Mach Speed Technologies 3GTM Tablet PC User Manual GL3966 Design Spec

Mach Speed Technologies, LLC Tablet PC GL3966 Design Spec

User Manual.pdf

         User  Gide MID - 1 - WARNING:  Warning: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.  NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:  Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.  Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.  Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.  Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. 2 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions : (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. 3. Shielded cables must be used with this unit to ensure compliance with the Class B FCC limits.   SAFETY PRECAUTIONS  Always follow these basic safety precautions when using your
                      User  Gide MID - 2 - device. This will reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, product damage and personal injury.   Warning: Do not expose the device to rain or moisture to prevent fire or electric shock hazard.   Do not use the earphone at a high volume to prevent hearing damages.    Do not expose the device to water (dripping or splashing) and no objects filled with liquids can be placed on the unit, such as vases.   Keep the device away from direct sunlight and heat source such as radiators or stoves.    Do not place the device on unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table. The unit may fall, resulting in possible damage or injury.   Unplug Never place heavy or sharp objects on the LCD panel or device.    Unplug the power from the outlet when the unit is not in use.     The battery (battery or batteries or battery pack) shall not be             exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.       Correct Disposal of this product. This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was purchased. They can take this product for environmental safe recycling.  For indoor use only.
                      User  Gide MID - 3 -  The maximum ambient temperature around the power supply is 30 C.    The direct plug-in adapter is used as disconnect device , the disconnect device shall remain readily operable.
         User  Gide MID - 4 -  Know Your Product  Appearance                                 Charge Light Receiver Front Camera Power VOL + VOL - Rear Camera Sim Slot MIC Headphone Jack Reset Button   Speaker Micro USB Slot Micro USB Slot
                      User  Gide MID - 5 -  Specifications Specifications Display Screen Size 7.85 inch Resolution 1024*768 Aspect Ratio 16:9 Type of Touch screen 5 POINT Capacitive Processor / Memory CPU Media Tek 8389,Quad core Processor clock speed in GHz 1.2GHz GPU PowerVR SGX544 MP3 RAM 1GB ROM 16GB Operating System System Android jelly bean 4.1.2 Connectivity Wi-Fi Support,802.11/b/g/n USB Host ×1 Micro-SD Slot ×1 Bluetooth Support 3.5mm Head Out 3.5mm Power Battery Type Li-polymer Battery Capacity in MAh 3500MAh Stand by time in hours TBA   Total time to charge internal battery fully TBA   Dimensional Details 3D 200.5*135*8.4 Net weight   392g Packaging List Upon  opening  the  package,  you  should  find  the  following  five  components  as mentioned below. 1. Tablet x 1 2. Micro –USBOTG Cable x 1
                      User  Gide MID - 6 - 3. Micro -USB data cable x 1 4. Headsetx1 5. Power adaptorx1   How To Use Your Product  Connector Audio Jack:Headset is connected to this jack, you can make a call, or listen to music. Micro USB Port:For charging and helps to connect your tablet to a PC to communicate. It also helps to load the USB port devices, such as USB thumb drives, wireless keyboard, etc., at the same time supports only one device available. Micro SD Slot:Help install a Micro-SD card tablet. Tablet PC can detect TF card up to 32GB capacity. Mic:Tablet PC comes with an integrated microphone, you can use it for voice chat.  Physical buttons  NO. Name Function 1 Power Short Press:locking screen mode. Long Press:( 1)Turn on / off.            (2)Reboot.            (3)Airplane mode.            (4)Ring/Vibrate/Silent. 2 Volume Short press,VOL+/-. 3 Press and hold the power key and the volume down button, you can operate on the screen to screenshot.  Touch keys  NO. Name Function 1 Short Press It indicates by less than 1.2 seconds which is mainly used in the
                      User  Gide MID - 7 - selection menu, the confirmation. 2 Long Press This indicates that at longer than 1.2 seconds. 3 Drag It belongs to recognize touch tracking direction. Mainly for picture / page / drag, etc. 4 Virtual keys It belongs to the virtual keyboard.  Virtual keyboard as shown below:                    Suspended button  Add suspended button. Click the function keys, you can operate accordingly as shown below:
                      User  Gide MID - 8 -       Click the button after suspension, suspended for more than key box will appear, click on the  icon  for  the  optional  box,  you  can  go  directly  to  the  corresponding  application  or setting. Suspension is a custom function button . In the main menu, click the button   to enter the settings for the suspension and a custom interface. Details as follows:                   Shortcuts  Shortcuts  picture  as below:
                      User  Gide MID - 9 -           In the bottom of the screen, there are five shortcuts:    Notification Bar And The Quick Setup  Notification bar show as below:             Name Function Hidden                 Hide the status bar. Return                 Return to the previous screen. Home                   Return to the main screen. History                 A list of open programs. Screenshot      On the screen full shots.
