Vertex Standard USA 11134720 Portable Radio User Manual

Vertex Standard USA, Inc. Portable Radio

User Manual

EVX-531Operating ManualprOgraMMable FunctiOns/Features IP57Submersible(1m/30min.) 3ProgrammableFunctionKeys 2-ToneEncode/Decode MDC-1200®Encode/Decode Scan GroupScan DualWatch FM-Scan(Follow-MeScan) TAScan Privacy VOX TalkAround Emergency LoneWorker TXSaveDisable ARTSTM/ARTSIITM(AutoRangeTranspondSystem)
  BatteryPackInstallationandRemoval...............4 BatteryCharging..................................................4 LowBatteryIndication........................................5 BeltClipInstallationandRemoval.....................6 MIC/SPCapInstallation......................................6 PreliminarySteps.................................................8 OperationQuickStart..........................................8 AutomaticTime-OutTimer...............................10  ProgrammableKeyFunctions.......................... 11 DescriptionofOperatingFunctions.................13cOntentsYounowhaveatyourngertipsavaluablecommunicationstool-aVertexStandardtwo-wayradio!Rugged,reliableandeasytouse,yourVertexStandardradiowillkeepyouinconstanttouchwithyourcolleaguesforyearstocome,withnegligiblemaintenance down-time.Pleasetakeafewminutestoreadthismanualcarefully.Theinformationpresentedherewillallowyoutoderivemaximumperformancefromyourradio,incasequestionsariselateron.r Therearenoowner-serviceablepartsinsidetheradio.AllservicejobsmustbereferredtoanauthorizedVertexStandardServiceRepresentative.r Inordertomaintainthespeciedwaterintegrityperformance,periodicmaintenanceisrecommended.r Shouldtheradiosustainasevereshock(e.g.ifitisdropped),thewaterintegritymaybecompromised,requiringservice.Shouldthisoccur,contactyourAuthorizedVertexStandardDealer.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual 1Important Notice for North American Users Regarding 406 MHz Guard BandThe  U.S.  Coast  Guard  and  National  Oceanographic  and Atmospheric Administration  have  requested  the cooperation of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in preserving the integrity of the protected frequency range 406.0 to 406.1 MHz, which is reserved for use by distress beacons. Do not attempt to pro-gram this apparatus, under any circumstances, for operation in the frequency range 406.0 - 406.1 MHz if the apparatus is to be used in or near North America.Warning - Frequency band 406 - 406.1 MHz is reserved for use ONLY as a distress beacon by the US Coast Guard and NOAA. Under no circumstance should this frequency band be part of the pre programmed oper-ating frequencies of this radio.IntroductIonThe EVX-531 is full-featured Hand-Held Digital/Analog Transceiver designed for business communications in the VHF/UHF Land Mobile bands. This transceiver is designed for reliable business communications in a wide variety of applications with a wide range of operating capability provided by their leading-edge design.The EVX-531 allows to 32-channel capacity and 2 groups. Important channel frequency data is stored in the ash memory on  the CPU, and  is easily programmable  by Vertex Standard  dealers using a personal  computer and the Vertex Standard Programming Cable and CE142 Software.The pages which follow will detail the many advanced features provided in the EVX-531 transceiver. After reading this manual, you may wish to consult with your Network Administrator regarding precise details of the congura-tion of this equipment for use in your application.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual2WarnIng! Fcc rF ExposurE rEquIrEmEntsThis Radio has been tested and complies with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) RF exposure limits for Occupational Use/Controlled exposure environment. In addition, it complies with the following Standards and Guidelines:  FCC 96-326, Guidelines for Evaluating the Environmental Effects of Radio-Frequency Radiation.  FCC OET Bulletin 65 Edition 97-01 (2001)  Supplement C, Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines  for Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields.  ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1992, IEEE Standard for Safety Levels with Respect to Human Exposure to Radio Frequen-cy Electromagnetic Fields, 3 kHz to 300 GHz.  