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Participating Vendors

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)'s Curriculum Inventory (www.aamc.org/cir) provides a platform and structure for health professions educators' to establish their local curriculum inventory and benchmark their curriculum
according to national aggregates. The structural basis for the AAMC CI is the MedBiquitous standards for competencies and curriculum data, which allows the AAMC CI to receive data from commercial and institution-developed curriculum management
and learning management systems.

The AAMC CI includes options to upload health professions curricula in a manner that demonstrates the linkages between learning objectives, curricular content, and more. The data and reports which result from the AAMC CI can be used to support
curriculum development, continuous quality improvement, accreditation preparation, and educational research.

In order to participate in the AAMC CI, schools can choose to use their own institutionally developed curriculum and learning management system or engage one of the AAMC CI participating vendors. The vendors on the following pages have committed to following the AAMC CI technical standards and business rules. Before selecting a vendor, schools are encouraged to do additional evaluation on their potential software choice and speak with current users of a given software program as part of that evaluation process. Inclusion in this document does not imply AAMC

1. Aefis 2. All of E Solutions 3. DaVinci Education 4. E*Value MedHub 5. Elentra

6. Ilios 7. iseek.ai 8. Knowledge4You 9. M:ed:Integrate 10. Medtrics

11. New Innovations 12. OASIS 13. one45 14. Sarcix mapEDU

XML Standards to Share Data between Systems
Whether a school uses an institutionally developed system or chooses a vendor, all AAMC CI submissions are shared in XML. The XML standards the AAMC CI uses were sourced from MedBiquitous, a not-for-profit, international group of professional medical and healthcare associations, universities, commercial, and governmental organizations within the AAMC dedicated to advancing healthcare education through technology standards that promote professional competence, collaboration, and better patient care. MedBiquitous develops information technology standards for healthcare education and competence. MedBiquitous Contact Information: medbiq@aamc.org | www.medbiq.org

Non-Profit Solutions
The Ilios Curriculum Management System addresses the needs of the Health Professions educational community by providing a user-friendly, flexible, and robust web application to collect, manage, map, analyze and deliver curricular information. Ilios manages and tracks both learners and instructors and their relationships to curricular materials and activities, enabling the tracking of educational hours, roles and role transitions for curriculum participants. With robust APIs, mobile availability, and LTI delivery components for online learning systems such as Moodle or Canvas, Ilios provides a robust, scalable delivery mechanism for calendar and scheduling information, leveraging user-centric calendars providing critical course information, materials, online course environments and digital asset archives. Built by and for the health professions, Ilios supports the sharing of curriculum outcomes and materials among programs, departments, schools and institutions, while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate the unique practices of our diverse health professions community. For schools already using (or considering the implementation of) online learning systems such as Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas, Ilios provides a backbone of curricular information to make that deployment more robust and to complement the rich online tools, activities and materials already in use. Ilios is distributed under the MIT (Open Source) License.
Ilios Contact Information: Sascha B. Cohen | sascha.cohen@ucsf.edu | info@iliosproject.org | http://www.iliosproject.org

