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Press the “Appointment" to setthe plug
when you want to turn oil the power or it,
You can change the hours and rninutes
and coritiirn your setting or Back to exit
(Figure 13)
Press the “Timer" to set theTime schedule
and cllckthe‘Add Timer‘ (Figure 14) to
set the hours and minutes
You also can set the tunction to work in
everyday tot selection, (Figure 15)
Then conrirm the plug switch to On orofr
Arid clickthe ‘ Cortllrm" to save the setting
(Figure 15-17)
rtgurolo thure14 thurrls
thureto Figure 17
(iv) Click the corner O'chFl plug menu
There are Modity Device Name
Check Tot Firmware Update
Remove device and
Cancel item in it
You can change the devlce‘s
name in Modlfy Devtce
Check the devicertrmware
update ornot
Removethe online device on
APPin Remove device item
and cancel the above setting
by cllckthe‘CarTcel'
(Figure 18)
Figure 15
Part 3. Profile
Press “ Profile " er Devices main menu
(Fl-W 19’ _ —
There are
Devlce Sharing
Message Center
Feedback and
in Protile.
(Figure 20)
thiirets thiircao
(1)Devtce Sharing
(l)Se|ect“De\/lce Sharing"
in Prohle, and press
“Add Sharlng" (Figure 21)
Figure 21
(ll)lnputthe cell phone number .
who you wanna Share |he
devtce Inputthe Nickname,
relationshipYou also can
seleotthe relationship in
Dear, Dad, Momy Son.
Daughter, Friends and other
Cllck "Confirm" after selected
(Figure 22)
Figure, 22
(lll)lthll automatlcallylo Show
the Devices Sharing llstafler
click“Conrirrri“ lnthesame
country. you can share with
yourtriends plurality or
wireless devices (Figure 23)
Message Center
Fcc Statement
This equipment has been tested and found tocornplywtththe
ltinits tors Class B digital devicepursuanito Part 15 otthe FCC
Rules These ltnttts are designed to provide reasonable
pro|eumn agalmt harnttul tnterterence in a residential
installation Thtseoutprnent generates usesand canradiateradto
lrequerlcy energy and, ttnot installed and used tn accordance
wtth the instructions, inay cause harmrul lnrerfererlcem radio
cornrnunicatiorts However, there ts no guaranteethat
tnterterence wlll notoztur in a parllculzr installation ltthts
equipment does cause harnttul thterterenceto radio ortelevtston
reteptlon which (art he detertntned by turning the equipment
ottand on, the user ts encouraged totryto correct the
tnterterence by one or more or the lollowlrlg rneasures
,, Reorlerlt or relocatethe receiving antenna
, increase theseparatton between the eouiprnent and receiver
rCQNTettthe equipment into an outlet on a ctrcuttdtrterent
trorn that to which the receiver ts connected
eConsultthe dealeroran experterlted radio/Ty Iethnltlan ror
ThlS device cornplteswtth partts otthe FCC Rules Operation is
suoyeettothetollowtno two (Dndltlnns
(t) This device may not cause harrntul lnrerfererlte and
(2) thtsoevtce must accept any tnterterence received, including
interrerenee that niaycause undesired operation
changes or rnodtttcattons notexpressly approved bythe party
respunslblefortumpllarlce could votclthe user sauthortty to
operate the equipment
Yheflmanu amen useiam umauasshauiasenaiessinsnzoriii
User Manual
Smart Outlet
act Fevtott eii
chmart Home
WiFi Smart Plug (SM-PW701U)
The WiFi Plug is combined theAPPwith wiFi
technologyto make ltlntelligently implement local
or remote power-control runotion
Can local otremoteturn ONTOFFthe device
FreeApptorAnoroid and los
The Smart Power Plug could be controlled by
Android & ISO smart phones and tablets via Wl-
Fi, teleoom mobile network, or internet You could
make the electronic powerrcontrol atAriytime and
anywhere, to save you time
Has Timertunction and Overload protection
Support Remote control, Power metering andAP
(Access point) rnode
with elegantdesign. Unique knowhow, and Quick
setup, Max asoow load, Security
Applications Srriarthorriecontrolotrtces
factorles, resldenllal lntelllgenl control. etc
Wireless Standard IEEE 802 11b/g/n
lnterlace: US standard (with Standard US output
Plug , and Standard US input plug)
Operation Frequency ISM band,
Part 1. Registration
(1) Download and lnstall the APP chrnart Home
tn your smart phone, you can download and
install theAPPlrom Google Play Store and
Apple Storeirito yoursmart phone,
Orscan thefollowtng OR code and download
theAPP: lnstalltheAPPinto smart phone
Betore log tn theAPP you should have a
(2) Click the install icon
uhderAPP download
into the smartphone
(Figure 1)
Double click the chmart
HomeAPPlo running
installation in your smart
Flgtlrp l
(3) The system will askyou to have a registration
attertheAPP running
Select the country area where you‘re location
trorn and inputyourcell phone nurnberalter
select yourcountry area
Press the“Regislrantccde'area you‘ll get
the code trom youtoell phone lnput the code
tn the “Registrant code" area received from
yourcell phone and press Login Then you have
a successtul registration (Figure 2)
Flgtlrc 2 Flgllrcli
Part 2.Add Device
(1)0ulckly Network DlStrlbutlon
(i) Make sure the device iswaiting tor connection
Statei ilnolt reset the plug as tollows;
Keepto press Orl/Off button 5 seconds, the
tndtcatorlightrlashes guickly(approximately3
times/sec), thatrneanstesetsuccesstul, it
running underoutckly connection mode
Press lnstructorlightis outcklytlashing,
(Figure 3)
(it) Open theAPP click on the [Add DeviceL select
the internet logrh wi-Fi tor plug (usually the wi-Fi
is tor home used ), lnputthe password olWieFi tn
the lrame, click Nex| to start to connect the plug
(Note The plug only supports 2 4(3 Wl»Fl network)
(tti)The devtce wlll display a successful connection
success prompted interrace, click ok, return to
the devlce list intertace. Then you can start to
operate theAPP (Figure A-B)
Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6
(2)Hotspot Mode to distribute network
(l) Click the "Hotspot mode‘atthe bottom otAPP
inlo the hotspot mode setting:
(ii)Pesetthe device to hotspot rnode keep press
the On/Oflbuttorl tor 5 seconds during the
indicatorrasttlash,thatmeansthe plug already
tntothe hotspot mode while indicatortlash slowly
(approxlmately 1.5 second/time),(Figure 7)
(lil)Connec| to device hotspot Click "connect" (or
openthe phone settlngs»wlreless local area
network), the connection name is “SmartLl'es
XXXX" hot spots (generally you can connect it
directly. the password is 3355553535 irthe system
need to inputthe password), then return toAPP
TheAPP began to connect to the device.
(Figure 3‘9)
Flgurr; 7 Flgum tl Figure 9
(3) How to Turrl Orl/Offme plug
Cllck the 'UCSmartHome " in Devices rhaln
menu (Figure1o)
You can come tntothe Smart chFi Plug and
press the button or plug to turn on the power
plug On or on (Figure 11 and 12)
thuretb Figurett thutetz
(4) Setting tn plug
(i)SWitoh mm“ the plug
There are SWitch.Appointment and Timer in
plug setting (Figure 10,11 & 12)
You can control the plug email by click the
SWitch ordirectly to pressthe oh/orr icon on

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