Promethean 001 Wireless Data Transceiver User Manual A4 AB USER TP 1333 ver3 5

Promethean Ltd Wireless Data Transceiver A4 AB USER TP 1333 ver3 5

Activboard user manual

Windows 95 /98 /NT4 /2000 /Me /XP®
Release 3.4
June 2002
English Edition
TDS House, Lower Philips Road, Blackburn. BB1 5TH. United Kingdom
TP 1333 Issue 3.4
Jun 2002
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 2
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
Promethean Ltd.
TDS House
Lower Philips Road
Lancashire. BB1 5TH
If you experience any problems that cannot be resolved by referring to this manual please call
the Promethean support team on 01254 676921 (UK only).
© Copyright Promethean Ltd., 1997-2002
All rights reserved.
All information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. This guide was prepared
with the intention of being error free. The discussion of procedures and techniques, unintended errors in
syntax or grammar may modify or prevent your understanding of certain topics.
Any use of the contents of this User Manual other than for the purpose intended requires express written
permission of Promethean Ltd.
All trademarks noted with the ™ mark are the properties of their respective companies
NOTE: All utility and driver software provided to operate the ACTIVboard is the property of Promethean
Ltd.. Use of this software is granted for the purpose of installation, set up and operation of the ACTIVboard
and its standard feature set outlined in this guide. Promethean does not encourage or authorise any other
Additional application software is provided from time to time as a service to our customers. This software
is licensed to the end user by the supplier. Use, possession and upgrades are the responsibility of that
supplier. Registered owners of Promethean product should contact those suppliers directly for support.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions
(1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference
received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 4
About the ACTIVboard and This Guide 5
Registration and Warranty 6
Features 7
System Requirements 8
System Recommendations 9
Connection and Installation
Electrical Connections 10
ACTIVboard Software Installation 11
De-installation (Uninstall) 14
Starting ACTIVstudio 16
User Profiles 17
Notebook & Portable Computers 23
E - Pen 24
Mode Set Up 25
Calibrating the ACTIVboard 26
Maintenance and Cleaning appendix A
Physical Installation appendix B
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
About the ACTIVboard and this guide
Welcome to the presentation world of the ACTIVboard. The ACTIVboard is the computer peripheral
that truly humanises the computer interface for effective presentations of all kinds.
Your classroom, meeting or conference room now has one device that replaces your white
board, paper FlipChart, electronic copyboard and projection screen. Set up your LCD projector and use
it as you would a normal projection screen. Connect it to your computer and you have the electronic
replacement for your paper FlipChart or an economical electronic copyboard. Save all that meeting data
or notes as Flipchart files to your hard drive instead of reams of paper too large to handle comfortably or
those curled up electrostatic sheets. Print them out when you are ready or pass them along the network
to everyone as an e-mail attachment.
Use the ACTIVboard in conjunction with an overhead projector and LCD panel or integrated LCD
projector. You no longer have to run back and forth to the keyboard during presentations or use a clumsy
remote control mouse or pointer to make your presentation. Stand in front of your meeting and control
the presentation from the screen surface. Your ACTIVboard pen is your personal control device as you
annotate or manipulate your slide show or create new data.
With telecommunications or videoconferencing software you are able to have remote meetings and
interact with multiple rooms of people instead of being limited to a small screen monitor. Imagine the
possibilitiestraining, remote learning, collaborative design or even remote presentations.
The ACTIVboard is designed to place you in control of your lessons, presentations and meetings and
provide the basis for making you more effective.
The ACTIVboard surface has been designed for optimal projection characteristics. We therefore do
not recommend the use of dry-wipe marker pens.
The information in this guide, and the contents of any help files or ReadMe.txt files associated with,
or included in, the utility software provided with the ACTIVboard will enable you to operate this product
effectively and efficiently.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 6
Registration and Warranty
Your ACTIVboard will be registered by date of shipment.
This product is warranted for Three year from date of sale for the main unit, one year
from date of sale for the electronic pens, to be free of defects in material and
workmanship and one year labour.
You are also entitled to these benefits:
Service and support. UK only 0870 2413194
Free upgrades or revisions via the Promethean website to keep you informed of the latest
Notification of related products or software releases that may enhance the capabilities and
value of your system are available on the Promethean website.
