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The mission of the School District of Manatee
County’s EDEP is to support our working parents
by providing an affordable, safe and nurturing
extended day enrichment program designed to
enhance children’s lives educationally, socially,
culturally, emotionally and physically.

Please take the time to read the information in this handbook
for complete program details.
Following these very important procedures will assure continuation
in the program.
A child may be enrolled in EDEP when he/she meets the enrollment
criteria. (See page 2)
Annual non-refundable registration fee is required for each child.
(See page 3)

Tuition and fees are due in advance, even when the child is not in
attendance. (See page 3)
All past due balances must be paid in full by the last day of program in the
week for which the balances are due to avoid terminating the account. A
child will not be permitted to re-enter the program until past due balances
are paid in full. A break in service will require completing the registration
forms and paying a registration fee per child. (See page 3)
Parent adjustments will not be issued for late payment of tuition, fees and
late pick-up. (See page 3)
Changes in fee status will require the parent’s signature and a zero account
balance. (See page 3)
Beginning at 6:01 PM, late pick-up fees will be assessed per child.
(See page 4)

School Nurses are not present during program hours; therefore, there will
not be administration of any medications. (See page 5)
Immediate dismissal from the program may be warranted should parent or
student become physically or verbally abusive to staff. (See page 6)



Program Goal
Description of Services
Enrollment Criteria
Registration Policy
Hours of Operation
Tuition and Fees
Notification of Absences___________________________________ 4
Late Pick-Up
First Aid/Injuries
Behavior/Disciplinary Action
Parent Information
Personal Property
Employees of the School District of Manatee County

Extended Day Enrichment Program is
supported solely by fees paid for program services
by parents/guardian and subsidies.
No educational dollars are used to provide
this service to families.

WELCOME to the Extended Day Enrichment Program
Dear Parent/Guardian,
We welcome you to the School District of Manatee County’s Extended Day Enrichment Program
(EDEP). EDEP is a before/after-school child care program for elementary age children who are four
years of age by September 1st through Fifth grade, and is supported solely by parent fees and in-kind
services from each school. The following are the goals for the EDEP:

Program Goals
The staff will strive to meet the social, emotional and intellectual needs of children in an environment
that fosters:
Positive Self-Esteem
Sense of Security
Community Involvement
Environmental Awareness
EDEP staff will be sensitive to the needs of parents utilizing their services by:
Providing an affordable enriching environment for students.
Delivering age-appropriate activities.
Communicating with parents through written correspondences, bulletin boards,
programs and conferences.
Our staff participates as partners with you in providing a quality program. Communication, support
and cooperation are essential in this partnership. Please read this handbook carefully and discuss
pertinent information with your child. Sign and return the “Parent Acknowledgement” form on the
back cover. If you have any concerns about EDEP, we would be happy to talk with you. Please call
the EDEP Site Manager or EDEP District Office.


Description of Services
The before and after school activity program, EDEP, has been designed to provide an affordable,
active and enriching environment for children who must arrive at school early and/or stay late. The
school campus is utilized for EDEP activities. Supervision is provided at a ratio of 1 adult to 20
children. The number of children enrolled at each site is determined by how much physical space is
available and the number of staff employed.
Program activities may include:
Homework Help
Enrichment Clubs and Special Interest Clubs
Cultural Enrichment Experiences
Recreational Activities and Cooperative Games
Creative Expression through Music, Drama, Dance and Art

Enrollment Criteria

Registration Policy

A child may be enrolled in EDEP when
he/she is:
Able to be independent in daily self
care needs, such as toileting, feeding
and dressing self.
No danger to him/herself or others
Able to participate in large group activities

Registration requires completion of all
registration forms by the parent and
payment of annual non-refundable registration
fee, plus weekly tuition for the first week of
services. (Tuition will not be prorated
for entering the program mid-week or later).
Transportation is the parents’ responsibility.
Parents are required to complete
registration forms when transferring
their child from one EDEP school site to
another EDEP school site.
Parents who have children in attendance
on alternating weeks will be expected to
pay weekly tuition every week regardless of
custody issues.

with an adult/child ratio of 1 adult to

20 children.
Able to remain within the program location
and under adult supervision without
running away. Failure to do so will result
in immediate dismissal from program.

Please note each child attending must have their own separate registration form filled out. A parent
or student may not have a balance due at any EDEP site prior to enrolling. Failure to comply with
the registration guidelines may result in the loss of your child’s position on the roster. Your child is
registering for a slot in EDEP. Registration fees hold your slot for two weeks at the beginning of
school. Note any special needs your child may have on your registration form. A registration fee is
charged each time a parent terminates and re-enters any EDEP. Space is not guaranteed for re-entry.
EDEP is available on days that regular school is in session.

