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Canon’s high-speed DR-Series Scanners are an integral element
of Enterprise Content Management solutions. As front-end scan
capture hardware components, the scanners’ reliability,
performance, and feature-rich functionality are critical for
ensuring the accuracy and overall effectiveness of any document
management workflow.
Recognizing this, many of the industry’s leading software com-
panieshave tested Canon’s DR-Series Scanners for compatibility
with their products. With this compatibility, customers are
ensured the reliability and benefits of a complete document
management solution. Moreover, they have the flexibility
of selecting a hardware product that will operate effectively
with the software applications they’re currently using
or implementing.
Withan extensive portfolio of DR-Series Scanner products
designed to target various business applications, customers
are assured the best hardware product to suit their needs. From
decentralized imaging and desktop scanning workflows to
centralized batch processing of high-production workflows,
Canon’s DR-Series Scanners are equipped to perform.
Compatibility Table
Canon’s DR-Series Scanners have been tested for compatibility with many of the industry’s
leading Enterprise Content Management solution providers. This is a compatibility list that’s
consistently being updated. For the most up-to-date list, please visit Canon U.S.A’s Web site
at,and click on the page of the specific DR-Series Scanner in which
you’re interested.
A2iA A2iA FieldReader v2.4R1 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
Abbyy FineReader v7.0 Corporation TWAIN
AccuSoft Corp. ImageGear Professional ISIS/TWAIN
Apres Systems eTFileTMv3.2 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
Canon imageWARE Suite Document Manager/Scan Manager/Publishing Manager v4, Professional Ed. ISIS/TWAIN ••••• •
Captaris Alchemy v8 ISIS/TWAIN
Captiva Software InputAccell, InputAccell Express v5.1 ISIS/TWAIN
InputAccell Express v5.2 ISIS/TWAIN
Captovation Captovation Capture v5.0 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
Datacap Taskmaster v6.0.11 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
DocStar DocSTAR Ep/Sp/Spx TWAIN
Docubase Docubase Enterprise v6.12 sR3 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
Doculex DocuLex Professional/Office/Enterprise Capture v1 TWAIN/KOFAX
DocuWareDocuWare v4.6 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
eFileCabinet eFileCabinet v3.2 TWAIN
ExperExchange TypeReader Professional/Enterprise/OpenRTK v6.0 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
FileBound FileBound Scan/DataManager ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
Integra Business Systems, Inc. iDentifi.NET v3.5 ISIS •• • •
Kofax Virtual Rescan v4.0 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX • •
LaserFiche LaserFiche v6.1 ISIS
v7.0.2 ISIS • •
Lizardtech Document Express Professional v5.0, v5.1 TWAIN
Lumtron AccuraImage by Lumbron ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX ••••• •
PaperWise PaperWise Enterprise and Office Edition v5.4 TWAIN/KOFAX
Pegasus Imaging ISIS Xpress v2.0 ISIS
Prizm IP Toolkit v1.5 ISIS/TWAIN
FormFix Forms Processing Toolkit v4.5 ISIS/TWAIN
ScanFix Bitonal Image Enhancement Toolkit v2.8 ISIS/TWAIN
ScanFix Bitonal Image Optimizer Application v4.2 ISIS/TWAIN
Prizm Browser-Based Viewer v7.01 ISIS/TWAIN
Real Vision Imaging RVI Imaging v7.0 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
Redmap Capture Point ISIS ••••• • •
RJS Software Systems WebDocs iSeries/Windows/Small Business Edition ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
ScanSoft OmniPagePro 15 Office ISIS/TWAIN
PaperPort Professional 10 ISIS/TWAIN
Secure Health Information Corp. Prism ROI and ERP v4.5.4, v1.5.4 ISIS
Stellent Stellent Capture v7.5 ISIS/TWAIN/KOFAX
Verity TeleForm v9.1 ISIS/TWAIN
WestBrook Technology Fortis Product Suite v1.12, v2.2 ISIS
Disclaimer: Canon presents this table to illustrate third-party companies that have independently tested Canon’s DR-Series Scanners for compatibility with their products. Canon does not warrant or guarantee these third-party solutions in any way. Canon has no responsibility for your use of these third-party products and solutions or their compatibility with Canon products in any way.
