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Lift Accessories

For Hunter Wheel Alignment Lift Racks

Fully Integrated Alignment

Hunter lifts with FIA capabilites streamline the entire
alignment process.
Direct communication between the lift and aligner
automate tasks once performed by the technician
manually, eliminating time-consuming trips
around the vehicle and to-and-from the console.


RX-series &
Four-Post lift family

WinAlign® console*
✔ Centralized control of entire system
✔ Communicates directly with lift to set tire

pressure and automatically operate
turnplates and slipplates

Cameras capture
measurements automatically
once the fourth target is

✔ Guides the technician through the

alignment process
✔ Rack Track auto-adjusts electronic

movable-camera sensors to match lift height*
Lift console
✔ Raising the vehicle triggers the

sensors to look for wheel targets*
✔ Controls PowerSlide ® and Inflation

Station settings on the lift console

Optional AlignLights sytem
turns on automatically at
alignment height

PowerSlide® system
✔ Slipplates and turnplates automatically

lock and unlock at appropriate times*
✔ Turnplate bridges automatically raise

and lower at appropriate times*
✔ No more struggles with lock pins

Auto-locking turnplates and
slipplates save trips around
the vehicle

Inflation Station
✔ Automatically inflates all four tires

✔ Records starting and final pressure*
✔ Hose recoils to keep work area clear

Software tracks before and
after tire pressures for the
customer's printout*
*Requires WA400 or WA300 series alignment console and FIA-equipped lift.


RX-series &
Four-Post lift family

PowerSlide system

The PowerSlide® system secures and releases
slipplates and turnplates with one touch.
With the PowerSlide system, technicians no longer have to
make multiple trips around the vehicle or struggle to remove
and replace lock pins during an alignment.

PowerSlide Turnplates

PowerSlide Slipplates

See page 7 for PowerSlide turnplate

PowerSlide saves
time operating as a
stand-alone system,
but operates most
efficiently when
connected to an
aligner through FIA.

RX Lift PowerSlide control

✔ Conveniently located on the lift console
✔ Locks and unlocks slipplates and turnplates with the touch of a button
✔ Automatically locks when lift is lowered*

RX PowerSlide/FIA upgrade – 20-2583-1

Four-Post PowerSlide upgrade – 20-2586-1

Upgrades standard RX-10, RX12A or RX-16 lift
with PowerSlide capability and FIA connectivity

Upgrades standard L451 or L454 lift with
PowerSlide capability

PowerSlide turnplates not included.

FIA connectivity and PowerSlide turnplates not included.

*Automatic PowerSlide operation requires WA400 or WA300 series alignment console and FIA-equipped lift.


Four-Post Lift PowerSlide control

Inflation Station system

RX-series &
Four-Post lift family

The Inflation Station system inflates all four tires to a pre-selected
pressure simultaneaously - while you raise the lift or do other tasks!
Saves steps and save time!

RX Lift Inflation Station
control panel

Four-Post Lift
Inflation Station/FIA console

✔ Set tire pressure at the lift console or at the aligner*
✔ Automatically inflate all four tires simultaneously
✔ Record starting and final pressure**

Integrated inflation hoses,
located at each wheel position,
retract when not in use to keep
the work area clear.

Inflation Station saves time operating as a stand-alone system, but
operates most efficiently when connected to an aligner through FIA.

RX Inflation Station upgrade – 20-2584-1
Upgrades a PowerSlide-equipped RX-10 lift
with Inflation Station
RX Inflation Station/PowerSlide/FIA
upgrade – 20-2585-1
Upgrades standard RX-10, RX12A or RX-16 lift
with Inflation Station, PowerSlide capability
and FIA connectivity
PowerSlide turnplates not included.

Four-Post Inflation Station/FIA
upgrade – 20-2587-1
Upgrades a PowerSlide-equipped L451 or L454 lift
with Inflation Station and FIA connectivity
Four-Post Inflation Station/PowerSlide/FIA
upgrade – 20-2588-1
Upgrades standard L451 or L454 lift with Inflation
Station, PowerSlide capability and FIA connectivity
PowerSlide turnplates not included.

