DAYSYSTEM DS174 17" TFT LCD MONITOR User Manual Microsoft PowerPoint DS174RGB DVI SPK 050718 Eng

DAYSYSTEM CO., LTD. 17" TFT LCD MONITOR Microsoft PowerPoint DS174RGB DVI SPK 050718 Eng


Page 117 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor Advanced Color TFT LCD MonitorThe information presented in this document may form a part of quotation or contract under the agreement of both parties. Otherwise, this datasheet is subjected to be hanged without notice.TFTTFT--LCD MONITORLCD MONITORBefore operating the unit, please read this manual Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future referencethoroughly and retain it for future reference.User Manual User Manual (17 INCH)(17 INCH)
Page 217 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor CONTENTS0. Connections 31. Quick Start 32. U.S. FCC Class B Notice 43. Product Overview 54. Plug & Play                                                      55. Usage Notice 66. Package Checklist 77. Front Button 88. OSD Operation 99. Troubleshooting 1310. Specifications 1411. Video Mode Support 15LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONSThese products are not designed for use in life support appliances, devices, or systems wheremalfunction of these products can reasonably be expected to result in personal injury. Customers using or selling these products for use in such applications do so at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify for any damage resulting from such improper use or sale.
Page 317 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 0. CONNECTIONSDC inPC Sound Output12V AdapterAudio InSpeakerAudio OutPC / RGB CablePC / DVI Cable (option)DigitalDVI (Option)Analog RGB
Page 417 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class BDigital Device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed toprovide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy, if it is not installed or used by the instructions, it may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in aparticular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, that could be determined by tuning the equipment on and off, the user is encouraged to try to connect the interference with the following option:• Re-orient or relocate the reception of antenna.• Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver• Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that which thereceiver is connected to.• Consult the dealer or an experienced Radio / Television technician for help.2. U.S. FCC CLASS B NOTICE1. QUICK START(1) Connect the 15-pin D-sub or DVI connector to the VGA port of PC.(2) Connect the opposite side of VGA cable to TFT LCD monitor.(3) Plug in the Audio cable to the proper connector of your monitor.(4) Plug in the power cord to AC/DC adapter power inlet and 110V / 220V consent.(5) Plug in the 12V DC output to TFT LCD monitor.Caution : Any changes or modifications in construction of this device which are not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.NOTE: The manufacturer is not responsible for any Radio or TV interference caused by unauthorized modifications to equipment.Such modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
Page 517 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 3. PRODUCT OVERVIEWThis 17” SXGA TFT LCD Monitor, accepts standard analog RGB signal.This monitor supports SXGA and lower resolutions at the frame frequency up to 75Hz.Lower resolution modes can be expanded to full screen through the expansionalgorithm. The user interface includes Audio, Display, Control, Auto Adjust, andadditional features.This monitor contains high-end LCD controller, which have high performance and userfriendly interfaces. Fancy design monitor makes your desk simple and luxury.The LCD monitor neither emits harmful rays nor requires space. Moreover, it conformsto VESA DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) requirement, therefore energyconsumption is remarkably little. Actual power consumption of LCD monitor is less than35 watts during the operation, in contrast CRT monitor. These features guarantee youwith safe, clean, and healthy environment.4. PLUG & PLAYThis monitor supports VESA DDC 1/2B requirements, therefore it is truly Plug-and-Play for all PCs. No hardware or software change needed. It finds optimum settingvalue automatically without any diskette installation by DDC process.• DDC ProcessAbbreviation  of ‘Display Data Channel’.The format of data exchange between Monitor & VGA Card.
Page 617 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 5. USAGE NOTICEWarningPlease do not open or disassemble the products, because it may cause electric shock.Please be advised all the warnings, precautions, and maintenance advice asrecommended in this user’s manual in order to maximize the life of your monitor.Do:• Turn off the monitor before cleaning its surface.• Periodically wipe its surface with a soft and dry cloth.• Use the quality and safety-approved AD/DC adapter.• Disconnect the power plug from the AC outlet when the product is not in use for long time.Do not expose the monitor to:• Extremely hot, cold, and humid environments during operation.• Area susceptible to dust.• Direct sunlight• Abrasive cleaners, waxes, and solvents
Page 717 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 6. PACKAGE CHECKLISTLCD MONITOR User’s Manual AC/DC Adaptor Power CordVGA Cable* AttentionMonitor and stand part are packed disassembled. Please be careful not to drop the stand part   when you take the monitor out of protecting styrofoam.
