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"I am inspired by

the success of


"I'm using mistakes to help me grow"

"I like to try new things"


MINDSET "Challenges help me grow" "My effort and attitude determine my abilities" "Feedback is constructive"

"Failure is an opportunity to grow"

with Mangahigh.com

"When I'm

frustrated, I just

give up"

"I keep getting it

wrong. I can't do "I'll just stick with


what I know"


"I don't like to be challenged" "This is just the way I am. I can't do anything about it!"

"I'm either good at it, or I'm not!!"
"Failure is the limit of my abilities"

"Challenges help me grow..."
Questions on Prodigi progressively get harder. Start at EASY, then MEDIUM, HARD and EXTREME. See your talent grow over time!





"My effort and attitude determine my abilities..."
DON'T GIVE UP...PLAY AGAIN! It usually takes several attempts to pass an activity:
1. Attempt each activity 3+ times and see yourself grow!

3 CORRECT ANSWERS IN A ROW to move up a level
2 INCORRECT ANSWERS IN A ROW move down a level

"I'm using mistakes to help me grow" Click on the red boxes, learn from your mistakes, before trying again.
"I am inspired by the success of others"

"Feedback is constructive..." Click on 'Show Solution' to review your mistakes. Write down the solution in your notebook, to help you get it right next time!
"I like to try new things..." Don't just play the Games! Combine Games with Prodigi: Games are great for developing fluency and automaticity Prodigi quizzes help you develop conceptual understanding and reasoning
This helps train different 'parts' of your brain - automatic, and deep problem-solving thinking.

2. Every time you 'play again' you get a different set of questions - starting from the level you have reached previously

3. Gradually work your way up to the Hard and Extreme questions so you can pass (Bronze medal)

Aim for a Bronze medal to pass the activity. To do this...
answer at least 3+ Hard questions correctly get at least 4200 points

Challenge yourself to upgrade to a Silver medal. To do this...
answer at least 3+ Hard questions correctly, and remainder in Extreme get at least 9000 points

Push yourself further and earn the ultimate Gold medal. To do this...
aim to answer all 10 Extreme questions correctly get at least 14,000 points

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