ANSI/IEEE C95.3-1992, IEEE Recommended Practice for the Measurement of Potentially Hazardous Electro-magnetic Fields - RF and Microwave.  WARNING:This radio generates RF electromagnetic energy during transmit mode. This radio is designed for and clas-sied as Occupational Use Only, meaning it must be used only during the course of employment by indi-viduals aware of the hazards, and the ways to minimize such hazards. This radio is not intended for use by the General Population in an uncontrolled environment. CAUTION:To ensure that  your expose to RF electromagnetic  energy is within the FCC allowable  limits for occupa-tional use, always adhere to the following guidelines:  This radio is NOT approved for use by the general population in an uncontrolled exposure environment. This radio is restricted to occupational use, work related operations only where the radio operator must have the knowledge to control his or her RF exposure conditions.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual3WarnIng! Fcc rF ExposurE rEquIrEmEnts  When transmitting, hold the radio in a vertical position with its microphone 2 inches (5 cm) away from your mouth and keep the antenna at least 2 inches (5 cm) away from your head and body.  The radio must  be  used  with  a  maximum  operating duty  cycle not  exceeding 50%,  in typical Push-to-Talk congurations.  DO NOT transmit for more than 50% of total radio use time (50% duty cycle). Transmitting more than 50% of the time can cause FCC RF exposure compliance requirements to be exceeded. To keep the Body Worn  conguration  with  the Vertex  Standard  CLIP-20  belt-clip,  reduce the  maximum  operating  duty cycle still more.  The radio is transmitting when the red LED on the top of the radio is illuminated.  You can cause the ra-dio to transmit by pressing the P-T-T button.  SAR  compliance  for  body-worn  use  was  only  demonstrated  for  the  specic  belt-clip  (CLIP-20).  Other body-worn accessories or congurations may NOT comply with the FCC RF exposure requirements and should be avoided.  When operate the radio with the Vertex Standard CLIP-20 belt-clip, make the transmission time as short as possible, to keep the Body Worn conguration.  Always use Vertex Standard authorized accessories.  The information listed above provides the user with the information needed to make him or her aware of RF exposure, and what to do to assure that this radio operates with the FCC RF exposure limits of this radio.  Electromagnetic Interference/Compatibility  During transmissions, this radio generates RF energy that can possibly cause interference with other de-vices or systems. To avoid such interference, turn off the radio in areas where signs are posted to do so.  Do not operate the transmitter in areas that are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation such as hospitals, health care facilities, aircraft, and blasting sites.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual4BEForE You BEgIn  To remove  the  battery,  turn  the  radio  off and re-move any protective cases. Slide the Battery Pack Latch on the bottom of the radio toward the front panel  while  sliding  the  battery  down  about  1/2 inch (1.5  cm). Then  lift  the  battery  out from  the radio.Do  not  attempt  to  open  any  of  the  re-chargeable Lithium-Ion packs, as they could explode if accidentally short-circuited.Battery Pack Installation and Removal  To install the battery pack, align the battery pack to the radio with an offset about 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) from the  top  edge of  battery  compartment, then slide  the battery  pack  upward  until  it locks  in place with a “Click.”Battery Charging  Remove  the Spacer Plate from the nest of the optional  CD-58  Desktop  Charger,  if  the  Battery Spacer is installed.  Insert the  DC  plug  from  the  optional PA-55 AC Adapter into the DC jack on the rear panel of the optional CD-58 Desktop  Charger,  and  then  con-nect the AC power cable between the AC jacks on the PA-55 AC Adapter and the AC line outlet.   Insert  the battery  pack  into  the CD-58 Desktop Charger  while  aligning  the  slots  of the  battery pack with  the  guides  in  the nest  of the  CD-58; refer to  the  following illustration for details  on PA-55CD-58Spacer Plate
