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Gaon-Int Co., LTD. FM Transmitter GWT T80US MAnual REV01

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Distinctive Feature of Sound-fly Aux
LCD Screen
Sound-fly Aux can display the playing time, frequency, memory type, Artist
Name, Song name and file & folder number played in LCD screen as below.
Press & hold MENU/SHUFFLE button for about 2 seconds while music is
playing, then firstly shuffle feature is activated. when you press this button
again, it is changed in sequence of Shuffle- File repeat- Normal mode
Press MENU/SHUFFLE button
Press MENU/SHUFFLE button once again.
Book Mark
Contrast Setting
*Press MENU/SHUFFLE button 5 times, you can see “CONT:10” on the display
then you can adjust the contrast level based on your preference for easier
Navigation Feature
*Press NAVI button, you can see the file lists in currently played folder.
You can navigate the file lists by pressing
Then press the
to play selected file.
In this process, if you want to navigate folder lists, press MEM button.
Then press MENU or
button to enter into file lists of selected folder.
Change contrast
Navigate the file & folder
Stores frequency &
sets the stored frequency
Power on & off
Change USB-SD card mode
Folder Navigation
File Navigation
Folder & File Navi
20x, 40x, 60x.
Selecting navigation mode
* Press NAVI button to navigate the folder & file stored in memory devices
So that it is easier to find the file you want more quickly.

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