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Meet your
new phone


A map of the hardware

microSD/SIM Front
Card tray





USB/Charger port

S Pen




Samsung Care
How can we help you?
Get to know your product
To access user manuals, tips and more visit
Ask the community
To ask questions and get solutions from
other Samsung customers visit
Contact us for support
For hardware or software support call
us at 800.SAMSUNG or visit
To find a service location near you visit

Edge screen functions
Tap the Edge handle for fast & easy access to
people, information and apps.
From the Home screen, swipe up for Apps and
then tap
Settings >
Display >
Edge screen.

Swipe the Edge
handle to view
Edge panels.

Apps edge
Create shortcuts to access frequently used apps.
People edge
See notifications of missed calls and messages
from your important contacts.
to customize, download, and add new
Edge panels.

Hello Bixby
To launch Hello Bixby, press the Bixby key.
Hello Bixby allows you to quickly set reminders,
create voice dictation, search and access content
on your phone and on the Internet.

For more information about Bixby, visit

Steps to phone setup
Charge up
Included here you’ll find an Adaptive Fast Charger
and USB cable. Connect them to each other, and
then to your phone. Plug it in until your phone
reaches 100%.

WARNING: Use only Samsung-approved charging devices.
Samsung accessories are designed to maximize battery life.
Using other accessories may invalidate your warranty and may
cause damage.

Before turning on your phone, activation is
essential. On another device, pull up this site: Log in and you’ll be
stepped right through the process.

microSD™*/SIM Card Tray
If you have a microSD Card, insert it here:

NOTE: To access the microSD Card slot, remove the microSD/SIM
Card tray from the device. *microSD card sold seperately.

The how-to basics
Powering on and off
To turn your phone on, press and hold the
power/lock button. Once it’s on, press and hold
that same button to power it off.

The screen basics
To turn on your screen, press the power/lock
button, then swipe up onscreen to unlock it.
To turn your screen off, just press the
power/lock button.

The Xfinity Mobile app
The Xfinity Mobile app is preloaded on your
phone. Consider it your control center to track
your usage, manage your account and ask

Voicemail 101
The Voicemail app is preloaded on your phone.
You can use it to listen to your messages or read
them as text and record a custom greeting.

S Pen
The S Pen™ enables fast, accurate, and precise
input while providing a natural writing experience.
Create note: Quickly create
short notes.
View all notes: View all
notes created.
Smart select: Outline, crop,
edit and share a screen with
Screen write: Capture a
screen and write or draw on it.
Live message: Create live messages, and GIFs.
Translate: Translate and hear pronunciations.
Bixby Vision: Shop and discover images,
products, and places.
Add shortcuts: Select an app to add to the
Air command menu.

Need Help? We’re here.
Call Xfinity Support at 1 (888) 936-4968

Copyright 2017 Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd. Samsung,
Galaxy S, and Samsung Pay, are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Android, Google, the Google Logo and Google
Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Screen images simulated.
Appearance of device may vary.
The XFINITY Mobile logo and the New Network mark (“O”) are
trademarks of Comcast. All rights reserved.

Printed in Korea.



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