adoption form-1


TTAH Adoption Form
NAME: ________________________________________________________________ ADRESS: _______________________________________________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP: _______________________________________________________ PHONE: HOME_____________________ CELL_________________ WORK_______ How long have you lived at your present address? _______________________ Are you planning to move in the next six months? _______________________________ What will you do if and when you move?
Do you ___rent ____own _____ apartment ____ mobile home ______ other If you rent, Please list your landlords name and phone number. ________________________________________________________________________ Has anyone in your household ever had an allergic reaction to a cat? _______________ What pet do you currently have in your household?
List Pets owned in the last five years that are not currently in your household.
Please explain the reason that these pets are no longer with you (i.e. lost, died, hit by car)
What is the name and address of your veterinarian?
Are you willing and able to provide medical care necessary? _____yes _______no Where will your cat be kept during the day? _______________ at night?___________

Where will your cat sleep? ________________________ eat?______________________ Where will you keep the litter box? _______________________________________ Will you let the cat outside? _____yes _____no If yes ____attended _____unattended What will you do if your new cat doesn't get along with your present pet(s)?
Are you willing to work with Tender Touch Animal Hospital's staff to deal with behavior problems such as not using the litter box, spraying or destructive scratching?

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