TransCore F4-06476-LP RFID Bar Code Printer User Manual Update

TransCore RFID Bar Code Printer Update

User Manual Update

Chapter 1 Introduction
Intermec assumes no responsibility as regards
fulfilling the CE
Directive if the printer is handled, modified
or installed in any way other than that
described in Intermec's manuals.
Read this manual carefully before
connecting the printer.
Moving parts are exposed when the side
door is open, so ensure
that the door is closed before you operate
the printer.
Do not open the front/left-hand cover.
Dangerous voltage!
Do not remove the bottom plate. Dangerous
Do not put your fingers inside the print
mechanism when the power is on.
Do not operate printer with side door open
or feed plate removed.
Place the printer on an even surface which
can support its weight of approximately 7
kgs (15.5 lbs) plus supplies.
Do not spray the printer with water. If
using a hose to clean the
premises in an industrial environment,
remove the printer or
protect it carefully from spray and
Carefully read the warning text on the
envelope before using
a cleaning card.
The machine sign is attached to the printer's
rear plate and contains
information on type, model and serial number
as well as main
voltage. It also contains various signs of
8Intermec EasyCoder F4-Installation & Operation Ed. 2

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