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Safety Instructions







Cookware Tips ...............
Dual Surface Element ..........

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Features of Your Cooktop .......
Surface Elements ............
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Limiter ............

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Table de

Care and Cleaning
Control Knobs .................
Glass Cooktop


Instructions .............


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La section frangaise commence _ la page 29

Consumer Support


Consumer Support .... Back Cover
Product Registration,
(Canada) ..................
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Product Registration,

(U.S.A.) ...................


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La secci6n


Write the model

en espahol


en la p6gina 53

and serial

Model #
Serial #
You can find them on a label
under the cooktop.



For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or
explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or loss of life.

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including
the fo!lowing:
_: Usethis appliance only for its intended use as
described in this manual,
ijf; Do not attempt to repair or replace any part
of your cooktop unless it is specifically
recommended in this manual. All other servicing
should be referred to a qualified technician.
_: Before performing any service, disconnect
the cooktop power supply at the household
distribution panel by removing the fuse or
switching off the circuit breaker.
_: Be sure your appliance is properly installed and
grounded by a qualified technician in accordance
with the provided installation instructions. This
appliance must be supplied with the proper
voltage and frequency, and connected to an
individual, properly grounded branch circuit,
protected by a circuit breaker or fuse acceptable
for the indicated wattage on the name plate.

Name plate location

_: Have the installer show you the location of the
circuit breaker or fuse. Mark it for easy reference.
iJflDo not leave children alone-children should not
be left alone or unattended in an area where an
appliance is in use.They should never be allowed
to sit or stand on any part of the appliance.
_: Teach children not to play with the controls or
any other part of the cooktop.
_: Do not allow anyone to climb, stand or hang on
the cooktop.


Items of interest to children
should not be stored in cabinets above a
cooktop-children climbing on the cooktop
to reach items could be seriously injured.

_: Always keep combustible wall coverings, curtains
or drapes a safe distance from your cooktop.

_: Always keep dishtowels, dish cloths, pot holders
and other linens a safe distance away from your
_: Always keep wooden and plastic utensils and
canned food a safe distance away from your
cooktop. They may become hot and could cause
_: Never wear loose-fitting or hanging garments
while usingthe appliance. Flammable material
could be ignited if brought in contact with hot
surface elements and may cause severe burns.
iJflUseonly dry pot holders-moist or damp pot
holders on hot surfaces may result in burns from
steam. Do not let pot holders touch hot surface
elements. Do not use a towel or other bulky cloth.
Such cloths can catch fire on a hot surface
Foryour safety, never use your appliance for
warming or heating the room.
iJflDo not use water on grease fires.Never pick up
a flaming pan.Turn the controls off. Smother a
flaming pan on a surface element by covering the
pan completely with a well-fitting lid, cookie sheet
or flat tray. Use a multi-purpose dry chemical or
foam4ype extinguisher.
Flaming grease outside a pan can be put out by
covering with baking soda or,if available, by using
a multi-purpose dry chemical or foam4gpe fire
_: Do not flame foods on the cooktop. If you do
flame foods under the hood, turn the fan on.
_: Do not let cooking grease or other flammable
materials accumulate on the cooktop.

_:: Do not touch surface elements. These
surfaces may be hot enough to burn even
though they are dark in color. During and
after use, do not touch, or let clothing or
other flammable materials contact the
surface elements or areas nearby the
surface elements; allow sufficient time
for cooling first.
Potentially hot surfaces include the cooktop
and areas facing the cooktop.
_::To minimize the possibility of burns, ignition
of flammable materials and spillage, the
handle of a container should be turned
toward the center of the cooktop without
extending over any nearby surface
_::Always turn the surface element control
to off before removing the cookware.
Use proper pan size-select cookware having
fiat bottoms large enough to cover the
surface element heating element. The use
of undersized cookware will expose a portion
of the surface element to direct contact and
may result in ignition of clothing. Proper
relationship of cookware to surface element
will also improve efficiency.
Never leave surface elements unattended at
high heat settings. Boilovers cause smoking
and greasy spillovers that may catch on fire.
_:: Only certain types of glass, glass/ceramic,
earthenware or other glazed containers are
suitable for cooktop cooking; others may
break because of the sudden change in
_:::Keep an eye on foods being fried at high
or medium-high heat settings.
Foods for frying should be as dry as
possible. Frost on frozen foods or moisture
on fresh foods can cause hot fat to bubble

