through.

Before You Move In:
The New Home Walk-Through



Before you go to settlement on your purchase of a newly constructed home, you and your builder will do a walk-through to conduct a final inspection.
Before you go to settlement on your purchase of a newly constructed home, you and your builder will do a walkthrough to conduct a final inspection.
This walk-through provides an opportunity to spot items which may need to be corrected or adjusted, learn about the way your new home works and ask questions about anything you don't understand.
Often, a builder will use the walk-through to educate buyers about:
 The operation of the house's components.
 The buyer's responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep.
 Warranty coverage and procedures.  The larger community in which the
home is located.
OPERATION OF HOME COMPONENTS When you buy a new appliance or piece of equipment, such as a printer or a washing machine, you usually have to read the instructions before you understand how to use all of the features. With a new house, you will receive a stack of instruction booklets all at once. It helps if someone takes the time to show you how to operate all of the kitchen

appliances, heating and cooling systems, water heater and other features. Such an orientation is particularly useful because people often are so busy during a move that they have trouble finding time to carefully read instruction booklets.
MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITIES Part of your walk-through will be learning about maintenance and upkeep responsibilities. Most new homes come with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials. However, such warranties do not cover problems that develop because of failure to perform required maintenance. Many builders provide a booklet explaining common upkeep responsibilities of new home owners and how to perform them.
Should a warranted problem arise after you move in, the builder is likely to have a set of warranty service procedures to follow. Except in emergencies, requests for service should be in writing. This helps to ensure that everyone clearly understands the service to be performed.
BUILDER VISITS DURING THE YEAR Many builders schedule two visits during the first year -- one near the beginning and the other near the end -- to make necessary adjustments and to perform work of a non-emergency nature. Don't expect a builder to rush out immediately for a problem such as a nail pop in your drywall. Such problems occur because of the natural settling of the house and are best addressed in one visit near the end of the first year.

YOUR INSPECTION CHECKLIST Create a checklist when inspecting the house. The list should include everything that needs attention, and you and your builder should agree to a timetable for repairs. Builders prefer to remedy problems before you move in because it is easier to work in an empty house. Some items may have to be corrected after move-in. For instance, if your walkthrough is in the winter, your builder may have to delay landscaping adjustments until spring.
It is important that you be thorough and observant during the walk-through. Examine all surfaces of counters, fixtures, floors and walls for possible damage carefully. Sometimes disputes arise because a buyer may discover a gouge in a counter top after move-in, and there is no way to prove whether it was caused by the builder's workers or the buyer's movers. Many builders ask their buyers to sign a form at the walk-through stating that all surfaces have been inspected and that there is no damage other than what has been noted on the walk-through checklist.
Ask a lot of questions during the walkthrough and take notes on the answers. Don't worry about asking too many questions. That is how you learn. It is important to view the walk-through as a positive learning experience that will enhance the enjoyment of your new home.

You and your builder want to confirm that your new home achieves the overall level of quality shown in your builder's other work.



Closing On Your Home

Settlement (or closing) is the process that passes ownership of a property from seller to purchaser. Going to settlement on a new home can be bewildering. Home buyers are usually required to sign a seemingly endless pile of documents, most of which are written in terminology not used outside of the housing industry and that can be complicated to understand.
Be an informed home buyer during every step of the settlement process:
 Before You Go to Settlement  Important Settlement Terms  Key Settlement Documents
Before You Go to Settlement Before closing day, there are certain important items you should know about so that you can achieve the best possible terms for yourself in the transaction.
 Ask a lender for a copy of the HUD pamphlet: "Buying Your Home: Settlement Costs and Helpful Information." Most lenders are required to provide their loan applicants with a copy of this document under the Real Estate

Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), but you will be able to shop more wisely for settlement services if you have read the pamphlet before you apply. It provides a good description of the settlement process and explains most of the expenses you will encounter.
 When you apply for a loan, the lender is required by law to provide you with a good faith estimate of settlement costs. Shortly before settlement, you will be told exactly how much you owe so that you can get a bank check. A personal check is generally not acceptable. In some instances, you may have money returned to you instead of having to pay.
 Before you go to settlement, familiarize yourself with important settlement terms.
Important Settlement Terms
Appraisal Fee. An appraisal is an estimate of the fair market value of your home. Appraisals help both the lender and the buyer to determine if the sales price

is consistent with the actual value. An appraiser inspects the house and the neighborhood and makes an estimate based on the price of comparable houses and other factors. The appraisal provides no guarantee that the property is free of defects. Lenders insist on an appraisal to see how much they could recover by selling your house if you default. The fee for this service may vary considerably depending on the specific characteristics of your house.
Attorney's Fees. If the lender requires an attorney to draw up any of the settlement documents, you may be charged a fee -- a flat amount or a percentage of the loan. If you hire a lawyer to assist with the settlement, you will have to pay an additional fee at or immediately following settlement.
Credit Report. The lender may charge a fee for investigating your credit history.
Earnest Money. Earnest money is a deposit paid to a seller to show you are serious about buying a house. Your receipt for this payment is called a binder. If you later buy the home, the earnest money is applied to your downpayment. If not,



the earnest money is returned, minus expenses for processing. Be sure that you understand the refund procedures before you make a deposit.
Escrow Fees and Accounts. Escrow involves having a third party hold funds and/or documents until you and the seller complete settlement. Depending on the circumstances of your loan, you may be asked to make monthly payments to an escrow account after you purchase your home. Money in the account may be used to pay taxes, insurance, and any other regular assessments as they fall due. Such accounts serve a similar purpose to withholding income tax from your paycheck; by putting aside money each month, you avoid large annual or semiannual payments. You may be charged a fee for the service. In some states, escrow accounts draw interest.
Sometimes, escrow agents handle settlements. Rather than you and the lender meeting to sign all of the documents and transfer money, the agent works with you and the lender separately to ensure that everything is done properly. Once again, a fee is required for this service.
Loan Origination Fee. A lender will charge a fee for the cost of processing the loan, usually calculated as percentage of the loan amount.
Loan Discount (Points). The largest of your settlement cost may be the "points" lenders require to make the yield on your loan more profitable. A point is one percent on your loan amount. If you are borrowing $50,000, one point equals $500. Points are tax deductible if they are paid separately and not deducted from the loan amount. For VA loans, you can be charged a maximum of one point, but the number of points can be higher for FHA and conventional loans.
On a 30-year loan, each point that you pay reduces your interest rate by roughly 1/8 of a percent. You may be faced with a choice between two mortgages in which one has lower monthly payments

but involves paying more points up front. Annual percentage rate calculation include buyers' points, so ask for the APR to help you make your assessment. Keep in mind that an APR is calculated on the basis of the total life of the loan. For a 30year loan, the APR is a 30-year composite figure. If you sell your new home after a few years, the average annual cost of your points will be much higher than is reflected in the APR. If you plan to move soon, you might be better off with a loan that has a slightly higher rate but fewer points.
Property Survey Fee. You may have to pay to have your lot surveyed, especially if there is a question about the boundaries. The cost will depend on the complexity of the survey.
Recording Fee. Because the title is changing hands, the transaction must be recorded with your city, county, or other appropriate branch of government. The fee covers administrative costs.
State and Local Transfer Taxes. Some jurisdictions levy taxes on the transfer of property or on real estate loans.
Settlement Costs Between Buyer and Seller. Your builder may have already paid the annual property taxes on your new home or "filled up your fuel tank." When the title changes hands, you must reimburse the builder for a proportional share of the taxes, any fuel that remains in the tank, and any other prepaid costs.
Title Search and Insurance. A title search involves having someone look through public records to see if anyone else has a claim to your property. A lender does not want to lend you money only to learn in the event of foreclosure that somebody other than you has a prior claim to the property.
You will normally be required to purchase lenders' title insurance to guard against a faulty title search as well as hazards that even the most thorough search will not reveal -- such as a forged deed that does not transfer title, a claim by a previously

undisclosed relative of a former owner, or a mistake in the records. For a one-time premium at closing, title insurance will clear up title problems, pay the lender's legal expenses for defending against an attack on title, or pay claims on property the lender may lose.
Lenders' title insurance does not compensate buyers for any legal expenses they might incur, or the value of property they might lose. A separate owners' title insurance is available to safeguard the buyer. Whether the seller or the buyer pays for owners' title insurance depends on local custom.
This list of settlement terms is not allinclusive. You may also be charged fees for notarizing documents and other miscellaneous items.
Key Settlement Documents
Once all the forms have been signed, you can move into your new home. But before ending the settlement session, make sure that you have received or will be sent copies of all the important documents, including:  Sales contract
 Land survey
 Warranties and instruction booklets from manufacturers for equipment in the house
 All tax payment receipts
 Certificate of occupancy (required in some areas)
 Certificates from the health department for plumbing and sewer installations (required in most areas)
 Other certificates of code compliance (required in most areas)
 All insurance policies (some might be sent later after they have been properly endorsed)
 The note and deed to your property (which will probably be mailed to you after being placed on record in your local registry of deeds office)
 Home maintenance and care instructions from your builder



A Closer Look at Homeownership Incentives and the New Tax Law

Homeownership has many important benefits for millions of Americans across the country -- including creating a sense of community, building wealth and providing financial security.
Home owners should be aware of recent changes to the tax code that went into effect in 2018 with The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which passed in December 2017. Despite the changes, it's important to remember that home owners can still take advantage of many tax incentives.
 Mortgage Interest Deduction Home owners who itemize their federal income tax deductions can deduct 100 percent of their mortgage interest payments on a first and second home for up to a maximum mortgage amount of $750,000 for loan balances taken after Dec. 16, 2017. The limit remains $1 million for mortgages that were established prior to this date, as well as for home owners who were under contract before Dec. 15, 2017, subject to certain rules.
The Mortgage Interest Statement Form 1098, which home owners

receive from their lenders, shows the total amount of home mortgage interest paid during the year.
Homeowners can also take a deduction on a home equity loan or home equity line of credit if the loan is used for substantial home improvements, such as remodeling.
Home owners can review the Internal Revenue Service Publication 936, which helps explain the rules for deducting home mortgage interest.
 Mortgage Insurance Deduction Mortgage insurance premiums offer another potential deduction for home owners. Generally, people who purchase a home without putting 20 percent down must buy mortgage insurance, and those premiums can also be deducted from taxable income.
 Real Estate Tax Deduction Home owners are able to deduct up to $10,000 of state and local taxes, including property taxes and the choice of income or sales taxes.

 Capital Gains Exclusion When it is time to sell a home, in many cases home owners don't have to pay capital gains tax on the profit from the sale. Under present law, married couples who have owned and occupied their principal residence for at least two of the past five years do not have to pay any taxes on the first $500,000 in profits from the sale of their home. Single filers earn up to $250,000 tax free.
It's important to keep in mind that the tax law did create important changes that could impact individuals and small businesses. You should always consult a qualified professional adviser for questions about filing your tax returns.
Note: This information is provided for general guidance only. This information does not constitute the provision of legal advice, tax advice, accounting services, investment advice, or professional consulting of any kind nor should it be construed as such. The information provided herein should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional tax, accounting, legal, or other competent advisers.



If you're in the market for a new home, you may be wondering about the factors that contribute to the total cost of the home. The National Association of Home Builders recently published a Cost of Construction Survey, which details the various costs of building a typical new single-family home. Many of the results show that costs have remained consistent in recent years.
According to the 2015 survey, the biggest single component of a home's price is construction costs, which accounts for 62 percent of the cost. The cost of the finished lot is the second largest factor at 18.2 percent.
Survey respondents broke down construction costs into eight major construction stages:  Interior finishes: 30 percent  Framing: 18 percent  Exterior finishes: 15 percent  Major system rough-ins: 13 percent  Foundations: 11.6 percent  Final steps: 6.8 percent  Site work: 5.6 percent  Other costs: 0.5 percent
The survey reaffirms the steady progress of our economy since the Great Recession, as home values have gradually risen. And, in each year since 2009, the size of single-family homes has grown as well. The average home in 2015 had 2,802 square feet of finished space, compared to 2,402 in 2009.
The size of the lot has increased significantly, too, jumping to 20,129 square feet (nearly half an acre) in 2015, from 14,359 square feet just two years ago.
Though building practices and the cost of labor, land and materials can vary widely across the country, these national averages provide an encouraging snapshot of the building industry and our nation's housing recovery. The upward trend of home buyer confidence and home price appreciation is inspiring more and more consumers to build the home of their dreams.

A Closer Look at the Costs of
Building a
New Home

How Long Will It Last

Just like the humanbody, your home is made of parts, all working in unison, many unseen and ignored during the course of your daily life. From the roof to the foundation, and from the front door to the back, a home consists of literally thousands of components.
Ideally, these components might all have an unlimited life expectancy. But given the realities of day-to-day use, how long can a home owner reasonably expect a home component such as a window or roof to last?
A new study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and sponsored by Bank of America Home Equity provides insight into the life expectancies of a number of products in the home.
The study intentionally overlooked consumer preferences, acknowledging that if they were considered, kitchen counters would be replaced long before the end of their useful life, and rooms may be repainted only once in 50 years.
Other factors that can have a significant effect on life expectancy include maintenance, proper installation, the level of use and the quality of the materials. And some components, while remaining functional, become obsolete due to changing technology or improvements.

According to the study, all types of insulation can be expected to last a lifetime if they are properly installed and are not punctured, cut, burned or exposed to ultraviolet rays and are kept dry. Proper installation not only extends the lifetime of your insulation, it also ensures that it will perform properly, resulting in reduced energy use and expenses, as well as increased home comfort.
Windows, because they can be exposed to extreme weather conditions, have a much shorter life expectancy. The study, which polled experts in the various fields, found that aluminum windows can reasonably be expected to last 15 to 20 years and wooden windows can last upwards of 30 years. An important element of maintaining your windows is the window glazing the putty that secures the glass to the sash. Over time, this glazing can crack, resulting in drafty and loose panes. Available at any hardware store, glazing can be replaced by simply chipping or scrapping off the old putty, cleaning the window thoroughly and installing new glazing with a putty knife or caulking gun. Some types of glazing require a coat of latex paint for weatherproofing.
Like windows, the life expectancy of a roof depends on local weather conditions as well as appropriate maintenance

and quality of the materials Slate, copper and clay/concrete roofs can be expected to last more than 50 years. Roofs made of asphalt shingles should last for about 20 years; fiber cement shingles should last about 25 years; and wood shakes for about 30 years. In regards to roof maintenance, its important to be proactive to prevent emergency and expensive repairs. Look for damaged or loose shingles; gaps in the flashing where the roofing and siding meet vents and flues; and damaged mortar around the chimney (especially at the joints, caps and washes). If you see any signs of damage, call a professional to repair it.
Although some avid decorators may repaint every six months, homes usually need to be painted every five to 10 years depending on the content of the paint (its glossiness), its exposure to moisture and traffic. Quality paints are expected to last upwards of 20 years. Exterior paint conditions should be regularly monitored in order to catch problems early on. Assessing paint for dirt, mold, cracking, peeling, fading and rusting and repairing immediately, usually through simple cleaning methods such as scrubbing or power washing can end up saving homeowners much more costly repainting jobs in the long term.
Remember, these numbers are averages, with usage, weather, maintenance and a number of other factors influencing life expectancy. Chances are, changing trends will dictate a shorter life span, as homeowners update and remodel their homes.



Trust someone who understands you and the protection you need.
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How To Live With Your Remodeling Project

Remodeling your home is uniquely different from building a new one. With remodeling, your home becomes the worksite. You live side by side with the project from start to finish. Once construction begins, you'll probably long for simple pleasures like a dust-free home or a fully functioning kitchen or bath. But the end result will be well worth these inconveniences.
Here are some tips to help minimize the stress involved with a remodeling project.
OPEN THE LINES OF COMMUNICATION Consistent and open communication between you and your remodeler will enhance your understanding of the project, provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, and ultimately help to make the experience a positive one for everyone involved. To facilitate this process, you need to:
 Determine who you and your remodeler should contact for daily decisions or an after-hours emergency. For example, your contact may be the lead carpenter for the job, while the remodeler's contact could be your spouse.
 Designate a backup for each contact person to assure continuity in anyone's absence.