EVX-531 OpErating Manual5BEForE You BEgInproper positioning of the battery pack. If charging with the transceiver attached, turn the transceiver off.  The antenna jack should be  at the left side when viewing the charger from the front.   If the battery pack is inserted correctly, the LED indicator will glow red. A fully-discharged battery pack will charge completely in 1.5 - 3.0 hours (depending on the battery pack being charged).  When  charging  is  completed, the  LED  indicator will change to green.   Disconnect  the  battery  pack  from  the  CD-58 Desktop Charger and unplug the PA-55 AC Adapter from the AC line outlet.1) Always  use the Vertex  Standard FNB-V133LI  or  FNB-V134LI Lithium-Ion  Bat-tery Pack.2)  Use only the  Vertex Standard CD-58 Desktop Charger and the Vertex Standard PA-55 AC Adapter.3) To reduce the risk of explosion, recharge the bat-teries outside of hazardous locations.4) Perform the battery charging where the ambient temperature range +41 °F to +104 °F (+5 °C to +40 °C).  Charge  out  of  this  range  could  cause  damage to the battery pack.5) Battery Pack shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, re, or the like.6) Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by  an in-correct type.  Dispose  of  used batteries according to the instructions7) For further details and cautions of the charging, refer to the  Operating  Manual  of  the  CD-58  Desk-top Charger.Low Battery IndicationAs  the  battery  discharges  during use, the  voltage gradually becomes  lower.  When  the  battery voltage becomes  to  low,  substitute  a  freshly  charged  battery and recharge the  depleted  pack.  The  LED  indicator on the top of the radio will blink red when the battery voltage is low. CAUTION Danger of  explosion if battery is replaced with  an  incorrect  battery. Replace  only  with the same or equivalent type.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual6Belt Clip Installation and RemovalBEForE You BEgIn  To  install  the Belt  Clip:  align the  Belt  Clip to  the  groove  of the  Battery  pack,  then  press the Belt Clip downward until it locks in place with a “Click.”Belt Clip Tab  To remove the Belt Clip: use a at  head  screw  driver  to  press the Belt  Clip Tab away from the battery  pack  to unlock  the Belt  Clip, then slide the Belt Clip upward to remove it.MIC/SP CAP InstallationInstall the MIC/SP cap  with the supplied screws. Use  only  the  supplied screws when install the MIC/SP cap. This  radio  does  not  keep  the water  resist ance  (IP57:  1 meter / 30 minutes) when the MIC/SP cap is not installed in the MIC/SP jack.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual73PTT SwitchSIDE-1 ButtonSIDE-2 ButtonMIC/SP Jack(External MIC/SP)Speaker MicrophoneLED Indicator (Programmable)  Default settings are:  Steady Red:    Transmitting in progress  (Analog)  Steady Blue:    Transmitting in progress  (Digital)  Blinking Green:    Busy Channel  Steady Green:    Tone Squelch in defeated conditionAntenna JackTOP SEL KeyCH (Channel) SelectorVOL/PWR KnobBattery Pack Latchcontrols & connEctors
EVX-531 OpErating Manual8opEratIonOperation Quick Start  Tu r n  th e  to p  pan e l ’s VOL/PWR  knob  clock-wise to turn the radio on.  Turn the top panel’s CH Selector knob  to  choose the desired operating channel. The radio an-nounces the channel number, if the Channel Announcement Feature is worked.  If you want to select the operating channel from a different Channel Group, press (or press and hold) the  Programmable  key  (assigned  to the  “group changE” function) to change the Channel Group you want before selecting the operating channel.Preliminary Steps  Install a charged battery pack onto the transceiver, as described previously.  Screw  the  supplied  antenna onto the Antenna jack.  Never attempt to operate this transceiver without an antenna connected.  If  you  have  a  Speaker/Mi-crophone, we recommend that it not be connected un-til you are familiar with the basic operation of the EVX-531.IMPORTANT NOTEWater  resistance of the transceiver  (IP57:  1 meter / 30 minutes) is assured only when the following conditions:  Battery pack is attached to the transceiver;  Antenna is connected to the antenna jack;and MIC/SP  cap  is  installed in the MIC/SP jack.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual9  Rotate the VOL/PWR knob to set the volume le vel .  