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Instructions on How to Attach Files to the PDF E‐Form using ADOBE READER/ADOBE
1. To attach the email endorsement files to the PDF E‐Form, click and select the email messages from
your outlook mailbox and drag to your own computer hard disk.

2. Go to (1) View‐> Comment‐>Annotations, click the Attach File icon
shown at the Annotations
section, located at the right column. (2) For Adobe Reader running version 10 or below, go to
“Comment & Markup ‐> Attach a File as a Comment”.
Click on the document page where you want the Comment icon to appear.

3. The Add Attachment dialog opens. Choose the file and click Select to proceed. From the File
Attachment Properties window, under Appearance section, choose the Attachment icon. Click
OK to proceed. An attachment icon will be shown when the file has been attached. To check the
document status dialog, users can right click on the attachment icon.

4. To view the list of attached files, click the Attachments icon to open the Attachments panel, shown
at the lower left section.
(Note: All Windows application file (.exe) and all .zip compressed files cannot be attached to PDF


Instructions on How to Submit the PDF E‐Form
1. Launch the PDF E‐form using the Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Professional application. When
the information has been input by the user, click the Submit button.
2. User is required to send the attached PDF E‐form using the recommended Microsoft Outlook
application. Choose the Desktop Email Application or Default email application (Microsoft
Outlook) options depending on the versions of your Microsoft Outlook application. Click OK or
Continue to proceed.


Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat Professional (9.0 and above)
a. Users will be directed to the following outlook window upon completing either part 1 or part 2,
depending on the software version of the user’s application. To confirm the submission of the
project proposal, click Send to proceed.

Adobe Professional (8.0 and lower)
a) After completing part 2, users will receive the outgoing notification message.

For technical assistance, please contact:
Koh‐Ho Cheng Fiang, Frances
Senior Assistant Manager



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