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Installation instructions for Metrilo on Magento 2.x

Integrate Metrilo with your Magento store in 3 easy steps




Intstall the Metrilo

Configure your API
token and secret

Import your
historical orders


Install the extension through the Magento marketplace

After installing it, go to Stores -> Configuration and find the Metrilo
Analytics settings (in the screenshot). Enable the plugin and enter
your API token and API secret from your Metrilo account. Click
"Save config". You'll be prompted to refresh your cache.

Note: You can have separate API token and API secret for different
Store Views - so if you can sync different store views to different
Metrilo accounts.

Installation instructions for Metrilo on Magento 2.x


After setting up your API token and API secret and refreshing your
cache, you can import your historical orders in Metrilo so that it can
do accurate reporting on your customers retention and LTV.
Just pick a Store View from the dropdown and you'll be shown the
"Import orders" button for the selected store view. Click it and wait
for the orders to be synced with Metrilo.

That's it! If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to get in
touch with us at


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