 Create a place in your house where the contact persons can leave messages for each other (a securely anchored notebook is a good idea since it is less likely to disappear).
 Speak up. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the project, be sure to let the contact person know.
PREPARE FOR THE PRE-CONSTRUCTION MEETING One way to ensure the success of your project is to plan for and actively participate in a pre-construction meeting. This allows your remodeler to clarify procedures and explain how the job will progress. It also offers both you and your remodeler an opportunity to prepare for those issues that may arise later. You should think of this meeting as a forum for all participants to define their expectations and agree on the anticipated outcome.
Some of the issues you may wish to cover at this meeting include:
 Will you allow your remodeler to place a company sign on your property? Remember that in addition to being a marketing tool, signs help contractors and suppliers locate your home.
 What areas of your home will be off limits to workers?

 Does your house have an alarm system? Will workers need a key or will someone always be there?
 How will you ensure that your children and pets stay out of the work space?
 How will trash removal be handled? Where will the remodeler locate the dumpster on your property?
 Does the remodeler anticipate any interruptions of utilities during the project? If so, when and for how long? At certain stages of construction, the project may affect basic household necessities like water and electricity. Will you need to vacate the house at any time?
 What are your expectations regarding clean up? Will sweeping be sufficient for a daily cleaning, or will you need a more thorough cleaning in order to use the space?
 You should also use the preconstruction meeting to establish guidelines for the remodeling crew working on the project.
 What times will workers begin and end work at your home? Be sure to consider the neighbors as well as household members.



 Where can workers park near the jobsite?
 Will you allow workers to use your phone for local business calls?
 Will bathroom facilities in your home be available to workers?
 What is the remodeler's policy on smoking on the jobsite?
 What is the remodeler's policy on the use of profanity? If you are especially sensitive to this issue, you should let your remodeler know.
 Will you allow workers to play music at a reasonable volume? Is there any type of music that you do not want played?

way to prevent this fever is to prepare well, remember that "this too shall pass," and focus on the progress being made. A few other suggestions from remodeling pros:
Prepare for inconvenience. A remodeling project can turn your home and -- on some days -- your life upside down. A kitchen remodel will, of course, affect meal planning. But a little ingenuity and some culinary shortcuts can lessen the impact. Set up a temporary cooking quarters by moving the refrigerator, toaster oven, and microwave to another room. Arrange a dishwashing station in your laundry room. If the weather is warm, fire up the grill and dine alfresco.
Designate a safe haven. Find at least one place in your home where you can escape from the chaos and commotion.

2. Turn off central air or heat when workers are sanding and stock up on extra filters so that you can change them often;
3. Have deliveries made though a designated entrance;
4. Use doormats and temporary floor coverings where appropriate;
5. Remove anything that might get damaged by the dust or at least cover it with plastic drop cloths that are taped shut.
Maintain a sense of humor. Remember that certain things are out of your control and it's best to laugh rather than upset yourself about things like the weather or delayed delivery of materials.

PREVENT REMODELING FEVER The train-station atmosphere of a remodeling project can lead to remodeling fever. The main symptom of this temporary affliction is feeling a loss of control that results from disrupted routines and the impact on your personal space. The best

Guard against dust. During a remodeling project, dust has the unfortunate tendency to appear everywhere from lampshades to plates stacked inside your kitchen cabinets. To keep out as much dust as possible:
1. Seal off doorways and stairs;

See the remodeling process as an adventure. Tell the kids that you are "camping in" and transform inconvenience into fun. Along the way, celebrate as different stages of the project are completed.



Top Home Features Millennials Want

Millennials, those born in 1980 or later, are one of the most talked about and analyzed generations. Like other age groups, millennials have several distinguishable home feature preferences, according to a recent analysis from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The survey asked first-time buyers and existing home owners across generations to rank features based on how essential they are to a home-purchasing decision.
Purchasing a home is all about "location, location, location." Nearly a quarter (23 percent) of millennials want to buy a home in a central city location, compared to only eight percent of Boomers, those born between 19461964. NAHB analysis shows that city living for millennials wasn't always a top

choice. When asked the same question in 2007, only six percent wanted a home in the city.
Not only the location, but the size of the home desired differed among age groups. Millennials have less than 2,000 square feet in their current home and say they want more. Seniors, those born in 1945 or earlier, currently live in much larger homes compared to millennials and say they want less than 1,900 square feet in a future home.
Millennial preferences differed somewhat from baby boomers and seniors when asked about home features. The top 10 list of most desired features for millennial buyers include a walk-in pantry, exterior lighting, a front porch and table space for eating. Unlike

millennials, boomers and seniors did not include these features in their list of top 10 amenities.
With so many differences among the generations, you may be surprised to learn one area of similar preferences for millennials: environmental attitudes. A common societal perception is that millennials are more environmentallyconscious relative to their older peers. The assumption may be true in other areas but is not reflected home buying preferences. More than a third (33 percent) of millennial home buyers say they want an environmentally-friendly home but are unwilling to pay more which is about the same as baby boomers and seniors, both at 39 percent.



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Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Remodeler

Are you among the growing number of home owners who are choosing to remodel their homes to fit their changing needs, rather than selling their home and buying another one? If so, you'll soon learn that even simple remodels can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. With that type of investment on the line, it's important to find a contractor you can trust.
Here are the top five tips to ensure you make the right decisions when you find, evaluate and hire a remodeler.
1. Always Go with a Pro
The best place to start is the Directory of Professional Remodelers at nahb.org/remodelerdirectory or www.BCHBA.com. A professional remodeler will uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in the industry. These sources can also help you find a remodeler who specializes in a specific type of remodeling if you need it, such as a Certified Agingin-Place Specialist (CAPS) to help modify your home to better suit you as you age, or a Certified Green Remodeler (CGP) to make your home more energy-efficient.
2. Do Your Research
Look at the prospective remodeler's company website and social media ac-

counts to see photos of their work. Visit review sites like HomeAdvisor, Houzz, Angie's List, etc., to see more pictures and to read reviews of remodeling companies. Take the good with the bad when reading online reviews and focus on the descriptions of experiences and qualities that are most important to you as a customer. Ask for referrals from friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and others who have had remodeling work done on comparable homes under similar schedules.
3. Create Your Short List
Once you have a list of potential home remodelers for your project, do a little more background research to verify that they are appropriately licensed and have a good business track record. Look them up with your local or state office of consumer protection. Verify that the remodeler has the appropriate licenses and registrations.
4. Start Taking Notes
When you begin meeting with remodelers, you want to find out information such as: · How long they have been in business
in your community? Can they provide references from customers and suppliers they work with? · Do they carry insurance that protects

you from claims arising from property damage or job site injuries? Ask for a copy of the insurance certificates. · What is their working knowledge of the many types and ages of homes in the area, and what sort of issues could arise? · Do they arrange for the building permit? (The person who obtains the permit is the contractor of record and therefore liable for the work) · Do they provide a written estimate before beginning the work, and a detailed contract that spells out the work that will and will not be performed, protects both of you, provides a fair payment schedule contract and complies with local, state, and federal laws?
5. Trust Your Instincts
Make sure you are compatible with the contractor you select. Beginning your project with mutual expectations will go a long way towards a smooth remodel. You'll spend a lot of time with your remodeler so it's important to have a good rapport and trust in him or her.
For more detailed checklists for finding, evaluating and working with a remodeler, as well as other information about remodeling your home, go to nahb.org/ remodeling.



Though builders might generally use similar tools and materials when building homes, not all are alike when it comes to things like technique, training and customer service. Finding the right builder whose business approach aligns well with your personal preferences is essential to a pleasant home-building experience.
The builder will be asking you plenty of questions during your initial meeting to discuss the home you envision. But the questions you ask the builder are equally important to determine if it's going to be a positive partnership. Consider asking the builder about the following:
 WORK EXPERIENCE. You will want to find a builder with extensive experience building homes similar to the one you want. Ask to see examples of floor plans and designs they've done before to ensure their company can deliver what you need. You should also ask if they have or are working toward any professional designations, which show that the builder has advanced training in a particular area. A few examples of such designations include a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), a Graduate Master Builder (CMB), and a Certified Green Professional (CGP).
 REFERENCES. Any high-quality builder should be ready to provide you with several names and phone numbers of satisfied customers. If they can't, consider that a red flag and walk away. When reaching out to those former clients, ask about how well the builder followed through on the initial plans, and if the builder met their expectations regarding budget and timing. Don't forget the most telling question of them all: If they could do it all over, would they hire that builder again?
 COMMUNICATION STYLE. Many builders will do their best to accommodate your communication preferences. But it's always best to establish expectations as early as possible. The frequency (weekly, monthly, as-needed, etc.) and method (phone, text, email) of how you communicate early on with each other is something that will set the tone throughout the whole building process.
For more information about how to find the right builder to create your dream home, contact www. BCHBA.com.

Questions to Ask When Looking for the Right Builder

Smart Home Tech Helps Aging Home

The idea of retirement conjures up images of spending time with grandkids, travel or dedicating time to your favorite hobbies. One important part of enjoying your golden years is living comfortably in your own home. If you or your loved one plans to live in their current home, aging-in-place modifications and smart home technology can increase comfort and safety.
Aging in place is more than living in your home, it is about enjoying your space safely, independently and comfortably regardless of your age or ability level. Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) professionals help people find solutions to address the unique needs of aging adults, such as widening doorways or installing grab bars in showers, without sacrificing the aesthetic value of the home.
Installing smart home technology also offers a level of support for aging home owners. The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (JCHS), defines smart home technology as a product connected wirelessly or through the internet that can be remotely accessible with a mobile device. Smart home products such as thermostats, lighting and electronic locks are options for persons with mobility challenges and can complement other aging-in-place modifications.
A recent JCHS study asked remodelers about the home automation products or systems installed with aging-in-place renovations. The top home automated systems installed as part of an agingin-place strategy included items related to safety and security (94 percent), climate control (83 percent) and lighting, electric and/or shade controls (67 percent). Remodelers reported that they most commonly received request for smart technology for the living room (94 percent), kitchen (93 percent) and home office (90 percent).
Aging home owners interested in renovations need to be able to find a remodeler who is knowledgeable about smart home technology and home modification. The CAPS designation helps home owners have confidence that they're working with an expert in aging-inplace renovation. If you'd like to find a builder or remodeler in your area with a CAPS or other designation, contact Baldwin County Home Builders Association. You can also search the online directory at nahb.org.

Don't Get Scammed: Find a Qualified Contractor

There are thousands of legitimate, ethical contractors in business around the country. Unfortunately, there are also scam artists looking to cheat you out of your money who pose as legitimate contractors. These "fly-by-night" operators often show up in communities impacted by natural disasters to try to scam distressed home owners into paying for shoddy repairs or work that they will never show up to perform.
Here are some warning signs to look out for:
 DOESN'T HAVE LICENSE AND INSURANCE. All professional contractors should be insured and able to show their certificate proving such insurance. Although all states do not require licensing, contractors in states requiring licenses should have it and be able to provide a copy.
 ASKS YOU TO SIGN ANYTHING BEFORE YOU'VE HIRED THEM. If they want you to sign an "estimate" or "authorization" before you've made the decision to hire the contractor, look out. They may be trying to get you to sign what is an actual binding contract.
 DOESN'T WRITE CONTRACTS. Professionals have clear contracts that outline the job, process, the cost, and helps clarify how problems will be managed. If you don't have

a contract, you are not protected when something goes wrong. Don't hire anyone who tells you a contract "won't be necessary."

 REQUIRES CASH OR PAYMENT IN FULL BEFORE STARTING THE JOB. Shady contractors demand cash and then run with the money. Many home owners have been stranded by paying in full up front. A deposit towards materials is common, but only pay it once you have a contract signed by both you and the contractor. It's also suspect you're asked to pay cash to a salesperson instead of a check or money order to a company.

 VASTLY UNDERBIDS ALL OTHER CONTRACTORS. They may have the best price, but that doesn't guarantee the best work. Such contractors may cut costs on quality, which can end up costing you more when you have to have the substandard work redone.

 OFFERS "SPECIAL" PRICING. If you're told you've been "chosen" as a demonstration project at a special, low price, or you're told a low price is good only if you sign a contract today.




contractors should have current

references they can provide from

current and past clients -- and you should be able to reach those references, not just an answering machine.
 DIFFICULTY CONTACTING THE CONTRACTOR. Professionals have a physical office, mailing address, phone, and email. They should respond to your queries in a timely manner. Make sure you can verify the contractor's business address. If they only have a p.o. box, be wary.
 TELLS YOU TO OBTAIN THE BUILDING OR REMODELING PERMITS. Professional contractors go to the county or state offices and get permits for their work themselves. Asking the home owner to do it is a sign that they are not a legitimate contractor.
Your best bet is to take your time, do your research and choose someone you feel completely comfortable with. If your state requires contractors to be licensed, look them up on the state licensing website even if you've seen a piece of paper that looks like a license. Make sure they don't have a record of consumer complaints lodged with your local Better Business Bureau. You can also find your local home builders association and contact them for a list of reputable contractors in your area. Search NAHB's Directory of Professional Remodelers to find a NAHB Remodelers member in your community.



Color Trends for Your Home in 2020

From eye-catching bright, bold hues to cool tones to convey a contemporary look, color is

was also a hit among PPG paint global  FIRST HUE. This is the pick of the year

color experts who selected Chinese

for Benjamin Moore. While the name

Porcelain as the standout this year.

itself is a bit mysterious, once you

the cornerstone of home design. Each

Colorists describe the choice as blend

actually see the soft rosy color you

year, the leading paint manufacturers

of "cobalt and moody, ink blue that

may understand why this soft pink-

announce their most inspiring color and

imparts calmness and restful sleep..."

like hue was the first pick. Benjamin

color palettes of the year. Colors that

Moore describes the choice as "A

conjure up a sense of calm dominated the  BACK TO NATURE. Similar to

fresh palette, a revitalized spirit...the

choices this year. If you're interested in

the serenity of classic blue, Behr

backdrop for a bright new decade."

adding a splash of soothing colors to your

selected a `Back to Nature' theme

home, you may want to add one or more

for inspiration this year. The unfussy  A BIT OF EVERYTHING. While not

of these popular hues into the mix.

palette was taken from "natural

the official name of Valspar's colors

elements such as sky, earth, water

of the year, a bit of everything is the

 CLASSIC BLUE. This timeless hue

and plant life." An array of colors

best way to describe its selection.

was selected as the Pantone color

with names like Light Drizzle, Secret

Similar to the other leading paint

of the year. The classic blue is as

Meadow and Dragonfly invites

manufactures, nature, tranquility

simple as the name implies. Color

elements of the physical world into

and warmth are obvious themes

trend analysts at Pantone say classic

your home. Dunn Edwards also took

for Valspar's palette picks for 2020.

blue "brings a sense of peace and

a cue from nature with `Minty Fresh'

Colors like Canyon Earth, Bombay

tranquility to the human spirit." Not

as the color of the year. This cool and

Pink, Utterly Blue and Mint Whisper

to be outdone, `Naval SW' was the

calming shade of green is described

are sure to bring a slice of serenity

top choice from Sherwin-Williams as

by Dunn Edwards as garden inspired

into your home.

a "rich navy that creates a calm and

from "grasses to mints."

grounding environment." A blue hue



Dream it. Build it. Love it. We'll help you Finance it.

Regina Allen Fraley
Vice President - Branch Manager
NMLS: 925786

Martha Webb
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS: 423322

At SouthPoint Bank, we're experts in financing your next home or new construction with construction-permanent financing. We do this right here in Baldwin County with local underwriting, competitive offerings and, above all, impeccable service that puts people first.