Hours of Operation
Based on School District of Manatee County School Calendar
Morning Hours: Varies by School Site
Afternoon Hours: From School Dismissal until 6:00 PM

Tuition and Fees
Program fees are paid weekly. Weekly fees are not prorated for non-school days.
All fees must be collected in advance of services being rendered. No changes are allowable for
these services. Pre-payment of services assures compliance with the Florida State Constitution
(Article VII, Section 10) which requires tuition to be paid in advance of services.
Tuition and fees are payable by cash, check, money order or via online credit card service.
Starter checks are not accepted for payment of tuition or any other fees.
An annual non-refundable registration fee is required for each child.
Registration paperwork will be accepted only with the registration fee for each child.
All children are required to re-register and pay the registration fee each school year.
Tuition in full and all outstanding fees must be received by 6:00 PM on Fridays to avoid
assessment of a late payment fee, per child, even when the child is not in attendance.
EDEP is not responsible for interruptions in the delivery of the U.S. Postal Service which may
delay receipt of payment.
EDEP is not responsible for payments sent in a child’s backpack or left at the school office.
All children must be signed out by 6:00 PM.
Weekly tuition is not prorated for short program weeks, acts of God or circumstances beyond
our control or when termination occurs on any day of the week.
Late Payment Procedure is as follows: Weekly tuition is due by 6:00 PM on Fridays. Late
payment fee will be assessed the following Monday at 6:00 PM.
All past due balances must be paid by the last day of program in the week for which the balance
is due to avoid termination. Children will not be permitted to re-enter program until past due
balances are paid in full.
A fee status change may be made two times per school year and only if there is no past due
balance on the account. Changes in fee status will require amending and signing the
Enrollment Status Form. Additional status changes will incur an additional registration fee,
per child.
Parents are billed weekly, regardless of their children’s attendance.
Nonpayment, continued untimely payment of weekly tuition/fees or failure to pay for returned
checks to the collection agency will result in termination.
EDEP reserves the right to require payment by cash or money order after two returned checks.
When termination occurs during any part of a week, unused weekly tuition is non-refundable.
Pre-paid tuition for weeks when no attendance occurred will not be refunded.


Tuition and Fee Schedule


(AM Only)

(PM Only)





Add’l Child




Non-Refundable Registration Fee

$25.00 per child

Early Outs/Modified Wednesdays ONLY

$10.00 per child

Late Payment Fee

$10.00 per child

Late Pick-Up Fee

$10.00 per child per every 15 minutes until
6:46 PM accordance with Section
($25.00 or an amount of up t

68.065(2), Florida States



To assure that children are supervised while in
our care, we employ the following system:
Each child must be checked into and
out of the program daily by the parent

Children must report to the school cafeteria
or the designated EDEP site immediately upon
school dismissal.

or other authorized person.

Notification of Absences

Only persons who have written
authorization from the parent are
permitted to sign out/pick-up a child.
Picture identification is required for
anyone to sign out a child when they are
unknown to site personnel.
Children will only be released from the
designated sign-in and sign-out areas.

If your child is at school but will be absent from
EDEP, you must notify the school office or
EDEP Site Manager by 12:00 PM. If your
child is absent from school, he/she will not be
expected to attend EDEP and you will not
need to call. Absences from EDEP will be
verified daily against the school absentee list.

Late Pick-Up
A late pick-up fee of $10.00 is charged for each 15 minutes after 6:00 PM, measured by the School
6:00-6:15 = $10.00 per child
6:15–6:30 = $20.00 per child
6:30–6:45 = $30.00 per child
6:46 = Abandoned Child Procedure Initiated.
Children who remain on site after 6:46 PM will be released into the custody of a law
enforcement officer. We reserve the right to dismiss your child from the program
after three late pick-ups.

Parents must maintain up to date telephone numbers for all persons permitted to pick-up their
children. The following steps will be taken if any student remains at the site 30 minutes after closing
without notification from the parent:
The Site Manager will attempt to contact persons permitted to pick-up the child as indicated on
the Registration Form.
If no authorized person is reached by 6:46 PM, the Site Manager will contact law enforcement
to pick up the child.
Parent signature is required on the Late Pick-Up form.

First Aid/Injuries


A staff member trained in first aid will apply
ice packs, wash scrapes with soap and water
and provide first aid to minor cuts, scrapes and
bruises. A log accident/injuries is maintained on
the parent information table at each site. Parents
will be notified of minor injuries and requested to
sign the log at the time the child is signed out.
An effort will be made to telephone a parent or
emergency contact person if the injury requires
additional treatment.

Parents will be notified if their child becomes
ill while at EDEP and needs to be picked up.
It is very important that information on contact
persons be current, so that someone can be
reached in the case of illness or emergencies.
A parent will be contacted if a child is
suspected of having a communicable
disease, has a fever or symptoms which
include, but are not limited to, any one of
the following: diarrhea, rash, pink eye, or
skin infection. The child must be removed
from the facility as soon as possible.