If  no  sig n al  is present on the analog channel, press and hold in  the  SIDE-1 button (under  the  PTT switch) more than 2 seconds; background noise will now be heard, and you may  use  this to  set  the VOL/PWR knob for the desired audio level.  Press  and  hold  the  SIDE-1 button more than 2 seconds (or press the SIDE-1 button  twice)  to  quiet the  noise  and  resume  nor-mal (quiet) monitoring.  To transmit, monitor the channel and make sure it is clear.  Press  and  hold  the  PTT switch.  Speak  into  the microphone area of the front panel  grille  in  a  normal voice level. To  re-turn to the Receive mode, release the PTT switch.opEratIon  Press the (Orange) TOP SEL  k e y  or  SIDE-2 button  to  activate  one of the pre programmed functions which may have been enabled at the time of programming by  the  dealer.  See  the next section for details regarding the available features.  If a Speaker/Microphone is  available,  remove  the plastic cap and its two mounting screws from the right side of the transceiver, then align the connector of the Speaker/Microphone on  the  radio;  secure  the  connector  pin  using  the screws  supplied  with  the  Speaker/Microphone. Hold the speaker grille up next to your ear while receiving. To transmit,  press  the  PTT  switch  on the Speaker/Microphone, just as you would on 3EVX-531
EVX-531 OpErating Manual10opEratIonthe main  transceiver’s  body, and speak into the microphone on a normal voice level. Note 1): Save the original plastic cap and its mounting  screws.  They  should be  reinstalled when not using the Speaker/Microphone.  2) When you press the PTT switch on the Speak-er/Microphone, it disables the  internal micro-phone, and vice versa.  If  the  BCLO (Busy  Channel Lockout) feature has been programmed on an analog channel, the radio will  not  transmit  when  a  carrier  is  present. Instead,  the  radio will  generate  short  beep  three times. Release  the  PTT switch  and  wait  for the channel to be clear of activity.  If the BTLO (Busy Tone  Lockout) feature has been programmed on an analog channel  or CCLO (Color Code Lockout) feature has been programmed on a digital channel, the  radio can transmit only when there is no carrier be-ing  received  or  when the  carrier  being  received includes the  correct tone (CTCSS  tone or DCS code) on an analog channel or correct code on a digital channel.Automatic Time-Out TimerIf the selected channel has been programmed for au-tomatic time-out,  you  must limit  the  length of  each transmission. While  transmitting, a  beep  will sound 10 seconds before time-out. Another beep will sound just before the deadline; the top panel’s red LED (“TX” indicator) will  disappear and transmission will  cease soon thereafter. To resume transmitting, you must re-lease the PTT switch and wait for the “penalty timer” to expire.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual11advancEd opEratIonProgrammable Key FunctionsThe  EVX-531  provides  the  programmable  TOP SEL, SIDE-1, and SIDE-2 function keys.These  Programmable  Function  keys  can  be  custom-ized, via programming by your Vertex Standard deal-er, to meet your communications/network require-ments.The possible  Programmable key programming  fea-tures are illustrated on the next page, and their func-tions are explained beginning after page 13. For fur-ther details, contact your Vertex Standard dealer.In this chapter,  the  following icons are used to  indi-cate features  supported  in  either the  “Analog”  mode or “Digital” mode:: Indicates a “Analog” mode only feature.: Indicates a “Digital” mode only feature.For features that  are  available  in  both  “Analog” and “Digital” modes, no icon is shown.For future reference, check the box next to each func-tion that has been assigned to the Programmable key  on your particular radio, and keep it handy.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual12advancEd opEratIonFunctIonprogrammaBlE KEY (prEss KEY / prEss and hold KEY)TOP SEL SIDE-1 SIDE-2None / / /Monitor / / /Monitor -Momentarily- /--- /--- /---Low Power / / /Privacy / / /SQL OFF / / /SQL OFF -Momentarily- /--- /--- /---Beep Off / / /Whisper / / /VOX / / /VOX Anti-Trip / / /Emergency /--- /--- /---Lone Worker / / /Group Change / / /PRI-2 Set / / /PRI-2 Disable / / /FunctIonprogrammaBlE KEY (prEss KEY / prEss and hold KEY)TOP SEL SIDE-1 SIDE-2Scan / / /Group Scan / / /Dual Watch / / /FM Scan (Follow-Me Scan)///TA Scan / / /SCAN Set / / /Talk Around (TA) / / /RESET / / /Call 1 / / /Call 2 / / /Call 3 / / /Speed Dial / / /Call / / /TX Save Disable / / /Lock / / /