Map to Area Subdivisions

1 CANTERBURY VILLAGE - Bay Minette - Starting from 170's 2 CYPRESS RIDGE - Spanish Fort - Starting from 190's 3 WHITEHOUSE CREEK PLANTATION - Spanish Fort - Starting from Mid 200's 4 LOST OAKS ESTATES - Spanish Fort - Starting from High 300's 5 WILKIN'S CREEK - Spanish Fort - Starting from High 200's 6 STILLWATER - Spanish Fort - Starting from Mid 460's 7 GARRISON RIDGE - Spanish Fort - Starting from 300's 8 HIGHLAND PARK AT THE HIGHLANDS - Spanish Fort - From the 280's 9 STONE BROOK - Spanish Fort - Starting from Low 200's 10 AUDUBON - Spanish Fort - Starting from Low 300's 11 WALDEN - Spanish Fort - Starting from 400's 12 CHURCHILL DOWNS - Spanish Fort - Starting from Low 100's 13 CAMBRON - Spanish Fort - Starting from Mid 200's 14 RAYNE PLANTATION - Spanish Fort - Starting from Low 300's 15 STONEBRIDGE - Spanish Fort - Starting from Mid 200's 16 GRACE MAGNOLIA - Spanish Fort - Starting from Mid 200's 17 CHURCHILL - Spanish Fort - Starting from Low 200's 18 SAVANNAH WOODS - Spanish Fort - Starting from Low 200's 19 OSPREY RIDGE - Spanish Fort - Starting from High 270's 20 TIMBERCREEK - Spanish Fort - Starting from High 200's 21 HISTORIC MALBIS - Daphne - Starting from Mid 150's 22 OAK CREEK - Daphne - Starting from Low 300's 23 ESTATES OF TIAWASSEE - Daphne - Starting in 400's 24 THE RETREAT AT TIAWASSEE - Daphne - Starting from 370's 25 FRENCH SETTLEMENT - Daphne - Starting from Low 300's 26 THE WOODLANDS AT MALBIS - Daphne - Starting from High 170's 27 BEAU CHENE - Daphne - Starting from 500's 28 VALAMOUR - Loxley - Starting from Mid 200's 29 WOODLAND TRACE - Loxley - Starting from Mid 140's 30 LAKELAND - Loxley - Starting from Mid 150's 31 BAILEY PLACE - Daphne - Starting in the high 300's 32 WATERFORD - Daphne - Starting from 300's 33 BLACKSTONE LAKES - Daphne - Starting from Low 200's 34 JUBILEE FARMS - Daphne - Starting from Low 200's 35 OLD FIELD - Daphne - Starting in the low 200's 36 ROCK CREEK - Fairhope - Starting from High 200's 37 TRENTINO - Fairhope - Starting from 300's 38 FAIRHOPE FRUITS & NUTS DISTRICT - Fairhope - Starting from 650's 39 THE WATERS AT FAIRHOPE - Fairhope - Starting in 600's 40 THE VERANDAS - Fairhope - Starting from Mid 500's 41 NANA FIELD - Robertsdale - Starting from Low 150's 42 RIDGEWOOD - Robertsdale 43 BAY POINTE - Fairhope - Starting from Low 300's

44 VILLAS AT POINT CLEAR - Fairhope - Starting from 800's 45 POLO RIDGE - Fairhope - Starting from Low 300's 46 BATTLES TRACE - Fairhope - Starting from mid 500's 47 THE HAMLET - Fairhope 48 OLD BATTLES VILLAGE - Fairhope - Starting from low 300's 49 THE MEADOWS AT POINT CLEAR - Fairhope - Starting from Mid 400's 50 FAIRFIELD VILLAGE - Fairhope - Starting from 200's 51 SEDGEFIELD - Fairhope - Starting from Low 340's 52 COLONY PLACE - Fairhope - Starting from 170's 53 EDINGTON PLACE - Fairhope - Starting from 360's 54 TWIN BEACH ESTATES - Fairhope - Starting from low $200's 55 PINEWOOD - Fairhope - Starting from 240's 56 FAIRFIELD POINTE VILLAGE - Fairhope - Starting from Mid 230's 57 SADDLEWOOD - Fairhope - Starting from Low 200's 58 LONG PINE ESTATES - Fairhope - Starting from Low 200's 59 FAIRHOPE FALLS - Fairhope - Starting from High 200's 60 FOX HOLLOW - Fairhope - Starting from 300's 61 QUAIL CREEK - Fairhope - Starting from Low 200's 62 FIRETHORNE - Fairhope - Starting from Mid 300's 63 STONE CREEK - Fairhope - Starting from High 300's 64 MAGNOLIA PLACE - Magnolia Springs - Starting from Mid 130's 65 ASHLAND PLACE - Magnolia Springs - Starting from Low 160's 66 MAGNOLIA PINES - Foley - Lots Starting at $99,950 67 COPPERWOOD - Magnolia Springs - Starting from 110's 68 LIVE OAK VILLAGE - Foley - Starting from Mid 200's 69 CYPRESS GATES - Foley - Starting from High 190's 70 LEDGEWICK - Foley - Starting from Low 200's 71 SOUTHAMPTON - Foley - Starting from High 130's 72 HICKORY BEND - Foley - Starting from Mid 100's 73 LAFAYETTE PLACE - Foley - Starting from Mid 200's 74 ASHFORD PARK - Foley - Starting from High 120's 75 ARBOR WALK - Loxley - Starting from 170's 76 GARDEN PARK - Foley - Starting from Mid 150's 77 LAKEVIEW GARDEN - Foley - Starting from Mid 240's 78 FULTON PLACE - Foley - Starting from Low 140's 79 PRIMLAND - Foley - Starting from Low 200's 80 MARTYN WOODS - Gulf Shores - Starting from 430's 81 AVENTURA - Gulf Shores - Starting from Mid 200's 82 THE PENINSULA - Gulf Shores - Starting from 400's 83 THE RETREAT AT BON SECOUR - Gulf Shores - Starting from 300's 84 SUMMERSALT - Orange Beach - Starting from Upper 400's 85 ISLESWORTH AT BEAR POINT HEIGHTS - Orange Beach - Starting from Low 300's 86 MAGNOLIA PLACE - Orange Beach - From the 290's

For additional subdivision details and directions contact a local Realtor!



rk Rd.

Battleship Alabama

Historic Blakeley

Whitehouse Fo 2

3 4

Bromley Rd.

To Bay Minette (County seat)

Bay Front and May Day Parks

5 6
22 23
24 25


Jimmy Faulkner Rd.


11 12




14 16

15 18


Shopping 19


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32 33 34 35




Fairhope Park and Pier 38



50 51 52 53


58 60


Grand Hotel



4647 48

45 49

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Ft. Morgan Ferry WWW.BCHBA.COM

Weeks Bay Nature Preserve

64 65 66 67

68 70

ELBERTA To Pensacola

71 72


74 76 77
75 78 79
8 80

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

81 83 82

85 86
Sugar White Alabama Beaches










Gulf of Mexico




2018 218,022

2017 2016 2015 2014

2017 212,628 2016 207,509 2015 202,863 2014 199,064

180,000 185,000 190,000 195,000 200,000 205,000 210,000 215,000 220,000 225,000 Source: U.S. Census Bureau



Source: U.S. Census Bureau


2014 Q1 ­ 2019 Q1

Finance & Insurance 13%

Information 13%

Manufacturing 16%

Accommodation & Food Services


Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services


Health Care & Social Assistance


Administrative & Support Services


Construction 31%

Transportation & Warehousing


All Industries 16%

Source: JobsEQ


16 15 14 13 12 11 10










Source: JobsEQ

from 2014 to 2019
16% MANUFACTURING JOB GROWTH from 2014 to 2019
OVER 16,000 NET NEW JOBS ADDED since 2010




WWW.BALDWINEDA.COM | 251.970.4081




2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

717 1,066 1,213 1,279 1,408 1,616 2,033 1,903

FROM 2012 TO 2018


2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

3,643 3,835 4,512 4,669 5,230 5,571 6,562 6,845

Source: ACRE


Lodging Tax

$80,000,000 $75,000,000 $70,000,000 $65,000,000 $60,000,000 $55,000,000 $50,000,000

$69,902,036 $65,741,712 $62,224,139 $57,945,513

$25,000,000 $20,000,000 $15,000,000



$17,475,941 $19,404,508



2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 Source: AL Dept. of Revenue

» Baldwin County leads Alabama in lodging tax revenue with OVER $13 MILLION MORE THAN THE NEXT COUNTY


1 Jefferson County, Alabama


2 Madison County, Alabama


3 Mobile County, Alabama


4 Montgomery County, Alabama $14,114,388,000

5 Shelby County, Alabama


6 Tuscaloosa County, Alabama 7 Baldwin County, Alabama 8 Lee County, Alabama 9 Morgan County, Alabama 10 Houston County, Alabama

$10,720,185,000 $7,308,094,000 $5,373,130,000 $5,181,574,000 $4,411,261,000

Source: JobsEQ






65,000 62,324 60,000 55,000 50,000 45,000 40,000 35,000 30,000 25,000 20,000






30 29.3% 28










14.8% 14







Source: JobsEQ

Baldwin County projected to be one of the FASTEST GROWING MSAs in the U.S. over the next 5 years
Source: Site Selection Group
Baldwin County's average household income is expected to GROW 15% OVER THE NEXT 5 YEARS
Source: ESRI







126,957 139,208
Source: ESRI





$58,554 $65,302
Source: ESRI

2019 $199,722


Source: ESRI




Baldwin County Schools




(251) 937-2341

(pupils 1.205)

1 Tiger Dr., Bay Minette, AL 36507


(251) 943-8861

(pupils 1,341)

450 North Cedar St., Foley, AL 36535


(251) 626-5528

(pupils 1,004)

10183 US Hwy. 31, Spanish Fort, AL 36527


(251) 580-2960

(pupils 433)

1311 West 13th St., Bay Minette, AL 36507


(251) 943-1255

(pupils 467)

200 North Oak St., Foley, AL 36535


(251) 964-5210

(pupils 304)

19757 County Rd. 64, Robertsdale, AL 36567


(251) 937-7651

(pupils 587)

400 E. 9th St., Bay Minette, AL 36507

16 FOLEY HIGH SCHOOL (251) 943-2221 1 Pride Place, Foley, AL 36535

(pupils 1,878)


(251) 945-5188

(pupils 444)

15800 4th Ave., Silverhill, AL 36576


(251) 607-5624

(opening Fall 2020)

11364 County Road 64., Daphne, AL 36526


(251) 943-1244

(pupils 467)

2000 South Cedar St., Foley, AL 36535


(251) 626-9751

(pupils 706)

30900 State Hwy. 225, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

4 CENTRAL BALDWIN MIDDLE (251) 947-2327 24545 AL-59, Loxley, AL 36551

(pupils 680)


(251) 968-7375

(pupils 906)

1600 East 3rd St., Gulf Shores, AL 36542


(251) 625-3259

(pupils 1,114)

1 Plaza de Toros, Spanish Fort, AL 36527


(251) 626-1663

(pupils 1,082)

26651 County Rd. 13, Daphne, AL 36526


(251) 968-4747

(pupils 788)

600 East 15th St., Gulf Shores, AL 36542


(251) 625-3271

(pupils 910)

33899 Jimmy Faulkner Dr., Spanish Fort, AL 36527


(251) 626-2845

(pupils 627)

1 Jody Davis Cir., Daphne, AL 36526


(251) 968-8719

(pupils 511)

450 East 15th Ave., Gulf Shores, AL 36542


(251) 937-2038

(pupils 198)

35480 Harriot Ave., Stapleton, AL 36578

6 DAPHNE ELEMENTARY (251) 626-2424 2307 Main St., Daphne, AL 36526

(pupils 687)


(251) 990-3858

(pupils 671)

9761 County Rd. 32, Fairhope, AL 36532


(251) 989-6850

(pupils 512)

400 E Broadway Ave., Summerdale, AL 36580


(251) 626-8787

(pupils 1,289)

9300 Champions Way, Daphne, AL 36526


(251) 964-5334

(pupils 412)

4999 South Magnolia St., Loxley, AL 36551


(251) 949-6422

(pupils 300)

6330 Bon Secour Hwy., Bon Secour, AL 36511

8 DELTA ELEMENTARY (251) 937-3657 10251 White House Fork Rd., Bay Minette, AL 36507

(pupils 228)


(251) 986-5888

(pupils 420)

25820 US Hwy. 98, Elberta, AL 36530


(251) 986-8127

(pupils 571)

13355 Main St., Elberta, AL 36530


(251) 947-5401

(pupils 364)

23440 US Hwy. 90, Robertsdale, AL 36567


(251) 928-7841

(pupils 828)

20698 Bishop Rd., Fairhope, AL 36532

13 FAIRHOPE HIGH SCHOOL (251) 928-8309 1 Pirate Dr., Fairhope, AL 36532

(pupils 1,662)

13 FAIRHOPE MIDDLE SCHOOL (251) 937-2573 2 Pirate Dr., Fairhope, AL 36532

(pupils 832)


(251) 928-8400

(pupils 1,098)

408 North Section St., Fairhope, AL 36532

20 MAGNOLIA SCHOOL (251) 965-6200 1 Jaguar Loop, Foley, AL 36535

(pupils 669)


(251) 981-5662

(pupils 456)

4900 Wilson Blvd., Orange Beach, AL 36561

21 ORANGE BEACH HIGH SCHOOL (251) 967-5306 4901 Wilson Blvd., Orange Beach, AL 36561

21 ORANGE BEACH MIDDLE SCHOOL (251) 967-5310 4900 Wilson Blvd., Orange Beach, AL 36561


(251) 937-8456

(pupils 490)

23589 County Rd. 47, Perdido, AL 36562


(251) 937-0453

(pupils 513)

43980 Pine Grove Rd., Bay Minette, AL 36507


(251) 947-4003

(pupils 1,100)

1 Cub Dr., Robertsdale, AL 36567


(251) 947-4154

(pupils 1,313)

1 Golden Bear Dr., Robertsdale, AL 36567

35 W J CARROLL INTERMEDIATE (251) 626-0277 1000 Main St., Daphne, AL 36526

(pupils 479)


NORTH BALDWIN CENTER FOR TECHNOLOGY (251) 937-6751 505 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. Bay Minette, AL 36507

SOUTH BALDWIN CENTER FOR TECHNOLOGY (251) 947-5041 19200 Caroline St., Robertsdale, AL 36667

THE ACADEMY AT FAIRHOPE AIRPORT 8600 Country Rd., Fairhope, AL 36523



C F TAYLOR ALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOL (251) 970-4415 19150 Wilters St.., Robertsdale, AL 36567



Protect Your Home from Severe Summer Storms

Hurricane researchers predict an above-average Atlantic hurricane season this year, beginning June 1 and running through November 30. Not all home owners are at risk for a hurricane, but experts say severe weather can happen anytime in any part of the country. Thunderstorms, damaging winds, hail and flooding can wreak havoc on your home. As you tackle home projects this summer, consider taking the following steps to prepare for potential storms.
WEATHERPROOF YOUR HOME  Keep Trees Trimmed. A tree limb
hanging over your house can easily damage your home if hit with strong winds. Trim or remove damaged trees and limbs to prevent destruction.
 Clear a Space in Your Garage. Patio furniture, playground equipment, grills or lawn ornaments can become hazardous moving objects under stormy weather conditions. Make sure you have space in your garage or backyard storage unit to quickly stow these items away in the event of a storm.

 Clean gutters and downspouts. To ensure heavy rain can easily run through gutters and downspouts, keep them clean and clear. Water spilling over the sides of your home can soak through to your home's foundation causing flooding and structural damage.
 Check your roof. A damaged roof can be easily blown away in a storm. Hire a contractor to check the structural integrity of your roof system. A strong roof is essential for your house to withstand a severe storm.
CREATE A DISASTER SUPPLIES KIT An emergency supply kit can help out in any type of natural disaster, especially if you are in your home without electricity or if you are forced to evacuate. Your kit should contain:  Flashlights, with extra batteries  First-aid kit  Three-day supply of bottled water
and non-perishable food  Prescription medicines  Battery-operated radio  Pet supplies For more ideas on creating an emergency supply kit, visit www.ready.gov.

