Gaon Int GWT-T80 FM Transmitter User Manual GWT T80US MAnual REV01

Gaon-Int Co., LTD. FM Transmitter GWT T80US MAnual REV01

User manual

AuxAuxAuxAuxAuxAux99AuxBookmarkingAuxBook MarkMENU/SHUFFLE*Press MENU/SHUFFLE button 5 times, you can see “CONT:10” on the display then you can adjust the contrast level based on your preference for easier viewing. *Press NAVI button, you can see the file lists in currently played folder. You can navigate the file lists by pressing   Then press the                 to play selected file.  In this process, if you want to navigate folder lists, press MEM button. Then press MENU or       button to enter into file lists of selected folder.    previousSelecting navigation modeContrast SettingDistinctive Feature of Sound-fly AuxPress & hold MENU/SHUFFLE button for about 2 seconds while music isplaying, then firstly shuffle feature is activated. when you press this buttonagain, it is changed in sequence of Shuffle- File repeat- Normal mode 5Change contrast Change USB-SD card modeNAVI/POWER Power on & offFolder & File Navi* Press NAVI button to navigate the folder & file stored in memory devices  So that it is easier to find the file you want more quickly.  Navigate the file & folderNavigation FeatureFolder Navigation File NavigationSound-fly Aux can display the playing time, frequency, memory type, ArtistName, Song name and file & folder number played in LCD screen as below. Press MENU/SHUFFLE buttonPress MENU/SHUFFLE button once again.MENU/SHUFFLE button.MENU/SHUFFLEStores frequency &sets the stored frequencyLCD Screen“BASS:+00”“TREB:+00”20x, 40x, 60x.

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