NOTE: Any student who has had a communicable disease may not return to the program until the
signs and symptoms are no longer present or the student has a statement from a doctor.



School nurses are not present during program
hours; therefore, there will not be administration
of any medications. If your child has food or other
allergies, make sure the staff is aware. If your child
has medical conditions that require nursing

EDEP staff will not check heads for Lice.
If staff members see “live bugs” they will
contact the parent to pick the student up

assistance, your child’s participation is discouraged - Nutrition
although permitted – in this program, since
Children will receive an adequate and
nursing services are not available in the Extended
nutritious snack each afternoon. Please
Day Enrichment Program.
report all food allergies or special nutritional
needs to the EDEP Site Manager.


Behavior/Disciplinary Action

Parent Information

EDEP staff has developed guidelines/policies for
students’ behavior using positive reinforcement
and other disciplinary alternatives. The
Guidelines for behavior are posted at each site.
Disciplinary action is noted on a Behavior
Notice that is to be signed by the parent within
24 hours of the incident. Suspension will
commence no later than 24 hours after the
reported behavior incident occurs. A parent
conference will be requested if disruptive
behavior continues. Immediate dismissal
from the program may be warranted should
parent or student become physically or verbally
abusive to staff.

Individual parent file folders are located beside
the sign-out area in every center. Receipts
and other important notices are placed in these
folders. Please check the folder daily so that
you do not miss any important announcements
or information. A bulletin board which
contains information for parents is located at
each site. It is advisable to check the board for
updated information on a regular basis.

Personal Property

Employees of the School
District of Manatee County

EDEP is not responsible for personal
property. If children are required to bring
technology tools to school for classroom use,
these items may only be used in EDEP to
complete classroom assignments or conduct
related classroom activities. EDEP is not
responsible for damage to, or loss of any item.

Current full-time employees of the School
District of Manatee County receive the sibling
discount rate on their weekly tuition.
The application for this discount must be
submitted every time a child is registered
or re-registered.
The discount will take effect following
district office approval.


Parent Information
The School District of Manatee County believes that a safe, secure, nurturing and civil environment is essential in
accomplishing its mission of inspiring our students to learn, dream and achieve so all Manatee County students will reach
their highest potential.
This policy promotes mutual respect, civility and orderly conduct among all district employees, students, parents and the
general public.
The policy is not intended to deprive any person of his/her right to freedom of expression. Rather, it is intended to
maintain, to the extent that is possible and reasonable, a safe, harassment-free workplace for students, families and staff,
that is free of disruptive, demeaning, intimidating, threatening or aggressive behaviors.
District staff will treat students, parents, fellow staff members and members of the public with respect and will expect the
same in return.
District staff will not conduct business with those who use obscenities or otherwise speak in a demanding, loud, insulting
or threatening manner. Volatile, hostile or aggressive actions and words will not be tolerated.
District students’ rights and responsibilities are further defined within the Code of Student Conduct.

School District of Manatee County

EDEP Parent Acknowledgement Form






Parent/Guardian agrees to the hours of operations for EDEP before school and
after school care. Late pick-up fees will be charged at a rate of $10.00 per child for every
15 minutes you are late as outlined on page 4. Tardiness of 3 times will result in
dismissal from the program.
Parent/Guardian agrees that fees are due in advance on Friday each week. Failure to
pay fees in advance will result in dismissal from the program.
Parent/Guardian agrees that after two returned checks, cash or money order payments
will be mandatory.
Parent/Guardian agrees that their child is independent in daily self care needs. Child
must be potty trained in order to participate in EDEP. Failure to utilize bathroom
facilities will result in dismissal from the program.
Parent/Guardian agrees that if their child leaves the supervised area it will result in
immediate dismissal.
Parent/Guardian agrees that they must enter the building to pick-up and sign out their
child. Only individuals with a picture ID who are on the registration form will be
allowed to sign out your child.
Parent/Guardian agrees to notify the Site Manager immediately of any change in
home address, phone number, employment phone number, etc. Emergency phone
numbers must be kept current. Failure to provide updated information and records will
result in dismissal.
Parent/Guardian agrees that if parent, guardian or children are physically or verbally
abusive to staff it will result in immediate dismissal.
Parent/Guardian agrees that their child will follow the guidelines/policies for
behavior/disciplinary action. One serious misbehavior may warrant immediate
Parent/Guardian agrees that there will be no administration of any medication during
the hours of EDEP. School nurses are not present during EDEP hours.
Parent/Guardian agrees to notify the Site Manager of any food or other allergies so the
staff can be aware.
Parent/Guardian agrees that all children in the EDEP will be expected and required to
follow the Code of Student Conduct, EDEP guidelines/policies, and any individual
school policies. The Manatee County School District reserves the right to dismiss any
child from the EDEP for repeated, disruptive behavior. Parents must remember that
their child’s participation in the EDEP is a privilege, not a right.

Child’s Name:__________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________________________________


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