Electronic Systems Technology ESTEEM195ES Wireless Ethernet Radio Modem User Manual Apx D Radio Configuration

Electronic Systems Technology Wireless Ethernet Radio Modem Apx D Radio Configuration

Users Manual Appenix D

APPENDIX DRADIO CONFIGURATIONRevised: 20 Feb 07 APX D-1EST P/N AA107S195Es FREQUENCY OF OPERATIONIn a wireless Ethernet network all of the ESTeem Model 195Es’s must be set to the same radio frequency of operation or channel.  Listed on the right  is a table showing the channel and corresponding frequency of operation.  The frequency of operation isselectable when configuring the mode of operation of the 195Es (reference Chapter 4).  See Figure 1.RF COMMUNICATIONS DATA RATEThe RF data rate of the Model 195Es can be programmed for operation at 48, 96,192 or 384 Kbps.   The RF data rate can be set fora fixed rate or a specific range that is dynamically scaled by the Model 195Es from monitoring the received signal quality.Dynamic scaling means that the Model 195Es will operate at the highest RF data rate that is programmed into unit.  If thereceived data quality drops below the required minimums for reliable communications the Model 192E will reduce the data rate tothe next lowest step to increase signal quality.  Conversely if the signal quality increases above the minimums the Model 192Ewill increase the RF data rate the next highest level.Figure 1: RF Channel Selection

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