AAMC Curriculum Inventory

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Commercial Vendors
AEFIS is the complete solution for the assessment and continuous improvement on your campus. Our cloud-based integrated assessment management platform offers the following solutions that work together to enhance curriculum while engaging students and faculty: · Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment · Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection · Outcomes Transcript + Competency Portfolio · Self-Study + Accreditation Reporting · Strategic Planning + Data Collection · Faculty Activity + CV · Course + Syllabus Management · Course Evaluation + Feedback -- and other tools and features for assessment success.
Aefis's Contact Information: Caitlin Meehan cmeehan@aefis.com| Erica Waldorf ewaldorf@aefis.com
eMedley along with its constituent modules, eCurriculum, ExamN, eduCATE, eCLAS, eduSched, eValuate, eKeeper, ei3, EPAs, and MSPE, is the culmination of 20+ years' experience in the education sector. Used by university health science programs throughout the US and internationally, eMedley is the most comprehensive and advanced platform for the health sciences education sector. eMedley's modular structure allows programs to implement just the functionality that they need while allowing them the flexibility to scale as requirements change. Below is a brief overview of eMedley's extensive functionality:
· Curriculum Mapping and Management: Gap and overlap analyses, pre-loaded MeSH Terms, PCRS, Instructional and Assessment Methods, and more. Automatically generated Curriculum Inventory uploads, curriculum web site, course syllabus template, course and session objective tracking.
· A ssessment and Testing: Secure lockdown browser, online and off-line testing, bubblesheet scanning, comprehensive dashboards, item bank management, group testing, grading rubrics, competency based testing, preloaded standards and medical topic tags, item analysis, score releasing, test progress monitoring, randomized ordering of test content.
· Learning Management System: Built to meet the specific needs of medical schools with tools to manage communication with the student, assignments, gradebooks, attendance, discussions, and comprehensive Student Performance Dashboard to track graduation requirements. Supports faculty team teaching and integrates directly with the ExamN testing system and the eValuate evaluation system.
· Clinical Experience Tracking: Case logging, diagnosis and procedure tracking, time tracking, assignment tracking, student self-reflection, student portfolios, competency tracking, data dashboards, and ad-hoc reporting.
· Scheduling: Schedule planner, preference-based planning, lottery-based scheduling, optimization scheduling, track and path scheduling, student self scheduling, interactive site map interface, internal and external rotation scheduling, adjunct lecturer scheduling, iCal export and calendar synchronization, capacity management and tracking.
· Evaluations: Course and instructor evaluations, formative and summative evaluations, competency based evaluations, OSCE's, clinical site and preceptor evaluations, student performance evaluations, self-evaluations, and automated reminders.
· Documentation and Credentialing Management: Affiliation agreement tracking, faculty and preceptor credentialing, student immunization and certification tracking, license expiration and renewals, automatic expiration reminders, site logistics and documentation, specialty tracking, contact management, mail merge, preceptor pay, MSPE generation module, and schedule driven correspondence management.
eMedley is based on an architecture that is customizable and configurable to meet each client's unique and specific needs.
eMedley's Contact Information: Drew Manderfeld | 785-832-2900 | amanderfeld@allofe.com | emedley.com

AAMC Curriculum Inventory

www.aa mc.org/cir

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Leo, powered by Davinci Education, is designed for medical education programs with a focus on solving the inefficiencies that result from using too many systems to do too many things. Leo helps you run your entire educational program from a single, secure platform. Key features include:

· Robust curriculum mapping, including multiple competency
sets, themes and session objectives · Custom demographics to allow you to create and track
specialized data sets · 360-degree evaluations with automated scheduling and
reminders · Rich content management tools and LMS functionality · Lotteries and sign-ups · Messaging and discussion boards

· An integrated exam system with item analysis
and support for TBL and PBL modalities · Patient encounter logs and duty hour tracking · Integration with your central authentication and
registrar systems · Faculty contribution tracking to help you
understand what it costs to deliver your curriculum

Leo also offers the Academic Portrait® - a comprehensive profile of a student's academic experience including courses, grades, evaluations, faculty advisor notes, portfolios and more. All this is wrapped up in a calendar-based system with flexible, role-based access and definable security levels. For more information, please visit: https://www.davinci-ed.com/thedavinci-difference/standout-features WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility is a key focus of ongoing development efforts. Our expert team of healthcare educators offers strategic and tactical support to help you gain greater insights and drive improved outcomes. Leo supports healthcare education programs at Duke, Yale, Penn State, Wake Forest, Oklahoma State, the City University of New York, SUNY Downstate and many other leading institutions.

DaVinci Education Contact Information: 919-694-7498 | insights@davinci-ed.com| https://www.davinci-ed.com/

MedHub is the leading provider of health care education management solutions for undergraduate and graduate medical education, and advanced practice healthcare institutions. Its solutions are used by more than 600 organizations to address the complex tasks and interactions between students, educators, programs and institutions, allowing for continuous improvements that increase accuracy, efficiency and ease of operation across the healthcare education enterprise. The company offers two health care education solutions, MedHub and E*Value, both designed to streamline program administration, ensure institutional oversight and accreditation, and improve learning outcomes.
E*Value Contact Information: Scott Kroyer | scott.kroyer@medhub.com | https://www.medhub.com/evalue/evalue-product/
MedHub Contact Information: Carlie Kennedy | carlie.kennedy@medhub.com | www.medhub.com

Elentra is a community-source Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform created by an International consortium of medical schools, which provides learners, instructors, and curriculum administration with a simple way of accessing, interacting, and managing information within a unified online environment. The Elentra Platform is well suited for health sciences education because of its tightly integrated curriculum management and clinical scheduling support.Our flagship app, Elentra ME, has several major pillars to meet the needs of medical education, including Curriculum Mapping and Reporting, Academic and Clinical Scheduling and Calendaring, Learning Management, CBME-ready Assessment and Evaluation, Learner Portfolios, Faculty Accountability and Annual Reporting, and Community functionality and "Social" integration.The Elentra Consortium is built upon the philosophies of open access and collaboration, and we welcome new interest in the project.
Elentra Contact Information: Matt Simpson | simpson@queensu.ca | https://elentra.org
iseek is an intelligence engine that consumes, unifies, and transforms your curricular data for advanced insights that support curricular reform, LCME Accreditation and review, continuous quality improvement and more. Leveraging patented advanced linguistics, Natural Language Understanding, and Machine Cognition technologies, iseek understands your data and presents it to reveal a 360-degree view of your institution's curricular efforts.

