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User manual part 2

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Document TitleHS100英语说明书 2
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Tip: Safe to Fly (GPS)
l. Flight Distance is limited between 0-30 M/0-98.4 Feet.
2. Flight Altitude is limited between 0-30 MAJ-98.4 Feet.
3. RTH Altitude is under 25 M/SZ Feet.
You only can Turn-off the BEGINNER MODE to modify the parameters in the
APP on your phone after you complete the Compass Calibration operations.
Flight Setting
2. Compass Calibration
CD Compass Calibration Part l
— Push Joysticks at 1 & 11 o’clock positions as shown by the picture above.
— Lights rapidly alter between Purple (Back) and Pink@.
— App Drone Statu "Compass ca
—Hold the drone horizontally; turn your body 360 degrees and the back
lights will turn solid purple.
Q3] Compass Calibration Part 3
——Hold the drone vertically and camera is facing the ground; spin your
body 360 degrees. The front Pink lights and the rear Purple light will
turn to solid.
Compass only need to calibrate when first fly the drone in a new area.
3. GPS Searching (Do NOT use GPS Mode indoor l
— Place the Drone on a flat and dry surface and in an unobstructed and
lit area.
— LED Flight Indicators will turn to blink Blue-and WhiteQFrcntT.
This means the drone is Seaching the GPS Signal. '
This process can take a few minutes. App Drone Status: ”\Xlaiting for GPS signal”.
Once the lights have turned all solid, GPS Mode is Readlerone can only take
off when it is connected to GPS succ essfullyl.
— Blue (back) and white (front) lights are all solid (no blinking).
— App Drone Status: “Ready to fly".
(L If the LED Flight Indicators keep blinking quickly, it indicates drone is
searching for GPS signals.
If the drone keep blinking quickly after a few minutes, it indicates that the
process has FAILED. Please taking the drone a meter or so from the ground,
and repeat all the Compass Calibration operations until the process is successfu
3 Ifyou fly indoors, please hold ® button for 3 second to exit GPS Mode,
and the LED lights will blink slowly. you can fly this drone when you complete
the Compass Cal ration operations ifyou ex GPS mode.
4. Recalibrate Gyroscope
— Push the Joysticks at l l & 1 o'clock pos ons as shown by the picture above.
— Lights will blink rapidly in both Blue-and White jaunt];
— App Drone Status: “Gyroscope is being calibrated" - "Gyroscope okay”.
Note“ You can also callhratc the Drone if it does not Stay on course Correctl
5. Usrng the Application
Connect your smart phone to the Wi-Fi of the Dronerrake this step when you finish
pairing the drone) and check the drone's status on the "HS GPS PRO" App.
(I) Power on the Drone.
(2) On your smartphone, launch a search of the available Wi-Fi networks:
ifyou are using an iFhone or an iFad, select Settings>\X/i-Fi,'
ifyou are using an Android smartphone, select Settings > wireless and
networks >\X/i-Fi.
C3) Select the Wi-Fi network: HolyStoneFPV_xxxxx
D Wait for your smartphone connect to the Wi-Fi network of the drone.
This connection is generally represented by the Wi-Fi logo appearing
on your smartphone's screen.
(5) Enter the Hs GPS PRO application.
> The connection between your smartphone and the Drone is established
APP Functions
 LLF —» karannnzv g —>
The Original images and videos are saved in the TF card.
Press the TF card slightly to take it out, then insert the card into
the card reader and insert it into the USB outlet of a computer to
read the data from TF card.
The images can be also viewed in the App.
Replace the Landing Gear
1)Letter”L" and "R" is printed Oh each side ofa Jahdrhg gear sheH
“L” rs the mark or the tctt Jahdrhg gear as "R" rs for the rtght rahdmg
ZJThere are two tocks on the bottom, Press and hora down
the r‘ock, ahd puH the r‘ock—stde r‘ahdrhg gear out
2nd: Pull
lst: Press
BJRotate rahdrhg gears outside at angle ofabout 90 degrees to
take the r‘ahdthg gear out.