EVX-531 OpErating Manual13advancEd opEratIonDescription of Operating Functionssql oFF Press (or press and hold) the assigned programmable key to open the SQL to hear background noise (unmute the audio).sql oFF -momEntarIlY- Opens the SQL  to hear background noise (unmute the audio) while pressing the assigned programmable key.BEEp oFFPress (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to disable the radio beeps  and the channel an-nouncement (if activated) temporarily. Again press (or  press  and  hold)  the  assigned Programmable  key to enable the radio beeps and the channel announce-ment.WhIspEr Press (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to increase the  microphone gain; thus  you can speak in a low voice (whisper) temporarily. Again press (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to resume normal microphone gain.monItor Press (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to cancel any signaling features; the LED indica-tor  will  glow  with  a  pre-defined  color  (Factory  de-fault: green).monItor -momEntarIlY- Cancel  any  signaling  features  while pressing  the  as-signed programmable key.loW poWErPress (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to set the radio’s transmitter to the “Low Power” mode, thus extending battery life; the LED indicator will glow with a pre-dened color. Press (or press and hold) the  key  again to return to  “Normal”  transmit power when in difcult terrain.prIvacY Press (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to toggle the Privacy feature “On” and “Off”.The privacy feature keep the secrecy of your commu-nication contents.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual14advancEd opEratIonvoxPress (or press and hold) the assigned programmable key to turn  the VOX function  “On”  or  “Off”. When the VOX function is activated, the LED indicator will glow with  a  pre-dened  color. You  may  disable the VOX  function  temporarily  by  pressing  the  PTT switch.vox antI-trIpPress (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to  toggle  the VOX Anti-Trip feature “On” and “Off”. When the VOX Anti-Trip feature is set to “On”, the  transceiver  does  not  activate  the  transmitter sec-tion from the receiver audio and own beep sound.EmErgEncYThe EVX-531 include an “Emergency” feature which may  be  useful  for  alerting  another  party  monitoring on the same frequency as your transceiver’s channel.Press the assigned Programmable key  to  initiate  an emergency call  on  the  pre-dened  channel.  For fur-ther details contact your Vertex Standard dealer.lonE WorKErPress (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to toggle the Lone Worker feature “On” and “Off”.The Lone Worker feature is designed to emit an alarm for  30  seconds when  the  Lone Worker Timer (programmed by your Vertex Standard dealer) has ex-pired. If the user does not reset the timer by pressing the PTT switch, the radio switches to the Emergency changEThe EVX-531 has two Channel Groups (Group 1 and Group 2).Press (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key  to change the Channel Group  to the opposite Group. When there is a radio in the Group 2, the LED indicator will blink with a pre-defined color. Once the desired Group is reached, rotate the CH Selector knob to select the desired channel within the selected Group.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual15advancEd opEratIonprI-2 sEtPress (or press and hold) the assigned programmable key to toggle the current channel to the priority chan-nel 2 “enable” and “disable”.prI-2 dIsaBlEPress (or press and hold) the assigned programmable key to disable the priority channel 2 of the group tem-porarily.scanThe  Scanning feature is used to  monitor multiple signals programmed into the transceiver. While scan-ning, the transceiver will check each channel for the presence of a signal, and will stop on a channel if a signal is present.To activate scanning:  Press  (or  press  and  hold)  the  assigned Program-mable key to activate scanning: the LED indicator will glow with a pre-dened color.  