In addition the ACTIVboard User group is now available for you to join. The User group allows
you to post discussion topics surrounding the use of the ACTIVboard. There is also a dedicated
Technical Support forum where you can submit questions or suggestions related to the
ACTIVboard range of products. Use the web
address to access the forum. If you are not already a member you will need to register your
details. This is a free service and you are encouraged to join and visit the forum regularly for news
about updates to the ACTIV range of products, software and resources.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
The ACTIVboard has the features to make you, the presenter, more productive and it
enables you to replace three presentation tools with just one.
Cordless pen puts you back in the presentation, up front where you belong.
ACTIVstudio utility software - electronic version of the paper and easel flipcharts, complete
with editing, colour pens and printing functions.
Standard Microsoft Windows™ interface.
Standard RS-232 serial interface
Mounts directly on your classroom wall or optional portable stand.
Non-Invasive Design. The ACTIVboard is software independentIf your software did it
before you hook up the ACTIVboardit still will after you hook it up, the difference is that it
does it bigger and better.
Use as you would a normal projection screen for TV, Video, overhead projectors, or 35mm
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 8
System Requirements, Installation and Start-up
ACTIVstudio is designed to run specifically with one of the following pen devices:
? The Promethean ACTIVboard
? The Promethean ACTIVprep-pad
? The Promethean ACTIVslate
ACTIVstudio is a 32-bit Windows application. As a minimum specification your PC should be at
least a 120 MHz Pentium with 48mb of RAM and MUST be running one of the following operating
? Windows 95 / 98 / Me / XP
? Windows NT 4 / 2000
? Mac OS 9 / 10 (please refer to the Mac version of the ACTIVboard User Manual
since information in this manual relates directly to PC Windows operating
ACTIVstudio can actually be quite resource-hungry when used in earnest. Therefore, the higher
your machine specification the better. To get the best results and the full functionality from
ACTIVstudio, the ideal machine specification would be:
? Pentium 400MHz or better
? 64mb RAM or better
? Fast graphics card with 2mb of on-board RAM, running in 64k (16 bit) colour mode
? Fast hard disk with plenty of free space for flipcharts
? A suitable sound card for playing your sound file links
? Microsoft Internet Explorer v5 or later for seamless WEB browsing (also needed to view
online Help system)
? The Quick Time movie player subsystem for playing .MOV video links
? The Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97
Windows 95 / 98 Users
The driver software has an automatic detect feature. When you switch your computer on, the
driver software will detect which Promethean interactive device (if any) is connected to the
computer and will make the necessary alterations to your system. If (at start-up time), no
Promethean device is connected to your computer, the detection software will prevent any
Promethean drivers from loading.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
System Recommendations
VGA or better video capabilities when used with an LCD projector. The LCD can only be
used to its maximum resolution and color depth when the video output of your computer
(video board) matches the LCD manufacturer’s recommendation for the specific model you
are using. The ACTIVboard has no upper limit to resolve your projected image or colour
depth other than the limits of the LCD projector in use.
The ACTIVboard driver and utility software requires very little system RAM, however, please
use the application software publishers' higher recommended RAM size for your applications
for best results.
The ACTIVboard comes with an 8m serial cable. You may extend this distance up to a
maximum cable length of 50 feet (15 m) with additional cables of this type.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 10
The recommended operating temperature for this equipment is 0oc to 50oc. The mains supply for the
ACTIVboard power supply must be between 100 to 240 volts AC. RMS. And with a frequency of 50 to 60
Hz and a current supply capable of 300ma RMS.
Electrical Connections
Connection Parts supplied:
8 metre serial cable
ACTIVboard Branded universal Power Supply Type FW7400/06
1. Attach one end of the serial cable to the panel connector located on the back/top of the
ACTIVboard using the latching plug in connector.
2. Attach the Serial connector to the com port on the back of your computer.
(If your computer com port uses a 25 pin connector you will need a DB9 to DB25 adapter)
3. Plug the connector on the end of the power lead of the Universal Power Supply into the
socket in the back of the Serial connector you just attached to the com port.
