K-12 Schools COVID-19 Mitigation Toolkit Checklist 2

CS321420 B, K-12 Schools COVID-19 Mitigation Toolkit Checklist

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Checklist #2: Plan and Prepare Hazard Assessment for COVID-19

The most important actions for school administrators to take before reopening in-person services and facilities are planning and preparing. To best prepare, schools should develop and adopt an Emergency Operations Plan. As part of that plan, schools should outline a plan for conducting initial and periodic hazard assessments. A hazard assessment is a process for identifying hazards or risks that could lead to injury, infection, or illness. This checklist provides considerations for a COVID-19 hazard assessment, and can be used to assess and identify areas for improvement.


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Engage with staff across a variety of jobs in the school to provide input into specific hazards and potential exposures within job positions

Hazard assessment identifies specific COVID-19 risks and mitigation strategies Note: For additional information, refer to Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and People at Increased Risk.
Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) includes when school will regularly assess new or recurring hazards
EOP includes how to collect and share information on a regular basis from staff through a variety of channels (e.g., email, virtual meetings, designated representatives) about any concerns or challenges in implementing the plan, and for maintaining privacy and confidentiality in implementing the plan

EOP is updated based on the most current hazard assessment

The points of contact (POCs) responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns are identified and communicated to staff, students, parents, guardians, and caregivers


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