Verizon Connect 6500C GPS tracking device for fleet applications. User Manual

Verizon Telematics GPS tracking device for fleet applications.

User Manual

9868 Scranton Road, San Diego, CA  92121Customer Care:  866.227.7323
Light duty plug and play installation:No harness necessary. Connect the device to the vehicle’s OBD-II port.Verify your installation.Harness installation: 1.  Connect harness to device.2.  Connect the other end of harness to the vehicle diagnostic port. Secure the harness without interfering with the brake or accelerator pedal.3.  Mount the device inside the dash and away from metal obstruction.4.  Verify your installation.Note:•  Harness is required for heavy duty vehicles.•  Do not connect more than one (1) harness to the device.•  Other vehicles or accessories installation, please refer to the complete 6500 Installation Guide.To verify successful installation:1.  Start the vehicle’s engine and let idle for 15 minutes.2.  Verify successful installation.LEDs will dim after 15 minutes. Contact Customer Care at or call 866.227.7323 for assistance with installation.Yellow LED slow blinkingGreen LED slow blinking Yellow & Green LED blink alternatelyYellow & Green LED blink slowly togetherModem connectivity OK GPS fix acquired and OKModem connectivity and GPS OKDevice operating normallyLED pattern Device status

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