0 Drone
Weight [Including Battery) : 700 g/ 24.7 oz
Flight Time: 12-15 minutes
WIFI Distance: 492 feet/150m (Outdoor and unobstructed)
Motor Model: 180
Hovering: Enabled
Operating Temperature Range : 32' to 104“ F ( 0' to 40" C j
Satellite Systems GPS / GLONASS
Dimensions. 500*500" 1 75mm
0 Gimbal
Controllable Range: Pitch: -90" to 0"
0 Camera
Lens: FOV lZO'/Z.0
Still Photography Modes: Single shot
Video Recording Modes: HDlZSD*720 P
Photo: JPEG
Videtr AVI
Supported SD Cards: TF Card 865 included
Operating Temperature: 32' to 104’ F l 0' to 40' C l
O APP/ Live View
Mobile App: HS GPS PRO
Live View Working Frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM
Live View Quality: 720P @ ZOfps
Latency: Low Latency Video (depend on conditions and mobile device)
Required Operating Systems: iOS 8.0 or later/ Android 4.4.0 or later
Recommended Devices: 4.7” to 5.5" Smart phones
0 Transmitter
Operating Frequency: 2.4GH1
Max transmission distance: 1640 feet/500m (Outdoor and unobstructed)
Battery: 300 mAh/ Lipo
Operating Voltage: 3.7V
Mobile Device Holder: 4.7” to 5.5” Smart Phones
Operating Temperature: 32' to 104" F l 0' to 40" C J
0 Flight Battery
Capacity: 2500 mAh
Voltage. 7,4V
Battery Type: LiFo
Energy. 18.5Wh
Net Weight: ”5 g/ 6.102
Max Charging Power. S-lOW
Max Charging Time: 3-6 hourSlDepending on Charging Power]
Charging Temperature Range: 14” to 104" F ( -‘lO' to 40' C j
0 USB Cable
Voltage: 5V
Rated Power: 510 W
Common Problems and Solutions
Drone flashes and don‘t
respond to the transmitter
during operation.
l, Transmitter is not synced
to the drone.
2. Insufficient battery power.
1. Refer to the Mannual
and resync the drone.
z. Reeharqe the battery.
The propellers spin, but
the drone cannot takeoff.
I. Insufficient battery power.
2. The propellers are installed
in wrong orientation.
3. The propellers are distorted.
l. Recharge the battery.
2. install the propellers in
right orientation.
3. Replace the propellers.
The arena shakes heavily.
The propellers are distorted.
Replace the propellers.
Drone cannot stay balanced
in flight.
I. The propellers are distorted.
z. The motor doesn't work
1. Replace the prpellers.
2. Replace the motor.
Drone is unstable after
Fouraxis acceleration
sensor loses it‘s balance
after crashing.
Restart and recalibrale the
For more further technical support, please do not
hesitate to contact us via Email or Hot Line Phone Call.
usa@holystone.com (America)
ca @holystone.
com (Canada)
eu@holystone.com (Europe)
jp@holystone.com (Japan)
©+l (855) 888—6699
General Information
FCC Now e
This dthee eorhphes wct‘h Part ?5 of the FCC Rut‘es
Operatton ts sutyett to the tortovvrhg two tonu‘tttons
(H Thts deyt'ee may hot cause harmtut JfltCer’CflCQ
(7) Thts (Jew e must at t ept any tntem‘erent e rer elved, rm ‘udtng thtertererve
that may cause uhdestred operatton
NOTE. Thts equtprheht has been tested ahd touhd to eorhply wtth the M'rht‘ts
tor a (Z ss B (JL ttaJ (Jevtte, hursuaht to Part W5 at the FCC, Ru‘es These hrntts
are designed to prov‘de reasOhaDJe proteettOh agat'hst harmful thterterehee
tn a restdenttat‘ thstahatmn T‘nts equtprneht generates uses and rah rarltate
radio frequehey ehergy ahd, rt hot thstah‘ed ahd used sh aeeordahee vvtth the
tnstrutttons, may tause ‘harrhrut thte renre m ranto torhrhuntrattons
J tow/ever, there ts ho guarahtee that t'hterr’erehee WM hot oeeur t'h a Dartt‘eutar
tnstat‘at‘oh tt thts equcoment does tause ha'rr‘tut‘ thtertererve to radso or
tetevtston reeepttOh, whceh (ah be determtned by turhthg the equtpmeht off
and on the user cs ervouraged to try to mrrett the trzterte'eme by one nr
more or the foHovvt'hg measures.
fRenrcent or term ate the retetvtng antehna
ftfiUCaSC the separattOh betweeh the equtpmeht ahd reeecver
finUHPI t the equtprheht snto ah (Jutt‘et on a : tr< utt tJt'rterent trorn
that to whteh the reeetver ts echheeted
ffifiohsutt the rJeaJer rtr ah expercent ed fade/TV te< hntt ran for hetp
WARNJNC- Changes IN rnomfitattrtns nrtt exp'esst‘y approved by the
party responstbte for eoth‘tahee eour‘d VOtd the user‘s authortty to
operate the equtprheht
RF Fxposure
The equtpmeht eorhohes wtth \ CC radtattort exoosure Whtts set forth for ah
unrohtrofled ehvtrohmeht Thcs devtte shouta be thsta‘ted aha operated thh
mthtmurh utstanee 20cm betvveeh the radtator &your body
This device compiies with Canada Industry licence—exempt RSS standardis)
Operation is sutyect to the foliowing two conditions.