*Inflation Station operation at the aligner requires WA400 or WA300 series alignment console and FIA-equipped lift.

**Requires FIA-equipped aligner with WinAlign 10.x software or greater


The AlignLights system provides a safe
and efficient light source underneath the
vehicle without additional electrical cords.
The lights automatically switch on
when the lift is raised and off when the
lift is lowered.
✔ For all old-style RX consoles

(power unit exposed) – 20-2013-1
✔ For RX Inflation Station and other

new-style lift consoles – 20-2173-1
✔ For L451 and L454 lifts – 20-2993-1
AlignLights is an ALI listed accessory
for all lift models.

AlignLights is available for most Hunter alignment lifts as an installed
option or can be retrofitted to most previously installed lifts.

Swing Air Jacks
Hunter Swing Air Jacks provide
reliable, full-pneumatic operation
Proven over decades of use, air-operated cylinders
raise telescoping arms to contact either the
suspension or frame. Four models provide jacking
capability for all Hunter alignment lifts. Swing
air jacks are engineered to handle a wide variety of
vehicles and provide easy, low-maintenance service.

Swing air jacks combine low drive-on height with high
lifting capacity.

63" (1600 mm)
20.25" (515 mm)




A Clearance

1.5 in.

1.5 in.

B Max. Low Flip

16 in.

16 in.

C Max. High Flip

18 in.

18 in.



(216 mm)


9,000-lb. Capacity, Triple Composite
Cylinder Jack – 133-84-1
Ideal for use with RX16, L451 and L454
lift models.

6,000-lb. Capacity, Dual Composite
Cylinder Jack – 133-85-1
Ideal for use with RX-10 and RX12A
lift models.


PowerSlide Turnplates
PowerSlide® turnplates eliminate the hassle of removing and
replacing lock pins during an alignment. Integrated bridges
lower and raise as plates are locked. PowerSlide turnplates
are an optional feature that may be added later to qualified
RX and Four-Post series lifts.
✔ PowerSlide turnplates with automatic bridges - 20-2076-1
Used with camera-based alignment sensors.

✔ PowerSlide turnplates without automatic bridges – 20-2075-1
Used with conventional alignment sensors.


Turnplates cont.
Stainless Steel Turnplates
Resists corrosion and maintains free movement during the
alignment procedure. Stainless steel construction
for long, trouble-free life. No pointer.
Stainless Steel:
✔ Set of two stainless steel turnplates for 1.5" or 50 mm
turnplate pockets – 20-2532-1 (includes guide strips)
Stainless Steel, Low Friction:
✔ Set of two stainless steel turnplates for 50 mm turnplate
pockets – 20-2533-1 (includes guide strips)

Electronic Turnplates†
Ideal for integrating advanced alignment angle
measurements. Cast aluminum design with a powder-coated
paint finish. 50 mm high.
✔ Set of two electronic turnplates and cables to connect
turnplates to wireless sensors – 20-1487-1
✔ Set of two electronic turnplates, cables and board
to connect turnplates to rack wiring kit – 20-1477-1

Electronic Wiring Cables – 20-1386-1
Set of two cables to connect turnplates to wireless sensors.
Use this part number when ordering cables only.

Painted Turnplates – 20-2531-1
Set of two turnplates for 1.5" or 50 mm turnplate
pockets. Steel construction with a powder-coated paint
finish. No pointer.

† See Form 4599-T for more details on electronic turnplate applications.


Turning Angle Gauge – 25-18-1
Turnplate with pointer and scale for 1.5" turnplate
pocket. Steel construction with a powder-coated
paint finish (two required).

Filler Plates
Fills turnplate pockets when turnplates are not used.
19.5" wide.
✔ For 1.5" pockets – 20-2396-1 (two included)
✔ For 50 mm pockets – 20-2395-1 (two included)

Turnplate Bridge
Eases rolling compensation when rack is used with
camera-based alignment sensors.
✔ Universal Bridge for 50 mm and 1.5" turnplate
pockets – 20-2307-1

Drive-Thru Kits
Drive-Thru Kits
✔ RX10, RX12A and RX16 drive-thru kit for
camera sensors – 20-2498-1
Adds 52" to overall length.