BE AWARE OF EMERGENCY ALERTS There are several ways to learn about bad weather approaching our area. The three most common types of emergency alert systems utilized by public safety officials include:
Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs). State and local public safety officials and the National Weather Service send WEAs. The alerts look like text messages but are designed to get your attention with a unique sound and vibration. Mobile users are not charged for receiving WEAs and there is no need to subscribe.
The Emergency Alert System (EAS). State and local authorities send EAS notices through broadcasters, satellite digital audio services, direct broadcast satellite providers, cable television systems and wireless cable systems.
NOAA Weather Radio (NWR). This alert system is a nationwide network of radio stations that broadcast continuous weather information from the nearest National Weather Service office. NWR broadcasts official warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



413 E. Laurel Ave. Foley, AL 36353
700 Whispering Pines Rd. Daphne, AL 36526
Serving South Baldwin County Since 1916



How to Design Your Home Office for Productivity

In a connected world, working outside a traditional office is now a viable option for employees across the country. According to recent U.S. Census data approximately eight million people work from home. If you work from a home office, it is important to create a separate space for productivity with minimal distraction. One of the benefits of a home office is the ability to design a custom workspace. If you need ideas to spruce up your home office or if you are designing a space for the first time, consider the following tips.
 CREATE A WELL-LIT SPACE. Experts recommend plenty of natural light for your workspace. As you're setting up an area for your home office, consider placing your workspace near a window or skylight. Direct sunlight may create a glare on your screens or devices so setting up your work station near natural light is preferred. If you have a different lighting preference, adjustable lamps can help you place your lighting source exactly where you need.
 ADD GREENERY. Plants in your home are not only decorative, research shows they can help purify air in your home. If you are adding greenery to your home office space make sure your plants can have enough airflow and sunlight. Common home office plants are spider, snake, peace lily and fern. These plants are low maintenance but do require some upkeep so consider what type of care they need before purchasing.
 SELECT A STORAGE SOLUTION. For optimal productivity you want to make sure your space has all the items you need to complete your task within reach. Bookshelves are ideal for reference items and manuals. Filing cabinets can help you organize and store loose papers. If you're completely paperless and use only electronic devices for your job, make sure you have a sufficient amount of outlets for various connection cords.
 DESIGN AN ERGONOMIC SPACE. When you select your home office furniture try not to focus only on design ­ think about function too! Sitting at a desk and typing for an extended period of time can be painful for your back, neck or wrist. An ergonomic space, a design to increase comfort and efficiency, is key for any work area. To help you stay comfortable in your home office, make sure your computer monitor is at least an arm's length away. Your chair height should be adjustable with your knees to support your spine.

Five Burning Questions About Fireplace Safety

Fireplaces provide a generous amount of warmth and add a special ambiance to your home. Before you relax and enjoy your fireplace during the fall and winter months, here are key answers to common questions about how to safely enjoy this unique home feature.
 HOW DO I KNOW IF MY FIREPLACE NEEDS REPAIRS? Before the first spark is ignited in your fireplace this winter, make sure your chimney is structurally sound. If bricks or joints are chipped or if your chimney is titling, it may be time for some repairs. Visible cracks and holes are other signs that your chimney needs attention.
 WHAT IS A CHIMNEY CAP AND DO I NEED ONE? A gaping hole on the top of your roof can invite trouble. Tree branches, leaves, twigs, birds

nest and critters of all types can enter your home or create a blockage. Luckily, there is a simple solution to keep pests and unwanted materials from nestling in your chimney: a chimney cap. This device is strongly recommended because it partially closes the opening of your chimney to prevent harmful debris buildup.
 DOES MY FIREPLACE NEED TO BE CLEANED? Yes, a chimney sweeper can ensure your fireplace is in the ideal condition to be used and thoroughly inspect your unit for any tar-like build-up known as creosote. A build-up of creosote can catch fire that can spread to the attic and other parts of your home. You may want to ask the chimney sweep for additional advice on cleaning and maintenance for future use.

 CAN I KEEP MY HOLIDAY DÉCOR ON OR NEAR MY FIREPLACE? Experts recommend keeping furniture at least 36 inches away from the fireplace to avoid a spark igniting object in your home. If you have stocking or other holiday decorations hanging from your mantle, it's best to remove them when your fireplace is in use as a precaution.
 HOW AND WHEN DO I CLEAN MY FIREPLACE AFTER I USE IT? Once the fire has flamed out, only remove the ashes up to three days after use. Fireplace coals are extremely hot and still have the potential to start a fire. Live coals can remain in the ashes so avoid using a vacuum during clean up. Once you've swept up the ashes, store them in a metal container away from wood floors or combustible materials.



Protect Your Roof
and It Will Keep Protecting

Ahome is the biggest investment most people will ever make, which is why home owners often go to great lengths to protect that investment. But one of the more important components of safeguarding a home is also one of the most often ignored: the roof.
It's tempting to devote more time and attention to more fashionable maintenance and upgrades like updated kitchen appliances or new bathroom vanities. However, those improvements might lose much of their appeal if water begins dripping through the ceilings or mold starts growing in the walls.
When preparing for winter, the top of your to-do list should include what's on top of your house. Take the time to ensure your roof is up to the task of protecting everything and everyone it shelters beneath by following these simple steps:

1. Start by visually scanning the roof for any sagging or uneven areas, which can be signs of damage to the roof deck below the shingles.
2. Clear the gutters of any branches, leaves or other debris that could clog downspouts. Water or snow that is left standing on the roof will increase the likelihood of leaking or ice damming, which can damage not only to the roof, but the interior walls as well.
3. Ensure the gutters are fastened properly and securely to the fascia board, to minimize the risk of the gutters loosening or, in extreme conditions, falling off while supporting heavy snow and/or ice.
4. Remove any debris from the valleys, including small branches and accumulating leaves, which can add weight to the roof and also inhibit proper drainage.

5. Check the positioning and the condition of the flashings, which are the thin pieces of material, often made of aluminum or other metals, used to prevent water seepage between joints and seams around vents, pipes, skylights, and chimneys. When loosened or damaged by high winds and heavy rains, flashings can actually cause leaks rather than prevent them.
6. Examine the condition of the shingles and repair or replace any that might be missing or damaged. Look for curling edges or missing granules.
Inspecting your roof at least twice a year (before and after winter) by following these steps will help you identify potential problems before they result in costly repairs or even premature roof replacement.



Beautiful and Bountiful - Raised
Beds Enhance Today's Home

Acharming landscaping feature that delivers home-grown vegetables, herbs and fresh flowers without a trip to the farmer's market ­ it's no wonder raised-bed gardens are popping up in neighborhoods around the country. A raised garden bed sits above its surroundings in a lush display of color and edible bounty whose care and maintenance is easy on the back and knees.
Occupying whatever sunny space is available, framed in wood, stone, corrugated metal, a single bed or several in a pleasing configuration, raised beds may be anywhere from 6 inches to 3 or more feet high. Ideally, the beds will be no more than 4 feet across, allowing the gardener to reach into all parts of the bed from the edge.
Surround multiple raised beds with mulch or crushed stone pathways in a regularly spaced formal configuration or create meandering or zig-zag designs. Tier progressively smaller beds atop one another to create a layered, cascading effect.
Naturally rot-resistant wood such as cedar or redwood creates a longer lasting frame, but thick planks of pine, recycled plastic deck lumber, stone, brick, cinder block and corrugated metal sheeting all create their own looks and will endure. Or start with a raised-bed kit-- home and gardening supply stores offer them in many varieties and sizes.
Spreading weed-suppressing fabric or using thick layers of newspaper, wetted with a hose, where the bed will be placed is all the ground preparation necessary,

as long as the raised bed is deep enough to accommodate the roots of your plants.
Create Optimal Growing Conditions
A raised bed enhances your garden's yield. Soil that is fertile and stays loose supports denser plantings than a traditional plot. Plants are arranged close enough to touch when full grown to create a lush display of foliage and color.
Fill your raised bed with a soil made up of plenty of organic material such as compost, peat moss and decomposed manure mixed with top soil and sand or perlite to promote good drainage. Because no one is stepping on the garden to tend to it or pick vegetables, the soil stays loose, allowing roots to expand freely and promoting quick and healthy plant growth.
Plant vegetables for sequential harvest: Replace early-producing plants with those that grow later in the season, all interspersed with long-growing herbs. Planting flowers among the vegetables and herbs add color and attracts bees and butterflies to pollinate your crops. Edible flowers such as nasturtiums, lavender and pansies enliven the garden's color and may be used as a garnish or salad ingredient.
Proper composition and the elevation of the soil provide optimal drainage, which helps your plants thrive. In dry times, the excellent drainage means the garden requires regular watering. Create a simple and efficient watering system by laying soaker hoses along the surface of the soil

between plants. Organic mulches such as straw or wood chips can help retain moisture and moderate soil temperature in hot, dry weather.
Enjoy Comfort and Ease of Maintenance
Take a seat on the edge of the frame or pull up a gardening stool to tend or harvest your raised bed in comfort. Wooden frames may be built with a sill wide enough to double as a seat, making them comfortably accessible without stooping or kneeling.
By controlling the soil that goes in, you can minimize the weed seeds present in the soil. And because plants in a raised bed grow closely spaced, they crowd out many weeds. You can spend more of your gardening time planting and harvesting, and when a few weeds do show up, they are all within reach and easily pulled out of the loose soil.
All ages can enjoy gardening a raised bed. They're great for gardening with children, who can help plant and weed without stepping on and compacting the garden soil. Beds can be built tall and narrow enough to be accessible from a wheelchair or be placed on a table-like frame for that purpose.
Numerous how-to's are available online to guide you through building your own raised garden from scratch. Check out Pinterest for designs in various materials and creative looks. And contact the Baldwin County Home Builders Association to find a professional to help you plan your dream garden and landscape.








NAHB Identifies
2020 Top Features and Design Trends

Walk-in master bedroom closets, low-emissivity (low-e) windows and laundry rooms are the most likely features in typical new homes in 2020, based on a survey of single-family home builders. Energy-efficient features such as efficient lighting, programmable thermostats and ENERGY STAR appliances will also be likely, as will open design concepts such as great rooms and nineplus-foot ceilings on the first floor. Energyefficient or eco-friendly features not likely to be included in new homes, however, are cork flooring in main-level living areas, geothermal heat pumps and solar water heating and cooling.
Consumers continue to desire smaller homes, not only in overall square footage, but also the number of features, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. This four-year downward trend has led to the smallest average home size since 2011 at 2,520 square feet--only 20 square feet above the average in 2007, the pre-recession peak. The percentage of homes incorporating four-plus bedrooms, three-plus full bathrooms and three-plus car garages have also

dropped to levels not seen since 2012. This points to an industry trying to meet the demands of the entry-level home buyer," said Rose Quint, NAHB assistant vice president of survey research. "Builders are struggling to meet these demands, however, because of factors such as restrictive zoning regulations and lot prices, with the price of a new lot in 2019 averaging $57,000.
NAHB also examined preferences among first-time buyers and repeat buyers to help builders determine what features are most likely to resonate in the market in 2020. When asked which they prefer, the majority of both first-time buyers and repeat buyers would rather have a smaller home with high-quality products and services than a bigger home with fewer amenities. The top features desired by both groups include:
 Laundry rooms  ENERGY STAR windows  Hardwood flooring  Walk-in pantries  Patios  Ceiling fans  Kitchen double sink

These trends are reflected in this year's Best in American Living Award (BALA) winners as well. For example, designers are including flex spaces that add increased functionality to laundry rooms, hardwood flooring and wood finishes to add warmth and character both inside and outside the home, and creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly integrate with indoor living.
Every year, winners of the Best in American Living Awards (BALA) showcase the best of what the home building industry has to offer," said Donald J. Ruthroff of the Dahlin Group. "As the chair of the BALA Subcommittee and BALA Judging, I am privileged to see projects from across the nation and those projects help me identify the design trends that drive discussions in our offices, with our clients, and at the Builders' Show.
Designers are also working to address attainability concerns by developing multifamily and higher-density projects that feel more like single-family homes to meet consumer interest at more affordable price points.



Most Likely (and Unlikely) Features in a New SingleFamily Home in 2020

Home builders make a lot of decisions about how to run their businesses every day. Among their most critical determinations is what features to include in the homes they build. Experience, region, trends, target audience, and many other factors play a role in a decision that directly affects their bottom line. In order to provide our members with actionable research, NAHB conducts a nationwide survey annually to find out the most likely (and unlikely) features builders will include in the typical home they build during the upcoming year.

Most Likely Features in Typical 2020 New Home
(Avg. Rating, 1=Not at all likely, 5= Very likely builder will include)

The graph below shows the features builders are most likely to include in their homes in 2020. At the very top, with average ratings of 4.8 or 4.9 are a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, low-e windows, and a laundry room (on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 means not at all likely and 5 means very likely). Also likely to show up in homes this year are energy-efficient features: efficient lighting, programmable thermostat, and Energy Star appliances and windows. Kitchens most likely will have a central island, a walk-in pantry, and granite countertops.

Most Unikely Features in Typical 2020 New Home
(Avg. Rating, 1=Not at all likely, 5= Very likely builder will include)

On the other hand, there are features builders are rather unlikely to include with the price of the home. Heading this list are cork flooring for the living areas of the main floor, geothermal heat pumps, solar systems, and dual toilets in the master bath. Also unlikely are specialty rooms like a sunroom or a media room as well as two-story family rooms or foyers.



Simple Ways to Give Your Home Curb

Spring is the perfect time to give the outside of your home a fresh facelift. Even if you aren't trying to sell your home, there's a real benefit to enhancing and maintaining your home's curb appeal.
Exterior upgrades consistently rank among the best home improvement projects for their strong return on investment. That's because many of these strategies are fairly simple and relatively affordable solutions.
While some homes may benefit from more extensive and expensive updates, like repaving a damaged driveway or replacing old windows, there are many simple, lowcost updates that you can tackle yourself.
The first step is to assess your home's appearance, but this time, look at it from a home buyer's perspective. Imagine that you are seeing it for the first time, and then make a list of the characteristics that stand out immediately, and which ones you want to highlight.

To help get you started, here are some areas to evaluate:
 LIGHTING. A dimly lit walkway is not only dangerous, it's also uninviting. Pathway lighting products are available in a wide variety of designs and price ranges, but even some of the more economical options can be visually appealing at night.
Also consider upgrading the lighting on your front porch. There are many light fixtures that will complement the style of your home and can give an immediate boost to your home's entrance.
 PAINT. You've probably heard it many times before, but the power of paint cannot be overstated. A fresh coat of paint on the front door, garage door and window trim can make a huge difference. However, if your front door has seen a lot of use and abuse over the years and it's beyond repair, it might be time to have it replaced. A

new door can be sometimes be costly, but it's a surefire win when it comes to instant curb appeal, especially if you select a bold color.
 GRIME. The effects of moisture from snow and rainfall from the winter months likely means an accumulation of dirt that has set in on your driveway, front steps, walkways and vinyl siding. Invest in (or rent) a highpowered pressure washer to clean these areas with relative ease. The high-pressure water spray removes mold, grime, dust, mud and dirt from surfaces around the exterior of your home.
 GRASS. If you're looking to sell your home in the near future, having a well-maintained lawn is critical. The National Association of Realtors studied the outdoor features are most appealing to prospective buyers, and having a nice lawn was at the top of the list. You can find low-maintenance lawn care tips TheLawnInstitute.org.