                      User  Gide MID - 10 -       Display the notification information of the tablet with real-time. :Delete key. It is used to clear the system notification information。  Quick Setup as shown below:                  It is used to display some shortcuts. When you click on one of these icons, you can open or close the application.  The figure shows two boxes, click the blue words, you can jump between the notification bar and the quick setup bar .  Widgets  The  following  figure  shows  the  various  widgets.  Widgets  is  actually  a  shortcut.  Some widgets belongs to the system.Install third-party APK also occurs widget. You can long press the widget then drag it to one of the tabletops.
                      User  Gide MID - 11 -                 Charging the internal Battery Your tablet has an integrated rechargeable lithium battery. Before using the product for the first time, the battery should be charged fully to ensure proper working of the product. If  the  tablet  has not been  put  to  use for  some  time,  the  battery  needs  to  be  charged overnight (about 8 hours). The battery used in this device may result in fire or chemical burn if it is misused. Do not disassemble, incinerate, or heat the battery. Do not leave the battery in a place subject to direct sunlight or in a car with its windows closed.   Do not connect the tablet to a power source other than that which is indicated here or on the rating label as this may result in the risk of fire or electric shock and failure of the product.       Turning the tablet“On/Off”  Turn On:To turn “ON” press and hold the <POWER> switch down until the screen turns on. It takes approximately 8 Seconds for the system to boot. The following figure shows the screen after boot  NOTE: Please use the electrical adaptor for charging, this adaptor is designed to charge the tablet faster@2A
                      User  Gide MID - 12 -                   Turn Off:Long press the <POWER> switch in the unlock mode to display Power Off option and navigation bar control option.                  Standby:Short press to turn “OFF” the display, short press again to turn “ON” the display.
                      User  Gide MID - 13 -                   Reset  You can press the button on the back of it to reset your tablet. After reset, the machine will automatically restart.    Connecting to the PC:  Connect the tablet to a PC with Windows XP/ Vista /7, Linux, MAC operating system. The PC will automatically recognize the device. On the tablet you will see a connection screen. To correctly connect the device with the computer, press “Turn on USB storage.”
                      User  Gide MID - 14 -     When the tablet is connected to the computer, the user can do some operations, such as copy, paste, delete, and installation. User opens the USB device, the interface will change to the figure shown below.                    Important Note: 1) Enable Auto Connect in “Connect to  PC” in the setting menu, so that whenever you plug the device to the PC the system will automatically get connected. 2) Don’t disconnect the device during the data copying or deleting process as this could cause the unit to malfunction and damage the software. Disconnect it using the “Safely remove hardware” icon at the bottom on the task bar.   3) The micro USB port on the tablet marked as Micro-USB is for loading your USB device like pen drive. This port is also used for communicating with the PC via data cable.  Memory Card:  The Tablet is capable to recognize Micro –SD memory card up to 32GB. Gently press the card in to the slot provided on the tablet. While inserting the card please ensure you hold the label side facing downward.      Micro USB Slot
                      User  Gide MID - 15 -            Desktop & Main Menu: The desktop as picture 1 : The user can drag and remove the icon on the desktop through long press and drag. Desktop can be sliding around, as picture 2 : The main menu as picture 3 :                          Picture 1 Picture 2
                      User  Gide MID - 16 -                         You can enter in to main menu through click    on the desktop. It shows all installed in the machine apk. On the main menu, the user can uninstall the third-party applications. Users can  drag  the  icons  in  the main menu  to  the top  of  the  desktop  to  uninstall  the corresponding application. Please refer figure below.                Picture 3
                      User  Gide MID - 17 -   Open or switch applications The user can click on the desktop icon or from the main menu to open the application. Users can click the Back button to exit the application.Already open applications can click   to toggle.Please refer figure below.                 Setting Click on the icon , you can enter the settings. Users can set the various aspects of the machine, including the basic brightness, sleep time, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, display, memory, etc.    Please refer figure below.
                      User  Gide MID - 18 -     General Function This function is for some commonly used functions, such as brightness, wallpaper, sleep time were extracted.    Please refer figure below.                 Wireless Connection Click the main menu "Settings" icon, click on "Wi-Fi" , Turn on the Wi-Fi switch, the Wi-Fi  module  will  search  AP  lists  automatically,  please  follow  the  prompts  shown below and input the required data to complete and register the WIFI network . In an encrypted network, you need to enter a valid key (password) to connect to the network. Please refer figure below.
                      User  Gide MID - 19 -        When the network connection is completed, you can click the connected network, check the network connection's specific circumstances.    Please refer figure below.                 Of course, you can also previously described "Quick Setup" or "floating button" to open Wi-Fi network. However, the premise is that your Wi-Fi network in the area, and saved appropriate network password.  Bluetooth Enter the Bluetooth option, open the Bluetooth, then you can see the Bluetooth device information. Users can click on "ANDROID BT" toggle Bluetooth device status. Please refer figure below.