Note: If a scanner does not show a circle with a particular software, it simply means that testing is currently under way. For the most up-to-date list, please visit Canon U.S.A.’s Web site at, and click on the page of the specific DR-Series Scanner in which you’re interested.
Desktop Publishing
Document Distribution
Document Management
Production Capture
Image Enhancement/Editing
Forms Processing
Process Automation
Bar Code Recognition
Document Archive
and Retrieval
Backfile Conversion
Check Remittance
Output to Laser Disk)
Data Mining
Content Management
Content Management
Scan toCD
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these third-party solutions in any way. Canon has no responsibility for your use of these third-party products and solutions or their compatibility with Canon products in any way.
om, and click on the page of the specific DR-Series Scanner in which you’re interested.
The following companies are
listed in the compatibility table.
The descriptions provide additional
information about their solutions
and a Web address to learn more.
Compatibility Listing
A2iA (Artificial Intelligence & Image
Analysis) is a worldwide leading devel-
oper of Intelligent Word Recognition
(IWR) technology for reading natural handwriting, including
cursive handwriting, from paper documents. A2iA’s tech-
nology helps paper-intensive industries reduce data entry
costs and improve processing automation. Its products
combine the company’s OCR, ICR, and IWR technologies
with its artificial intelligence and neural network systems,
making it one of the most comprehensive, advanced recog-
nition engines on the market today.
InputAccel Express is an easy-to-
use, out-of-the box capture solution
that assembles and indexes docu-
mentimagesfor business-ready content. Utilizing OCR,
PDF, 1/2D Bar Code, and a host of other features for scan-
ning, assembly (proper page order, electronic folders, etc.)
and indexing, it integrates Canon document imaging and
multifunction products with all major content management
systems, including Documentum, FileNET, Hyland, IBM,
OpenText, and Microsoft.
Captaris Business Information
Delivery solutions capture, process,
archive, and deliver data and docu-
ments, enabling customers to reduce costs and increase the
performance of critical business information investments.
Leading organizations use Captaris Alchemy to manage
their fixed content, streamlining business processes while
addressing critical compliance demands. Alchemy 8.0 is the
industry’s first fixed content management suite that provides
a complete and fully integrated solution at the intersection
of document management, records management, and infor-
mation lifecycle management.
Tightly integrated into Canon’s
core business, the imageWARE
Suite of software products helps
enhance the functionality and value of Canon’s hardware
document solution. The imageWARE Suite—including
Document Manager, Scan Manager, and Publishing
Manager—is an integrated document publishing and
management solution. Today, thousands of customers
around the world are using the imageWARE Suite to
manage their entire document life cycle to improve
day-to-day office productivity and achieve cost-savings.
eTFile is Apres Systems’ integrated
document management system that
delivers on the promise of a “paper-
less office.” Quickly and easily manage data electronically
with eTFile. eTFile’s unique ability to integrate with any
existing automation system means there’s no hardware
or software upgrade required.
AccuSoftis a leading provider of tech-
nologyusedin commercial imaging
and data visualization applications.
AccuSoft’s products, ImageGear and VisiQuest, make it
easy for customers to prove, analyze, integrate and manip-
ulatemany different types and forms of data and images.
AccuSoft’s major markets include medical, government,
scientific, consumer, and academic.
Abbyy FineReader v7.0 is an OCR appli-
cation designed specifically for network
environments. It combines the highest
level of accuracy and format retention with robust network-
ing capabilities. It’s an ideal solution for corporations that
need to convert and repurpose a variety of paper documents
and PDF files for editing and archiving purposes.
FileBound isahigh-volume
capturesystem that provides
an out-of-the-box solution with
Canon’s DR-Series Scanners. FileBound can store, manage,
and secure any electronic file and make it accessible
anywhereat anytime.