_):,:Use little fat for effective shallow or deep-fat
frying. Filling the pan too full of fat can cause
spillovers when food is added.
If a combination

of oils or fats will be used

in frying, stir together before heating, or as
fats melt slowly.
;;i:,:Always heat fat slowly, and watch as it
_::::Use a deep fat thermometer whenever
possible to prevent overheating fat beyond
the smoking point.
Never try to move a pan of hot fat,
especially a deep fat frye[ Wait until the
fat is cool.
_: Do not store flammable materials near
the cooktop.
Keep the hood and grease filters clean
to maintain good venting and to avoid
grease fires.
_i:,:Do not store or use combustible materials,
gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids
in the vicinity of this or any appliance.
it:::Clean only parts listed in this Owner's
Do not leave paper products, cooking
utensils or food on the cooktop when not
in use.

Keep cooktop clean and free of
accumulation of grease or spillovers
which may ignite,
;;i:,:Never heat unopened food containers.
Pressurebuildup may make container burst
and cause injury,
_t:_Never leavejars or cans of fat drippings on
or near your cooktop.
;;i:,:Never use your appliance for warming or
heating the room.

up and over the sides of the pan.

Cook meat and poultry thoroughly-meat
to at least an INTERNALtemperature of ff 60°F and
poultry to at least an INTERNAL temperature of 180°E Cooking to these temperatures usually
protects against foodborne illness.


Use cam when touching the cooktop. The glass surface of the cooktop will retain heat after the
controls have been turned off
_::Avoid scratching the glass cooktop. The
cooktop can be scratched with items such
as sharp instruments, rings or other jewelry
and rivets on clothing.
Never use the glass cooktop surface as a
cutting board.
_:: Do not place or store items on top of the
glass cooktop surface when it is not in use.
_:: Be careful when placing spoons or other
stirring utensils on glass cooktop surface
when it is in use. They may become hot
and could cause burns.
_::Avoid heating an empty pan. Doing so may
damage the cooktop and the pan.
Do not allow water, other liquids or grease
to remain on the cooktop.
To minimize the possibility of burns, always
be certain that the controls for all surface
elements are at the off position and the
entire glass surface is cool before
attempting to clean the cooktop.
Do not operate the glass surface elements
if the glass is broken. Spillovers or cleaning
solution may penetrate a broken cooktop
and create a risk of electrical shock. Contact

_:::Clean the cooktop with caution. If a wet
sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on
a hot surface element, be careful to avoid
steam burns. Some cleansers can produce
noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface.
NOTE: We recommend that you avoid
wiping any surface element areas until they
have cooled and the indicator light has gone
off. Sugar spills are the exception to this.
Please see the Cleaning the Gloss Cool:Read and follow all instructions and
warnings on the cleaning cream labels.
_:: Use care when touching the cooktop. The
glass surface of the cooktop will retain heat
after the controls have been turned OFF.

Do not stand on the glass cooktop.
_:: Large scratches or impacts to glass
cooktops can lead to broken or
shattered glass.

a qualified technician immediatelg should
your glass cooktop become broken.


Features of gour cooktop,

Throughout this manual, features and appearance max vary from gour model.

Feature Index (Features and appearances

max vargJ


on page


Dual Surface Element


Single Surface Element


Surface Element Control Knobs


Hot Surface lndicator Light


"On" Indicator Light



6, 7

Using the surface elements.
Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model.
How to Set
Pushthe knob down and turn in either
The On indicator light will glow when any
surface element is on.
direction to the setting gou want. When
the control is in ang position other than OFF,
A HotSurface indicator light will glow
it mag be rotated without pushing it down.
when ang radiant element is turned on
and will remain on until the surface is
At OFF,Hi, Lo and Simmer, the control
clicks into position. You mag hear slight
cooled to approximatelg 150°E
clickingsounds during cooking, indicating
the control is keeping the power level
It comes on when the element is hot
gou set.
to the touch.
The controls for the radiant surface
It stays on evenafter the element is
elements can be set angwhere between Lo
turned off
or Simmer and Hi for an unlimited number
_ It glows brightly until the element is
of heat settings. With the infinite switch,
cooled to approximately 150°K
the element cgcles on and offto maintain
Be sure you turn the control knob to OFF
gour selected control setting.
when you finish cooking.

About the radiant

surface elements...

The radiant cooktop features heating
elements beneath a smooth glass surface.

Never cook directlg on the glass.
Alwags use cookware.

NOTE: A slight odor is normal when a new

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