Anyone who's been car shopping in recent years knows that modern cars come with a seemingly endless list of options and features to consider. But if there's one characteristic that most car shoppers rank as high as price, performance and style--it's fuel efficiency.
Much like car shoppers compare miles-per-gallon (mpg) estimates, an increasing number of home buyers compare the energy-efficiency ratings of new homes. A nationally recognized system for measuring a home's energy performance is called the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index which can determine a home's overall efficiency with a score between 0 and 150.
A score of "100" indicates the home meets the industry standard of energy efficiency. The closer a score is to "0" the better, as a "0" ranking would mean the home produces as much energy through renewable resources, such as solar panels, as it consumes (also known as "net zero").
The energy efficiency of homes has dramatically changed in recent years with new developments in a wide array of green building techniques, materials and products. And as demand for these products has grown, new standards of energy efficiency have evolved.
For instance, the days of new homes that have incandescent lights are almost completely gone. Today's homes predominantly feature either LED or CFL lights which are much more efficient. Other examples of features you're more likely to find in a new home include:
 DOUBLE-PANE WINDOWS. Having two layers of protection in your home's windows provides a noticeably stronger barrier to help prevent outside temperatures (and noises) from affecting the inside of your home, result-

ing in significant energy savings.  WATER-SAVING FEATURES.
Low-flow bathroom faucets can have a big impact on conserving water, but not quite as big as lowflow commodes. Conventional toilets use 5-7 gallons per flush, which really adds up over time. But low-flow toilets typically use as little as 1.6 gallons per flush.
 ENERGY-EFFICIENT APPLIANCES. More than 30 percent of a home's energy consumption can be attributed to the kitchen appliances, and that number swells for homes with appliances that are more than 10 or 15 years old. Having newer appliances inside and outside the kitchen with Energy Star ratings can have a noticeable impact on your monthly utility bills.
 SPRAY FOAM INSULATION. Traditional fiberglass insulation is still used in the majority of homes, however, spray foam is becoming increasingly popular because it provides a tighter seal, lasts longer and protects better against pests and mold.
 HARD-SURFACE FLOORING. Less than 20 years ago, it was common for new homes to have carpet covering 80 percent or more of the floor space. These days, carpet is typically reserved for bedrooms (if it's used at all). The wide variety of hard-surface flooring--shown to improve energy efficiency and air quality--has become much more appealing to the large majority of consumers.
The status quo is changing as consumers are becoming increasingly educated about the benefits of green building products like these. Home owners recognize that energy-efficient features are more than simply methods of cutting down on utility costs; they are investments in the home's longterm value and overall comfort.

A New Shade of `Green'



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Nu Image Builders, LLC

(251) 269-7126

Olacon Drywall & Maintenance, LLC

(251) 567-0758

Quality Contractors & Son, LLC

(251) 747-1128

R & C Construction, LLC

(478) 342-2324

Regional Ceilings, Inc.

(251) 928-3588

Regional Grid Systems, Inc.

(251) 928-3588

Ricardo Buitron

(251) 504-8896

S O Drywall

(251) 747-4359

SteelHead Construction, Inc.

(251) 422-8932

Strait Line Construction

(251) 391-1354

Walker Drywall

(251) 986-5604

Yarco Inc

(251) 974-5141

Drywall Suppliers Interior Exterior Building Supply

(251) 970-3871

Duct / Dryer Vent Cleaning Duct Doctor USA of South Alabama Williamson Air Conditioning

(800) 955-1275 (251) 981-3872

EIFS / Plastering Rodney G. Barnett Plastering Contractors

(251) 402-0980

Electrical Contractors 24/7 All Services, LLC Alabama Poolworks, LLC Azur Enterprises, LLC Bay Shore Electric, LLC Boykin Electrical Company Inc. Diamond M&A Electric, LLC EM Contractors, LLC General Electrical Maintenance Services, LLC Green Electric Gulf Bay Service, LLC Hellmich Electric, Inc. Holk Electric, Inc. J Robinson Electric Kendrick Electric, Inc. L & B Electric, Inc. Minshew Electrical Contractors, Inc. Praizhym Electric, LLC Progressive Electric Design, LLC Raudales Electric, LLC RCI Electric Redline Electrical Services Robinson Electric, LLC S & K Electricial, LLC S R D Electrical Services, LLC

(251) 981-0001 (251) 968-4242 (251) 424-5415 (251) 583-5873 (251) 622-8012 (251) 989-6767 (251) 284-1326 (251) 981-2820 (251) 968-7349 (251) 609-1582 (251) 943-2350 (251) 981-4632 (251) 490-2225 (251) 947-4762 (251) 943-5995 (251) 602-6828 (251) 379-8874 (251) 621-9794 (251) 504-1314 (251) 943-2169 (251) 382-3658 (251) 747-3198 (251) 609-2801 (251) 621-0235



Sasser Electrical Services, Inc. Seelhorst Services Shipman Contracting & Electrical Services Technical Services, Inc. dba Townsend Services, Inc. The Great S Electrical Services, Inc. Whitney Cadwell Electric

(251) 210-7045 (251) 751-9933 (251) 990-8363 (251) 974-2427 (251) 943-5568 (251) 990-8321

Electrical Suppliers / Lighting A & W Lighting Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery GloScapes Outdoor Lighting Mathes of Alabama Electrical Supply Co.

(251) 607-0099 (251) 621-2147 (251) 929-9388 (251) 943-8551

Elevator EDCO Elevators Gulf Coast Elevator, LLC

(251) 990-7464 (251) 978-6270

Energy Specialist Consultant Island Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.

(251) 943-4709

Environmental Services Dewberry

(251) 929-9794

Equipment Rental / Sales 1 Source Power & Equipment United Rentals, Inc.

(251) 635-5134 (251) 943-8456

Excavation Work 316 Construction American Asphalt, Inc. Ammons and Blackmon Construction, LLC Big Red Container, Inc. dba Eastern Shore Ag EcoPath Construction, LLC Emerald Coast Landscaping Father Nature Landscapes of Mobile Bay, Inc. Hel-Co We Trim Trees James Brothers Excavating, Inc. JTB Construction, LLC KC Sawmill Company, LLC Leavitt Land Mason Excavating, LLC Peterson Southern Enterprises, LLC Qwick Co., LLC Sand & Clay, Inc. Shad's Excavating, LLC SLM Lot Clearing Southern Classic Construction, LLC Southern Land Services, LLC Steve Mitchell Construction, Inc.

(251) 295-3945 (251) 990-8000 (251) 626-0656 (251) 990-5768 (251) 269-8446 (251) 269-8128 (251) 767-2009 (251) 978-7558 (251) 626-3483 (850) 398-2006 (251) 379-1783 (251) 379-1924 (251) 331-1289 (251) 609-0915 (251) 648-8280 (251) 928-4601 (251) 379-6327 (251) 391-3303 (251) 767-1600 (251) 597-5016 (251) 947-4217

Fences / Gates 316 Construction Alabama Poolworks, LLC Baldwin County Fence Company, Inc. Charles Lewis Construction Consolidated Fence Co., LLC Cooper Fence Company Guerrero's Fence, LLC Micor, Inc. dba MDS Construction Co.

(251) 295-3945 (251) 968-4242 (251) 990-8344 (251) 597-2927 (251) 626-7052 (251) 367-1980 (251) 367-2610 (251) 454-4244

Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Maintenance J Robinson Electric

(251) 490-2225

Financial Services Gruenloh & Associates P.C. Habitat for Humanity of Baldwin County PrimeLending A Plains Capital Company Tyndall Federal Credit Union

(251) 947-1040 (251) 943-7268 (850) 462-6919 (251) 378-1082

Fire / Water Damage Repair Phoenix Restoration Services, Inc.

(251) 725-1779

Fireplaces 2 Bros Insulation, LLC Bricks Are Us Coastal Insulation E B Masonry, LLC Fortified Installations, LLC Swift Supply, Inc. Volovecky's Masonry, LLC

(956) 572-9555 (251) 979-0054 (251) 471-3311 (251) 752-1828 (251) 554-9955 (251) 929-9399 (251) 689-5422

Floor Coverings American Flooring, Cabinets and Granite Bama Commercial Flooring Bay Flooring & Design, Inc. Bryan Wood Flooring, Inc. Chad Harper Charles Lewis Construction Coastal Stone Works dba Coastal Stone & Cabinetry Door-N-Gutter Pro., Inc. Fairhope Floor Covering, Inc. Gene's Floor Covering II, Inc. Gulf Coast Flooring & Design Jubilee Flooring & Decorating Parnell Carpet Installation Pfeffer Floor Covering, Inc. dba Pfeffer Floors To Go Rio Stone, LLC Triton Stone Group of Mobile Vinyl Plank 4 Less W & W Flooring and Design Wall To Wall Interiors, Inc.

(251) 967-1700 (251) 989-9991 (251) 928-5625 (251) 947-4878 (601) 278-4100 (251) 597-2927 (251) 929-3475 (251) 666-8313 (251) 928-8302 (251) 968-6456 (251) 605-8811 (251) 625-1700 (251) 945-5167 (251) 937-2189 (251) 965-1454 (251) 345-6450 (251) 423-5325 (251) 970-5244 (251) 968-7602

Flooring Installation All-In-1 Remodeling, LLC Bama Commercial Flooring Bay Flooring & Design, Inc. Blair's Carpet Installation BRT Flooring, Inc. Chad Harper Charles Lewis Construction Coastal Stone Works dba Coastal Stone & Cabinetry Conways Flooring D. E. Wilson Tile & Flooring Enterprise Flooring Service, Inc. Gulf Coast Flooring & Design Higher Standard Construction Jubilee Flooring & Decorating KWL Construction, Inc. Lee Davis Lee Hamilton Floor Coverings McClure Custom Builders McCord Flooring, LLC Mike Hall Flooring PAK Services, LLC Peralta Flooring Ramey Construction, LLC Sanchez Flooring, Inc. SetRite Tile & Stone, LLC Tropical Woods & Flooring, LLC W & W Flooring and Design

(251) 654-2211 (251) 989-9991 (251) 928-5625 (251) 979-9714 (251) 581-4573 (601) 278-4100 (251) 597-2927 (251) 929-3475 (251) 359-0420 (251) 767-7454 (251) 955-5197 (251) 605-8811 (251) 979-9098 (251) 625-1700 (251) 968-4965 (251) 295-2185 (251) 402-9073 (251) 223-6842 (251) 752-4829 (251) 979-0381 (251) 401-3810 (251) 978-6699 (251) 424-7018 (251) 213-0000 (251) 504-7878 (251) 955-6470 (251) 970-5244

Fortified Evaluation Services Bethel Engineering, Inc. Coastal Design Group Knockout Home Inspections Smart Home America

(251) 661-4747 (251) 923-8292 (251) 517-4558 (855) 742-7233



Foundation APS Foundation, Inc. Cooper Construction, Inc. CR Creations Force 5 Walls, Inc. Foxcrete Construction Group, LLC Trotter's Concrete Construction, Inc. Volovecky's Masonry, LLC
Framing Subcontractors Age Construction, LLC Beede's Construction Brian Dunn Charles Lewis Construction Coastal Custom Construction Cooley's Construction Cooper Construction, Inc. D & D Mejia's Construction, LLC Dennis Randall Construction EK Stucco, LLC Fusion Soto Construction, LLC Gary Clark Builder Gulf Dreams, Inc. House4You, LLC James L. Touchstone JZ Framing Solutions LG Framing, Inc. LSN Construction Mesquite Construction Corporation Nu Image Builders, LLC R & C Construction, LLC Randy Goins Roca Construction, LLC SLP General Construction, LLC SMG Builders, Inc. Turnage Construction, Robert & Michael Turnage Veloz Construction, LLC
Furniture Company Wall To Wall Interiors, Inc.
Garage Cabinets Inspired Closets Mobile
Garage Doors Coastal Insulation Door-N-Gutter Pro., Inc. Fortified Installations, LLC Henry Long dba Baldwin Home Services Mobile Bay Overhead Door, Inc. Swift Supply, Inc.
Gas - Propane Blossman Gas, Inc. Hall & Associates, LLC
Generators (Home Standby) / Surge Protection American Air Solutions, Inc. Baldwin Heating & Air Conditioning Bay Aire Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating Diamond M&A Electric, LLC RCI Electric
Glass / Beveled / Stained / Mirrors Alabama Glass Works, Inc. Bay Shore Glass, LLC Bell Stained Glass Central Glass Co., Inc.

(205) 951-9717 (251) 947-7030 (251) 472-5736 (251) 965-9494 (251) 550-9369 (251) 971-3288 (251) 689-5422
(251) 213-3846 (251) 233-8264 (251) 550-5117 (251) 597-2927 (251) 752-2879 (251) 943-3004 (251) 947-7030 (251) 213-8298 (251) 209-4025 (251) 747-9535 (251) 895-5800 (251) 679-0857 (251) 752-1503 (334) 740-3940 (850) 449-9150 (334) 344-0375 (850) 281-3067 (251) 269-1498 (251) 990-2990 (251) 269-7126 (478) 342-2324 (251) 610-6212 (251) 929-3665 (850) 261-7142 (251) 300-0315 (251) 455-4140 (915) 867-4692
(251) 968-7602
(251) 344-0202
(251) 471-3311 (251) 666-8313 (251) 554-9955 (251) 923-8971 (251) 990-9368 (251) 929-9399
(251) 943-5759 (251) 965-7406
(251) 943-6232 (251) 583-5821 (251) 928-3096 (251) 989-6767 (251) 943-2169
(251) 974-5778 (251) 626-7205 (251) 473-6860 (251) 947-7419

Clear Image Glass, LLC Glass Systems of Alabama

(251) 990-3002 (251) 981-2088

Gutters / Down Spouts / Sheet Metal Advanced Metal Systems of Alabama, LLC Custom Craftsman Door-N-Gutter Pro., Inc. Fortified Installations, LLC Gulf Coast Building Products, Inc. Johnson's Siding RJ's Seamless Gutters, Inc.

(251) 979-3493 (251) 952-8416 (251) 666-8313 (251) 554-9955 (850) 477-6050 (850) 516-5058 (251) 948-8031

Handyman Alabama Poolworks, LLC Beede's Construction Charles Lewis Construction En'Sured Quality Services, LLC Just For U, LLC Mako Services, LLC Wesley Yoakum dba Yoakum Services

(251) 968-4242 (251) 233-8264 (251) 597-2927 (251) 447-5575 (251) 747-1339 (251) 744-7655 (251) 263-2919

Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer and Distributor American Flooring, Cabinets and Granite Bay Flooring & Design, Inc. Fairhope Floor Covering, Inc. Gene's Floor Covering II, Inc. Hardwoods Unlimited, Inc

(251) 967-1700 (251) 928-5625 (251) 928-8302 (251) 968-6456 (251) 937-0888

Hauling / Transporting Big Red Container Inc dba Eastern Shore Ag Brownlee Asphalt Paving, Inc. Easy-Haul, Inc. Overstreet Trucking Turner Company, LLC

(251) 990-5768 (251) 990-5239 (251) 929-2133 (251) 675-2191 (251) 776-3205

HOA / POA Management Alabama Poolworks, LLC Beachside HOA

(251) 968-4242 (205) 648-4885

Home Automation Green Electric Home Logic, LLC dba Audio Indulgence Mathes of Alabama Electrical Supply Co. Smart Home Solutions, LLC

(251) 968-7349 (251) 666-4663 (251) 943-8551 (251) 709-3301

Home Inspection Ellis Inspection Services, Inc. Fuqua Consulting

(251) 943-4696 (251) 454-5814

Home Staging Spruced Up Staging & Design

(251) 404-8726

Home Theater / Sound Systems Green Electric Home Logic, LLC dba Audio Indulgence

(251) 968-7349 (251) 666-4663

Hurricane Protection Systems Island Enclosures & Improvements, LLC

(251) 968-9777

ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) Batten Builders, LLC Colossus Enterprise, LLC Custom Concrete Homes, LLC Force 5 Walls, Inc.

(251) 510-3400 (251) 379-2443 (251) 281-5629 (251) 965-9494

Insulation Contractors 2 Bros Insulation, LLC Bluefire Firestop, LLC

(956) 572-9555 (205) 438-9021



Coastal Insulation East Bay Mechanical Insulation, Inc. Eco 3 Sun Coast Energy Urgent Air Williamson Air Conditioning

(251) 471-3311 (251) 626-4079 (334) 728-1700 (251) 970-0007 (251) 979-9433 (251) 981-3872

Insulation Suppliers 2 Bros Insulation, LLC Interior Exterior Building Supply Swift Supply, Inc.

(956) 572-9555 (251) 970-3871 (251) 929-9399

Insurance Company / Agency

Alabama Coastal Insurance

(251) 929-4672

Blackmon Insurance & Bonding Agency

(251) 937-9585

Burkholder Insurance, Inc.

(251) 450-0061

Coastal Alabama Insurance & Financial Services

(251) 504-3951

Ebert Agency, Inc.