OCR software for
home, commercial, and
application developers,
ExperExchange TypeReader converts scanned images into
electronic files quickly and accurately. ExperVision’s
OpenRTK (Recognition Toolkit) provides the mechanism
for application developers, system integrators, and cus-
tomers to integrate ExperVision’s leading technology
into their products.
eFileCabinet is a paperless docu-
ment storage system with the
ability to find and retrieve any
type of document in seconds. Canon DR-Series Scanners
integrate easily with eFileCabinet to quickly store docu-
ments and eliminate the need for paper files. Storing
documents with eFileCabinet saves time, space, and
DocuWare is a worldwide leading
software company for integrated
document management. Regard-
less of format or source, DocuWare organizes any type of
document in a central document pool—records, letters,
drawings, files, or e-mails, and allows users to scan,
index, transmit, display, edit, print, fax, or e-mail them.
DocuLex provides a robust suite
of applications that complement
Canon’s line of high-speed
DR-Series Scanners, including DocuLex Professional Capture
for high-volume scanning environments, DocuLex Office
Capture for low and moderate departmental use, and
DocuLex Goby Capture for network scanning capability.
For electronic document search and retrieval, DocuLex
providesserver-based WebSearch and a local desktop
application, Search.
A market leader in EDMS (Electronic
Document Management Systems)
since 1986, Docubase Systems
offers powerful, robust, and user-friendly solutions to
companies looking to archive, index, and retrieve precious,
business-critical documentation.
Grouped under the Docubase Enterprise product suite,
these solutions are capable of handling all types of docu-
mentformats and are scalable to a monthly volume of
millions of documents, with the complexity remaining
transparent to the end-user.
Datacap, Inc. provides data
and document capture and forms
processing software solutions to
organizations worldwide. A complete, rules-based client/
server capture workflow platform, Datacap Taskmaster pro-
vides highly flexible solutions for both image indexing and
data entry automation. Taskmaster also enables scanning,
indexing, and administration from a browser and integrates
with many leading document management solutions.
Captovation, Inc. specializes in the
design and development of docu-
ment, check, and browser-based
capture products for the electronic document management
industry. Captovation’s software products and custom inte-
gration services provide paper-intensive organizations with
the ability to streamline and tailor the document capture
process to meet their needs. Captovation Capture, the com-
pany’s flagship product, is a suite of document capture
modules for the enterprise.
Pegasus Imaging offers powerful doc-
ument imaging and forms processing
technology, delivered as software
development toolkits and applications. Features include
ISIS®and TWAIN scanning, bar code recognition, ICR, OCR,
OMR, file conversion, multipage TIFF G3/G4 and PDF, JPEG,
documentviewing, document cleanup, image processing
(including anti-alias, deskew, despeckle, binarization),
annotation, redaction, printing, and more. Products are
delivered as .NET controls, COM components, DLLS and
Founded in 1988, PaperWise is a
provider of document management
and workflow solution platforms
that are adaptable and scalable. The PaperWise platforms
allow both large and small businesses to build customized
solutions needed to increase office efficiency and lower the
cost of document processing.
More than a software solution,
Lumtron’sTM Document Manage-
ment Solution is a methodology for
e-filing. The automated document indexing, controlled by
your Business System, means no more typos or OCR mis-
reads, plus document retrieval is as simple as a mouse
click. Lumtron’s Document Management Business Solution
includes complete business workflow analysis, current
filing methodology review and integration with business
management, and CRM systems.
Document Express with DjVu from
LizardTech is a suite of applications
for creating and manipulating true
quality representations of scanned and electronic black-
and-white and color documents, in a highly compressed,
open source file format called DjVu.
The iDentifi.NET product suite delivers
comprehensive document imaging,
tracking, management, archiving,
and eSignature capabilities. Our
iDentifi.formfill module helps auto-
mate the indexing process by query-
ing host files and other databases. When combined with
the Canon line of high-speed DR-Series Scanners, you get
a fast, reliable scanning and indexing solution.
