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Gigaset C575A

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Gigaset C575A
Comfortable Communication with answering machine
Highlights: o Large TFT colour display (2,2'' / 58 mm) with modern user
interface o Phonebook for up to 200 contacts with 3 telephone numbers
each o Large illuminated individual keys on handset for secure
operation o Extra-large number display (dial preparation) o 2 keys for favorite features

Audio quality
o Optimised acoustics, first-class sound quality and volume, also in handsfree mode
o Acoustic profiles (high/low frequency) o Hands-free mode on the handset o Ringtone volumes settable in 5 stages o Hearing-aid-compatible
Telephone book and dialling functions
o Phonebook for up to 200 contacts: first name, last name, telephone numbers (home, office, mobile), VIP melody, birthday reminder
o Call preparation (input of the number before the actual dialling procedure) with correction option
o Redial of the last 20 numbers o Automatic redial o Programmable shortcut keys (2 -- 9) o Dialling procedure: Dual-tone multi-frequency dialling (DTMF),
pulse dialling (DP) o Dialling key (programmable flash times) o Support of access prefixes o Phonebook transfer between different Gigaset handsets
o Illuminated graphical TFT colour display 44 x 35 mm (H x W), 58 mm (2.2") diagonal, 64k colours, 6 lines, 176 x 220 pixels

o Best legibility - High contrast - Main menu with six icons per screen - Jumbo numbers: extra-large number display
o Selectable display background (black or white) o Selectable colour schemas for display texts o Screensaver: Analogue or digital clock, info services o In sleep mode:
- Display of date and time - Display of field strength and battery state of charge - Display of new messages - Display keys for fast selection of functions o During a call: Display of call duration
Call display and signalling
o Call display with telephone number or name (CLIP/CNIP) o Visual call display:
- On the display - Flashing "Handset" button (green LED) o Settable ringtone melodies - 18 melodies in the handset - 7 melodies in the base station - 5 volume stages + OFF + crescendo o Anonymous call suppression: Calls without CLIP number are only indicated visually o Time controlled protection against unwanted calls, the phone will continue to ring for assigned VIP contacts (day/night mode) o Individual ringtones for external/internal calls

Display of missed calls / caller list
o Display and flashing message key indicate missed calls and provides convenient access to the message list
o Caller list with telephone number (CLIP) and time for all calls (60 entries), as well as for outgoing, incoming or missed calls (20 entries each)
o Direct dialling out of the missed calls list
o Ergonomic keypad made of high-quality material o Secure operation due to large individual keys o Lighted keypad: amber coloured o Illuminated send/talking key, incl. hands-free function o 5-way navigation key with centre click (incl. mute function) o Key lock on/off via pound (#) key o Ringtone on/off via asterisk (*) key o Dialling key (programmable flash times)
o Intuitive, modern user interface/menu for easy operation (several languages available)
o Convenient main menu with six icons per screen and soft keys o Simple operation via text-based sub-menus and soft keys o Languages:
Additional functions
o Plug-and-play - very easy installation: unpack, plug in, and call (handset registered ex works)
o Calendar with month overview and scheduler for: - 30 appointments with text and separate ringtone - Birthday reminder for each phonebook entry
o Alarm clock feature with adjustable melody and snooze function
o Room monitoring (baby monitor) with intercom function - to an external device, such as mobile phone - or to an internal device, such as an additional handset
o Direct call function: Selection of a phone number by pressing any key
o Editable handset name o Warning tone if the user leaves the range of the system o Advisory tone (for key confirmation and low battery) o Date and time settings saved in the event of a power failure o IP40 protection
Features when operating multiple handsets
o Toll-free internal calling o 2 calls possible at the same time (1 external and 1 internal
between 2 handsets) o Phonebook transfer between different Gigaset handsets o Internal call to all or selected handsets o Call forwarding to a different handset with dialling/call back

Gigaset C575A o Simultaneous ringing of all handsets for external calls

Answering machine
o Integrated digital answering machine with up to 30 minutes of recording
o Simple operation via handset and base station o 1 individual answer message recordable (approx. 170 seconds) o Pre-set answer message (plug-and-play) o Display of new messages on handset and base station o Announcement of date/time of each message o Adjustable recording length:
1, 2, 3 minutes or unlimited o Adjustable call acceptance:
Immediately, after 10, 18, or 30 seconds, automatically o Listen in on incoming message on base station and handset o Remote enquiry possible (PIN-protected, PIN of 0000 not
permitted) o Recordings are protected unlimitedly against power failures

o Automatic reduction of the transmitting power depending on the distance between the handset and the base station
o Radiation-free in standby mode, even if several handsets are used, as long as all registered handsets support ECO DECT

Technical data


o Connection of 1 external line (a/b) o Up to 6 handsets can be registered (for more
information also see o Transmission range expansion with Gigaset Repeater


a/b (analogue)

Implementation Main connection / HA / PBX




o Standby: o Call duration: o Batteries: o Charging time: o Range
- in buildings: - outdoors: o Dimensions: o Weight:

up to 320 hours up to 17 hours 2 x AAA (NiMH), rechargeable approx. 8 hours
up to 50 m up to 300 m 168 x 48 x 22 mm (H x W x D) approx. 118 g (incl. batteries)

Base station

o Power supply: o Dimensions: o Weight:

230 V plug in power adaptor 44 x 126 x 102 mm (H x W x D) ca. 152 g

Scope of supply

o 1 Gigaset C575A base station o 1 Gigaset C575HX handset o 1 Plug in power adaptor, base station o 1 Telephone connection cable o 2 AAA rechargeable batteries (NiMH) o 1 Battery compartment cover o 1 User manual

Appliance colour Black

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