(251) 943-2281

Gulf Shores Insurance Agency

(251) 968-6174

Hartwig Moss Insurance Agency

(855) 442-2467

Hub International Gulf South

(251) 633-8556

McCarron Insurance Group

(251) 981-9999

Middle Bay Insurance, LLC

(251) 270-9875

Pathway Insurance Group, LLC

(251) 279-6373

Pitman Insurance Agency

(251) 928-9786

Skipper Insurance

(251) 246-2487

The Insurance Center a Division of Morris Ins Agency (251) 947-7301

Thomas Harrison & Associates

(251) 621-2180

Walker Insurance Agency

(251) 422-9959

Internet - Web Design Building Applications, LLC

(256) 527-2991

Investors 68 Ventures, LLC

(251) 625-1198

Land Developer Bellator Real Estate, LLC Doyal Construction Company Platt Builders, Inc. Southern Heritage Builders The Knight Company The Verandas, LLC TripTek Construction, LLC

(251) 928-0031 (205) 369-1732 (251) 626-3300 (251) 367-7777 (703) 388-9848 (251) 751-2223 (251) 583-1170

Landscaping Childress Landscaping Coogan Enterprises Curtis Landscape, Inc DC Lawn & Landscape Emerald Coast Landscaping Falkner Landscape, Inc. Father Nature Landscapes of Mobile Bay, Inc. Garden Design Solutions, Inc. Green Nurseries & Landscape Design, Inc. Green Zone Landscaping Haber Sod Farms, LLC Hel-Co We Trim Trees Martiniere Landscape & Design Ortega's Landscape Services, LLC Rose's Tree Service Scottland Yards, Inc. Superior Plus Landscape, Inc. The Landscape Company, LLC

(251) 978-0726 (251) 279-0880 (251) 232-5466 (251) 599-2401 (251) 269-8128 (251) 947-0005 (251) 767-2009 (251) 929-0702 (251) 928-8469 (251) 979-0532 (251) 962-2542 (251) 978-7558 (251) 929-5263 (251) 504-8317 (251) 455-5907 (251) 987-1859 (251) 550-6422 (251) 621-9996

Lot Clearing 316 Construction Coastal Brush Cutting, LLC

(251) 295-3945 (251) 423-1671

Emerald Coast Landscaping F & F Dirt, Inc. dba F & F Dirt & Lot Clearing Father Nature Landscapes of Mobile Bay, Inc. Hel-Co We Trim Trees Leavitt Land Mason Excavating, LLC Southern Land Services, LLC Taylor Land Services, LLC

(251) 269-8128 (251) 401-6477 (251) 767-2009 (251) 978-7558 (251) 379-1924 (251) 331-1289 (251) 597-5016 (251) 802-1303

Marble / Cultured Marble / Cultured Stone / Granite

Coastal Stone Works dba Coastal Stone & Cabinetry (251) 929-3475

Harris Remodeling

(251) 937-4004

Nabors Marble, LLC

(251) 597-1928

Ramey Construction, LLC

(251) 424-7018

Stone Interiors

(251) 964-5070

The Stone Gallery, LLC

(251) 929-3850

Triton Stone Group of Mobile

(251) 345-6450

Masonry Contractors AFA Construction, LLC Age Construction, LLC Alabama Poolworks, LLC Amazing Grace Construction, LLC American Laid Masonry Bricks & Blocks to Lay, Inc. Bricks Are Us Colossus Enterprise, LLC David Wilson Masonry, Inc. Durango Masonry, LLC E B Masonry, LLC Felkins Remodel and Services Fusion Soto Construction, LLC Hill Masonry, LLC Holder Masonry Hurtado Construction J Guzman Masonry, LLC James Childers Concrete, Inc. JTB Construction, LLC Mr. General Construction, LLC Nero Masonry, Inc. Outdoor Hardscapes, Inc. Price Masonry, LLC PRO V General Contracting, LLC Rio Stone, LLC Roblero Sanchez Construction, Inc. Roca Construction, LLC Sanchez Construction Shalom Masonry Construction, LLC SMG Builders, Inc. Soto Quality Construction, LLC Volovecky's Masonry, LLC W J Van Arsdale, Inc. Wright's Masonry

(251) 802-7460 (251) 213-3846 (251) 968-4242 (251) 284-6575 (251) 455-2013 (251) 550-8152 (251) 979-0054 (251) 379-2443 (251) 228-0473 (601) 307-8183 (251) 752-1828 (480) 340-9100 (251) 895-5800 (251) 327-6999 (251) 979-1917 (251) 424-4451 (407) 288-9286 (251) 979-9957 (850) 398-2006 (251) 382-7017 (251) 928-0743 (251) 214-9166 (251) 979-6224 (251) 424-2359 (251) 965-1454 (251) 578-5498 (251) 929-3665 (251) 269-7502 (251) 233-0241 (251) 300-0315 (251) 597-7379 (251) 689-5422 (251) 591-8102 (251) 604-1365

Metal Stud Framing Beede's Construction Craig Jernigan Construction, Inc. Gary Buchheit Drywall & Gutters, Inc. Interior Exterior Building Supply Regional Ceilings, Inc. SteelHead Construction, Inc.

(251) 233-8264 (251) 928-3373 (251) 648-1434 (251) 970-3871 (251) 928-3588 (251) 422-8932

Metal / Portable Buildings Andreas Contracting Dixie Building Supply Metal Roofing Center & Supply, LLC S & H Contracting, LLC

(251) 504-7530 (251) 456-2254 (251) 970-3320 (251) 943-6807



Mortgage Companies Bay Mortgage Corp. Bryant Bank Centennial Bank Century Bank Community Bank Coast First Federal Mortgage Goldwater Bank Mortgage Division Hancock Bank PrimeLending, A Plains Capital Company Regions Mortgage River Bank and Trust SouthPoint Bank TCB Coastal Banking Trustmark National Bank United Bank

(251) 928-2240 (251) 607-5752 (251) 929-7462 (251) 270-1570 (251) 338-8149 (251) 421-2092 (334) 488-0524 (251) 602-6416 (251) 308-7137 (251) 210-3518 (251) 626-7790 (251) 263-8534 (251) 517-9601 (251) 431-7844 (251) 965-5315

Mosquito Control Lewis Critter Gitter Pest Control Mosquito Authority

(251) 980-2970 (251) 504-1317

Multi-Family Developer C. H. Builders, Inc. dba Custom Builders Highland Wake Construction, LLC Reed Construction Company, LLC Ronald C Nursey Stuart Construction, LLC The Knight Company Tonsmeire Construction Corporation Watchman Builders, LLC

(251) 961-1110 (251) 968-9253 (251) 937-9098 (817) 919-5174 (251) 937-9594 (703) 388-9848 (251) 928-1655 (251) 550-1220

Municipality City of Daphne City of Fairhope, Alabama

(251) 621-3080 (251) 990-0141

Natural Stone Coastal Stone Works dba Coastal Stone & Cabinetry E B Masonry, LLC John Guthrie dba Southern Tradition Stone KWL Construction, Inc.

(251) 929-3475 (251) 752-1828 (251) 752-6581 (251) 968-4965


Better Business Bureau of Central and South Alabama (251) 300-3388

Habitat for Humanity of Baldwin County

(251) 943-7268

Smart Home America

(855) 742-7233

Ornamental Metal Fluid Motion Solutions, LLC

(251) 402-6696

Outdoor Kitchen / Bath

A+ Concrete Designs, LLC

(251) 929-1307

Beede's Construction

(251) 233-8264

Coastal Stone Works dba Coastal Stone & Cabinetry (251) 929-3475

Island Enclosures & Improvements, LLC

(251) 968-9777

Mobile Lumber & Millwork/Coast Design Kitchen & Bath (251) 661-8000

Street's Exquisite Plants & Aquatic Gardens

(251) 990-0901

Paint / Wall Coverings Arellano Brothers Painting, LLC B & B Home Maintenance E & J Drywall, Inc. Gary Buchheit Drywall & Gutters, Inc. Heimer's Hammers, LLC Just For U, LLC McClure Custom Builders Sherwin Williams

(251) 583-0692 (251) 644-8549 (251) 942-5181 (251) 648-1434 (651) 783-6391 (251) 747-1339 (251) 223-6842 (251) 747-7664

Painting Contractor Aaron Bushnell dba A & L Finishing Touches Affordable Paint and Power Wash Alabama Paint Company B & B Home Maintenance Benedict Paint & Wallcovering, Inc. Bushnell Painting Chris Miller dba Chris Miller Drywall & Interior Coastal Painters, Inc. Cody Christopher dba Cutting Edge Paint Donnelly Design Painting Eco Painting, LLC Ed Wade Painting, LLC Ever Painting, LLC Foster Contracting G A Campbell Painting Greg Hobbs Painting Hernandez Painting & Pressure Washing, LLC Innova Construction, LLC Isai Painting & Remodeling Joe Coreno Painting John Swafford Painting, Inc. Jones Coastline Service Just For U, LLC Just Right Painting Layton Property Management, LLC Lee Dumas Painting Mario's Bay Painters Meza Brothers, Jose Meza dba Mindy Pender Nash Painting Natro Refinishing, Inc. Nu Image Builders, LLC Parker Painting, LLC Payne Painting Peralta Flooring Pickle's Painting, LLC Prestigious Painting, Inc. Purpose Driven Painting, LLC Quality Contractors & Son, LLC Robert's Painting, LLC Shipman Contracting & Electrical Services Star Painting Services Superior Painting Service, LLC T. J.'s Quality Painting, LLC Tada, Sandi Freil dba The Howle Construction Co.
Pest Control / Termite Control Arrow Exterminators Beebe's Pest and Termite Control E3 Pest Control, LLC Federal Service Corporation Hadley Termite & Pest Control, Inc. Lewis Critter Gitter Pest Control Mosquito Authority Wayne's Environmental Services, Inc.
Piers / Bulkheads 316 Construction Doug Ward & Company, LLC
Piling Doug Ward & Company, LLC Southern Outdoor Woodscapes Sunbelt Marine L.L.C.

(251) 752-3346 (251) 626-7257 (251) 366-2999 (251) 644-8549 (251) 928-9639 (251) 228-2687 (251) 269-2174 (251) 626-5222 (251) 979-1898 (251) 802-3366 (251) 281-4590 (251) 504-6807 (251) 442-4712 (251) 591-4776 (251) 747-2565 (251) 591-0261 (251) 269-5425 (251) 284-2416 (251) 609-3753 (251) 599-3772 (251) 747-4345 (251) 284-5909 (251) 747-1339 (251) 269-5416 (251) 455-1748 (251) 454-4918 (251) 978-8430 (251) 209-0479 (651) 442-6730 (251) 626-9272 (256) 328-1893 (251) 269-7126 (251) 716-1235 (251) 609-3170 (251) 978-6699 (251) 447-3223 (251) 377-7901 (251) 923-8294 (251) 747-1128 (251) 597-2219 (251) 990-8363 (251) 233-8897 (251) 747-2124 (251) 635-5018 (251) 648-7112 (251) 479-2911
(251) 270-0759 (251) 943-8166 (251) 278-7954 (866) 428-7773 (251) 961-7109 (251) 980-2970 (251) 504-1317 (251) 706-5090
(251) 295-3945 (251) 928-6698
(251) 928-6698 (251) 988-2000 (251) 943-8703



Pipes & Culverts Ammons and Blackmon Construction, LLC

(251) 626-0656

Planner or Designer

Chatham Home Planning, Inc.

(251) 626-7789

Coastal Stone Works dba Coastal Stone & Cabinetry (251) 929-3475

Plumbing Contractors 24/7 All Services, LLC 5 Starr Plumbing, Inc. 9-1 Plumb Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, LLC Affordable Sewer & Drain, Inc. Alabama Poolworks, LLC Andrew's Sewer & Plumbing, LLC Barnes Plumbing, LLC Bill Patton Plumbing Brad Polk dba BRS C & J Plumbing, LLC DA Water Werks, Inc. George Hinote Plumbing Gray Gasworks, LLC Harts All Service, Inc. J Brooks Plumbing Long's Air Conditioning Refrigeration, LLC Mac Plumbing, Inc. McGregor Plumbing McKenzie Plumbing, LLC Plumbum Plumbing Company, LLC Precision Plumbing & Piping, LLC Quality Plumbing, Inc. Southeast Plumbing & Leak Detection, Inc. Wagner Plumbing, Inc.

(251) 981-0001 (251) 989-0011 (251) 210-6609 (251) 990-5248 (251) 968-4242 (850) 572-8267 (251) 581-2881 (251) 402-0600 (251) 979-2948 (251) 988-1446 (251) 968-6425 (251) 379-1631 (251) 589-3873 (251) 928-3441 (251) 600-9163 (251) 990-0001 (251) 979-2847 (251) 949-6309 (251) 747-2818 (251) 215-2577 (251) 964-0837 (251) 609-2925 (251) 621-8781 (251) 928-8784

Plumbing Suppliers Coastal Stone Works dba Coastal Stone & Cabinetry Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery Triton Stone Group of Mobile

(251) 929-3475 (251) 621-2147 (251) 345-6450

Pool Construction Alabama Poolworks, LLC Blue Haven Pools Diego Pools, LLC KH Pool Service, Ken Hinote dba Pool Contractor Services, LLC

(251) 968-4242 (251) 633-7946 (251) 786-1910 (251) 979-8523 (251) 802-7853

Pool Enclosures Advanced Metal Systems of Alabama, LLC Blue Haven Pools Gulf Coast Building Products, Inc.

(251) 979-3493 (251) 633-7946 (850) 477-6050

Portable Toilets A & M Portables, Inc. Easy-Haul, Inc.

(251) 605-2289 (251) 929-2133

Poured Concrete Walls 316 Construction Custom Concrete Homes, LLC Force 5 Walls, Inc.

(251) 295-3945 (251) 281-5629 (251) 965-9494

Power Washing Affordable Paint and Power Wash Alabama Poolworks, LLC Beede's Construction Coastal Painters, Inc. Emerald Coast Landscaping H2O Solutions, LLC Jones Coastline Service

(251) 626-7257 (251) 968-4242 (251) 233-8264 (251) 626-5222 (251) 269-8128 (251) 747-4916 (251) 284-5909

Printers The Plot Shop

(239) 410-4446

Property Management Alabama Poolworks, LLC Barnhill Properties Fort Morgan Property Management, LLC Nichols Real Estate Podium Property Management, LLC Roberts Brothers, Inc. The Grand Manor Owner's Associaton

(251) 968-4242 (251) 802-2665 (251) 540-7326 (251) 604-9705 (251) 625-1198 (251) 928-2109 (205) 397-1401

Protection Coatings - Stones/Glass Hydroshield of South Alabama

(251) 689-5064

Real Estate Brokers / Agents Bellator Real Estate, LLC Coldwell Banker Reehl Properties, Inc. Fort Morgan Property Management, LLC Nichols Real Estate Re/Max By The Bay- Ginny Stopa Team Roberts Brothers, Inc. Shamrock Properties The Colony at the Grand Realty Wise Living Real Estate

(251) 928-0031 (251) 990-6622 (251) 540-7326 (251) 604-9705 (251) 621-2588 (251) 928-2109 (251) 533-9445 (205) 871-5360 (251) 928-9473


A & A Refrigeration & Food Svc Equip Co., Inc.

(251) 970-1110

American Air Solutions, Inc.