LaserFiche document management,
imaging, and DoD 5015.2-certified
records management solutions
help organizations worldwide run smarter. LaserFiche solu-
tions streamline operations, enhance the security of busi-
ness-critical information, and reduce costs associated with
paper-handling, documentstorage, and regulatory compli-
ance programs. Designed for rapid deployment, LaserFiche
systems support standard Microsoft and Oracle database
platforms and are built upon a scalable, open architecture
that integrates smoothly into existing IT infrastructures.
Kofax is a global leading provider
of information capture solutions.
It accelerates and reduces the cost
of business processes by collecting documents and data
from throughout an organization, transforming them into
retrievable information, and delivering it into databases
and line-of-business applications. Kofax Ascent platform
is one of the world’s most popular capture applications.
Kofax Virtual Rescan (VRS) technology is an industry
standard for high-quality image processing and scanning
productivity. And Kofax Adrenaline products are a reliable
way to connect scanners to PCs.
IPRO Copy+ provides a simple, practical
litigation imaging solution that’s inex-
pensive to implement, cost-effective to
use, and can be easily integrated into
existing business processes. With IPRO Copy+, you can rapidly
scan, image, Bates Stamp, and OCR legal documents in one
simple step. Additionally, you can utilize advanced preprinting
features to verify the readability of copies and images prior to
printing. IPRO Premium Scan, a litigation imaging system for
production environments, enables you to capture additional
information associated with each image at the point of scan-
ning. Also, batch productivity and other project data is
tracked and reported.
Westbrook Technologies,
Inc. develops document
management (Fortis
and File Magic), Web-imaging (Fortis PowerWeb), and
ERMand workflow (Fortis Inflo) software. Based in
Branford, Connecticut, Westbrook Technologies provides
document management solutions to businesses of all sizes
to help them maintain their competitive edge. Westbrook
Technologies’ users throughout the world capture, index,
store, and retrieve their critical decision-making informa-
tion from anywhere—instantly and securely.
Stellent Imaging and Business Process
Management provides a solid foundation
for archiving business process efficiency
and maximizing investments in corporate systems. By
providing the ability to proactively and automatically
deliver critical business content where and when it’s
needed, and integrate transaction documents and infor-
mation into common business processes and third-party
applications, Stellent Imaging and Business Process
Management drives return on investment throughout
the organization.
Verity Teleform quickly and easily cap-
tures and converts paper-based and
electronic forms into digital data that
can be leveraged departmentally or throughout the enter-
prise. Teleform reduces manual data entry costs by up to
90% and increases data quality by automatically cleaning
and confirming data with business-rules processing and
database validation.
ScanSoft premier speech and imaging
solutions capture vital information
and transform it to enhance produc-
tivity and the work experience, provide universal access, and
simplify interaction with hardware and software systems.
ScanSoft OmniPage Pro 15 Office is a powerful productivity
tool that quickly turns PDF files and stacks of paper into easily
editable word processing and spreadsheet documents.
ScanSoft PaperPort®Professional 10 is a cost-effective way for
offices to organize, find, and share paper and PDF documents
while combining the efficiency of document management, the
convenience of network scanning, and the power of PDF docu-
ment creation and assembly.
The Prism Suite provides powerful
release of information and electronic
patient record features into a simple
and intuitiveinterface. Appropriately, Prism’s capture inter-
facewasbuilt around the Canon DR-Series Scanner line.
Canon’s auto-feed functionality and steadfast reliability
meet the high demands of on-site digital capture workflows
using Prism software found within the Healthcare industry.
RJS Software Systems provides solu-
tions to effectively manage business
information. Its iSeries and PC solu-
tions help businesses get accurate, timely, and accessible
information. With RJS Software systems, companies have
the ability to digitize and manage documents online,
convert reports to deliver data, and share and transfer
files across various platforms.