AAMC Curriculum Inventory

www.aa mc.org/cir

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The full iseek Solution is comprised of three products: · Curriculum Intelligent Agent Search · Curriculum Intelligent Agent Search · Analytics
iseek supports Curriculum Inventory initiatives by ingesting, unifying, and transforming information available across your curricular systems without requirements for duplicative or manual data entry. iseek ensures easy, one time CI submits through our unique verification feature. The Curriculum Inventory tool is available for free with an iseek subscription including Analytics. iseek is widely used by top medical institutions in the US.
iseek.ai Contact Information: Gene Shippey | gshippey@vantage.com | http://www.iseek.ai/

Knowledge4You Corporation is a pioneer in developing comprehensive Medical School Information Systems, streamlining the management and administration of health science education. Our experience includes but is not limited to software solutions for Medical Schools, Nursing Schools, Health Science Schools and Teaching Hospitals. MedSIS 3C has been developed over 16 years and in partnership with Medical Schools in North America. It is the only health science education platform to engage
students, faculty, administrators and other stakeholders in competency based medical education.

MedSIS 3C has over 31 modules including:
· Admissions Process / Decision Letters · Competency Based Medical Education
· Learner Records and Immunization · Evaluations ­ Desktop and Mobile · Course Scheduling and Rotations · Electronic Letter of Appointment · Curriculum Management · Academic Sessions
· Registration, Letter of Good Standing

· Awards and Bursary Management · Hospital Appointment Letter
· Alerts and Non-Compliance · Requirement Documents · Elective Registration · Professionalism · Transcripts · Absence Tracking /
Request for Time Off

· Accolades and Incident Reporting · Preceptor Activities and Payments
· Supervisor and Location Registry · Case Logs ­ Desktop and Mobile · Longitudinal Experiences · Reporting and Analysis · On-Call Stipends

MedSIS 3C is a Customizable, Complete and in the Cloud solution that is used by some of the largest medical schools in North America.MedSIS 3C has helped our clients meet unprecedented accreditation with compliance in all 132 standards.

Knowledge for You Contact Information: Dr. Radu Vestemean | 905-947-9924 ext. 201 | radu@knowledge4you.com | www.knowledge4you.com

M:ed:Integrate works with professional health sciences institutions to assist in the delivery and integration of educational and administrative technologies to enhance teaching and learning. Using OpenTUSK a powerful enterprise educational knowledge management system we will host your complex, longitudinally integrated health sciences curricula which can be easily exported and uploaded to the AAMC Curriculum Inventory portal. M:ed:Integrate focuses on an integrated approach to curriculum management starting with content development and management linked to a student schedule all linked to competencies. Offering a full spectrum of services needed for health sciences education, M:ed:Integrate provides course and content management, course evaluation and scheduling, patient logging system, clinical student evaluation, a virtual patient creation tool which features linear and global navigation, a competency checklist features which uses course competencies and skills to create a tool for self, partner and/or faculty assessment, as well as a unique competency linking and visualization system. All content is automatically mapped to the Unified Medical Language System. Automated UMLS indexing facilitates content search, as does a competency search and visualization tool. We will work with your school to integrate software systems to track competencies across your curriculum. The system is mobile ready. Visit MedIntegrate.com for more information.
M:ed:Integrate Contact Information: Susan Albright | 617-312-7093 | susanalbright.consultant@gmail.com |

AAMC Curriculum Inventory

www.aa mc.org/cir

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Medtrics is an accreditation and education management platform built from the ground up with

one goal in mind: ease of use. By combining the latest in web and mobile technology with our

obsession for great user experience design, we offer a modern solution that is loved by

administrators, faculty, and the next generation of digital-native physicians. Medtrics is a cloud-based solution for managing

both undergraduate and graduate medical education. Medtrics Curriculum Mapping and Reporting module, designed

specifically for AAMC's Curriculum Inventory, offers an intuitive interface for managing a medical school curriculum. In

addition to curriculum management, Medtrics offers a variety of other tools for academic institutions, including:

· Onboarding

· Calendar and Attendance

· Scholarly Activity Tracking

· Scheduling


· Intelligent Dashboards

· Competency-based evaluations

· Case/Procedure Logging

· Fully Mobile Interface

· Entrustable Professional

· Project Management

Activities (EPAs)

· Residency/Fellowship


Medtrics clients also have access to our team of clinical educators to develop innovative solutions for a constantly evolving healthcare environment.

