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TN-728 Page 1 of 2 20 July 2002
Tait Electronics Limited
PO Box 1645, Christchurch, New Zealand Telephone: +64–3–358–3399
Facsimile: +64–3–358–3903
Applicability This Technical Note applies to the Tait Orca portable range,
both original and 5000 series’.
The resolution supplied herein is only possible using Factory
mode in the TOP-PGM.
1. Introduction
What is RSN
Error RSN Error will appear on the display of the high-tier Orca
models (Excel, Eclipse, 5020, 5035 and 5040) when the radio’s
database can not decode nor match the ESSN and the radio’s
serial number.
RSN – Radio Serial Number
ESN – Electronic Serial Number
ECC – Electronic Configuration Code
ESSN – Extra Secret Serial Number
2. Information
Resolving the
RSN Error If RSN Error has appeared, try re-entering the ECC number in
the TOP Download and Configuration Application again. If this
number has been entered incorrectly it may corrupt the radio.
If you require this number please contact Technical Support with
the radio’s serial number and the radio model required (this may
not be the same as that printed on the label).
If this does not cure the RSN Error then use the Orca
Programming Application to read the radio’s personality into the
application and verify the Radio Serial Number field on the
Specifications page is the same as labelled on the radio chassis.
If the serial numbers do not match, the serial number read
electronically into the application is the more correct.
Technical Note TN-728
Tait Orca Portable
RSN Error code
20 July 2002
TN-728 Page 2 of 2 20 July 2002
Tait Electronics Limited
PO Box 1645, Christchurch, New Zealand Telephone: +64–3–358–3399
Facsimile: +64–3–358–3903
Verify the ESSN field displays the word ‘SET’. If the word
displayed is ‘NOT SET’ then the ESSN will have to be entered
in this field.
The ESSN is sourced from the production line through
Technical Support. They will require the radio’s serial number
(as noted above) and the radio’s model type eg: TOP-H2620-T0.
Once the ESSN has been entered, program the personality back
into the portable radio. This will clear the RSN Error. If the
radio still shows error codes please forward it to a National
Support Centre or to Tait Electronics Ltd.
Compliance None.
CSO Instruction Please pass this Technical Note onto the Technical Staff who
have access to Factory mode programming for the Tait Orca
Portable radios.
3. Issuing authority
Name and
of issuing officer
Graham Brenchley
Customer Support Engineer
Confidentiality Confidential – This message or document contains proprietary
information intended only for the person(s) or organisation(s) to
whom it is addressed. All Recipients are legally obliged to not
disclose Tait technological or business information to any
persons or organizations without the written permission of Tait.

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