11) this deVice may not cause interference, and
12) this deViCe must accept any interference Including interference that
may cause undesired operation of the deVice.
AVis d’industrie Canada
Le present appareii est conforme aux CNR d‘industrie Canada appiicabies
aux appareiis radio exem pts de licence L'expiOitation est autorisee aux deux
conditions suivantes‘
ii i'appareii ne doit pas produire de brouiiiage, et
Zi i'utilisateur de i'appareii dOit accepterbrouiiiage radioeiectrique subi
meme Si le brouiiiage est susceptibie d'encompromettre ie fonctionnement
mauvais tonctionnement de i'appareii Cet appareii nume’riquie de ia ciasse
B est conforme a ia norme NMB—OOB du Canada
CAN NMB-3 48)
RF Exposure
Radiation Exposure Statement
This equipment compiies With iC radiation exposure iimits set forth for an
uncontroiied enVironment This equipment shouid be instaiied and
operated With minimum distance 20cm between the radiator & your body.
De’ciaration d'exposmon aux radiations
Cet e’quipement est conforme aux iimites d'exposition aux rayonnements
iC étabiies pour un enVironnement non contréie’ Cet e’qurpement dOit
étre instaiie' et utiiisé avec un minimum de 20 cm de distance entre la
source de rayonnement et votre corps.
Thls symbol on the product or rts documentatlon lndlcates that lt must not
be drsposedorwlth household waste
Uncontrolled waste drsposal may harm the envlronment or human health.
Please separate your devrce from other types of waste to recycle rt responsrbly
Thls wtll help to foster the sustarnable re—use of materral resources E
We lnvlte you to contactyour retailer or lndulre at your local town hall to
find out where and how the drone can be recycled
l Fallure to follow all the lnstructrons may result rn serrous rnyury, rrreparable
damage to the battery and may cause a fire, smoke or exploslon
ZAlways check the battery's condltlon before charglng or uslng rt
3 Replace the battery r it has been dropped, or rn case ofodour, overheatlng,
dlscolouratlon, deformatlon or leakage
4 Never use anything other than the approval LlPo charger the battery Always
use a balancrng charger for Ma cells or a UFO cell balancer lt rs recommended
that you do not to use any other charger than the one provided wrth the
5 The battery temperature must never exceed bO’Cl l 40°F] otherwrse the battery
could be damaged or lgnltev
6 Never charger on a flammable surface, near flammable products or lnsrde a
vehrcle (perrerably place the battery ln a non—flammable and non—conductlve
7 Never leave the battery unattended durrng the charglng process Never
drsassemble or modrfy the housrng's wrrrng, or puncture the cells Always ensure
that the charger output voltage corresponds to the voltage of the batten/ Do
not short crrcurt the batterres
8 Never expose the UFO battery to morsture or dlrect sunllght, or store lt ln a place
where temperatures could exceed 60"C(car tn the sun, for example).
9 Always keep lt out or reach or chlldren
lO.lmproper batten/ use may result ln a fire, explosron or other hazards
I I Non—retharqedee tmllerces are not to be rethdrqed RenharqeabIe de‘LQIIQS
are onry to be rhsrged under adur‘t sunervrsmn
I2 Dtfi‘erent tybes cr’ banerces or new and used batterres are not to be mrxed
I3 Batterres are to be rnserted Wrth the correct porarrty
I/I Ihe suppIy terrrrrnaIs are nut to be short—t rr( uried Requhr exarrrrnaIrtJn (1T
transformer or battery thtrrger for any damage to therr (0rd, pr‘ug, ennosu'e
and other parts and they must not be used unrrI the carnage has been reparred
I5 The batkegrng has to be Kept Srntc rt conrarhs rmportant rnformatron
I6 Ihe [by rs unfy lo bemnneued [b Cass II equrprnenl bearrng the syrrrbur
A'zer rewrw‘q The (ETIIIIKHIfi (II reqrsIraIrbn, you rnusi rrwk your unlque FAA
registration number on the Dane by any means, sut h as Dermanent marker,
Iabr‘e, engravrng Thrs number rr‘rust be readrly atcessrbCe and mainta‘ned rn a
condrtron that Is readabr‘e and Iegrbfe ubon dose vrsuaI rnspectron
WARNING: Do NOT fly drone near acrborts or any other un authorrzcd areas
FoIrow ah rules for FederaI Avratron Admrnrstrairon (FAA) rcguIann summary
Inr SrnaII Unmanned Arrtrar’l SysIerrrs {sUASr
Read At ademy of MnneI Aeronaunt's JAN/IA) Know Before Yo.) EIy rmportant
rnto'mat‘on brochure
Made in China

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