Medtrics Lab Contact Information: Santhosh Cherian, MD | 1-800-528-4718 | hello@medtricslab.com | www.medtricslab.com

For over 25 years, New Innovations has supported undergraduate medical education (UME) with software and services designed to enhance internal processes associated with managing and tracking student data, such as personnel records, schedules, curriculum, evaluations and more! Our flexible software delivers a complete solution to the screens of users, enabling administrators and clerkship coordinators to achieve organizational oversight and management with ease...ensuring the emphasis remains on education where it belongs
New Innovations Contact Information: Adekunle Mumuni | 330-899-9954 | amumuni@new-innov.com | www.newinnov.com/

OASIS is an advanced web-based solution designed to meet the unique scheduling needs of today's medical schools. With lottery scheduling, curriculum tracking and information management capabilities, OASIS offers a complete scheduling management system. OASIS integrates with Banner and PeopleSoft, as well as other custom developed student information systems.
Undergraduate medical programs use OASIS for web-based scheduling and as a central hub for collecting information from and dispersing information to students and faculty. Standard OASIS features include:
Academic History, Course Requirements, Curriculum tracking, GradeBook, Final Course Grades, Lottery-based Scheduling, Notices, an On-line Course Catalog and real-time Reports. Additional modules include an Evaluation Module, with MSPE support, data analysis and Patient Encounter Tracking, and an Events Module with a fully searchable electronic Events Calendar. Curriculum metadata can be added to Events for curriculum tracking and Curriculum Inventory (CI) reporting.
Using built-in curriculum tools, schools can easily link Objectives to Instructional Methods, Assessment Methods, Competencies, PCRS and Keywords to form a searchable curriculum map. The CI Reporting feature will then be used to extract curriculum data and build the Curriculum Inventory Report. When a final CI Report has been generated, schools may use OASIS to upload the Report to the AAMC CI portal.
OASIS has a proven track record as a powerful and flexible web-based scheduling solution with personalized, responsive customer service. With continuous product development, OASIS is sure to have a solution that adapts to your program's individualized needs.
OASIS Contact Information: Paul Schilling, President | 608-628-6313 | paul@schillingconsulting.com | www.schillingconsulting.com

AAMC Curriculum Inventory

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Medical schools across North America, Asia, and Australia have trusted one45 with their curriculum management, program evaluation, clinical scheduling, assessment, and accreditation reporting challenges since 2002. one45 has the happiest clients in medical education, and we have the customer satisfaction scores to prove it.
Each year, we help a huge number of schools successfully complete their curriculum data uploads to the AAMC Curriculum Inventory. Using one45's curriculum tool, you can go from curriculum spreadsheets to an accepted AAMC CI submission in a matter of hours. We guarantee our clients will complete their first data upload to the AAMC Curriculum Inventory in 5 days or less.
One45's newest module is a data warehouse and dashboarding system designed for medical education. This module seamlessly integrates data from existing course evaluation, curriculum, exam, grading, and admissions systems, without the need for in-house technical resources. Your data is combined and presented in a set of dashboards for use by the offices of student affairs, curriculum, and assessment, among others. You can conduct a thorough curriculum analysis before submitting your data to the AAMC Curriculum Inventory at the touch of a button.
one45 Contact Information: Brian Clare | 1-855-505-0145 | sales@one45.com | www.one45.com
Sarcix Inc. is the developer of mapEDU. mapEDU leapfrogs traditional curriculum mapping and revision processes by using your easily accessed course information and artificial intelligence designed for curriculum mapping. mapEDU takes your course descriptions, learning objectives, syllabi, and/or actual classroom content (lecture audio, video, handouts, presentations and more stored in your LMS) and maps them to national and internal outcomes using its proven algorithm--for fast, objective results.
Graphical reports provide key actionable takeaways that validate your curriculum revisions and accreditation requirements. You get:
· Accurate and objective curriculum maps for knowledge discovery and data visualization · Objectively scored compliance to internal and national accreditation objectives · Gaps and redundancy reports · Searchable MeSH terms tied to individual course content
Make adjustments and repeat the process any time for continuous quality improvement. Specializing in curriculum mapping for schools of medicine, osteopathy, and pharmacy, mapEDU comes preloaded with national outcomes for medical and osteopathy. Any other preferred outcomes may be easily imported.
mapEDU Contact Information: Dolph Ellefson PhD | 888-310-3635 | hello@mapEDU.com | www.mapEDU.com

AAMC Curriculum Inventory

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