The scanner will search the channels of each channel, looking for active ones; it will pause each time it nds a channel on which someone is speaking.  Press  (or  press  and  hold)  the  assigned Program-mable key  again  to disable  scanning.  Operation will revert to the programmed revert channel.Note: Your dealer may have  programmed your radio to stay on one of the following channels if you press the PTT switch during scanning pause:  “Scan Pause” channel (“Talk Back”)  “Last Busy” channel  “Priority-2” channel  “User Programmed” channel (“Select Channel”)The channel which dened in the CH Selector scanThe  Scanning feature is used to  monitor multiple channels programmed into the transceiver. While scanning, the transceiver  will  check  each  channel  of the programmed group for the presence of the signal, and will stop on a channel if a signal is present.Press (or press and hold) the assigned programmable key to activate the scanning on the selected groups.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual16dual WatchThe Dual Watch feature  is  similar to the SCAN  fea-ture, except that only two channels are monitored:  The current operating channel; and  The Priority-2 channel.To activate Dual Watch:  Press  (or  press  and  hold)  the  assigned Program-mable key.  The scanner will search the two channels; it will pause each time it nds a channel on which some-one is speaking.To stop Dual Watch:  Press  (or  press  and  hold)  the  assigned Program-mable key.  Operation will revert to the “Dual Watch Revert” channel.Fm scan (FolloW-mE scan)The FM Scan feature checks a User-assigned Priority Channel regularly as you scan  other  channels. Thus, if only Channels 1, 3, and 5 (of the 8 available chan-nels) are designated for “Scanning”, the user may nonetheless assign Channel 2 as the “User-assigned” Priority Channel via the FM Scan.To activate FM Scan, rst select the channel you want to designate as the “User-Assigned Priority Channel” and  press  (or  press  and  hold)  the  assigned  program-mable  key.  Then  rotate  the  CH  Selector  knob  to  re-call to the  “Scanning  Start”  channel  which  has been programmed by  your  dealer to  activate  the scanner. When the  scanner  stops on an “Active”  channel, the User-assigned Priority Channel will automatically be checked every few seconds; if activity is found on the User-assigned Priority Channel, the radio will switch between it and the Dealer-Assigned Priority Channel, if any.advancEd opEratIon
EVX-531 OpErating Manual17advancEd opEratIonta scanPress (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to toggle the TA (Talk Around) scan feature “On” and “Off”.While TA scan is proceeding, the transceiver will search both the transmit and receive frequencies. When a signal is encountered on the receive frequen-cy,  the  EVX-531 will pause  until the signal disap-pears. When  a  signal  is  encountered  on  the  transmit frequency, the  transceiver  will  check  for  activity  on the receive frequency every few seconds (interval programmed by your Vertex Standard dealer).Note: The  TA  Scan  feature  does  not  activate  on  the Simplex Channel.scan sEtPress (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to add/delete the current channel to/from your scanning list.When the  scanner is stopped,  you may remove the channel from the scan list temporarily by pressing (or press and holding) this key. talK around (ta)Press (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to activate the Talk Around feature when you are operating on duplex channel systems (separate re-ceive and transmit frequencies, utilizing a “repeater” station).  When  the  Talk Around  feature  is  activated, the LED indicator will glow with a pre-dened color.The Talk Around  feature  allows you  to  bypass  the repeater station  and  talk  directly to  a  station  that is nearby. This feature has no effect when you are oper-ating  on  “simplex” channels,  where  the  receive  and transmit frequencies are already the same.Note  that  your dealer  may  have  mode  provision  for “Talk Around”  channels  by  programming  “repeater” and “Talk Around” frequencies on two adjacent chan-nels. If so, the key may be used for one of the other Pre-Programmed Functions.Note: The Talk Around  feature  does  not  activate  on the Simplex Channel.