(251) 943-6232

Gulf Coast HVAC, LLC

(251) 955-1054

Ingersolls Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.(251) 928-9392

Remodelers 5A Remodeling, LLC Advanced Design Services Aiken Design and Construction, Inc. Baker Contracting Co., LLC Bay Area Home Improvement, LLC BESTBILT Construction, LLC Big Daddy's Construction, Inc. Blume Construction Brian T Armstrong Construction, Inc. C. H. Builders Inc. dba Custom Builders Capital Builders, LLC Central Services, LLC Chamblee Construction and Design, LLC Clark Construction Services, LLC CMC Contracting Services, LLC Coastal Classic Homes Construction Concepts, LLC Crocker Homes, LLC David Stapleton Builders, Inc. Dearborn Construction, Inc. Dennis E. Campbell Construction, Inc. Dixie Contracting, Tim Hopkins dba E L Love Construction, Inc. Earl Buchanan Construction Corporation Eastern Shore Construction Mgt, Inc. Eddie Youngblood Builders, Inc. Elite Property Development, LLC Elliott Builders, Inc. Eric Craig Homes, Inc. Eric Lazzari Construction, LLC Farmstead Built, LLC Galt Construction Georgetown Contractors, LLC Hammond Construction, LLC Hansen Homes, LLC

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Harvill, Inc. Hill's Contracting, LLC Hudson Home Builders, Michael Hudson dba Hutchison Homes, Inc. John Bowman Construction John Ikner Homes, Inc. Jones Design & Construction Kade Laws Interior Design & Remodeling Kelly Builders, Inc. Kerby Custom Renovations Larry White Construction, Inc. Legend Timber Construction & Remodeling Lemongrass Custom Home & Design, Inc. LLCH, Inc. M Lacy Contracting, Inc. Magnolia Construction & Design, LLC McDaniel Builders, Inc. McLeod Construction McQuillen Custom Homes and Remodeling, LLC MDH Construction Services, Inc. Mike Kerr Construction, LLC Morin Homes, LLC Pickering Building and Renovations, LLC Pitman Brown R. C. I., Inc. Radek Sverak Construction, L.L.C. Reese Enterprises LLC Roberds Corporation Roberson General Contractors, LLC Site Solutions, LLC Sledges Custom Building, Inc. Snow's Building & Remodeling South Baldwin Custom Homes, Inc. Spanish Fort Painting & Construction, LLC Steve Jones Contractor Stockton Construction, LLC Stuart Construction, LLC Suarez Builder, Inc. Thomas Moore Construction, Inc. Tonsmeire Construction Corporation TripTek Construction, LLC Uncle Mac Construction. D/B/A UMC Renovations Vail Construction, LLC Vlahos & Tuck Construction Wachter & Company, Inc. Waller Builders, LLC Zehentner, Inc.
Renovation 24/7 All Services, LLC Barry Wiseman Contracting, LLC Beede's Construction Gary Buchheit Drywall & Gutters, Inc. Larry Whitaker Builders Mako Services, LLC McMurray Contracting, LLC Oscar Remodel Thomas Builders, Inc.
Residential Builder 4 Lane Development, Inc. Adams Homes, LLC Advanced Design Services Aeiker Construction Corporation Aiken Design and Construction, Inc. ARK Builders, LLC Arnett Homes, Inc. Baker Clark Homes, Inc.

(251) 308-1003 (251) 604-2574 (251) 752-1339 (251) 209-5646 (251) 752-0855 (251) 232-9423 (251) 605-2239 (479) 414-2144 (251) 990-3801 (251) 504-5023 (251) 625-4554 (251) 655-6303 (251) 554-9115 (251) 981-5773 (251) 331-6052 (251) 222-6556 (251) 980-5308 (251) 928-6575 (251) 401-9427 (251) 379-4043 (251) 391-4848 (251) 401-8720 (251) 605-9910 (251) 454-7509 (251) 610-3242 (251) 213-4734 (251) 233-7393 (251) 928-6081 (251) 213-7040 (251) 583-0871 (251) 421-2670 (251) 944-2517 (251) 540-7165 (251) 626-8273 (251) 209-0383 (256) 443-7015 (251) 937-9594 (251) 979-7563 (251) 622-5190 (251) 928-1655 (251) 583-1170 (251) 272-2864 (251) 949-7553 (251) 981-3383 (251) 379-4444 (251) 510-0647 (251) 949-6443
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(251) 929-9006 (251) 625-0601 (251) 327-5429 (251) 259-2951 (251) 928-6321 (251) 621-1752 (251) 331-2767 (251) 421-4934

Bass Homes, Inc. Batten Builders, LLC Bay Area Home Improvement, LLC Ben Murphy Company, Inc. Benchmark Homes Group, LLC BESTBILT Construction LLC Big Daddy's Construction, Inc. Bill Dobbins Homes, Inc. Bill Yance Construction Brad Stephens Construction Company, Inc. Breland Homes Coastal, LLC Brian T Armstrong Construction, Inc. Bush Home Builders, LLC C. H. Builders Inc. dba Custom Builders Capital Builders, LLC Castle Homebuilders, Inc. Central Services, LLC Charles Weems Contractor, LLC CK Construction Services, LLC Clark Construction Services, LLC CMC Contracting Services, LLC Coastal Classic Homes Concept Construction, Inc. Concordia Contracting, LLC Cooley Construction Co., Inc. Creel Construction, LLC Crocker Homes, LLC D.R. Horton, Inc. Dearborn Construction, Inc. Dennis E. Campbell Construction, Inc. Dial Construction, Inc. Dilworth Development, Inc. Dobbins Builders, Inc. Drayton Homes, Inc. DSLD Homes Gulf Coast, LLC Dunlap-Buroughs Construction, LLC Eastern Shore Construction Mgt, Inc. Eddie Youngblood Builders, Inc. Elite Property Development, LLC Elliott Builders, Inc. Eric Craig Homes, Inc. Friday Construction Co., Inc. Galt Construction GRW Company, Inc. H. C. Pitman Building Co. Hammond Construction, LLC Hansen Homes, LLC Heritage Homes of Mobile, Inc. Highland Wake Construction, LLC Hill's Contracting, LLC Holiday Builders Impact Divisions, LLC Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety Island Development Custom Homes, LLC John Eckenstaler Builders, Inc. John Ikner Homes, Inc. Jones Design & Construction Jordon Barnhill Construction, LLC Kinggard Homes, LLC Langenbach Construction Co. LLC Larry White Construction, Inc. Lassiter & Sons Construction Legend Timber Construction & Remodeling LLCH, Inc. Luxury Living Builders, Inc. M Lacy Contracting, Inc. Magnolia Construction & Design, LLC McCurley and Associates, LLC

(251) 937-4935 (251) 510-3400 (251) 928-4759 (251) 943-7144 (251) 473-8600 (251) 533-0958 (251) 747-3393 (251) 446-1221 (251) 510-1160 (251) 974-5898 (850) 777-6260 (251) 747-3801 (251) 937-0061 (251) 961-1110 (251) 988-1460 (251) 239-8168 (251) 210-6066 (251) 923-0444 (251) 232-6367 (251) 463-5393 (251) 680-5074 (251) 948-4448 (205) 663-8686 (601) 624-8191 (251) 649-4752 (251) 379-0081 (251) 421-3029 (251) 447-0329 (251) 424-2017 (251) 990-0773 (251) 490-1954 (334) 821-6610 (251) 580-3110 (251) 605-8595 (251) 370-9581 (251) 979-8441 (251) 604-3050 (251) 209-9666 (251) 375-4088 (251) 421-3667 (251) 747-5465 (251) 709-5959 (251) 504-7231 (251) 421-2905 (251) 454-6676 (251) 408-2777 (251) 978-6835 (251) 666-3950 (251) 968-9253 (251) 604-2574 (407) 259-1029 (904) 599-5485 (251) 747-2809 (251) 424-1814 (251) 623-0825 (251) 232-9423 (251) 605-2239 (251) 213-6767 (251) 377-9480 (251) 928-4044 (251) 625-4554 (251) 368-8669 (251) 655-6303 (251) 981-5773 (251) 648-4412 (251) 331-6052 (251) 222-6556 (251) 721-6609



McDaniel Builders, Inc. McElmurry Homes, Inc. MDH Construction Services, Inc. Mike Henriksen Construction, LLC Mike McConnell, Inc. dba Mike McConnell Homes Mike McCurley & Assoc., Inc. New Era Construction, Inc. Ole Bay Builders, LLC Phil Harris Construction Inc. R. C. I., Inc. Randy Crocker Home Builder Reed Real Estate & Construction Reedy Construction, LLC Reese Enterprises, LLC Roberds Corporation Roberson General Contractors, LLC S A Luckie, Builder, LLC Salt Construction, LLC Sawgrass Builders, Inc. Snow's Building & Remodeling South Alabama Property Service South Baldwin Custom Homes, Inc. Southern Heritage Builders Steve Jones Contractor Stockton Construction, LLC Stuart Construction, LLC Sun Coast Builders, Inc. Superior Quality Homes, LLC Taupeka & Co., Inc. The Knight Company Thomas Builders, Inc. Thomas Moore Construction, Inc. Tonsmeire Construction Corporation Tripp Group, LLC Truland Homes, LLC Vail Construction, LLC Valere Homes Vlahos & Tuck Construction Von Electric General Contractors, LLC Wachter & Company, Inc. Waller Builders, LLC Watchman Builders, LLC White Excavation and Construction, LLC
Residential Custom Home Builder Achee Builders, Inc. Adcock Custom Builders, Inc. Advanced Design Services Aiken Design and Construction, Inc. ARK Builders, LLC Arnett Homes, Inc. Baker Contracting Co., LLC Batten Builders, LLC Ben Murphy Company, Inc. Benchmark Homes Group, LLC BESTBILT Construction, LLC Bill Dobbins Homes, Inc. Bill Purvis Contractor, Inc. Blume Construction Brian T Armstrong Construction, Inc. Bush Home Builders, LLC C. H. Builders, Inc. dba Custom Builders Capital Builders, LLC Castle Homebuilders, Inc. Chamblee Construction and Design, LLC Clark Construction Services, LLC Coastal Classic Homes

(251) 980-5308 (251) 990-9798 (251) 379-4043 (251) 209-5121 (251) 943-5065 (251) 980-6333 (251) 948-4245 (770) 560-9955 (251) 968-7128 (251) 610-3242 (251) 421-3029 (251) 540-2306 (251) 377-9857 (251) 233-7393 (251) 928-6081 (251) 213-7040 (251) 928-3498 (251) 597-4999 (251) 504-6163 (251) 944-2517 (251) 379-0362 (251) 540-7165 (251) 367-7777 (251) 209-0383 (256) 443-7015 (251) 937-9594 (251) 943-4344 (251) 581-5916 (251) 928-3712 (703) 388-9848 (251) 423-6668 (251) 622-5190 (251) 928-1655 (251) 597-8921 (251) 621-0850 (251) 949-7553 (251) 316-4302 (251) 981-3383 (251) 421-6076 (251) 379-4444 (251) 510-0647 (251) 550-1220 (251) 895-2186
(251) 928-1960 (251) 689-0400 (251) 327-5429 (251) 928-6321 (251) 621-1752 (251) 331-2767 (251) 222-8660 (251) 510-3400 (251) 943-7144 (251) 473-8600 (251) 533-0958 (251) 446-1221 (251) 626-3616 (251) 974-5486 (251) 747-3801 (251) 937-0061 (251) 961-1110 (251) 988-1460 (251) 239-8168 (251) 510-5730 (251) 463-5393 (251) 948-4448

Cochran Investments, Inc. Concept Construction, Inc. Concordia Contracting, LLC Construction Concepts, LLC Cooley Construction Co., Inc. Craig Homes, Inc. Craig Sinclair Builder, Inc. Creel Construction, LLC Crocker Homes, LLC David Stapleton Builders, Inc. Dearborn Construction, Inc. Dial Construction, Inc. Dobbins Builders, Inc. Drayton Homes, Inc. E L Love Construction, Inc. Eddie Youngblood Builders, Inc. Elliott Builders, Inc. Eric Craig Homes, Inc. Eric Lazzari Construction, LLC Fairhope Building Company, LLC Farmstead Built, LLC Frostholm Construction, LLC G. M. Stuart, Inc. Gary Powers Development, Inc. Green Leaf Construction, LLC Greg Kennedy, Inc. General Contractor Hammond Construction, LLC Hansen Homes, LLC Hill's Contracting, LLC Hutchison Homes, Inc. Island Development Custom Homes, LLC Israel Crocker Construction J. L. Loper Construction Co., Inc. James Sollie, LLC JBL Properties, Ltd. Jim Smith Custom Builders, LLC John Bowman Construction John Eckenstaler Builders, Inc. John Ikner Homes, Inc. Jones Design & Construction Kelly Builders, Inc. Larry White Construction, Inc. Legend Timber Construction & Remodeling Lemongrass Custom Home & Design, Inc. Limitless by Truland Homes, LLC LLCH, Inc. Luxury Living Builders, Inc. Magnolia Construction & Design, LLC Mark Keel Construction, LLC McDaniel Builders, Inc. McQuillen Custom Homes and Remodeling, LLC MDH Construction Services, Inc. Mike Henriksen Construction, LLC Mike Kerr Construction, LLC Mike McConnell, Inc. dba Mike McConnell Homes New Era Construction, Inc. Phil Harris Construction, Inc. Pickering Building and Renovations, LLC Pitman Brown Platt Builders, Inc. Priest Construction, LLC R. C. I., Inc. Reehlco Custom Homes, LLC Reese Enterprises, LLC Richard Smith Custom Homes, LLC Rob Littleton Construction Co., LLC Roberds Corporation

(251) 401-9059 (205) 663-8686 (601) 624-8191 (251) 979-0431 (251) 649-4752 (251) 751-7149 (251) 945-1419 (251) 379-0081 (251) 421-3029 (251) 421-1719 (251) 424-2017 (251) 490-1954 (251) 580-3110 (251) 605-8595 (251) 961-1120 (251) 209-9666 (251) 421-3667 (251) 747-5465 (251) 751-2989 (850) 855-0993 (251) 554-9955 (251) 463-7355 (251) 937-6727 (251) 979-5467 (251) 605-9049 (251) 968-7447 (251) 408-2777 (251) 978-6835 (251) 604-2574 (251) 209-5646 (251) 424-1814 (251) 463-8915 (251) 980-1902 (251) 609-0709 (251) 377-0871 (251) 709-2595 (251) 752-0855 (251) 623-0825 (251) 232-9423 (251) 605-2239 (251) 990-3801 (251) 625-4554 (251) 655-6303 (251) 554-9115 (251) 621-0850 (251) 981-5773 (251) 648-4412 (251) 222-6556 (251) 980-5000 (251) 980-5308 (251) 401-9427 (251) 379-4043 (251) 209-5121 (251) 391-4848 (251) 943-5065 (251) 948-4245 (251) 968-7128 (251) 605-9910 (251) 454-7509 (251) 626-3300 (251) 580-3488 (251) 610-3242 (251) 605-2915 (251) 233-7393 (251) 979-9569 (251) 229-8058 (251) 928-6081



Roberson General Contractors, LLC Ronald C Nursey Sanderson Enterprises, Inc. dba Sanderson Builders Sawgrass Builders, Inc. Site Solutions, LLC Sledges Custom Building, Inc. South Alabama Property Service South Baldwin Custom Homes, Inc. Southern Heritage Builders Spanish Fort Painting & Construction, LLC Stewart & Whatley Builders, LLC Stockton Construction, LLC Suarez Builder, Inc. Thomas Moore Construction, Inc. Tommy Stutts Builder Trawick Builders, Inc. TripTek Construction, LLC Truland Homes, LLC Valere Homes Vlahos & Tuck Construction Wachter & Company, Inc. Waller Builders, LLC Watchman Builders, LLC Zehentner, Inc.