Note: the system must only be used with the power supply provided. This power supply is
branded with the ACTIVboard logo and is product type FW 7400/06
4. Plug the Universal Power Supply into your power strip or wall outlet.
5. Proceed toSoftware Installation
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
ACTIVboard Software Installation
Installing Your Software
Insert the Promethean Installation CD in your CD-ROM drive. The software will auto-detect your
operating system and will display the opening screen. If for some reason the auto-detect
procedure fails, run the menu.exe program which is located on the root folder of the Promethean
The Menu presented allows you to install the ACTIVboard driver and ACTIVstudio Software. In
addition you can browse the available online documentation supplied on the CD.
ACTIVboard Drivers
Uninstall Old Driver If you do not have a previous driver installed proceed to Install New
Driver below.
Please uninstall any previous ACTIVboard driver on your system. This is done by accessing the
Add/ Remove Programs section of the Windows Control Panel. If there is an existing
ACTIVboard driver you will see it in the listing. Follow the procedure for uninstalling the driver as
per the instructions on page 14 of this user guide.
You may be asked to re-start your computer, do so and then run the Promethean CD again.
Install New Driver
To install the latest ACTIVboard Driver point to the image of the ACTIVboard, ACTIVslate and
ACTIVprep-pad, this is located in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The image will highlight
in colour to indicate that it is selected. In addition the center of the screen will update to give you
information on your selection.
Click on the image to launch the installation program and follow the onscreen prompts. You will be
asked at the end of the installation program to re-start your computer. This is essential in order for
the driver to function correctly.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 12
To install the ACTIVstudio software point to the image in the upper center of the screen showing
some typical screenshots from ACTIVstudio. The image will highlight in colour to indicate that it is
selected. In addition the center of the screen will update to give you information on your selection.
Click on the image to launch the ACTIVstudio installation routine.
Follow the onscreen prompts, first you must accept the license agreement to continue, then you
will be prompted for the location to install ACTIVstudio. It is recommended that you leave the
default location set by the installation program. You will then be presented with the Selected
Features screen:
By default all features are selected. You may change the settings as you wish by de-selecting
features so that they are not installed. Simply click an item to toggle between being installed or
When you have chosen the features to install click on the Next button. ACTIVstudio will now be
installed along with the features you chose.
Once complete you may be asked to re-start your computer.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
To view the online documentation point to the image in the lower left section of the screen showing
documents. The image will highlight in colour to indicate that it is selected. In addition the center of
the screen will update to give you information on your selection.
Click on the image to display the document viewer. You will see a new screen appear showing a
list of the available documents on the CD. To view a document, simply click on the document
name and providing you have Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed, the document you chose
will open for you to read or print.
If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you may install this by clicking on the Install
Acrobat Reader button located on the document viewer. The installation routine will detect your
operating system and install the appropriate version.
Upgrades to the Adobe Acrobat Viewer can be freely downloaded here -
Please visit the Promethean website to check for any updates to the ACTIVboard User Manual.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 14
De-Installation (Uninstall) Windows 95/98 NT 4 2000 and XP
It may become necessary to install the ACTIVboard software on certain computers for a limited
amount of time or for a one time event. If such a case is encountered you may easily remove the
software using the De-install feature included with the installation software routine.
To remove the ACTIVboard drivers
1. From Control Panel, choose Add/Remove programs
1.1. Select the option ACTIVboard Drivers
1.2. Click the ‘Remove Selected Item’ button
1.3. Follow the instructions on the screen until the process is complete
To remove, repair or add further features to ACTIVstudio Software
1. From Control Panel, choose Add/Remove programs
1.1. Select the option ACTIVstudio
1.2. Click the ‘Change/Remove button
1.3. You will be prompted with the following dialog:
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
From here you may Modify your existing installation by adding new features or removing
previously installed ones.
Choose the Modify radio checkbox then click on the Next button you will be presented with the
Selected Features dialog:
Decide whether you wish to install further features by clicking an option to place a tick in the box or
to de-install an existing feature by removing the tick from the box. Once you are happy that you
have made your choices click the Next button. ACTIVstudio install routine will now carry out the
task you require.
You may repair your previous installation, this works by re-installing your original choice of
features. Choose the Repair radio checkbox then click on the Next button. ACTIVstudio install will
now re-install all currently selected Features.