Page 817 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 7. FRONT BUTTONOSD FunctionMENU AUTO/SELECT DOWN UPButton FUNTION STATE Hot KeyMENU BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST/COLOR/ETC…Activate menu/Exit MenuExit Sub-Menu/Move to previous MenuLED Green (ON)/Red (Stand By Mode )Orange (Flicker) : NO SIGNALIndicates operation statusAUTO/SELECTAUTO ADJUSTANALOG/DIGITAL AUTO AdjustON/OFFPower ON/OFFDOWN Move Menu(Volume)Move Menu(Increase)UP Move Menu(Volume) Move Menu(Decrease)VOLUME
Page 917 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 8. OSD OPERATION8.1 BRIGHTNESS CONTROL8.2 CONTRAST CONTROL- This control allows you to make adjustments to brightness of the display screen Menu > Left / Right Move to Brightness Control menu > Select Button (Selection of Menu) > Down / Up(Increase/Decrease Value) - This control allows you to make adjustments to the contrast of the display screen 8.3 H-POSITION- Select this control menu, and then use Down and Down buttons to center the image horizontallyon the screen.
Page 1017 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor +8.4 V-POSITION- Select this control menu, and then use the Down and Up buttons to center the image verticallyon the screen.8.5 CLOCK- Select this control menu, and then use Down and Up buttons to optimize screen quality by removingnoise.8.6 CLOCK PHASE- Select this control menu, and then use Down and Up buttons to adjust the screen image until it looks focused, crisp and sharp. One of the good points of LCD Monitor.
Page 1117 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 8.8 LANGUAGE8.9 INFORMATION8.7 COLOR CONTROL- Select this control menu, then scroll to the desired color temperature among 9300K, 6500K or USER for custom setting. In User Mode, adjust R,G,B color control. - Select this control menu, choose from English (ENGLISH), German (DEUTSCH), Spanish (ESPAÑOL),Italian (ITALIANO), French (FRANÇAIS). - Select this menu allows you to confirm information of the display.
Page 1217 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 8.10 OSD8.11 AUTO ADJUST- Select this control menu, and then use the  button to select the duration time for the OSD menu. Use the ◀and ▶buttons to select the time, to center the OSD image horizontally &  verticallyon the screen.- This control will automatically make adjustments to the horizontal and vertical size,horizontal and vertical position, phase and color.
Page 1317 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 9. TroubleshootingWarningPlease do not open the monitor, because it may cause electric shock to thecustomer. Also, the warranty program may not support the damages, which usercauses. When problem persists in spite of trying the followingtroubleshooting advice, please contact dealer or the repair center listed.Trouble and countermeasureLED doesn’t lit / No imageCheck if the display is in power saving mode.Check if the display is switched on or the power cable is properly connected.Image is unstable (Flicker, Interference, Noise, etc.)Check if signal cable is securedCheck if frame (vertical) frequency of video signal is lower than 75Hz becausethis monitor can not run over 75Hz. In this case, please change the setting of‘Display Control Panel’ of Windows to 60Hz, that displays the best performance.Dull imageAdjust the Frequency or Phase.Adjust the frame (vertical) frequency to 60Hz.Remove any video signal distributor.Dark or saturated imageAdjust the Brightness or Contrast.
Page 1417 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 10. SpecificationsModel 17 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color MonitorDisplayType 17” Color Active Matrix TFT LCDColor 16.7Million (8 bit/color)Pitch 0.264(H) x 0.264(W) mmScreen size 337.9(H) x 270.3.0(V) mmBack light 4 CCFLsResolution (max.) 1280 x 1024(SXGA) at 60 to 75Hz (Optimum 60Hz)Contrast ratio 450:1Brightness 250 cd/m2VideoSync frequency Vertical: 56 ~ 75Hz (Optimum 60Hz)Horizontal: 31.5 ~ 80KHzInput signal Analog RGB 0.714 VP-P, 15 Pin D-sub typeViewing angle Up/Down: 60º / 60ºRight/Left: 70º / 70ºCompatibilityPlug & Play      VESA DDC 1/2BCompatibility VESA / IBM / MACPower Management VESA Standard, DPMSOperating ConditionsPower Consumption Operating: 35 watt max.Stand-by: 3.5 watt max.Temperature Operating: 0 ºC ~ 40 ºCStorage: -20 ºC ~ 60 ºC Humidity Operating: 10% ~ 85% R.H.Non-Operating: 90% R.H. Max.User controlOSD Menu /Select / Left / Right / Down / Up / PowerMechanicalSize Packed : 445 (W) x 210 (D) x 460 (H) mm  Weight Packed : 6.5 kg
Page 1517 inch SXGA TFT LCD Color Monitor 11. VIDEO MODE SUPPORTThe modes are detected when presented to the input and previous alignments for setup areautomatically recalled. A true multi-sync monitor emulation is implemented.The factory preset supported modes include:VESA StandardMode*1Pixel freq.Resolution640 x 350Industry StandardVESA StandardIBM VGA 3H720 x 400640 x 480640 x 480VESA StandardVESA Guidelines640 x 480800 x 600VESA StandardVESA Standard800 x 600800 x 600Refresh rate H-freq.VESA Guidelines1024 x 768VESA StandardVESA Standard1024 x 7681024 x 768 60KHZ56.5KHzVGAVGAVGAVGAVGASVGASVGASVGAXGAXGAXGA48.4KHz46.9KHZ48.1KHz37.9KHz37.5KHZ37.9KHz31.5KHz31.469KHZ31.47KHz75HZ70Hz60Hz75HZ72Hz60Hz75HZ72Hz60Hz59.940HZ70Hz78.750MHZ75.000MHz65.000MHz49.500MHZ50.000MHz40.000MHz31.500MHZ31.500MHz25.175MHz25.175MHZ25.175MHzRemarks*1Notes:1. All mentioned modes are non-interlaced. The maximum and minimum frame rates are determined by the TFTLCD.2. Factory preset modes are overwritten by additional user alignments for automatic recall. At all times it remains possible to recall the initial factory presets.VESA StandardVESA Standard1280 x 10241280 x 1024 80KHZ64.0KHzSXGASXGA75HZ60Hz135.000MHZ108.000MHz

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