Redmap’s Manage Point and Capture
Point, together with Canon’s line of
DR-Series Scanners, allow companies
to efficiently capture information, securely archive it in
electronic format, and easily retrieve it for future use.
Real Vision Software, Inc.
is a cross-industry iSeries
AS/400 imaging solution.
A powerful, feature-rich, user-friendly imaging system, it’s
cost-effective and offers CPU pricing with no additional
scanning, indexing, or workstation user fees. Plus it’s
scalable from a pilot program to an enterprise-wide
Front-End Scan Capture, Imaging, and
Document Management Solutions
Desktop Publishing Software providing the ability to
scan, edit, and incorporate images with other graphics
for professional publishing.
Document Distribution A software application that
provides for scanning documents to be distributed via
e-mail, fax, or to archive.
Document Management Software designed to manage
all types of documents, including scanned, electronic,
and paper.
Forms Processing Software designed to extract data
from a form as it’s scanned in. The form is then routed
or processed, based on the extracted data. Form can
contain typed, coded, or handwritten text.
Image Enhancement/Editing Software applications
used toimprove the quality of scanned or existing digital
graphic image files. Quality improvements vary from
simple image de-speckling and contrast cleanup to
modifying the imagewith an editing tool.
Production Capture Software products designed to
capture high volumes of paper. Scanned images
arethen released to other software applications
for storage and retrieval.
Back-End Document Management, Processing,
and Archival Solutions
Backfile Conversion A service provided to scan a
customer’s legacy data. Service providers scan archived
paper files and convert to electronic image files.
Check/Remittance Processing Software designed to
scan checks and supporting documents associated with
invoice payment.
COLD Computer Output to Laser Disk is software that
takesdatagenerated on a host computer, extracts
indices, stores data and indices on local storage media,
and provides access from local or wide area networks.
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions present a variety of technologies designed to manage information
throughout its total lifecycle. From the early creation stages of capture, image editing, and enhancement of
workflow optimization and document routing, archival, records management, and preservation applications,
ECM solutions are versatile and comprehensive. Their fundamental benefit is to streamline business processes
to improve efficiency and collaboration throughout an organization.
This glossary provides basic definitions of some of the functions available today from ECM providers. These
technologies are consistently improving and changing to meet the diverse business requirements and needs.
OCR/ICR/OMR/Bar Code Recognition
OCR Optical Character Recognition is used to scan
paper-based documents and convert typed text
into computer-usable data that can be imported into
word processing applications, spreadsheets,
or other applications.
ICR Intelligent Character Recognition is used to scan
paper-based documents and convert handwritten text
into computer-usable data that can be imported into
word processing applications, spreadsheets, or other
OMR Optical Mark Recognition is used to scan
paper-based documents and recognize data or mark in
apredefined location.
Bar Code Bar code recognition is used to identify
bar codes on a scanned document. Data recognized
within the bar code is often used to index and store
documents, with no user-intervention.
Workflow (Business Process Management) Software
that enables implementation of computer-based rules to
automate paper-intensive business processes.
Content Management Connectivity Software that
connectswith content management systems provided by
companies such as IBM, Legato, FileNet, IMR, and Microsoft.
Content Management System/Portal The capability to
manageand track the location of, and relationships among,
content within a repository system or Web-based portal.
DataMining Software that enables users to enter com-
plex search criteria and then locates pertinent data from
within the stored archive.
Document Archive and Retrieval Software designed to
scan paper documents to be archived on various storage
mediafor rapid access and retrieval.
Scan to CD Enables one to easily convert hard-copy
documents into electronic format and then transfer
those documents into a portable format, such as the
compact disc.
Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. in the United States and may
also be a registered trademark or trademark in other countries. IMAGEWARE
is a registered trademark of Canon U.S.A., Inc. in the United States and is a
trademark of Canon Inc. in certain other countries. IMAGEANYWARE is a trade-
mark of Canon U.S.A., Inc. All referenced product names and other marks are
trademarks of their respective owners.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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