You may choose to remove all installed features. Choose the Remove radio checkbox then click
on the Next button. ACTIVstudio install will now un-install ACTIVstudio completely.
Note: The ACTIVstudio uninstall routine will not remove user account folders and resources you
have created in your personal folders.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 16
Starting ACTIVstudio
When your computer has re-started at the end of the installation routine you may now start
Click on the Windows task bar Start button
Click on Programs
Click on ACTIVstudio group
Select the ACTIVstudio program to start ACTIVstudio.
When run for the first time you will be presented with the License Information dialog:
ACTIVstudio from version 1.8 requires a valid serial number to be entered.
You are asked to enter a User Name (optional) and your Organisation (compulsory)
You then need to input a valid Serial Number
You will find your Serial Number on your Promethean Installation CD Case. This will be a 16
character code in the form of **** **** **** ****
Having entered your serial number please read the License agreement carefully.
You are required to click the check box that indicates you are in agreement with the terms of the
license. Doing so indicates that you have read and agree to abide by the terms of the license
agreement. Click on the OK button to continue.
Please keep your Serial Number handy since you may need to provide this information to
Promethean during any Technical Support call.
ACTIVstudio requires you logon as an identified user with one of two profiles. Please refer to the
next section or the Help files located within the ACTIVstudio program folder on the Windows menu
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
system. The help files contain information on user profiles that we recommend you read prior to
using ACTIVstudio.
User Profiles
ACTIVstudio gives you the ability to customise the program to the way
you work. You can decide the level of functionality you require from a
foundation user to an advanced user. The customisation works
alongside the idea of having user profiles. Once you have set-up your
user profile you may use the Customise Profile feature to alter your
individual personal 'copy' of ACTIVstudio.
When ACTIVstudio starts you are prompted to pick your user name in
order for ACTIVstudio to start working with your personal profile. Apart
from the ability to have ACTIVstudio remember your profile, recording
how you use the program, having a user profile allows you to have your
own personalised folder structure within ACTIVstudio's program folder.
In these folders are kept all of your saved flipcharts. If you have not yet
set-up a personal profile you must do so in order to benefit fully from this
valuable feature.
Adding a New User
1. Click on the ADD button to create a new user
You are presented with the ACTIVstudio User Details dialog:
2. Type in a User Name
3. Select the Initial User Profile
(Recommend that you choose Foundation Studio if using ACTIVstudio for the first time)
4. Click OK
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 18
Your User Name will be added to the existing list of users (if any) and will be displayed in the User
Name list.
5. Making sure that your user name is shown click on the ACTIVstudio splash screen OK button to
start ACTIVstudio with your personal profile.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
Foundation Profile
The foundation profile displays the most commonly used tools on the toolbox and a reduced menu
facility. You are able to customise your profile by adding further tool buttons to the toolbox.
Foundation Profile provides the following functionality:
Windows annotate mode Flipchart mode (full screen only)
Eight colour selector box (16, 24 option
available) Pen width slider
Fixed pen width Pen tool
Highlighter tool Board rubber tool
Clear annotation layer tool Undo tool
Redo tool Marquee select tool
Snapshot tool Page selector tool
Page background tool Page label text tool
Stock annotations New flipchart (full screen only)
Open named flipcharts Save named flipcharts
Open flipcharts from floppy disk Save flipcharts to floppy disk
Printer page layout options Print preview mode
Printing the flipchart Printing the Windows screen
Customise profile Options (limited to selected tools)
Help contents and tooltips Exit Program
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 20
Foundation Profile menu system:
Resetting Your User Profile
You may modify your user profile whenever you start ACTIVstudio.
The button allows you to make changes to your profile, you may
this will overwrite your existing user profile resetting everything so that ACTIVstudio has no record
of any customisation you may have previously done. Any tools that you may have added to your
personalised 'copy' of ACTIVstudio will be removed. This will also reset initial display locations of
all ACTIVstudio's windows or dialog boxes.
You will see the following message when you click on the Reset user to selected profile button:
Caution resetting the user to the selected profile is not 'undo-able', however all flipcharts you have
created up to now will still be available within your folder structure.
Removing a User
You may remove a user whenever you start ACTIVstudio.
Important: Before clicking on the Change button ensure that you have selected the correct user
you wish to delete.