(251) 213-7040 (817) 919-5174 (251) 968-3283 (251) 504-6163 (251) 583-0871 (251) 421-2670 (251) 379-0362 (251) 540-7165 (251) 367-7777 (251) 626-8273 (251) 776-2888 (256) 443-7015 (251) 979-7563 (251) 622-5190 (251) 422-9952 (251) 943-5000 (251) 583-1170 (251) 621-0850 (251) 316-4302 (251) 981-3383 (251) 379-4444 (251) 510-0647 (251) 550-1220 (251) 949-6443

Restoration Hadley Construction Specialties, Inc. Hydroshield of South Alabama Mako Services, LLC McMurray Contracting, LLC Phoenix Restoration Services, Inc. Streamline Environmental, LLC

(251) 979-5470 (251) 689-5064 (251) 744-7655 (251) 404-2549 (251) 725-1779 (251) 988-1230

Retail Sales Blue Water Lumber, LLC Gulf Coast Flooring & Design Gulf Coast Tools, Inc. Sherwin Williams Street's Exquisite Plants & Aquatic Gardens Tool Expo Corporation Tropical Woods & Flooring, LLC

(251) 621-9633 (251) 605-8811 (251) 970-5505 (251) 747-7664 (251) 990-0901 (251) 533-6250 (251) 955-6470

Retention Walls 316 Construction Charles Lewis Construction David Wilson Masonry, Inc Emerald Coast Landscaping

(251) 295-3945 (251) 597-2927 (251) 228-0473 (251) 269-8128

Roof Coatings Alabama Roofing Supply Foster Contracting Hadley Construction Specialties Inc Heard Roofing Company Natro Refinishing, Inc. Under Grace Roofing

(251) 456-5204 (251) 591-4776 (251) 979-5470 (251) 943-8620 (256) 328-1893 (251) 597-3870

Roofing Contractors 4U Roofing, LLC Advanced Metal Systems of Alabama, LLC Bayside Roofing and Restoration, LLC Blackard Roofing, Inc. Cooper Construction, Inc. CR Creations First Class Maintenance, LLC Foster Contracting Hand Quality Roofs, LLC Harzo, Inc. Heard Roofing Company

(251) 235-2222 (251) 979-3493 (251) 269-0919 (251) 454-1354 (251) 947-7030 (251) 472-5736 (251) 382-8425 (251) 591-4776 (251) 802-6066 (251) 979-0210 (251) 943-8620

Imbrex Solutions J A Roofing, LLC John Stacey Roofing, LLC Mendez General Contracting Inc. Parker Roofing, Brian and Kendra Parker dba Pelican Roofing, TSW Contracting, LLC Raise the Roof, LLC Read Roofing and Contracting Roca Construction, LLC Rodriguez Construction Roof Doctor of Alabama Inc. S & H Contracting, LLC Solo Construction Inc Star Roofing, LLC Under Grace Roofing
Roofing Materials / Skylights ABC Supply Company, Inc. Alabama Roofing Supply Dixie Building Supply Heard Roofing Company Interior Exterior Building Supply Metal Roofing Center & Supply, LLC Under Grace Roofing
Safety Health Environmental Don Druse Duct Doctor USA of South Alabama
Screen Enclosures Advanced Metal Systems of Alabama, LLC Central Glass Co., Inc. Charles Lewis Construction Custom Craftsman Door-N-Gutter Pro., Inc. Fortified Installations, LLC FROPP, LLC Island Enclosures & Improvements, LLC Johnson's Siding Poston Siding RJ's Seamless Gutters, Inc.
Septic Tank Installation B & M Septic Tank Service, LLC
Sewer Services Baldwin County Sewer Service, LLC
Shower Doors / Enclosures Alabama Glass Works, Inc. Central Glass Co., Inc. Clear Image Glass, LLC Harris Remodeling
Shutters / Blinds All About The Windows Beds & Blinds, Inc. Capital Building Products, LLC Fortified Building Products Gotcha Covered Island Enclosures & Improvements, LLC
Siding Contractor B & R Construction & Siding, LLC Beede's Construction Blue Water Exteriors, LLC Charles Lewis Construction Custom Craftsman

(251) 287-0643 (251) 689-5090 (251) 577-6491 (850) 525-5657 (251) 609-1121 (251) 725-3375 (251) 424-4313 (251) 605-3770 (251) 929-3665 (251) 295-5521 (251) 943-8682 (251) 943-6807 (251) 233-7197 (251) 597-4981 (251) 597-3870
(251) 456-6000 (251) 456-5204 (251) 456-2254 (251) 943-8620 (251) 970-3871 (251) 970-3320 (251) 597-3870
(251) 463-8854 (800) 955-1275
(251) 979-3493 (251) 947-7419 (251) 597-2927 (251) 952-8416 (251) 666-8313 (251) 554-9955 (251) 213-4280 (251) 968-9777 (850) 516-5058 (251) 424-3826 (251) 948-8031
(251) 580-4227
(251) 971-3022
(251) 974-5778 (251) 947-7419 (251) 990-3002 (251) 937-4004
(251) 583-1678 (251) 621-2006 (251) 621-0515 (850) 432-2485 (251) 550-8547 (251) 968-9777
(251) 379-1732 (251) 233-8264 (251) 504-4015 (251) 597-2927 (251) 952-8416



D & D Mejia's Construction, LLC Daniel Munger Eastern Shore Construction, LLC KG Construction, LLC Shad Coleman's Construction
Siding Supplier ABC Supply Company, Inc. Custom Millworks, Inc. Ford Lumber & Millwork Company, Inc. Gulf Coast Building Products, Inc. James Hardie Building Products
Site Preparation 316 Construction Ammons and Blackmon Construction, LLC Benny Darby Construction Company, Inc. Childress Sitework, Inc. EcoPath Construction, LLC Helix Engineering & Construction, LLC James Brothers Excavating, Inc. Sand & Clay, Inc. Strickland Construction Co., Inc. Taylor Land Services, LLC Turner Sitework
Specialty Construction Products Hydroshield of South Alabama
Sprinkler Systems Curtis Landscape Inc Emerald Coast Landscaping Falkner Landscape, Inc. Scottland Yards, Inc.
Stairs Capital Building Products, LLC Tropical Woods & Flooring, LLC
Steel Fabrication Marine Exhaust Systems of AL, Inc. Blue Haven Pools Bricks Are Us Hill Masonry, LLC Home Design Center John Guthrie dba Southern Tradition Stone Nero Masonry, Inc. Ramey Construction, LLC Rio Stone, LLC SetRite Tile & Stone, LLC Stone Interiors The Stone Gallery, LLC Wesley Freeland Masonry
Structural Tiedown Systems QuickTie Products
Stucco Suppliers & Contractors EK Stucco, LLC Patchwork Plus Quality Stucco & Plastering, Inc. Rodney G. Barnett Plastering Contractors South Coast Plastering and Stucco, Inc.
Subdivider of Land Ammons and Blackmon Construction, LLC Smith, Clark and Associates, LLC
Sunrooms Advanced Metal Systems of Alabama, LLC

(251) 213-8298 (251) 979-4686 (251) 802-2257 (850) 814-5492 (251) 379-2625
(251) 456-6000 (251) 990-3545 (251) 947-3127 (850) 477-6050 (251) 214-3282
(251) 295-3945 (251) 626-0656 (251) 964-5976 (251) 971-6251 (251) 269-8446 (251) 269-0847 (251) 626-3483 (251) 928-4601 (251) 943-4131 (251) 802-1303 (251) 923-9862
(251) 689-5064
(251) 232-5466 (251) 269-8128 (251) 947-0005 (251) 987-1859
(251) 621-0515 (251) 955-6470
(251) 928-1234 (251) 633-7946 (251) 979-0054 (251) 327-6999 (251) 923-0073 (251) 752-6581 (251) 928-0743 (251) 424-7018 (251) 965-1454 (251) 504-7878 (251) 964-5070 (251) 929-3850 (251) 232-4352
(904) 281-0525
(251) 747-9535 (251) 990-5649 (251) 591-3375 (251) 402-0980 (251) 550-7822
(251) 626-0656 (251) 626-0404
(251) 979-3493

Gulf Coast Building Products, Inc. Island Enclosures & Improvements, LLC

(850) 477-6050 (251) 968-9777

Surveyors Dewberry Moore Surveying Polysurveying and Engineering Smith, Clark and Associates, LLC Weygand Wilson

(251) 929-9794 (251) 928-6777 (251) 626-0905 (251) 626-0404 (251) 975-7555

Tennis Court Construction/Clay Micor, Inc. dba MDS Construction Co.

(251) 454-4244

Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning Bay Flooring & Design, Inc. Peralta Flooring Rigsby's Superior Installation, LLC

(251) 928-5625 (251) 978-6699 (251) 753-7216

Title Companies The Guarantee Title Company, LLC

(251) 621-0404

Tree Service Chris Francis Tree Care Hel-Co We Trim Trees Rose's Tree Service

(251) 367-8733 (251) 978-7558 (251) 455-5907

Trim Carpentry Beede's Construction Faith Home Fabricators, LLC Gary Buchheit Drywall & Gutters Inc Gary Clark Builder John Emrich Contracting Larry Whitaker Builders Merchant Construction, LLC Parker Diversified Holdings, LLC R C Ratliff Enterprises, LLC R. S. Kelley Construction Shad Coleman's Construction Southern Home Framing, LLC Stephen Greer Trim Steve Nelson dba Make It Happen Construction Taylor Made Trim Tile Wesley Sprinkle

(251) 233-8264 (251) 222-2287 (251) 648-1434 (251) 679-0857 (251) 510-1272 (251) 504-0131 (251) 942-6084 (251) 597-5460 (334) 412-0677 (850) 327-6789 (251) 379-2625 (251) 554-9955 (251) 223-9175 (251) 623-3471 (251) 269-4455 (251) 424-7197

Truss Manufacturer

Baldwin Truss Company

(251) 989-8242

Mobile Lumber & Millwork/Coast Design Kitchen & Bath (251) 661-8000

Phillips Frame & Truss, Inc.

(251) 965-7179

Underground Cable / Utility Construction Chris Francis Tree Care Helix Engineering & Construction, LLC J Robinson Electric

(251) 367-8733 (251) 269-0847 (251) 490-2225

Utilities Baldwin County Sewer Service, LLC Baldwin Electric Membership Corporation Daphne Utilities James Brothers Excavating, Inc. Riviera Utilities Spire Gulf, Inc.

(251) 971-3022 (251) 989-6247 (251) 626-2628 (251) 626-3483 (251) 943-5001 (251) 450-4714

Vinyl Siding & Installation Beede's Construction Custom Craftsman Holtzclaw Construction, Inc. Johnson's Siding Peralta Flooring Poston Siding Premier Vinyl Siding, LLC

(251) 233-8264 (251) 952-8416 (832) 473-6167 (850) 516-5058 (251) 978-6699 (251) 424-3826 (251) 716-0140



Self Design, LLC Southeastern Coastal Construction, Inc. Total Package, LLC

(251) 979-8577 (205) 335-7746 (251) 533-7649

Warranty Companies 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Centricity

(985) 249-1948 (228) 363-0192

Waste Disposal / Services A & M Portables, Inc. Alabama Container Co., LLC Baldwin Container Company, LLC Big Red Container, Inc. dba Eastern Shore Ag Easy-Haul, Inc. TBD Construction, LLC dba Big Red Container

(251) 605-2289 (251) 962-4325 (251) 239-5509 (251) 990-5768 (251) 929-2133 (251) 990-5047

Water Filter System Alms Pump Service, Inc. Dallas Drilling Corp. Johnson Water Well Drilling

(251) 943-1249 (251) 989-9355 (251) 955-5236

Waterproofing Hadley Construction Specialties, Inc. Meza Brothers, Jose Meza dba

(251) 979-5470 (251) 209-0479

Welding & Fabricating Marine Exhaust Systems of AL, Inc.

(251) 928-1234

Wheelchair Lifts EDCO Elevators

(251) 990-7464

Window Cleaning & Tinting Window Genie of the Gulf Coast (Roberts Universal, LLC dba ) (251) 744-0844

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The Baldwin County Home Builders Association

The Baldwin County Home Builders Association is a trade association that serves its' members by promoting the home building and construction trade industry, monitoring legislative/ regulatory issues and providing educational and networking opportunities. BCHBA's goal is to provide and expand the opportunity for all consumers to have safe, decent and affordable housing.
Chartered in 1973, the association is currently 800+ members strong with over 5,000 member employees. The membership is comprised of 186 builder companies and 611 associate companies. Builders must be licensed by the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board. Builders are the heart and soul of our association, from small volume builders and remodelers, to light commercial, multifamily and production builders. Associates are comprised of any person, firm or corporation in the building industry as a supplier of

products or services and the many craftsmen. From selling lumber to financing mortgages, associates are a vital part of our association.
Members receive numerous money saving benefits through local, state and national business discounts on products, services and even insurance. Other benefits include opportunities to participate in monthly events such as the annual Home & Product Show, Spring Tour of Homes, Parade of Homes, golf and fishing tournaments and projects benefitting local charities as well as numerous net working events.
The association has a Charitable Foundation to support its' educational and charitable activities. It was founded to support and engage in charitable activities dedicated to the improvement of community housing and the residential housing community. It provides scholarships for

students pursuing a career in the building industry as well as other educational programs. Scholarship applications can be found online at www.BCHBA.com. The deadline is March 15th.
The association is reaching out to students to encourage them to consider a career in the building industry. Whether it be as a builder, architect, HVAC, plumber, carpenter, electrician, welder, landscaper, there is a dire need for skilled individuals.
Membership provides a unique opportunity for individuals to help shape the future of their business and the home building industry. Membership begins at the local level and automatically includes membership in the state and national associations. To find out more about the association, visit online at www.BCHBA.com and on Facebook.

2020 BCHBA Board of Directors


It's Time to Take Another Look at Career Opportunities in the Building Trades

At a time when countless college graduates are finding they are underemployed and saddled with crushing student debt, it is time for educators and policymakers to reexamine the widely held belief that a college degree represents the only road to success.
The building trades offer a great career path. Regrettably, fewer students are seeking careers in the construction industry because many parents and guidance counselors are steering them toward a college pathway rather than a vocational route.
This is particularly unfortunate, given the shortage of skilled workers in the residential construction industry and the fact that carpenters, electricians, framers, roofers and others in the field earn good salaries and express high job satisfaction.
Indeed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics Survey data and analysis by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the 2014 median annual wage of most positions in the residential building sector was $39,500 ­ 10 percent above the U.S. median annual wage of $35,540.
The labor shortages can be attributed in part to the fact that many skilled residential construction workers were forced to seek employment elsewhere during the Great Recession, when more than 1.4 mil-

lion jobs were lost as builders across the nation were forced to shutter their doors or lay off workers. Many trades retrained their construction workers and they are not returning to the housing sector.
With the nationwide housing recovery now picking up steam, it is imperative that America trains more workers and leaders in the construction industry. The number of open construction sector jobs in March was 147,000, the third-highest monthly total since the Great Recession ended, according to the latest BLS data.
The problem is particularly acute here in {insert local market}. Labor shortages are harming our local builders, raising prices for consumers and slowing the housing recovery. {Add details about how local market or specific business has been impacted or use the following text.} Builders have experienced delays in completing homes, and in some cases have had to cancel projects due to a shortage of workers. These delays and production bottlenecks are increasing the cost of building a home in {insert local market}, which in turn is raising costs for home buyers.
The residential construction industry is one of the few sectors where demand for new workers is rising, and the housing industry is working diligently to meet this challenge. HBI, a national leader in career training and NAHB's workforce development arm,

offers educational programs in 44 states and the District of Columbia, reaching more than 13,000 students each year. These include more than 10,000 students in HBI's pre-apprenticeship programs and 3,500 students in 130 NAHB Student Chapters.
HBI Job Corps programs are located in 74 centers across the nation and offer preapprenticeship training in 10 residential construction trades. The training programs are national in scope, but implemented locally using proven models that can be customized to meet the workforce needs of communities across the nation. Those who graduate from the program enjoy an 80 percent job placement rate.
To meet the housing needs of a growing population, attitudes must change. Parents, teachers, counselors and students need to understand and believe that a vocational education is just as worthwhile as a conventional four-year college and that both routes offer satisfying career paths and financial gains. Academic institutions can aid in this effort by funding and promoting more two- and four-year programs that cater to students interested in construction management and the building trades.
For more information about career training opportunities in Baldwin County, visit bchba.com or hbi.org.



Upcoming Events
Home & Product Show 2021 February 20-21, 2021
Spring Tour of Homes 2021 April 24-25
Parade of Homes 2021 Sept. 25-26 and Oct. 2-3

Sat. & Sun., Sept. 25th & 26th
Sat. & Sun., Oct. 2nd and 3rd
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2020 Baldwin County Home Builders Parade of Homes Showhouse and Winner of NAHB's The Nationals Silver Award for Best Single Family Detached Model Home Under 2,000 Sq Ft

Grand Living. The Colony at the Grand is a place set apart by the very hand of nature. It's a place where earth and sky, wind and water conspire to relax the body and restore the spirit. Here, somewhere between low tide and high tea, you can do as much as your heart desires or as little as your conscience allows.
Come take a tour of the award-winning Colony at the Grand. Our Sales Center is located at 252 Cuban Lily Drive and open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm.



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