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Integriti Software Licence Order Form
This form allows you to request Integriti Software licences and product keys, please be aware that you will still be required to download the software from the Inner Range website. Please fill out all details on the form to ensure a prompt response from your local CSD branch. Integriti Site / Product Key Details Site Name:
Existing Product Key: (only applicable for existing sites)
Product Key Registration Registration of new Product Key is required and must be completed online via Inner Range's Key Point Licences Management system and requires consultation with the end user. Please provide the Email address to be used for the registration process: Email:

After CSD process this order you will receive an email from the Inner Range KeyPoint system containing a link to the online registration e-form. The information listed below will be required on the e-registration form and failure to complete this will STOP the registration process until all items have been correctly provided.
· End User name / Company or Organisation Name · End User company registration number or business number ­ ABN/ACN or OC# · Site Contact Name ­ (Must be the End Users) · Full site address of the End User ­ (Location of the Integriti Server) · End User Email Address & Telephone Number

Installation Company Details Installer Company Name: Contact Person: CSD Account No: Purchase Order Ref #: Telephone:



Integriti Software (please tick below) IR-996905--Express Edition IR-996901--Professional Edition IR-996901B--Business Edition IR-996901C--Corporate Edition

IR-996905UPG--Upgrade from Express to Professional IR-996901UPGB--Upgrade from Professional to Business IR-996901UPGC--Upgrade from Business to Corporate

Integriti Software Integration Licences


IR-996940--Integriti Door Licence, per Door (Sold via KeyPoint)

IR-996921--Integriti Business Only - Extra 8 CCTV Camera Licences (Sold via KeyPoint)

Specialist Software Integration Licences


IR-996928--Integriti Integration - Real-Time Location System (Sold via KeyPoint)

IR-996931--Integriti Integration - Event Review I/O Comm's (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996932--Integriti Intercom Integration Licence (Sold via KeyPoint)

IR-996934--Integriti Integration - Keylocker / Locker (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996935--Integriti Visitor Management System Integration Licence (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996936--Integriti User Export Licence for Morpho Manager Software (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996937--Integriti Integration - VingCard (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996939--Integriti Integration - Milestone Xprotect ACM (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996941--Integriti Integration - 3rd Party Door Licence (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996962--Integriti RightCrowd Integration Licence (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996964--Integriti Integration - Mobile Credential Management (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996968--Integriti Integration - ModBus Slave (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996969--Integriti Integration - Biometric Management (Sold via KeyPoint)


Specialist Expansion


IR-996915--Integriti Partition Licence, 1 Licence per partition (Sold via KeyPoint) IR-996906--Integriti Mimic Viewer Software Licence (Sold via KeyPoint)

IR-996907--Integriti Mobile Reader Application Server Licence (Sold via KeyPoint)

IR-996956--Integriti Integration - AURM Active User Rotation (Sold via KeyPoint)

Specialist Controller Licenses


IR-996022-- Integriti Integration - ASCII Automation Interface (Sold via KeyPoint)

IR-996025--Integriti Integration - Fence Integration (Sold via KeyPoint)

IR-996030--Integriti Integration - Advanced Peer to Peer (Sold via KeyPoint)

IR-996228M--Integriti Integration - ModBus BMS Interface (Sold via KeyPoint)

IR-996239--Integriti Integration - Honeywell Fire (Sold via KeyPoint)

Advanced & Enterprise Features (Consultation required with Inner Range before purchase)


IR-996023--Integriti Integration - Elevator Management / Lift HLI (Controller Level)

IR-996933--Integriti Integration - Elevator Management / Lift HLI (Server Level)

IR-996965--Integriti Integration - Extra Server Node, HA/Load Spread

Integriti Site Details Site Name: Smart Card Serial Number*: Associated Integriti Product Key:

(*Not required if no software or no Internet connectivity)

Smart Card Replacement


IR-999040--Integriti Smart Card Replacement for ISC / IAC

Save form, attach & send to Central Security Distribution via Email


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