Xiamen Huoshiquan Import and Export HOLYSTONEGP quadcopter wifi camera User Manual

Xiamen Huoshiquan Import & Export CO., LTD quadcopter wifi camera Users Manual


User manual part 1

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Q 169;
HS 1 00 [GPS]
V usa@ho|ystone.com (America) @ +I(855) 888—6699
ca@holystone.com (Canada)
eu@holystone.com (Europe)
jp@holystone.com (Japan)
Table of Contents
Package Contents ..
Drone and Battery .
Assemble the Propeller.
Assemble the Propeller Guard
Assemble the Camera .....
Transmitter Functions .
Fly Safety
Download the Applicatlon
Charging the Battery
Flight ........................
Compass Calibration .
Recalibrate Gyroscope .
—|—-——-——-— I -
APP Functions .. 20
Take—off .............. 21
Landing/Emergency Stop .. 21
Follow Me .............
Return to Home
Headless Mode
Camera Functions .. .
Replace the Landing Gear . 26
Trouble Shooting
Contact Us ..
General Information .
‘o ma yea': of ar
3 ifynu er pewermrvg OJ’firJUe-s an (my speLi of the proauai, we awn o: rramename,
p‘eese Lommuyou' kxa‘ sexes agent 0! normal uslome' support Here at r by Same
Safety Guidelines
Th‘s produrr ha a T‘yv‘g (amo'a ma’ {Mfrs Day, (om'oflao‘o mght when m gcca wan mg order
mmrms, However, me'e m am a sgm‘I msk m pronerTy or peome New" rrexpn fly or
wwirw‘ LLJHFHSU mam V‘UJWSA L assev'vb‘y or pow gruvivm by wrvexushev‘Leri pm“ um esuu m
uavmge 1" mopevly m ham: to peop‘e Be My awcve ofyouv SJVGJ‘C‘r'gs when flqu gm
a‘wfys mama n commctc comm or me ychmc
1. Keep Your Dlstance.
a Aways fly m ‘Offifh’lr‘i (Far arc (Scam? o‘ obirrurmm 5.er as bu‘wowgs, po‘vi, morrr‘raw
w‘res, wees end so a"
b Nevev fly above u v‘eev peupe
2. Do not fly m adverse weather conditions.
a Kc p pica! ofmo‘stuvc, foq. (c and cxccsswvc wmd
D Uwyf‘y r good weather (common;
3. Use and mavntaln the product accordmg to (he lnstrucuons For Use.
a Onerare rm newe egmy m amvcanee wm msmmm prcvmm am mm mm mm pm
eguiel mm
b Ny‘vuys use 0! g‘fla.‘ penis vmde byr My SLOV't' Rn ma mter‘mce and reer
4. Do not opcratc the device alone.
a ‘Fyou arc a mcw 301,5ch asswstar‘cc from afl chcncr‘ccd drcbc pumas you wca'r‘
futu'c rcfcrcncc
Have o'hcrs ammo ‘Q hop you fly
. Safety Flrst eveiy time.
a Awwayx ope'ate zhe drone W‘XNV‘ your mus es ( pMuL H'you ave M3, dunnemeu, o' mmve
of how [0 ef‘eLiwx/efy fly the dune. U‘ease seex km to evom dLudev'L:
6. chp clear of splning parts.
a Dunbg coc'amn, [kc rotflrs rcvoivc cxz'cmdyquwc‘dy, pwcase avc‘d ccdtac: WW“ [he Dropcdc's
ado emu? mat anmgn cmrrts arc ch‘ deaf or a‘w movmg parts
7.Avovd exposure to excessvve heat.
a Doe to the um evou; w elem types med ‘n ( caravan, 1m Grow-J u ram wtalfle w‘fler‘
excused to "eat Hedse keeo you! dewee away flow: heal mute} afld avo‘d p;o\c"oed
cxcosurc to ducal SuF‘HQh: \ “qt" [cmDCVatu'cs Lar' L'MO't (PC structmc ofmc dcvwcc "wage
check for amy damages Dc ofc floor

\ The rhr’or'hamh wrmm th s parkage— rs mpo'rah‘ For ihr- safe Ont-rat oh arm mamrr‘ham'e or
your more Preast «reg; r: iflf'r rm mm reference
7 You at ( ep‘ sore respohsrmmes Forahy may, km or Camage— rha‘ rr-surl 'rovr* your (in wroh
nr’me (IHVK'H
3 Aways Imiowihe msrmrr on: wheeassembthg ornperaimgi Humane Arways keenm rum
From ‘he mom-t ‘o avord rrsk orrer ry Pay aHPhirm to ‘he
6 fee DPIWFFH the my and vrmwr
Cevrce at at‘ more: WM? h frrgh‘
4 Nerther \ ’o‘y Stome oor shy Crstrrbotors or agehts accept ahy (CSDOF‘SrDWfiy to' toss, rhju'y c'
:: ,gc causec Dy rocorrect operatrom crmc drone
5 1m drooe rs not surtabte to' (warm umoerihe age or“ rs Younger DHcts smcuo aways
operaze the creme uhder aourt suoe'vrsroo
(1 P‘ease WBKC sure assemo‘y WSI'LCI‘OHS a'e fot‘owed correctiy to ehsure prcoe' operseorw aha
Defiormaece or’your d'ohe
/ Ihrs product cootfrhs mahy smaL‘ pzrts To avord chomhg hazards, p‘esse Keep thrs crooe am
at‘ rts CO’T‘rDDflCfltS out or ch roreh’s reach
8 You must erot, uooer any crrcumstzhces, fry th‘s dror‘e over opeh water or hear ahy pubhc
road due to rhcreased the F‘SK of acc‘dehts
9 Keep art Dackagrhg Tater‘ets away from chrrareh and drspcse them safety
H) the mterha‘s O‘thc drChC are hot ‘uscr serv CCZDrC, Chase do ”rot attempt to d‘ssCTrD‘C th‘s
orooe or reprace aoy part of [he srooe, to avoro matfuhczroos our‘hg fl‘gr‘I
l ' J’rease eosurc batter‘es are fitteo m the correct crrer‘ rod shovm ‘fl these hstructror‘s
U You can sccess the Iraosm .er Daztery compartmcot Dy uhscrewmg the screws oo the
battery cover A‘Wzys Du: or“ the battery cover an? eghzeo tflC screws secure‘y before use
U Gerry use the charmer p'ovrdeo wrth your drone for safety masons
M the charger rs col a toy
b ‘J‘spose useo thterres carefurty, do not rrfier
16 the mower SOCKCt must Not be removed flow the Crooe L7G hot athTrDI to short—Cr'iurt the
cohhectrch soc
a Return To Home[RTH)
Smart RTH: Press this button and the drone will return to the
vertical position of the TAKE OFF point which you set, then,
land by itself slowly.
(This function can only work in GPS mode.)
0 Power Button.
Press the Power Button shortly to turn on;
Hold the Power Button for 2 seconds to turn off.
a One Button Take-off, One Button Landing,
Hold 2 secs for EMERGENCY STOP.
6 Micro USB Charging port.
Charge the Transmitter when transmitter's battery level is low.
Connect the USB port to computer or smartphone adapter
with OUTPUT: DC 5V — IA
[TI "69
7. Dial to the right to accelerate; Dial to the left to decelerate.
8. Click 31} to enter Follow-me mode; Click again to cancel
the follow-me mode.
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