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual18advancEd opEratIonrEsEt Press (or press and hold) the assigned programmable key to reset the RFC (Ready for Communication) 1 to call 3Press (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key  to send a pre-defined 2-tone Sequential Tone Group (on an analog channel) or a pre-dened Digi-tal Contact List (on a digital channel).spEEd dIal Press (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to prepare the Speed Dial function. Press the PTT switch within 5 seconds of releasing the key to send a pre-dened DTMF Press (or press and hold) the assigned programmable key to send a 2-tone sequential tone.tx savE dIsaBlEPress (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key to disable the Transmit Battery Saver, if you are operating in a  location  where  high  power  is almost always needed.The Transmit Battery Saver helps extend battery life by reducing transmit power when a very strong signal from  an  apparently  nearby  station  is  being  received. Under some  circumstances, though,  your  hand-held radio  may  not  be  heard  well  at  the  other  end  of  the communication path,  and  high  power may be neces-sary at all times.locKPress (or press and hold) the assigned Programmable key  to lock  the  CH Selector knob, Programmable keys, and PTT switch. The precise lockout congura-tion is programmed by your Vertex Standard Dealer.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual19locK In order to prevent accidental channel change or inadvertent transmission, various aspects of the CH  Selector  knob,  Programmable  keys,  and  PTT switch may be locked.The precise  lockout conguration is programmed  by your Dealer.To locked  out the  key locking,  turn the radio off. Now, press and hold the PTT and SIDE-2 key while turning the radio on again.To cancel locking, repeat this process.artstm (auto rangE transpond sYstEm)This system is designed to inform you when you and another ARTSTM-equipped station are within commu-nication range.During ARTSTM  operation,  when  the  radio  receives an incoming ARTSTM signal, a short beep will sound. If you move out of range for more than two minutes, your radio  senses that  no  signal  has been  received; a short triple-beep will sound. If you subsequently move back into communication range, as soon as the other station transmits, a short beep will sound again.artsIItm (auto rangE transpond sYstEm)The ARTSIITM system is enhanced feature of the ARTSTM which can be nding out the communication range of  the  radio  individually by using the MDC-1200® Encode/Decoder.
EVX-531 OpErating Manual20optIonal accEssorIEsFNB-V133LI 7.4V, 1380 mAh Li-Ion Battery PackFNB-V134LI 7.4V, 2300 mAh Li-Ion Battery PackCD-58  Desktop ChargerPA-51 AC AdapterMH-66A4B Submersible Speaker MicrophoneMH-81A4B Over-the-head VOX Compatible HeadsetATU-16B UHF Antenna (400-420 MHz)ATU-16C UHF Antenna (420-450 MHz)ATU-16D UHF Antenna (450-470 MHz)ATU-16F UHF Antenna (470-520 MHz)CSS450 Channel Selector StopperCLIP-20 Belt ClipCE142 PC Programming SoftwareFIF-12 USB Programming InterfaceCT-106 Connection Cable for FIF-12CT-27 Radio to Radio Cloning CableAvailability of accessories may vary; some  acces-sories are supplied standard per local requirements, others  may  be  unavailable  in  some  regions.  Check with  your  Vertex  Standard Dealer  for  changes  to this list.Part 15.21:  Changes or modications to this device not expressly approved by Vertex Standard could void the user’s authorization to operate this device.
Part15.21:ChangesormodicationstothisdevicenotexpresslyapprovedbyVertexStandardcouldvoidtheuser’sauthorizationtooperatethisdevice.TheAMBE+2TMvoicecodingTechnologyembodiedinthisproductisprotectedbyintellectualpropertyrightsincludingpatentrights,copyrightsandtradesecretsofDigitalVoiceSystems,Inc.ThisvoicecodingTechnologyislicensedsolelyforusewithinthisCommunicationsEquipment.TheuserofthisTechnologyisexplicitlyprohibitedfromattemptingtodecompile,reverseengineer,ordisassembletheObjectCode,orinanyotherwayconverttheObjectCodeintoahuman-readableform.U.S.Pat.Nos. #5,870,405,#5,826,222,#5,754,974,#5,701,390,#5,715,365,#5,649,050,#5,630,011,#5,581,656,#5,517,511,#5,491,772,#5,247,579,#5,226,084and#5,195,166.
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