✔ RX10, RX12A and RX16 drive-thru kit for
conventional sensors – 20-2501-1
Adds 63" to overall length.

✔ L451 and L454 drive-thru kit – 20-2682-1
Adds 38" to overall length.


Ramps & extensions
High-floor-slope conditions and low-ground-clearance vehicles occasionally
require additional approach ramp length. Several options are available.
Stage 2 RX Approach Ramp Extensions

✔ RX ramp extension kit – 20-3113-1 (two included)
Adds 17.75" to the length of RX9, RX10 and RX16; or 5" to RX-12
and RX12A when substituted for 20-3112-1. Standard on RXDC.

✔ RX ramp extension kit – 20-3112-1 (two included)
12" extensions for RX10, RX12 and RX16.
Standard on RX-12 and RX12A.

✔ RX ramp extension – 20-2169-1

(includes quick-release pins) – Adds 40" to length
of RX9, RX10, and RX16; adds 27.25" to RX-12 and RX12A,
or 22.25" to RX-12-PS/IS.

✔ RX ramp extension – 20-2189-1

(includes quick-release pins) – Adds 50" to length
of RX9, RX10, and RX16; adds 37.25" to RX-12 and RX12A,
or 32.25" to RX-12-PS/IS.

Stage 2 Four-Post Ramp Extension Kit
(Suitable for L451 and L454 models)

✔ Four-post ramp extensions – 20-1365-1
Adds 17.5" to the length of ramps.

✔ Four-post ramp extensions – 20-2033-1
Adds 40" to the length of ramps.

Flush-Mount Conversion Kits
Converts surface-mount installations to
flush-mount installations, using current site
✔ For RX-9 and RX-12 PowerSlide® or
Inflation Station models including RXDC
and RX40 – 20-2103-1
✔ For all other RX-9 and RX-12 models

RX10 Long Wheel Stops – 20-2497-1
For use with conventional sensors and low spoilers.
Adds approximately 12" in length.


✔ For RX10, RX12A and RX16 models

Additional lift accessories

Pit Hose Reel Cover Plate – 51-2308-1
Cover plate for Inflation Station lifts to trim around
flush-mount cut-outs (four required).

L421 Runway Extension Kit – 20-1587-1
Extends maximum general service wheelbase
to 226.5" and maximum two-wheel alignment
wheelbase to 210.5". Includes two 19.5" filler plates.

Front-Mount Power
Unit Bracket
Moves power unit
mounting to front of
four-post column for
bays with very little space.
✔ L44X – 20-2391-1
✔ L45X – 20-3072-1

Work Step – 51-1696-1
Work step makes custom steer or underhood shim
work easier. Can be used with RX, L45X, L42X,
L44X, RM, PN and RMHD models.

Center Lift Jack Adaptor
20-2853-1 (6,000 lb) 20-2854-1 (9,000 lb)
Ideal accessory for lifting from the differential or
subframe on many vehicles. Includes storage bracket.

Jack Riser Kit (Set of two) – 20-2801-1
Extends the reach of the jack to make lifting
high- ground-clearance and long-wheelbase vehicles
easier. Adds 4.5" to overall jack lift height.

Additional lift accessories

Jack Pad – 64-50-2
Rubber pads cover jack lifting points to prevent
damage to the underside of the vehicle (two required).

Wheel Chock – 22-525-2
Prevents vehicle from rolling once on the lift.
Two chocks are included standard in any new
lift purchase.

Storage Bracket Kit
Provides storage for wheel adaptors on console,
lift or HawkEye Elite® sensor column. Simply bolts
on to clip-on work step holes, no drilling required.
Includes four brackets.

Hook – 216-83-1
Suitable for brake pedal depressor.

Be sure to check out other Hunter literature for more
quality products from Hunter Engineering.


Copyright © 2015, Hunter Engineering Company

Form 5262-T, 03/15
Supersedes 5262-T, 09/14


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