The button allows you to make changes to your profile, you can click on the button to
remove the highlighted user from ACTIVstudio's user list.
You will see the following message asking you to confirm that you wish to remove the Named user:
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
Having made sure that the user name is in fact the one you wish to remove click the Yes button.
You will see the following message:
Points to consider:
Removing a user will not delete the user folders or flipchart files created within ACTIVstudio's
folder structure. If you wish to delete them, you will need to do this manually using something like
Windows Explorer file management utility.
Re-instating a user
It is possible to re-add the deleted user and provided you have used the exact username as
before, then (provided it has not been deleted) the original folder structure will be used.
Becoming an Advanced User
When you have built up your skills and need to access ACTIVstudio’s more advanced features you
may upgrade your profile to become an advanced user.
The button allows you to make changes to your profile, you can click on the
checkbox to upgrade your user profile to an advanced user.
Click on the Advanced checkbox then click on the OK button. You will see the following
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 22
Click on the Yes button to change your user profile, Now click on the ACTIVstudio OK button to
start ACTIVstudio with your new profile.
Note: You will now have access to many more program features, also existing features that you
are familiar with will have additional options.
Please consult the ACTIVstudio online Help system (Advanced) to familiarise yourself with the
increased features.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
Notebook and Portable Computers
Your notebook or portable computer may have an integrated trackball or mouse, which is
assigned to the com2 port. Please note that the installation process automatically assigns the
ACTIVboard to the com port it is attached to. You may have to change the com port assigned to
your mouse or other device if there is a conflict while installing the ACTIVboard software. When
installed properly the ACTIVboard, the mouse or trackball, internal or external, will function
normally during ACTIVboard operation and when the ACTIVboard is disconnected.
If you have difficulty with this step please consult your Windows™ operating guide or call the
Promethean support line for detailed help in this procedure. This is a simple step but can be
confusing when trying to read it from a computer manual or instruction book.
If you have reprogrammed your mouse button functions from the factory defaults and are using
that com port for the ACTIVboard, you may have to reset them to the original settings. You may
change your mouse buttons back again after you switch it to the new com port. The ACTIVboard
reads the driver of the com port it is on and has an internal tip switch that acts like the default Left
mouse button. Again, you are welcome to call our support line if you encounter any difficulty in this
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 24
E - Pens
Parts Supplied:
2 passive pens with side button
Two pens are supplied so in the event of accident or breakdown you will always have a spare.
These pens "tune" themselves to the board and are not designed to operate alternately. You are
advised to use one pen at a time, keeping the spare in a safe place.
The pen tip is the equivalent of the LEFT mouse button.
The side button is the equivalent of the RIGHT mouse button.
There are no user replaceable parts inside the ACTIVboard pens.
Do not attempt to disassemble them.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
The Interactive Function
The ACTIVboard provides a projection screen for your LCD projector to display your computer’s video output while
replacing your mouse or trackball with a humanised writing tool in the shape of a pen.
Your ACTIVboard electronic pen is able to control your computer, your application software and your operating
system by touching, clicking and drawing directly on the screen during your presentation or meeting.
Set up your LCD projection equipment and connect to your Computer according to
the instructions supplied with those components.
• Framing the Screen Image
The ACTIVboard has 4 angle icons at each corner, these effectively indicate the extent of the active
surface area. The ACTIVboard presentation pen will only work inside these boundaries. With your
projector on and projecting the screen image, position the image and adjust the size, just as you would
for a normal projection screen, but so that image falls within the icons.
• Additional LCD Panel Adjustment
Most LCD projectors have a software or hardware framing control that may need to be adjusted so the
screen image is not clipped at the top, bottom or edges. This control may need to be adjusted to correct
any frame clipping, please do so prior to calibrating the ACTIVboard. Consult your LCD Projector manual
if you are not familiar with this control feature.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 26
Calibrating the ACTIVboard
The projected image needs to be aligned with the computer referenced screen image
(orthographic correction) each time the LCD projector is moved or set up.
This is a simple, quick and effective procedure that should be done anytime pen and system
pointer image are out of alignment.
If your installation of the ACTIVboard and the projection equipment is permanent you will only have
to check the correction after any adjustment effecting projected image size is made.