                      User  Gide MID - 20 -       Storage Users  can  view  the  device's  stored  information,  including  body  capacity  and  external Micro-SD card capacity and use. Please refer figure below.                 Apps Users can view the APP in each state. For example: the running, installed and so on. Please refer figure below.
                      User  Gide MID - 21 -      The  user  clicks  on  a  single  APP,  can  enter  here  for  details.  Users  can  perform  the corresponding  APK  forcibly  stop,  clear  data,  uninstall,  move  to  SD  card  and  other operations. Please refer figure below.                    Security When the user enters the security options, you can set the machine security or set the security  password  or  security  secret  maps.Details  as  shown  below,  the  user  can experience themselves.
                      User  Gide MID - 22 -    Language & Input Users enter this option, the device’s language and input method can be set .                  Backup & Reset Users enter this option to back up the information on the device, to prevent loss. Disclaimer: Please use caution reset function. Please be careful to use this feature.
                      User  Gide MID - 23 -                            Application Here are some of the more frequently used applications.  Application Involving Privacy Permissions This application can manage the privacy rights of third party applications.It can be forcibly shut down third-party applications may relate to the background operation. Users can enter it by clicking on  , specific details as shown below:
                      User  Gide MID - 24 -                  APPInstall User can through click    to enter this application. This application can help users scan device app installation package. Please refer figure below.
                      User  Gide MID - 25 -      Audio Profiles User can through click    to enter this application. This application allows the user to adjust the operating mode of the device. Please refer figure below.                  FileManager Click    to enter file management application. In the File Manager, users can view all files in the body memory and external Micro-SD card so files. The file can perform basic New, copy, cut, paste, install, play and other operations. Detailed in the following figure.
                      User  Gide MID - 26 -       Select a single folder, the system will pop-up toolbar, the details as follows:                   Camera 安卓 4.2.2 系统照相机相对 4.1.1 版本照相机有所更新。预览图片更大,可 2点放大缩小。拍照完成后,预览图片后,轻轻滑动,即可再次进入照相界面。详情如图所示。 Click  the  camera  icon in  the  applications  menu,  you  will  see  the  below  given figure.
                      User  Gide MID - 27 -                              Photo Browser Click    icon  to  get  into  the  photo  browser  mode  directly,  there  will  be  list  of  the pictures  files  and recorded-  video files. As  shown  below:
                      User  Gide MID - 28 -           Video Play Online video: the device supports HTML5 online video playback.                 Local video: click the Video icon    , the player can load new albums and photos automatically  which  are  stored  in  internal  memory  or  micro  SD  card,    select  the videos to start playback.  Music Play Click the music player    icon to start the music player interface. Clicking the music files will enable you to start playing a particular track.
                      User  Gide MID - 29 -                             Click   : play the previous music, long press to fast reverse. Click   : click it to pause, click "   " icon to stop the playback; click again to resume normal play back. Click   : to play the next song, long press to fast forward   Click   : to display the present playing list. Click   : to select the random playing mode.
                      User  Gide MID - 30 - Click   : to select the repeat playing mode. Click   : to check the lyric.  Browser When  the  network  is  connected,  open  the  Web  browser  enter  the  URL,  you  can quickly  browse  the  Web,or  through  the  main  desktop  search  bar  enter  the  URL, open the web page.                  Phone This machine with 2G/3G phone function, support for GSM, WCDMA standard bands. Phone cards for the general card. Click    to enter the phone application.
                      User  Gide MID - 31 -            ——It can adjust the number keypad bias. ——Can achieve keypad and full keyboard to switch between.  Message Users  can  refer  to  SMS  related  operations  to  explore.  Below  the  new  text  message interface.                     Troubleshooting Guide If the user's device is experiencing dysfunction, please refer to the following table. 
                      User  Gide MID - 32 -  Problem Solutions The machine can not boot.  Ensure that the tablet is fully charged. Try charging the Tablet overnight (8 hours).  Physical  buttons  do  not work.  Switch –off and switch on the tablet. I  cannot  transfer  files  to the tablet.   Ensure that your computer is running on a supported operating system platform.  Check the USB extension cable, ensure that it is securely attached to the tablet and the PC, or try using another USB cable.  Ensure that the tablet’s memory capacity is not full. There  is  no  sound  during playback.   Check the volume level.  Ensure that the earphone is attached securely to the tablet.  The  sound  quality  of  the music is poor.   Try playing the file on your computer. If the sound quality is still poor, try downloading the file again or re-encode the file of your own  Ensure that the bit rate of the file is not too low. The higher the bit rate of the file, the better it will sound. The minimum recommended bitrates is 128kbps for MP3s and 96kbps for WMAs.  Try lowering the volume of the player.  Ensure that the earphone is attached securely to the tablet.

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