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Changes to these policies will be made according to MOM reviews and guidelines as well as when the Management deems fit
for the interest of Company’s operational needs
Leave benefits will begin after Employee has completed 3 Months of Service. 
Any absence during first 3 Months of will be taken as UNPAID LEAVE.
All Leave that are not applied within 7 days will be deducted as Unpaid Leave (services.elc.com.sg). 
1 Type of Leave Entitled Remarks
1.1 Annual Leave 14 Days
·Pro-rated for new hires/resignees according to formula
14 days/12 mths x no. of mths worked in full but down to nearest half.
· For dates that are declared to be half-day, full-day leave to be taken
· Max of 7 days leave can be brought forward to following year; must be consumed by end-June.
· If taking more than 14 working days consecutively, deduction will be inclusive of Weekends and PH.
1.2 Medical Leave (Outpatient) 14 Days
·Requires a M.C. (MC from Dental Surgeries NA)
·Pro-rated for new hires according to formula
14 days/12 mths x no. of mths worked in full but round down to nearest half.
1.3 Medical Leave (Hospitalisation)
Capped at 60 Days for ALL
Medical Leave
· Requires a M.C.(inclusive of non-working days)
· Pro-rated for new hires according to formula
60 days/12 mths x no. of mths worked in full but round down to nearest half.
1.4 Marriage Leave 3 Days
Requires a copy of the Marriage Certificate
Paternity Leave 2 Days Requires a copy of the Birth Certificate
1.6 Maternity Leave 60 Days
Requires a copy of the Birth Certificate
To be taken consecutively
Requires a copy of the Death Certificate
To be taken consecutively inclusive of PH or weekend
Compassionate Leave
(Cat 2: Parent-in-law / Sibling / Grandparent / Grandchildren)
1 Day
Requires a copy of the Death Certificate
1.10 No Pay Leave Max 14 days
Dependent on Management's advice
1.11 Goodwill Leave No set limit
Dependent on Management's advice
1.12 Off-in-lieu No set limit
Dependent on Management's advice
Any important events whereby your presence is crucial, Management has the right not to approval staff leave or cancel approved leave.
Extension to 1.3/1.4
Staff who have taken Sick leave (consist of both Medical Leave and
Hospitalization Leave) for more than 14 days for that calendar year will
be forfeited their accumulated Day-offs at the discretion of the
Allow the employee to go on extended no-pay leave for an agreed period i.e. 3-6 months;
An outpatient medical appointment that is not issued with MC/HL is
considered to be on personal time. However, if a medical chit is
submitted with a duly completed leave form, staff can opt to used the
Sick Leave Quota with their RO’s approval and it will be deducted on a
per day basis.
Make other working arrangements that are acceptable to both parties e.g. reassigning employee’s duties;
If an employee is sick and has used up all leave entitlements, the
standard is to do the following:
Obtain a medical assessment of the employee’s suitability for continued employment (Unfit certification will allow the employer to terminate the
services as the contract will be deemed frustrated with ex-gratia payments on a goodwill basis)
Alternative arrangements other than the above will be at the discretion of the management as it is above and beyond regulations and is purely on
Compassionate Leave
(Cat 1: Parent / Spouse / Child)
3 Days or until day of
burial/ cremation;
whichever is earlier
Eligibility must be fulfilled for Fringe Benefits.
2 Fringe Benefits Eligibility Remarks
Confirmed Staff
1st Marriage during eLC
2.2 Newborn's Congratulatory Gift
Confirmed Staff RM100 Gift Voucher/Hamper/Hongbao upon submission of a copy of newborn's birth certificate
· Active immediately
· Up to RM30 per visit / Up to maximum 2 visits per month
· Only approved Western Medical Practioners e.g. GPs, Polyclinics & Hospitals, etc (NO DENTAL BENEFITS)
All Staff Given at the discretion of RO/Mgmt
To be recorded with HAF To be cleared within the month.
Sundries (including but not exhastive: Pantry items, Cleaning items,
Toilet items, Light Bulbs, Batteries, etc)
Capped at RM1200 a year
on the basis of RM100 a
Requires submission of Claims for verification purposes
Confirmed Staff
Commenced from next
FULL work year
All Staff <RM10 per pax
RO-approved OT
past 9 PM
Dinner receipts to be retained and submitted for reimbursement by a POC
· Overseas destination
· All travel expenses, including most F&B, catered for
· Family members/Partners are on self-expenses
· Set in Aug/Sep period usually
· Family members (Spouse & Children) /Partners are invited guests
· Set on 31st December annually
Short Work Courses e.g. TETRA, ALP Confirmed Staff Has bond of 3 months
Overseas Opportunities/Trips Confirmed Staff · Has bond of 6 months
· 12 months for longer periods of stay
· QAF of a C+ grade and above staff will be more advantageous during selection
Local Paid Courses & Seminars
(Longer duration and costlier than Short Work Courses)
Confirmed Staff Has bond of 6 months
2.13 Promotions NA
Has bond of 12 months
· Has bond of 12 months
· Penalty is to pay back the total incremental difference gained from previous drawn salary if you break the bond
Confirmed Staff
Staff >3 years
Forfeited in FULL once more than 7 Days of MC has be taken i.e. 8 days and above
(Including Hospitalisation and Maternity Leave)
Marriage's Congratulatory Gift
RM300 Hongbao upon submission of a copy of the marriage certificate
Medical Claims
OT Dinner
All Staff
Off-in-lieu granted (Official OT)
Company Retreat
*Resignation/Terminations within 3 months from Retreat dates are
subjected to penalty of full costs incurred per pax
Confirmed Staff
Health Incentive
D&D cum Countdown
All Staff
Salary Increments
Partial or Full Sponsorship of education advancements,
courses relevant to company
· Has bond of 12 months.
· QAF of a C+ grade and above staff will be more advantageous during evaluation
2.16 Transport Claims
For approved staff on
official errands
RM0.50 per KM subject to BUH's approval
· Applicable for duration of STAY in host country
· 50% of original allowance if Boss is hosting the trip
· Not applicable on late night arrival by personal choice
· Special Case e.g. long-term outstation work or more than 5 days of stay will be on case-by-case basis at the discretion of Management
Staff of 5 yrs
Staff >10 years
2.19 Company T-shirt
All Staff 2 T-shirts will be given
2.20 Company Jacket
Confirmed Staff >1 Year 1 Jacket will be given
eLC Pin must be returned after Service ends
Responsible for replacing lost pin at SGD$350
2.22 Staff Insurance All Staff
Company sponsored (after 3 months of service)
Every add-on of the Rules will be circulated in an email to all staff and be in effect henceforth from date of email
3 Rules
3.2 Outstation/Overseas Work
3.3 Monthly PCB Deduction (Income Tax deducted monthly)
3.4 Cyber Security for Laptop Owners
3.8 Dress Code
Updating of Personal Information in G50 / Application Form
eLCS Staff affected by 3.6.3 are BUHs and Seniors
Long Service Award
Subjected to changes at Management's discretion
Momento to be presented during Countdown D&D in Anniversary Year
Attendance of Company Events
Allowance for Overseas
minimum 1 night STAY
in host country
Upon resignation/termination
eLC Pin
All Staff
Notice Period
*Contract staff is subject to contract terms of one year
Confirmation Period

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