In a non-permanent set up, should you or anyone move the projector or the table (or the
ACTIVboard, if mounted on a stand and it is moved) during or prior to the end of your ACTIVboard
projection session you will have to redo this procedure to ensure pen and system pointer image
1. The projected window onto the Whiteboard should all be within the corner markings on the
Whiteboard. To launch the calibrator program either press the pen tip on the spot at the bottom
left-hand corner icon, or launch from the ACTIV program group.
The calibrator program will prompt you to click on the active area with the pen. The calibrator
program will then project each calibration cross in turn. The pen should be pressed onto the centre
of the cross, this should be done as accurately as possible. Clicking on each calibration cross will
step the process onto the next cross. When all 5 calibration crosses have been touched, the
calibration utility will automatically close and the system will be calibrated.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
appendix A
Maintenance & Cleaning
Do not use abrasive powders, soap, detergents or petroleum based cleaners
or solvents on the ACTIVboard surface.
Due to the high quality of projection surface it is not recommended that dry wipe markers are not
used on the ACTIVboard surface. If, however, the surface needs cleaning, we recommend a
proprietary brand of dry -wipe marker board cleaner.
Water based cleaners containing ammonia, vinegar or citrus (e.g., glass and counter cleaners)
that leave no residual film are acceptable as a second choice. Please check the contents on the
container label prior to use or clean and test a small area before cleaning the entire surface.
Stubborn stains or accumulations from other contaminants such as fingerprint oil, dirt, dust or
use of grease pencil or permanent markers may require use of a detergent cleaner and a soft
bristle brush. After such a cleaning it will be necessary to clean the surface two or more times with
the approved whiteboard cleaner or denatured alcohol.
Scratches cannot be repaired or removed and will make ink and stain removal to that area
difficult. Do not use metal brushes, scrapers or cleaning cloths whose prior use is questionable.
A polish with standard household spray polish will restore the smooth writing surface after
The surface of the ACTIVboard is made to very high standards of durability. In normal use you
can expect satisfactory results every time with proper maintenance.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide 28
appendix B
Physical Installation
Wall Mounting
Parts supplied:
? Wall Mount Accessory Kit
? Wall Mount Template
? Wall/Stand Mount Arrangement Leaflet TP1332
The hook method employed with the ACTIVboard allows maximum flexibility for the many types of walls
found in office construction. If you feel that none of the suggested mounting instructions suit your
situation please consult the building plans or a reliable contractor for further assistance with your
Wall mounting
Before mounting the Whiteboard onto the wall a suitable position should be determined. Ideally
this should be a flat solid wall. Fixing to a wall other than a flat wall, may require the use of battens
or our alternative fixing brackets. Before starting any mounting it is essential that the brackets are
not fixed within 150mm of any electrical wiring or pipework either surface or embedded.
Mark the wall with a level mark at 950mm from the floor. Align mounting template with the line and
affix to wall using masking tape. Alternative mounting dimensions can be found on ACTIVboard
Wall/Stand Mount leaflet TP1332.
No plugs or screws are supplied for fixing the brackets as these can vary dramatically dependent
upon the nature of the wall. For a conventional solid flat wall drill through the hole markings on the
template with a masonry drill. Other types of wall may require different drill types. Remove
template and insert appropriate plugs. For other types of wall appropriate fixings will be required.
Screw on brackets as per instructions in ACTIVboard Wall/Stand Mount leaflet TP 1332. To fix
Whiteboard onto brackets it is best to do it with two people. Before lifting the Whiteboard into
position the interface cable should be clipped into place in the electronics pod on the rear of the
Whiteboard. Lift the Whiteboard up parallel with the wall and slightly tilt the board forward and rest
the bottom of the board on the bottom brackets. Extreme care should be taken to avoid the
Whiteboard falling off the brackets. Align the brackets on the rear of the Whiteboard with the wall
brackets and then lift the Whiteboard and allow the brackets to engage with one another. The
whiteboard should now slide down and the bottom should rest within the bottom brackets. Ensure
that the brackets are fully engaged.
ACTIVBOARD for Windows Users Guide
User Guide
...Optional Mounting
• Portable Stand
A portable stand is available as an optional extra. Simply screw the wall mounting brackets to this
stand at the preferred height position.

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